The Execution of Sherlock Holmes And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective Five tales The Execution of Sherlock Holmes elude noose when drugged and manacled in dank Newgate cell The Case of the Greek Key crack German codes The Case of the Peasenhall Murder prove man inn

  • Title: The Execution of Sherlock Holmes: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective
  • Author: Donald Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781933648224
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five tales 1 The Execution of Sherlock Holmes elude noose when drugged and manacled in dank Newgate cell 2 The Case of the Greek Key crack German codes3 The Case of the Peasenhall Murder prove man innocent of slaying pregnant serving girl4 The Case of the Phantom Chambermaid stop arsenic wielding magician 5 The Queen of the Night foil malevolent MoriartyNotes

    • ☆ The Execution of Sherlock Holmes: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Donald Thomas
      498 Donald Thomas
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    One thought on “The Execution of Sherlock Holmes: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective”

    1. A viper bit Milverton- what was his plight?The viper, not Milverton, died of the bite. Execution of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of five not-so short stories. In my opinion out of the five stories here only three are very good: they keep you guessing and maintain the thrill throughout; and the rest two are not bad and can be enjoyed. What makes this pastiche of Holmes different: We are shown the non-super human side of our beloved sleuth. By 'non-super human' I mean 'ordinary'. (But mind you [...]

    2. This anthology consists of 5 stories, all written by Donald Thomas. The first 4 ranged from good to great and I was willing to give this book 4 stars - but then the last one happened, "The Queen of the Night".In this short story, Sherlock Holmes went against Col. Moriarty, Prof. Moriarty's brother, unfortunately, it was overly complicated and Watson was made an idiot: Holmes was unwilling to tell Watson what exactly was going on and when Watson reacted, based on his incomplete information, Holme [...]

    3. By Donald Thomas. Grade B+.This is my first from the famous Donald Thomas series on Sherlock Holmes, and may I say that he has done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the original Conan Doyle work with a collection of five different stories of the world’s most popular detective and his loyal sidekick.The book’s title caught my attention the moment I saw it as, obviously, Sherlock Holmes has never been executed before in any adaptation. This story revolves around Holmes’ kidnap and [...]

    4. This book is both more singular and, I think, more consistent than the other Holmes pastiches by Mr. Thomas that I read before this volume. Overall I think this collection of stories had more “punch”. I also find myself writing more “details” into this review than I normally do; maybe not so much as to be spoilers, but enough to illustrate specific thoughts about the collection. Again I find myself only giving it a "3" because it just doesn't quite deserve the "4" - call it a definite "3 [...]

    5. This collection includes five stories, the first one being the title story of the book. Sherlock Holmes is captured by his enemies and tied up in a dingy old cellar. A ‘trial’ takes place, which is clearly not very fair, before his execution. As odds are stacked up against Sherlock, he has only his brain and quick thinking to depend upon. “The Case of the Greek Key” deals with a German code that must be cracked to preserve military secrets. Once again, the wheels in Sherlock’s mind spi [...]

    6. A fun but forgettable collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. They were slightly longer than I would have liked, five stories in a book of 350 pages, and Watson's voice didn't ring entirely true to me--maybe his upper lip wasn't stiff enough in his descriptions of certain characters? Also, Mycroft comes across as very irritating and not very smart. I always thought he was supposed to be even more brilliant than Sherlock, but exceptionally lazy.

    7. For people who will insist on having more of their hero, this collection of Sherlock Holmes stories is not bad. I personally think it sad that readers can't accept the original and so support this fan fiction.

    8. Started out pretty good. The first mystery was interesting but not a typical mystery. However, if you are going to write about Sherlock Holmes as Arthur Conan Doyle did you have big shoes to fill and the second mystery in this book quickly doused any interest I had.

    9. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally.)As someone who for a long time now has been dedicated to the newest of the new in the contemporary arts, I of course have a low tolerance for so-called "comfort food" projects; that is, the act of revisiting a set of fictional characters or a certain fictional milieu over and over again, not because the m [...]

    10. One of the best Sherlock pastiches I've read in quite a while. No, it doesn't compare to the originals, but then what would? Nice read when you're feeling all Sherlocky.

    11. The tone of both Watson and Holmes is off to me. And there’s a tedious amount of exposition at times, but overall, I enjoyed this enough to try another of his books

    12. Donald Thomas did an excellent job of continuing on the deeds of Holmes and Watson in this collection of 5 short stories. Thomas caught the flavor of the times in speech, setting, and social inequities. The author also added an unexpected aspect in that not all mysteries were solved completely.This collection starts with The Execution of Sherlock Holmes in which several of Holmes enemies join forces, capture him, enact a parody of a lengthy trial, and then plan to end his life. Sherlock, of cour [...]

    13. The Execution of Sherlock HolmesBy Donald ThomasPublisher: Pegasus Books# of Pages: 348Age Rating: 13+My Rating: 4 StarsSynopsis:Drugged, manacled, condemned to a dank cell in the depths of London's infamous Newgate prison, the world's greatest literary detective awaits execution by a vengeful crew of formidable enemies. Escape is impossible; death, a certainty. But not for Sherlock Holmes, who, in a stunning display of intellect and derring-do, will elude his hangman's noose and live to fiddle, [...]

