A Russian Bear A Russian Bear I To Mischa life is simple Doms are Doms and subs are for spanking flogging and bossing around Until he meets Tom that is Tom is deeply offended when the stranger in the bar takes him for some kind

  • Title: A Russian Bear: A Russian Bear I
  • Author: C.B. Conwy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Mischa, life is simple Doms are Doms and subs are for spanking, flogging, and bossing around Until he meets Tom, that is Tom is deeply offended when the stranger in the bar takes him for some kind of slave boy Well, offended and than a little excited by the thought of surrendering to Mischa Mischa being Mischa, their meeting results in Tom losing his virginityTo Mischa, life is simple Doms are Doms and subs are for spanking, flogging, and bossing around Until he meets Tom, that is Tom is deeply offended when the stranger in the bar takes him for some kind of slave boy Well, offended and than a little excited by the thought of surrendering to Mischa Mischa being Mischa, their meeting results in Tom losing his virginity in a way that s hotter than even his wildest fantasies Mischa is drawn to Tom and makes another appointment And then another, initiating Tom to every kink Mischa knows They aren t scenes, of course, because Mischa has a one boy, one scene rule But then again, Tom isn t exactly like his usual boys, and Mischa finds himself falling in love, though nowhere near ready to admit it Luckily, Tom isn t exactly your stereotypical slave Life is good until Tom gets attacked, and Mischa has to fight harder than ever to make Tom realize that he isn t going anywhere This is a second lightly edited edition of a book previously published by Torquere Publishing.

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    One thought on “A Russian Bear: A Russian Bear I”

    1. i don't know what the fuck is happening here.but at ten percent i know enough to decide that i want it to stop happening to my face.if you like your smuttywritez with extra helpings of screaming, stupidity, and surreality, check this one out and thank me laterNUS SEXY RUSSIANS IN THE COMMENT THREAD BELOW!!!

    2. Okay, so I read this ages ago and never got around to writing a review. But this is definitely one of my faves. It's chock full of BDSM goodness, including medical play, pain, and CBT. So if that's not your thingwell, I might not have realised it was my thing until I read this. I mentioned it was a while ago, right? Because I'm absolutely onboard that bandwagon now. That naughty, painful, hot as hell bandwagon. I think what won me over here was Tom's inexperience, and his previously unexplored n [...]

    3. This is perhaps one of the top 5 examples of great BDSM romance writing that is realistic and that takes things at a pace which makes sense. I very much enjoy a story where the submissive takes the pain for the Dom because of his/her desire to please the Dom. Whether or not the sub eventually enjoys it or hits sub space it is the wishing to please that is so powerful to me as a dynamic in a TPE relationship. As a masochist the pain thing for me is a sensitive subject - if authors get it all wron [...]

    4. WOW! This was an amazing book for me. I LOVED IT! Mischa is an amazing dom. Lovely too. What he did with Tom blew my mind. This is a book that caused me to be horny from the beginning through the end. The D/s part was heady. I was in heaven reading how Mischa topped Tom. Tom is a totally sweetie pie. He's so adorable. The dynamic between the two was beautiful. I loved how they balanced each other. Their sex scenes were HOT! SO HOT! I'm always a fan of anal sex and I admit to being jealous of Tom [...]

    5. This is a strong pain bdsm story. From CBT to struggle, fight and restraint it runs the gamut of erotic pain. The story itself is pretty strong. While it is mostly about the relationship they enter into (one is an established Dom, the other is a brand new newbie that stumbles into the scene) and the push to find their groove. The books trucks along at a good pace and has some really interesting scenes and insight. It does not read like a typical Sean Michael type of Velvet Glove story or even a [...]

    6. This will be a difficult review for me, i will say this right off the top. I have also read a few BDSM stories and have enjoyed them as well. This one however, had kink I don’t find exciting or hot. In fact it kinda turned me off, which in turn turned me off to a great deal of the story. And i am finding myself saying twice in two weeks that there was too much sex (i know i can’t believe it either). Mischa likes to inflict pain, and Tom loves to receive it, so while i have read this in other [...]

    7. I was in the mood to read kink and this delivered.This is one i am rating on pure enjoyment--it was Haaaaawt.Overuse of epithets was distracting, however, and character development didn't really strike for me until 3/4 into the story. Luckily, the first 75% held my pervy interest long enough to get there.

