Pisica lui Dalai Lama i puterea lui miau Dac te ai ndoit vreodat c tovar ul t u felin are propria sa via interioar prive te numai ce se nt mpl atunci c nd acesta adoarme i i pierde controlul con tient asupra existen ei sale fizice o zv cni

  • Title: Pisica lui Dalai Lama și puterea lui miau
  • Author: David Michie
  • ISBN: 9786068758435
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dac te ai ndoit vreodat c tovar ul t u felin are propria sa via interioar , prive te numai ce se nt mpl atunci c nd acesta adoarme i i pierde controlul con tient asupra existen ei sale fizice o zv cnire de l bu e, un tremurat de f lcu e, uneori poate un forn it sau un mieunat ntr adev r, pisicile pot fi capabile s tr iasc pe deplin momentul prezent Dar toDac te ai ndoit vreodat c tovar ul t u felin are propria sa via interioar , prive te numai ce se nt mpl atunci c nd acesta adoarme i i pierde controlul con tient asupra existen ei sale fizice o zv cnire de l bu e, un tremurat de f lcu e, uneori poate un forn it sau un mieunat ntr adev r, pisicile pot fi capabile s tr iasc pe deplin momentul prezent Dar totodat suntem i fiin e g nditoare Din p cate, n cazul meu, o fiin care g nde te mai degrab prea mult n ultimul episod al seriei Pisica lui Dalai Lama, Pisica Sfin iei Sale PSS are o misiune s g ndeasc mai pu in, s experimenteze mai mult, s tr iasc momentul prezent n scurt timp, afl care este sintagma potrivit pentru toate acestea a fi mindful pe deplin con tient de clipa prezent sau un concept mai bine cunoscut de ea ca puterea lui miau Ceea ce urmeaz este o c l torie de descoperire a adev ratei sale naturi, de n elegere profund a propriei min i i de experimentare a celei mai mari bucurii existen iale tr irea AICI i ACUM n aceast continuare de la Pisica lui Dalai Lama i Arta de a toarce, cititorii p r sesc lumea exotic i fermec toare a m n stirii lui Dalai Lama din Mun ii Himalaya i arunc o privire n mintea unei fiin e delicios de imperfecte, aflate pe calea spre iluminare nso ind o pe PSS n c l toria ei, vei nv a noi modalit i de a te conecta la propria minte ncetinind ritmul, g sindu i lini tea i st ruind n str lucirea i bun voin a nesf r it care constituie adev rata ta natur.

    • Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ✓ Pisica lui Dalai Lama și puterea lui miau - by David Michie Ò
      208 David Michie
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ✓ Pisica lui Dalai Lama și puterea lui miau - by David Michie Ò
      Posted by:David Michie
      Published :2019-02-10T11:17:39+00:00

    One thought on “Pisica lui Dalai Lama și puterea lui miau”

    1. What a wonderful book! I can't believe as a BOOK LOVER and a CAT LADY that I have missed this series! Where was I? Hiding behind the cat tree or the litter box? Preening my paws? Washing my whiskers?This is book three in the Dalai Lama's Cat series and I really enjoyed it. I totally loved that the book is written from that cat's feline perspective which at times is just hilarious and cheeky. Such an endearing cat.This book focuses on HHC's journey to try to meditate (some very funny moments with [...]

    2. What a great book and series, who knew a cat could be this smart. I had suddenly realized that my deep disgruntlement was less a result of what had happened to me than of my state of mind. I had come to see for myself that while I couldn’t change the world, I could change the way I experienced it.Finally to complete the trilogy we get meditation from HHC "His Holiness's Cat"Find yourself a quiet corner where you can sit undisturbed. The kind of place that a cat would feel comfortable and secur [...]

    3. Obviously these books are brilliantly written. Though from a perspective of a cat, everything that is written is for humans. My top two reasons for reading this series - 1. how cute the tone used for describing the Snow Lion is2. The warmth I feel as I read the parts when HHH Dalai Lama is mentioned. The narration belongs to the cat, but I can literally feel the warmth and peace engulf me from the book everytime HHH makes an appearance.

    4. *NOTE: This is a review of the entire trilogy.*I love reading books about cats. If I could read nothing but books about cats, I probably would, and be happy while doing it. I love learning everything I can about them. I also love learning about religions that I haven't studied yet. When I heard about The Dalai Lama's Cat trilogy, it sounded like the perfect book trilogy for me. I'm so glad that I picked it up. I loved the trilogy so much that I ended up reading all three books in a twenty-four h [...]

    5. Well just finished the 3rd in this series and hopefully not the last. Each book got better, more enlightened with every turn of the page. Every purr and meow found its way to the deepest emotional love I hold for all around me. No doubt that if you are a cat person, you will relate easily to Rinpoche and all she has to offer. And if you aren't a " cat person" the fact that you have a mind and heart should be enough to allow these lessons of LOVE to enter your being. This isn't exactly a book of [...]