    14. This book captured my mind because in it contains 5 different case stories which reveals different aspects of what Sherlock Holmes and his companion actual does to help his clients. The most interesting case was "The Execution of Sherlock Holmes" because it was a change of event when Holmes was actually taken captive by his enemies and imprison within a jail cell. He was able to use his mind to help him find a way to escape the jail cell or else face being hang on a noose. Each case brought new [...]

    15. An acceptable addition to the Sherlock pastiche canon with some decent stories. In some ways the language is sometimes more original feeling than other modern Holmes stories. Watson and Lestrade are noticeably more doubtful, arrogant and argumentative than I recall in the originals. It appears to be a device by which the author gets to have Holmes explain the events and his deductions, which are a bit more elaborate than most of Doyle's stories. There is the long explanation of familial relation [...]

    16. The book starts off where "The Game of Shadows" was left off i.e. in the mold of more of a action adventure rather than being a mystery. Author himself gets entangled in trying to create the mystery(e.g. Linear code B)and hence, just has to conclude Holmes solved it. Few things make no sense at all( Execution of Holmes - no arrests at all) Miss the basic traits of Sherlock - Watson chemistry.(Instead of being Holmes, you will see many instances, Watson refers to him as Sherlock Holmes)Tries to g [...]

    17. A mediocre pastiche at best. Stories are uneven, maybe 2 are interesting, the rest are flat at best, tedious at worst.Plenty of canonical name-dropping, and the author has obviously done a lot of Victorian research, but he is actually fairly poor at his reproduction of Doyle's characters. Mycroft Holmes, in particular, stops being a brilliant, but lethargic, counterpoint to Sherlock, and instead became a tiresome, not too bright older brother more concerned with his status than anything else.A b [...]

    18. I didn't enjoy this as much as Sherlock Holmes And The Ghosts Of Bly: And Other New Adventures Of The Great Detective. I don't like big-criminal-conspiracy stuff, and 2 of the stories in this title were about Holmes' life-long battle with that type of crime. Won't prevent me from another of the titles, however. They are enjoyable.

    19. Having completed the entire Sherlock Holmes collection, I picked this book up out of mere curiosity. "Lets see how Mr. Thomas can carry on the legacy". And the result - disappointing. The difference between the two writing styles sticks out like an ornate thumb. Only a couple of stories are 'readable'; the remaining stories had to be read just for the sake of completing the book. I am not a great fan of Mr. Holmes (the pretentious jerk he is); but Mr. Doyle had a certain panache. Well, this book [...]

    20. Another of Sherlock's tales with several sub stories and adventures. This was an Audible book with the narrator shifting voices with each character. The class structure was apparent in the various accents. One story would refer to characters and outcomes of earlier stories. This book really had the feel of daily life of Sherlock and Friends. Life in mid-century London was described with such detail it felt as though I could see the different costumes, smell the smells, experience the chill of a [...]

    21. I was not impressed with this book at all.I am A huge Sherlock Holmes fan and have been ever since I was A little girl.I've read other Sherlock books written by other authors and have thoroughly enjoyed them.But I did not enjoy this one at all.It seemed to me the author was trying too hard to be Arthur Conan Doyle and I had A hard time staying interested in the stories themselves.I see the author has written another Sherlock book but I don't believe I will try that one.

    22. Several new short stories Sherlock Holmes, they were OK but not up to the quality of Doyle. Because I listened to these I listened to the end, if I had been reading them I might not have stuck it out. But, any story of Sherlock is better than not having one. I listened to this book again because I forgot I'd 'read' it before. And my opinion is the same this time OK stories but not as good as Doyle would have written but I needed something not violent or filled with language.

    23. Well I've found another Sherlock Holmes author that will keep me busy reading about my favorite fictional character on the planet! That's right, I have to keep reminding myself that Holmes is a fictional character or maybe it's just because our world could so use a comeback from the greatest detective and advisor that ever lived. Thank you Mr. Thomas. The title frightened me when I first checked the book out, but I was relieved at the end of the story to still have a living Sherlock Holmes!

    24. I liked the stories in this book. There are 5 separate stories as told by Dr. Watson about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I am not a strict Holmes aficionado so I did not nit pick it apart and compare it to the Holmes timeline and so forth, as a lot of people did. And maybe because of that I enjoyed the stories for what they are. I think if you go into it that way you will enjoy them. This was the first of the Holmes by Thomas that I have read and I will read the others by him as well.

    25. This is a collection of 5 stories about Sherlock Holmes. The stories were kind of interesting, but Holmes is portrayed as such a jerk, it was hard to really enjoy them. It's been a while since I've read any of the original Holmes stories, but what I do remember, Holmes had a casual arrogance, but it came across as more extreme and justified confidence rather than petty hubris.

    26. Eh, the best thing about it was the title. The first story was actually good, although I would have liked more about what Watson was going through in Sherlock's absence. The third story the mystery was not even solved. This is a trad pub hardcover library book, and they didn't notice Sherlock never figured out who dunnit?

    27. One of the better modern day Sherlock Holmes authors. He writes well enough to be an acceptable substitute for Conan Doyle. In this, his third book, he has moved away from inserting Holmes and Watson into the investigation of genuine historical crimes, although he still relies heavily on historical events.

    28. 1.5The original review of this book is posted on my blogTo read the original review of this book, click here

    29. Magnificent the Great Detective at his most masterly. However some of these could have gone further for example, the "Greek Key" could have tied in with "His Last Bow" somehow. Loved the re-appearance of older figures from the canon

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