    8. 3.5 StarsGood (un)Clean Fun!You know what I liked most of all about this book? No, not the copious amounts of kinky sex. OK, Ok it was kinda that. But more than that was the organicity of the conversations between Mischa & Tom. They're very relatable & felt natural. They both sound like real people, having a real conversation with appropriate reactions. I also love how they tease each other, have fun together; how blunt Mischa is just for the sake of making Tom blush. Then again I do hav [...]

    9. I thought this book was fascinating. The way it explores BDSM is very different from the way most books out there that I have read treat this topic. Partially, that is because it goes into pain play, but partially it is about the unique relationship Mischa and Tom build together. Also, while Mischa is an experienced Dom, he goes through just as much of a learning process as the new-to-it-all sub, Tom. It is very clear that Tom wants the things that Mischa does to him - there is no "coercion" exc [...]

    10. This book just didn't work for me. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it because of so many good reviews, but frankly, I think it reads like a 'BDSM for Dummies'. The top explains in minute detail every thing he's going to do to his sub before doing it, leaving no fear factor or element of surprise for the sub (or the reader)to experience. Worse, he insists that the sub tell him exactly what he wants before he proceeds doing it so that at times, it reads like topping from the bottom. There is de [...]

    11. This is a very good BDSM and D/s novels. I never re-read novels, but I'll surely re-read this one some day.I give it 5 stars.

    12. 3.5 starsPWP for the first half then it got really good. Or is that bad? I guess it all depends on how you look at it. :p

    13. This is a 3.5*The BDSM is very well written, mostly SSC (I didn't like the last few scenes which I consider to be nearly abuse regardless of how well-meant they were) and the D/s shown in a way so that even laypeople may understand about it.The book lost 0.5* for the simple, lacklustre and much too needlessly vulgar prose which made some of it a boring read, and 1* for way way too much too repetitive sex, most of which was not exactly very erotic.I would recommend this book to everyone who wants [...]

    14. Take one jaded Dom and one burgeoning ingenue and ShakeHARD!When a lesson turns to love both Tom and Mischa realize they been caught. Tom's sincerity and openness is frightfully honest and Mischa's care even with his intensity is reassuring. And make no mistake, this is some intense S&M, but is it beautifully rendered.

    15. I had a weird reaction to this book, didn’t particularly like the beginning, devoured the middle, didn’t particularly like the ending either. I really want to chop the first 10 pages and the last 10 pages off the book and write something different. The book started abruptly and ended abruptly but smoothed out into a building romantic tension between the two characters through the middle.Mischa has kept his life compartmentalized; he doesn’t do relationships. He’s a very successful invest [...]

    16. Original reviewI was really surprised that I loved this book. I have had it on my kindle for a few months now & was unable to read past the first scene as I thought the book was going to be too hard-core for me. I am so glad that I persevered.This is an unusual take on the BDSM theme. We have a hard-core Dom with sadistic tendencies & a novice sub without a true masochistic bentt they work so well together! The sadism was a bit hard to take at times but the genuine trust & caring tha [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. Competent m/m bdsm romance with serious amount of kink. Mischa is a 40 year old investment manager and hard-ass Dom who picks up 26 year old graduate college student Tom in a hotel bar as a result of mistaken identity. Despite Mischa rule of 'one boy, one scene' he continues to meet up with Tom and they develop an intense relationship. There is more drama towards the end of the book but it is all crammed into the last 10% oddly."I'm yours." Tom had no idea where it came from. "I mean, [...]

    18. Hmmmm, ok. I'd give this 5 stars for the book being what it is: Ideal.Great! Applause~applause! Highly recommend!As far as the story goes? Loved the characters, enjoyed the dynamic between them. La~la~la romance, perfectly executed BDSM scenes(for the most part), balance between the two, add HEA should have been a slam dunk.I just I sorry, I got bored. GAH! Sorry. 5 star quality, my selfish personal enjoyment meter gives it a 3.

    19. Loved this story, and this couple. I almost feel like it's a tutorial for BDSM, that's how informative I think it is. Having said that, it may feel a bit slow for some people, and it did drag a bit in parts and feel somewhat repetitive. I would say just stick with it. Even though I felt it could have ended many times before it did, I appreciated the additional scenes/situations. The author pretty much covered everything on an m-m romance checklist (sans a hokey wedding proposal thankfully), and [...]

