Catalyst Moon Breach In an uncertain world on the brink of chaos can love and destiny prevail When Kalinda parts ways with Stonewall at Whitewater City she has no idea if she will ever see him again But when their paths

  • Title: Catalyst Moon: Breach
  • Author: Lauren L. Garcia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook
  • In an uncertain world on the brink of chaos, can love and destiny prevail When Kalinda parts ways with Stonewall at Whitewater City, she has no idea if she will ever see him again But when their paths cross once , they find themselves in the middle of impending turmoil.Fear is consuming the land as the body snatching thralls are multiplying and destroying everything iIn an uncertain world on the brink of chaos, can love and destiny prevail When Kalinda parts ways with Stonewall at Whitewater City, she has no idea if she will ever see him again But when their paths cross once , they find themselves in the middle of impending turmoil.Fear is consuming the land as the body snatching thralls are multiplying and destroying everything in their path Meanwhile, rebellion is brewing between the mages and sentinels and threatening to rock the very foundations of their co existence.

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    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] ✓ Catalyst Moon: Breach - by Lauren L. Garcia ✓
      171 Lauren L. Garcia
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Paranormal Book] ✓ Catalyst Moon: Breach - by Lauren L. Garcia ✓
      Posted by:Lauren L. Garcia
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    One thought on “Catalyst Moon: Breach”

    1. Have you ever read a series and the second book is so much better than the first one? Actually, so much better that you have to reread the review you wrote on book one to make sure its the same book. That is the case with Catalyst Moon: Breach. I remember reading Incursion and thinking that it was that a bit boring and a little vague. So when I requested this book from Inkitt, I was expecting the same. So, I was thrilled when I started reading the book and could get into it.Breach starts a few w [...]

    2. So, Catalyst Moon: Breach is the follow up to Catalyst Moon: Incursion, a story about a mage, Kali, and Stonewall AKA Stone, the sentinel tasked with escorting her across the country. Trouble ensues, relationships are formed and tested, and their journey comes to an end. And now, the sequel continues that story.Breach picks up not too long after Incursion ended, with Kali receiving treatment for her bum knee and Stone off in the world doing his duty, fighting the dangerous thralls that popped up [...]

    3. Set my particles tingling! I've loved this series from the start for its excellent word-building, fascinating plot and new insights into magic. But what will really convince you to take this journey into Aredia, are the characters. Garcia has wowed me with two absolutely wonderful main characters. Kali's quirky sense of humour never fails to get me laughing at the oddest moment (I've gotten more than a few odd looks on the bus, now). While Stonewall is both charmingly sincere and frustratingly n [...]

    4. I liked this second book of the Catalyst Moon series better than the first. But I think anyone who tried to read it without having read the first book would probably find it as confusing as I found the first book. It definitely builds on not only what happened in the first book (Catalyst Moon Book 1: Incursion), but also on what we learned in the first book about mages, sentinels, thralls, mage magic, hematite, and some other stuff.Kali and Stonewall foolishly continue their romance right there [...]

    5. When I start reading this book, I really didnt know that this was a second delivery of they story, my stars are to be more precise 4.5.As I didnt read the first delivery, I only have a vague idea of ​​what happened earlier.A good story, a mixture of politics and religion that we all know is not always a good idea in the end, folklore, politics and religion, are something I really liked, as stories vary depending on the "ethnicity" decade individual That participates in the gathering of the m [...]

    6. I liked book 1 a lot. I was surprised at the relationship between Kali and Stone because they are taught not to like each other. In this book he is sneaking to see her and I was so scared for most of the book that they would get caught and Kali would be hurt by Talon. Their relationship takes a sexy turn and really heats up. I was upset that made her feel bad but it was for the best. I can't wait to see how they work out being together.The last page left me so hopeful. So hopeful in fact that if [...]

    7. This book was great. I would give more stars if I could. Loved it better than book one (and I really liked book one). I felt more close to the characters and sympathize with them. It is a good example of people who wants to get rid of what they don’t understand. I recommend this book to everyone. I am looking forward to the next book.This book was given as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    8. So much better than book one . . . Once I got on track and got the details that I felt was missing. I got back to book two. Now that I am finished I am uncertain if I am reading the same author and the same series. Things this time around feels so different. So much more. I fell like things have evolved. The pacing was faster. The romance felt more real. The tension heightened. The bite of forbidden was clear and you feel the intensity of it all. Book two was most certainly a step up.

    9. This novel offers intricate world and culture building. The characters are interesting and flawed. It is stronger on sci-go than it is on fantasy, but there is definitely some fantasy there. A must read. You won't want to put it down.* I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest and frank review. *

    10. I liked this. We're -slowly- learning more about the Thralls/zombies that have been appearing. Eris and Gideon are still trying to escape. (view spoiler)[We meet Stonewall's brother who is supposed to be dead. Kalinda and Stonewall moon over each other and have stupidly obvious nighttime trysts and get caught of course. (hide spoiler)] It's fun YA fantasy.

    11. When I reviewed Book 1 in this series, Catalyst Moon: Incursion, I wrote “I’m glad I read this book, and I do want to know what happens to the characters. But I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to find out.” It turns out I didn’t have to wait very long at all. Book 2, Breach, is here, and it’s significantly better than Book 1. The characters and relationships are more complex, and the story more riveting. Now there are so many threads to be resolved that I am wondering if the autho [...]

    12. Metaphorically intense, this book had me thinking about so many things. Everything from politics to history and even religion came to the forefront of my mind. At first I was sidetracked by the various themes, recognizing Star Trek emphasis and Roman gladiators, but then a bit of magic came into play, and biases and prejudices reared their ugly heads.Division among the ranks, as it were, with a moral duty to stand up for what is right, defend freedom and liberty. Yes, I got all of this and more [...]

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