Adev rul despre cancer Un ghid absolut esen ial pentru omenire n elepciunea pu in cunoscut care se reg se te n aceast carte poate pune cap t suferin ei umane pe ntregul Glob salv nd oamenii de ravagiile pe care industria c

  • Title: Adevărul despre cancer
  • Author: Ty M. Bollinger
  • ISBN: 9786068758428
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un ghid absolut esen ial pentru omenire n elepciunea pu in cunoscut care se reg se te n aceast carte poate pune cap t suferin ei umane pe ntregul Glob, salv nd oamenii de ravagiile pe care industria cancerului continu s le produc din cauza ineficien ei depline de care d dovad Mike Adams, Director al Laboratorului tiin ific CWC Labs Ty Bollinger ofer pacienUn ghid absolut esen ial pentru omenire n elepciunea pu in cunoscut care se reg se te n aceast carte poate pune cap t suferin ei umane pe ntregul Glob, salv nd oamenii de ravagiile pe care industria cancerului continu s le produc din cauza ineficien ei depline de care d dovad Mike Adams, Director al Laboratorului tiin ific CWC Labs Ty Bollinger ofer pacien ilor, oamenilor de tiin i celor care activeaz n domeniul s n t ii o explica ie excelent privitor la motivul pentru care viziunea actual pe care o avem despre cancer este gre it i arat n acela i timp cum poate fi prevenit, prezent nd o gam larg de op iuni de tratament, care sunt mult mai eficiente ca raport risc beneficii cost n compara ie cu protocoalele de oncologie curente Cartea de fa poate fi pentru tine un ghid valoros care s te ajute s previi sau chiar s stopezi aceast boal Cancerul poate fi nvins, iar Ty ne arat cum Patrick Quillin, Ph.D R.D C.N.S F.A.C.N autor al lucr rii Lupt mpotriva cancerului prin alimenta ie Adev rul despre cancer este ghidul necesar pentru prevenirea, tratamentul i eradicarea cancerului folosindu ne de leacurile oferite de Dumnezeu n aceast carte revolu ionar , Ty Bollinger dezv luie o ntreag gam de metode naturale de amplificare a imunit ii i de energizare a trupului pentru a nvinge cancerul Cite te aceast carte S ar putea s i salveze via a Josh Ax, D.C autor al lucr rii Eat Dirt Cartea lui Ty, Adev rul despre cancer, este o adev rat revela ie Pe l ng faptul c ofer pacien ilor speran pentru viitor, le pune de asemenea la dispozi ie informa iile i resursele necesare pentru prevenirea i combaterea cancerului Primul pas spre s n tate este autovindecarea, iar aceast carte este una dintre cele mai bune c r i de auto vindecare de pe pia Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

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    One thought on “Adevărul despre cancer”

    1. This book changed my life. Here is a copy of the review I posted to my blog:How have you been impacted by cancer? In today's world it's no longer IF but HOW. I've had two grandparents diagnosed with cancer. And I've also stood by as a number of family friends have passed away from it.The author of The Truth About Cancer -- Ty Bollinger -- lost SEVEN family members including both of his parents to their battles with cancer over the course of a decade, and thought, "enough is enough!" He set out o [...]

    2. I thoroughly engaged with the first part of the book on the history of medicine, but I had a few issues later on. 1) Vaccines - how does the author credit the vast reduction of viruses in modern society without vaccination?2) The frequent references to God and religion were jarring in a book about medicine. 3) The cancer fighting properties of a plant-based diet were hardly acknowledged, let alone discussed. Also, the research on soy and the links to breast cancer are out-dated. Overall, an inte [...]

    3. I do think this book represents a worldview superior to that of the existing medical paradigm, but it seems the advocates of alternative treatments have no sense of boundaries. The book lends credence to practically every available alternative treatment on the planet, and is so broad in focus that it becomes confusing and dilutes its impact. That, coupled with hostility to technology that has richly benefited mankind, lowers the book in my estimation. Key things I look for in these types of work [...]

    4. Full of informative information about alternative medicine and therapies that can help conquer cancer. I have followed his Truth About Cancer Facebook page for a few years, and have always been intrigued by alternative medicine. This is a must read by anyone who is diagnosed or wanting to know more about natural healing. However, if you aren't ready to question conventional medicine, this isn't for you. If you are, you MUST read this book!

    5. Hoping to become a pediatric oncologist, I am very grateful I came across this book. I really liked the beginning and the explanation of the monopolization of western medicine, as well as the causes and cures for cancer, but there were a couple issues I had with the book. One, how emphatic the author was that chemotherapy does not work and causes cancer without scientific evidence, especially in the latter claim. And his grossly exaggerated claim that “the cancer screening process is often use [...]