    6. What a DELIGHTFUL book, and yet so full of quiet Wisdom! An excellent form of teaching Buddhism, this Cat is a marvelous teacher! This third "episode" of His Holiness Cat brings with it not only more realizations of self knowledge and of a spiritual kind, but also a tremendous sense of humor! It is written in a beautiful, relaxed style which is both witty and light minded and envelops all the characters in a psychologically perceptive but yet tender light It is perceptive and at the the same tim [...]

    7. Very cute story which conveys some lovely concepts of meditation practice and more broadly Buddhism. Very relaxing read.

    8. This book is unlike anything I’ve read before, and I did struggle to get into it a bit, but it was a gentle story, and I got quite a bit out of it in terms of meditation practices and thinking about things in a different way.

    9. The whole trilogy was uplifting and simply refreshing. I wanted something different, and I found it with HHC. Such a beautiful character, and a cat no less! The fact that she was a Himalayan etched a bit deeper for me, as the first cat I ever loved was a Himalayan - and just as inquisitive and independent as HHC. His name, ironically, was Puss.From reading this trilogy, I have come away with a better understanding of my life, and especially other life.This story is simply beautiful. 5 stars all [...]

    10. the dharma of meowWhat a great intro into Buddhist philosophy. Its light hearted in its wisdom! A crash course in meditation for humans, but from a cats perspective

    11. A powerful and simple little story told through the voice of the Dali Lama’s Cat. Life messages for all of us and a way of explaining the simple truths of life without being preachy

    12. Paws in the moment!HHC (His Holiness' Cat), a Himalayan, a cat of many names amongst them Snow Lion, Rinpoche and Little Sister is a wonderful character. Life in Dharamsala is viewed through this important little personage's eyes. A cat of consequence, although humble, HHC is working on becoming more 'mindful' cat, on exercising the power of the moment, the power of meow as the path to enlightenment is trod. A cat who 'couldn't change the world but could change how he experienced it.'Today 'Mind [...]

    13. The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Power of Meow is the third book in the series and perhaps the most satisfying. I have loved each of the books and anxiously awaited the next. This latest entry into the series does not disappoint. It's impossible to stop turning pages. All of the characters we've come to know and love are there along with a couple of new ones. Threads of previous storylines are picked up and expanded. Best of all, this book talks about mindful meditation in a way that not only blends [...]

    14. The latest instalment of the Dalai Lama's Cat (His Holiness's Cat - HHC) is positively AWESOME. HHC is on a mission: to think less, to experience more, to live in the moment. I found this book related to so much in my life right now and my own mind. I know I need to slow down, find inner peace and study more mindfulness. I hope we hear more from the HHC.

    15. The third book in the series does not disappoint. I wish these books wouldn't end. I enjoyed them immensely, more than anything else I've read for a long time. I love the stories of all the characters in the book and I love reading it from HHC's point of view. It was truly delightful. But most of all, these books have changed my life for the better. As inspired by Mrs. Trinci's goal to meditate every day for six weeks, for at least ten minutes, I've been doing this. Yes, it's been challenging an [...]

    16. This is a nice entry level book into mindfulness. The story is charmingly told by a cat and her perspective of life and the community surrounding her. Of course the Dalai Lama's cat would be insightful

    17. I love these booksThese are not perfect books. They are far from literary masterpieces but they are always what my soul is looking for. They make me smile and most of all want to snuggle with my cat.

    18. 3.5 stars - not my favorite in the series, but still a calming enjoyable read - you can't go wrong with a book told from the perspective of the Dalai Lama's cat!

    19. I wasn't even 1/3 of the way through before I stopped, ordered all three books on , and returned to reading. These are SO good.

    20. Another wonderful book in this series. It was published two years ago, so I really hope a new one will be coming out soon.

    21. definately a diff book from what I usually read, but good. a few laughs and ohhhh moments. nice and light.

    22. Snow Lion -- a fictional cat belonging to the Dalai Lama - returns with another charming tale about mindfulness. There is something very winsome in reading about Buddhism from a cat's perspective.

    23. I love this book so much, and I love Dalai Lama and cats, it's nice to read a book in a cat's perspective. I discovered something more and more with this book, and learn to talk to myself.//

    24. The Dalai Lama and HHC teach you to live in the Meow. HHC discovers friends (including the driver) from past lives and Serena deals with a meddling grandparent.

    25. The books in this series are short and deceptively simple reads, but actually quite moving and compassion-evoking, including self-compassion. HHC's nervous dialogue is like visiting a guru, mentor, psychologist, and lama all in one. Best of all, while reading you can viscerally feel the loving kindness emanating from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. What a lovely community to imagine as your own.

    26. The first book in the series was brilliant. I felt that the third book didn't have the charm of the first book.It still follows the adventures of HHC and it's a good tool to learn the Dhamma as well on how to cope with life. However, scenes are well written but seemed a bit too contrived. It's a good book, definitely worth reading but seems to have lost what made first book that very much enjoyable.

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