Times Square Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life love gives us a fairy tale I saw that quote about fairy tales embroidered on a decorative pillow at a home decorating store Honestly it pissed

  • Title: Times Square
  • Author: Jana Aston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: None
  • Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.I saw that quote about fairy tales embroidered on a decorative pillow at a home decorating store Honestly, it pissed me off Retail propaganda aimed to promote sales when any single girl in the city could tell them they d sell if they d offer Keep Your Pants On, Asshole instead But iOnce in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.I saw that quote about fairy tales embroidered on a decorative pillow at a home decorating store Honestly, it pissed me off Retail propaganda aimed to promote sales when any single girl in the city could tell them they d sell if they d offer Keep Your Pants On, Asshole instead But it s fine I don t have room for decorative pillows anyway And I don t have time for distractions Which is why I m ignoring the distraction staring at me right now The one who looks like he belongs on a billboard campaign The one with the full lips and the cocky smile The one refusing to look away even when I give him my best no way scowl The one headed in my direction Right now This novel was previously published in the Love In Transit Anthology

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      378 Jana Aston
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    One thought on “Times Square”

    1. 4 STARSWhat a fun, sweet, sexy, novella. I very much enjoyed reading this and of course the way Jana Aston can deliver a quirky heroine and one hell of hero! "Your smile changed my life."

    2. Luv Max.I really enjoyed this book the humour in it was so good. I really liked Max and Lauren there so cute and very hot together. There attraction to each is instant. I always get a lil worried with novellas but I didn't have to worry at all with this book. The story flowed really well with a great luv story. Lauren as moved from Iowa to New York to be with her future husband. But things don't really go as planned. Lauren is a strong woman and wasn't goin to let this lil bump in the road make [...]

    3. 5 'Your smile' Stars!This novella was absolute PERFECTION! Funny, romantic and oh-so-sexy: Times Square is the perfect fast read for anytime you have the time for a quick treat. Actually, this is the first time I read anything by Jana Aston and now I can assure you it will not be the last one! I loved the characters, the theme of the story, the development of their relationship, all those hilarious and sweet moments between the couple and the hot chemistry between Max and Lauren. I love a good n [...]

    4. Ah what the hell, so short but I'm gonna slap 5 stars cause I freaking loved it. If you want something short but with a guaranteed smile on your face, go for it!Cause MaxAnd LaurenAnd Jana Aston just writes so good

    5. Read it in Love in Transit book5+++++ StarsI haven't read any of the author's books and I don't know if the story is safe for me. I just thought if it's not then I'll have my second dnf. But the moment I started it, I was hooked. I can't tell you how much I love the story! It's a story that will stay in my mind for a long time. It's amazing!The story is about Max and LaurenShe works in marketing and she wants to get a promotion so she doesn't need a distraction. She's renting a one-bedroom apart [...]

    6. *5 Stars*I read this in the Anthology, this was the first story and for me it was perfect. I loved the prompt and I absolutely loved where Jana took the story. I highly recommend!

    7. Good story, but shortThis was a pretty good story, but a little on the short side. The story like could've been a little longer and a bit more exciting.

    8. Times Square by Jana Aston Narrated by Erin Mallon Standalone novella I was looking for a quick 2-3 hour listen while waiting for my pre-orders to arrive on my audible app, and grabbed Times Square by Jana Aston to listen to as I worked on my list. This was originally in the Love in Transit anthology which sadly doesn’t exist anymore, because now I’d love to read how the other authors did it. You see, originally they were each given a blurb and they had to write a story around it. Since I en [...]

    9. This is a fairy tale alright. So here we have a handsome, hot, funny, rich, nice, well adjusted, charming, great in bed, NYC finance guy falling for a girl he met in Starbucks and calling her his girlfriend in 2 weeks?Of course things like that could happen but for me to buy it, I needed more. This wasn't a premise you could sell in a novella. I've lived in NYC for almost 20 years and finance guys are notoriously manwhores with their pick of some of the hottest women in the world. Why was Max si [...]

    10. I am a die hard Jana Aston fan, I've read everything she's published so far. I love the quirky and funny she injects into each of her books. The things that come out of her character's mouths? Yeah, bust a gut laughing, can't get enough!! I first read Jana's Times Square story when she released it in the Love In Transit anthology. I really loved Max and Lauren. I loved the way they first meet. I shook my head a lot and smiled all the way through their story. When she announced she was releasing [...]

    11. I didn't read this book, i heard it! The story is so cute. MCs are funny and with great personality.Really really liked the story narrator Erin Mallone, so much that i'm checking all the audibooks she's narrating!!!