    6. Shocking but a wonderful source of knowledge and hopeThis book has to be, hands down, the most unforgettable one I've ever read in terms of the knowledge it imparted and the emotions it stirred in me. This thick volume is an astounding feat of writing. Not only does it expose the shocking truths about the nature and causes of cancer as well as the devilish greed of gigantic corporations that keeps this epidemic going, but it also provides new hope for a life without the disease.Indeed, the most [...]

    7. Someone commented saying "snake oil and false hope to sell books." I have a friend who was in his sixties when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His wife was furious with him because he refused to go the chemo/radiation route. I don't know exactly what he did, but I am certain he changed his diet as the first line of defense. He and I have discussed health and diet enough for me to know that much about him. He is still living and doing fine. My sister went the chemo/radiation route and said [...]

    8. I wish I could give this book 3.5 stars. It pushed the alternative ideas for cancer treatment way too much. However, I loved that the author traveled to places and met people who give these alternative treatments and that he wrote about each of them (even though some sound crazy). When we are in our darkest hours of disease or struggle, having other available options gives hope and may be our relief or cure. Alternative medicine has helped me and my family a great deal but I also feel there is a [...]

    9. Wow! Wow! I am in shock with all I learned about cancer and treatments available and most importantly the treatments that seem to be not be offered due to not being a big money maker. Really informative book, I learned so much! The book offers so many other resources (endnotes) you can seek out, so I can do my own further research. Everyone should read, we all at some point will know or g the one dealing with cancer. Great resource for someone looking for other answers.

    10. Very informativeI watched the documentary and my husband was dx with prostate cancer. We want to know other options besides chemo, surgery, radiation.

    11. Excellent book!Truth about cancer, this is one of the best books I have ever read regarding cancer treatment, recommend to everyone.

    12. Enlightening Very informative. Patient friendly and a pleasure to read. Very hopeful Would highly recommend to anyone and their family facing this problem

    13. Thoroughly researched and eye-opening to what many of us think about cancer. Would highly recommend this book to any anyone who wants to be informed or explore options outside of conventional medicine.

    14. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Cancer is a leading cause of death and disability globally, impacting more than 14 million people each year.” Consequently, prevention is the best option available for this noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) era.The Truth about Cancer is the attempt of Ty Bollinger to cope with losing several relatives, including his parents to cancer; he realized “the idea that our modern medical system is actually trying to cure disease and keep people healt [...]

    15. Very easy read. Highly recommend that EVERYONE take the time to read this book and inform yourself. I read a library copy but plan to purchase one for my family to have on hand, and possibly a second to loan out.

    16. Are you the kind of person who would never take medical advice from a CPA? If you are, you're missing out on some great information. CPA Ty Bollinger is making a second career as a medical researcher, investigator and journalist. His video series, "The Truth About Cancer" was eye opening. This book of the same title is way better than I expected. Twenty years ago I wrote a book that focused not on cancer treatment but on other therapies that can be effective against chronic illness. I'm not a do [...]

    17. This book is a must-read for everyone. Did you know that allopathic medicine (western medicine) was started by 2 oil men, Rockefeller and Carnegie who saw an opportunity to turn their oil into pharmaceuticals? In the process, the closed all the others schools who didn't comply with (what became) their Big Pharma approach. This stunted the evolution of medicine until the 1980's. And all this is just the first 1/3 of the book. The rest addresses all the revolutionary ideas that have been proven to [...]

    18. WOW- alot of information in this book!Part 1 is the foundation- the history of medicine -which is big medical terms. Then the politics of Cancer treatments which will make you think.Part 2- Diagnosis, Detection, and Causes for Cancer Interesting information-makes me worry about my outcome living with cancer/put my son in bubblePart 3- Treatment Protocols If you are newly diagnosed- go here immediately. I wish I had it earlier. Each chapter ends with "What You Need to Know" Sections - concise fac [...]

    19. Convinced that the chemicals in our food are the predominant cause of disease in our country, I turned to an organic food diet almost three years ago. This book convinced me of my beliefs regarding our tainted food supply. Ty Bollinger goes further in explaining corporate profits are behind the despicable situation. Big U. S. Government has allowed money to dictate what we eat and how sick we get. READ THIS BOOK!!!

    20. Interesting alternatives presented to traditional cancer treatments. Not knowing alot about the science behind cancer, it's difficult to gauge how accurate his statements/assertions are without doing additional research. But food for thought nonetheless, not just in the face of a diagnosis, but also in taking preventive measures in every day life.

    21. A most excellent resource, and to me, a must read for every single person today who will most certainly know someone who has cancer and is deciding on treatment. It makes you realize just what a monopoly "big medicine" has on this country, as the most innovative treatments out there for cancer are all available in OTHER countries, not ours. So much for freedom to choose.

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