Lies in the Darkness Sophie DeLuca used to be a nice girl but that was before Luke Lamanuzzi tore her heart to shreds Now she s a walking trail of vodka soaked destruction something her sexy smooth talking coworker Davi

  • Title: Lies in the Darkness
  • Author: Amanda J. Clay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: None
  • Sophie DeLuca used to be a nice girl but that was before Luke Lamanuzzi tore her heart to shreds Now she s a walking trail of vodka soaked destruction, something her sexy, smooth talking coworker Davis won t let her forget He might have a secret crush on her but his playboy reputation would never let him admit it His best friend Blake s own love of all nighters and debaSophie DeLuca used to be a nice girl but that was before Luke Lamanuzzi tore her heart to shreds Now she s a walking trail of vodka soaked destruction, something her sexy, smooth talking coworker Davis won t let her forget He might have a secret crush on her but his playboy reputation would never let him admit it His best friend Blake s own love of all nighters and debauchery comes crashing to a halt when a one night stand backfires Level headed Cassie seems like she s the one who has it all together, but she s just better at hiding her skeletons.Ungracefully pirouetting in and out of love triangles, drug addictions and unwanted pregnancies, four friends stumble their way through their last year of study and try to grasp the realities of the world on the other side.

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      220 Amanda J. Clay
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    One thought on “Lies in the Darkness”

    1. If you are looking for a NA book that is full of college students who are normal, drinking, drama starting young adults, this is the book for you! My liver is aching from the drinking these young kids could handle! Hahaha…There were many characters but this author slowly pulls you in, and had me invested in each one. I even wanted to reach into my laptop and smack a few of them from time to time! All jokes aside, this is a good book. I really enjoyed it. Especially the well crafted wording. Su [...]

    2. Full review at Sunshine ReviewsARC given for review and blog tour purposes.This book almost brought me to tears. Seriously!I started and finished this book in less than 5 hours. Literally. It was addictive, absolutely remarkable, and so so special. I sped through this book like a champ, eating up the words and becoming so addicted to the story, the characters and the writing. It was utterly brilliant, and I can't get enough.Lies In The Darkness tells the story of four friends, each struggling wi [...]

    3. Talk about a yo-yo effect! Wow. I really enjoyed this story, mostly because the oodles of angst tugged on my heartstrings while keeping me guessing. What I love about the main character, Sophie, iseverything: she's angry, hurt, sassy and REAL, not your typical main who is portrayed like a princess who can do no wrong. Sophie is a mess, but it adds to the story and the relationships she has with her friends and love interests (Jay, Luke and Davis). Lots of jaw-dropping moments through this book a [...]

    4. Panty Scorching -3Angst -3Tissues -1Value -4Storyline -4Overall Rating -4Kindle eARCReviewed by LadyballsWhewwhat did I just read? LOL.I don't mean that in a bad waywell not really. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. So many characters, so many having sexen swapping partners, love triangles, drugs, alcohol head is still spinning. Oh did I mention pregnancy too?Ok, so I will start with, I liked this book and the storyline. I truly did. BUTere was just tooooo much going on and was hard to foll [...]

    5. “He lay beside her…a flawed sliver of perfection.”Is it Jay or Luke? No, it’s definitely Davis. Talk about angst, and sex, and drugs, and this array of new adult confusion that grabs you, enthralls you and traps you in this wonderfully written emotional roller coaster. Then there’s that special touch of a love story in the center of all the chaos that makes this book sooo good. From the first moment you meet Sophie De Luca you want to know what her deal is, and why she seems so broken. [...]

    6. Whew!! What a crazy, beautiful, emotional roller coaster. Not your typical New Adult. Although there’s a steamy love story intertwined, I would say this is a romance in loose terms. It’s really more of a coming-of-age story about four friends on a downward spiral at life, haha. It takes a hard look at some very real things that many people face at that age but don't get talked about much—drugs, eating disorders, etc. Definitely some cringe-worthy moments that were all too relatable. Especi [...]

    7. What a trip! This was one emotionally charged roller coaster of a story that takes you deep into the underworld of Young Adult angst. Fast paced and full of sex, love, alcohol, drugs and emotions- this book was utterly addictive and I found myself unable to put it down. With a uniquely intriguing storyline, complex and emotionally charged characters and complex descriptions, the author takes you on a wonderfully creative trip into this realistic world. There were so many emotions flying around I [...]

    8. Can I just say how much fun this was to write?! I hope you all enjoy the world of Pacific State as much as I do! Thanks for reading!