    12. This was an okay + light read. A likeable heroine/relatable too and a swoony Hero.No major dramas, onced they slept together, they stayed together. Appreciate the New York's street scenes inserted in the story. A perfect weekend read😀.

    13. 4 stars!Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.Originally included in the Love in Transit anthology, Times Square by Jana Aston is now available separately. With an enjoyable storyline and fun characters, it’s a delicious treat that is funny, sweet, and sexy.Lauren had her life all figured out. She would graduate from University of Iowa, move to New York City to be with her fiancé, get a great job, get married, and live happily ever after. What sh [...]

    14. Pas grand chose à dire sur cette nouvelle préalablement publiée dans une anthologie. C’est du Jana Aston mais c’est un peu court pour totalement plonger dans une histoire incontournable. On passe un bon moment car l’auteure est très douée dans le genre de la comédie romantique et sait écrire des dialogues vifs et enlevés.Lauren est venu s’installer à New York pour rejoindre son fiancé. Elle découvrira très vite qu’il n’a pas su l’attendre et là voilà obligée de trouv [...]

    15. I am a huge fan of Jana's ability to write romance that's funny but still meaningful. This story was just perfect. It had everything I want in a rom com - witty dialogue, funny but strong lead female (Lauren), believable sexual chemistry, hot but slightly quirky male lead (Max) and a HEA. This story had the added bonus of featuring a book club with wine, held in my dream funky bookshop. Just perfect.Read as part of an Anthology

    16. Max and Lauren,Turns out it's a small world on Manhattan Island.Not a lot to say about this one. It's short, sweet, and low on angst. That may sound boring, but it wasn't. The characters were nicely drawn and I really felt that 'new romance' feeling. Two decent caring people who just happen find each other on an obscenely overpopulated Island. The story is;Lauren followed her long time beau/fiancee to the big apple, only to find out that he had been FAR less than true to her for the few months t [...]

    17. Short, sweet and naughty read!Would have given it five stars if a certain scene had played out longer - yeah, you there, you who read it, you know exactly which scene I'm talking about.I was expecting some sort of argument, but she was very grown up and was just like "I'm twenty three not thirteen, let's talk this out like grown ups" and I was like whaaaaaaaat? What do you mean you won't storm out and make a scene, turning yourself into the center of the universe? I seriously even played this ou [...]

    18. IDK, man. It's too short, too quick, too simple. I know it's a novella. I didn't know until I read it. However, I know it could've been better. I don't regret having read it, but I don't feel great about it either.This was never in my TBR. I passed by it randomly. And being a reader who's once in a while read books like this for fun, I'd decided to give it a try. I wonder if I'm being too serious with my rating. But the rating is exactly how I feel.

    19. OMG! That was so cute. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it was way too short. Though everything you need to happen happens. It's just that I want more of them. I want her ex to be so racked with jealousy he can't stand it that he messed up and his boss is now with her. I loved every moment of their meet-cute. Adorable!

    20. ★4 Stars★This book had everything I love in a Jana Aston romance - a swoon-worthy leading man, a spunky heroine, witty dialogue, sizzling sex, laughs, little drama, and I didn't want to put it down!The only bummer? It was too dang short! But what a fantastic way to pass the better part of an hour. This story pleased me. You should try it.

    21. Jana was the next on my list of authors to read for 2018. And this was so fantastic. Her writing is so great and infused with humor. I was laughing continuously throughout the entire novella. I will definitely pick up a full length novel if this is what to expect.

    22. 5 Snooper McSnooperton stars!☆☆☆☆☆"So you're one of those girls," he says. His tone and expression are solemn as he shakes his head a little. "Which girls?" I ask, confused. "The crazy ones," he says with a laugh and drops his gaze to my dress. The dimples are in full force and his eyes are sparkling with mirth. "Well, that's rude." "How is that rude?" His brows fly up and he looks aghast in a teasing sort of way. "It was a compliment."I'm a big fan of Jana Aston. From the moment I rea [...]

    23. No cheating between the H/h. It was a good, sweet read. Epilogue was only out 4 months, but it was still good.

    24. 4.5 starsLauren followed her fiance to New York only to discover he was cheating on her and is now living in a one bedroom apartment with three other girls, sharing one bathroom. Lauren meets Max one afternoon at a coffee shop and they flirt and then they leave only to see each other the next day, and a wedding dress is involved.This was a really sweet story and I loved Max and Lauren’s relationship as they were really great together.

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