    20. It's been a long time since I've read such a romantic BDSM book. Most times the BDSM romances out there are all about the power play between the Dom and the sub and the rules and regulations within that type of relationship. With this book the BDSM was important, necessary even to the relationship between the men, but there was also a strong emphasis on the development of the non- BDSM part of their relationship too: On love and laughter, quiet evenings together, and just the day to day pleasure [...]

    21. ~May have slight spoilers.~"To Mischa, life is simple. Doms are Doms and subs are for fucking, flogging, and bossing around. Until he meets Tom, that is. Tom is deeply offended when the stranger in the bar takes him for some kind of slave boy. Well, offended and more than a little excited by the thought of surrendering to Mischa. Mischa being Mischa, their meeting results in Tom losing his virginity in a way that's hotter than even his wildest fantasies."Above is just the first half of the book [...]

    22. I'm glad I stuck with this, thanks to Laura. The first 50-60% of this book, at least to me, seemed to be one sex scene after another, albeit well written ones. This is a novel about BDSM, so there may be things that might make some readers uncomfortable, but really, it is very vanilla in quality. The last section of the novel was leaps and bounds beyond the first part, given that it explored the relationship between the two MC's with more than just sex. I also appreaciated how a large portion of [...]

    23. Surprisingly romantic for a work of BDSM erotica. Conwy's prose style is plain, and there is an awful lot of sex which occasionally feels repetitive, but the characters are well drawn and their motivations clear. I defy you not to end up really caring for the hard-ass Dom and his blushing sub. What's great, is that they have a beliveable relationship outside of the playroom as well, where Tom refuses to become a slave and asserts himself.Probably a good place to start if, like me, you like the i [...]

    24. This book was really not what I was expecting at allI thought it was going to be a bit seedy and super raunchy and heavy BDSM. And it WAS raunchy and there WAS heavy BDSMBut it was a sweet love story between Mischa and Tom. Tom and Mischa meet by accident when he is stood up by a Sub he was meeting.They have a lovely romance and they build something so beautiful based on trust and finding a balance.I liked thisry unexpected and very sweet.

    25. This is a D/s story that doesn’t take itself seriously. Mischa thinks to be a badass Dom, but he is more a big teddy bear waiting for his owner; 41 years old and independently wealthy, Mischa apparently doesn’t need anything and anyone, but he is alone. One boy, one scene, no names was always his rule until he doesn’t meet Tom. Tom is a virgin 26 years old graduate student; gay but inexperienced, but he meets Mischa by accident, he takes the chance to experiment some of his wildest fantasi [...]

    26. There are a lot of really good things I could say about A Russian Bear unfortunately, there are just as many negative things I could say about it. At one point, I put it down for a few weeks, read something else, and eventually finished it--if I'd truly hated it, I wouldn't have bothered picking it back up again, but I definitely didn't love it. The set up was brilliant (I bought it because I read the first chapter and thought it was great). And I liked the boys, at least for the most part. Misc [...]

    27. I think the first thing that I should say is that if you are not into medium to heavy BDSM, this is not for you. I didn't not know it was going to be as heavy as it was when I started reading it. I think that I have probably read heavier but was in the right frame of mind when I did so. I was not in the frame of mind when I read this so it kind of through me for a loop until I adjusted, which means I read this over like a week.I wanted to read this because I was interested in the ‘love conquer [...]

    28. I really liked this book, which suprised me since I'm not usually too comfortable reading BDSM-stories. Even though this one was more kinky than I expected, I really liked it and I found Miscah's and Tom's relationship really touching. They were just right for each other.The fact, that Tom was new to the kink and he found accepting his own desires difficult, made this book really real for me. It gave me deeper understanding of BDSM-relationships.It was really hard for me to read about how they t [...]

    29. I was surprised that I enjoyed this book. It was heavy reading because the BDSM was very much full of pain. However, the two MC's were so perfect together and the glimpses of the softer side of Mischa were thoroughly enjoyable. Like others I didn't care for the abrupt ending, however I know there's a sequel so I'll definitely pick that up to see where the couple goes. Overall I really learned a lot about the dom/sub relationship and some of the lifestyle practices from this story. Otheres have s [...]

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