    9. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After skimming through the other reviews on , I have to wonder if I read the same book. While quite well written, I didn't find this to be any sort of dark romantic comedy, as Lies in the Darkness is described in its jacket blurb. Sophie is a glorious mess, and we've all been there in our twenties where we made stupid decision after stupid decision, especially when the object(s) of our desire is at play. The trysts [...]

    10. I received a free copy of LIES IN THE DARKNESS by Amanda J. Clay in exchange for a honest review. I work at a University (it's a bit of a party school too) Ms. Clay story-telling and dialogue were dead on. This is how college kids talk to each other. I strongly recommend you read this book. I found her writing have a dark style similar to some of the John Green books I've read, which in my book is a big compliment. Her novel was cleverly realistic, raw and raunchy although not erotic in any way [...]

    11. Man, oh, man I cannot relate to the characters in this book at all, but what a fun group to read about! I genuinely was a "good girl" when I was in college, so to imagine there could actually be people living lives like these, while going to school, is mind boggling. But hey, that's why we read books, right? To experience things completely different than our own personal experiences. I won't get into a detailed recap of the story, that's what the description is for. But basically it's a bunch of [...]

    12. Review originally posted here: readsandtreats/2016/05/13/*I received a copy in exchange for my honest review, as part of the book tour.I truly wanted to love this book, but I will settle for really enjoyed. :-) . I enjoyed all the characters, all of which were pretty strongly developed.Each of the characters had their own story, their own twists. I really liked how all of the stories intertwined. However, I feel like there was way too much going on. It's like it jumped from one character to the [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I love getting lost inside a good book, and I was happily oblivious to the world around me while reading Lies in the Darkness. The characters were well written, and the plot was fast-paced and exciting. This book was relatable and believable, and I was completely drawn into each character's story. Lies in the Darkness is filled with relationship drama, drinking, and some very sexy, steamy scenes. Who's sleeping with who? Who's [...]

    14. So although this is my usual style of book, i found it quite difficult to get into at first. I'm not sure if it's because i couldn't particularly relate to the characters (having not been a hard partier at university) or if i wasn't accustomed to the writing style, but i really had to push myself to keep reading. I don't give up on books.I have to say though, this impression was quickly washed away the further i got into the book. It became dark and intense, with a great love story twisting thro [...]

    15. Amanda has a great style of writing. Being in my late twenties, I felt I could very much relate to the characters and it was a very accurate portrayal of the millennial generation culture. She showcases the struggles of discovering one self and the relations, insecurities people are faced with others as they grow into mature adulthood. The story definitely had a "Gossip Girl-esk" vibe to it, minus the rich/upper class main characters which is much preferable because it's a more common realistic [...]

    16. 3.5 starsIt took me a little while to get into this book because there were so many main characters involved! Butonce I got the gist of who was who and who was doing who, my eyes were glued to the pages! This book is filled with a lot of angst and drama but it also touches on a lot of serious and realistic issues that the author addresses in a prudent manner.I liked these characters and the friendships that existed between this group of friends. I liked the way the characters developed and evolv [...]

    17. This book focused on the lives of a group of college kids who mainly got drunk and slept around. There are several situations presented within their day to day lives  that readers may find to be relatable, but there were so many characters that it was hard for me to become invested in any one storyline and I found myself not really caring about the characters anymore as I made my way through the book. Overall, it was an easy read that could be finished in a weekend or a day at the beach, but I [...]

    18. This story is very In Lightning, what happens in a large group of friends that are in college. The relationships that you have and the friends that you make. I think there was a great story here and the ending make the build up of what will happy well worth it. I think the journey you go on with this group could make you worried for them when it looks like they are heading towards a bad decision! The characters are really good and all work well. I think with out any one the story would not be th [...]

    19. Wow this book was full of surprises. I actually really enjoyed the story filled with sex, alcohol, friends, heartbreak, laughter and joy. The growth that these young adults experience throughout this story is unbelievable at times. They party like rock stars, sleep with anyone and everyone. Relationshipse completely unhealthy and almost disturbing however they learn, and grow from all of it. It was a great reading experience.

    20. Ok this was a little different to my normal read .I love the school and how they behaved just shows not everyone is perfect and life is not alway so Rosie .There was a few bits I had to really think to follow not because it was wrong because it wasn't what I thought it was gunna be , that keeps it intreasting.The writing style was a good and the pace keeps you reading .I saw myself in the main character.Which kept me smiling .Thanks nice read

    21. Lies in the Darkness is a solid addition to the New Adult genre. The atmosphere is realistic, and reminiscent of many people’s true college experience. Clay has a knack for writing relatable characters that while frustrating at times, have just enough redeemable quality to make you want to see them succeed. Lies in the Darkness is fast paced, with a comfortable prose that will keep pages turning at a rapid rate.

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