Knee Deep in Paradise The star of the popular ABC TV series Grace Under Fire recounts her childhood in the South as the daughter of an absent alcoholic father her experience with domestic abuse and her start as a comedi

  • Title: Knee Deep in Paradise
  • Author: Brett Butler
  • ISBN: 9780786861361
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The star of the popular ABC TV series Grace Under Fire recounts her childhood in the South as the daughter of an absent, alcoholic father, her experience with domestic abuse, and her start as a comedienne.

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    One thought on “Knee Deep in Paradise”

    1. This is one of my all time favorite memoirs. Painfully honest, sensitive but strong and deliciously flawed, Butler speaks with immense vulnerability as she tells her story. I've never written a fan letter, but for this book, I might be tempted.

    2. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. She didn't say much about being part of Grace Under Fire but I guess that it doesn't really pertain to the story she was telling about her life. I only somewhat knew what her life was like before she became famous. She's come a long way and worked really hard to be who she is now.I was fortunate enough to meet Brett about 7 years ago and she was one of the sweetest and nicest celebrities I've ever met. I met her when she was staying at the hotel I was working at [...]

    3. The gal can write!! I hope one day she tackles a work of fiction. I connected to her story right away. As I am in the process of coming to terms with my own addiction I could related to the feelings she had about her alcoholism. And even though my father stayed with the family, I felt I understood, because though my father was physically present during my youth, he felt emotionally distant and offered a connection only on his terms which was hard for me to do. When I got to the passage she wrote [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book because I have always enjoyed Brett Butler's stand-up. I thought it was interesting that she was raised in Tuskegee, a primarily black town (but was born in Montgomery about 40 miles down the road). Now that I live about 20 miles from Tuskegee, it makes it kind of cool. I always like reading about Alabama people and comedians, so this was a win-win for me. I don't remember a whole lot about the book, other than I liked it.

    5. I read this book in between two epic WW2 books that i needed a break from. i enjoyed this memoir a lot. This was a great and concisely written memoir. She didn't harbor on a single event in her life, but rather mentioned and explained the interesting bits. Knowing hardly anything about Brett I was rather impressed by how well she wrote.

    6. This autobio by Brett herself is a pretty powerful read. It's FULL of the horrors she went through, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her first husband, & it turns out her Mom was also battered, the girls just didn't SEE it, & her search for family answers about the father she never really knew well.

    7. I have bought this book twice. I'd loaned it and it wasn't returned. Butler is a really great writer and I wish she'd write something again. I think this book is as good as any southern gothic novel I've read.

    8. A friend just returned this book to me, which I estimate I read & loaned to him in about 1997! I'd completely forgotten about it, but when I got it back, I remember being impressed with Ms. Butler's writing style & her seemingly objective look at her own life.

    9. An uncommonly well-written celebrity bio from the television star and stand-up comic Brett Butler. She has battled drug and alchohol abuse, suffered through an abusive marriage, and continues to heal from her dysfunctional Southern family environment.

    10. This book came at just the right time in my life. Anyone living under the tyranny of their spouse will recognize themselves in this book, and if you are a hick (like me) it just might be disturbing how much you can actually relate!

    11. Knee Deep In Paradise, Brett Butler, Audio Bk-B, @ 1996, 4/02. Autobiography, a memoir of survival, comedienne relates her life of childhood abuse, domestic abuse, addiction, and survival. Very good.

    12. I read this as a hardcover shortly after it came outcently found her on Twitter. Seems she still acts a bit but has also developed her spiritual side.

    13. I got this one before I got sober, but after Peg got sober, so it was a little uncomfortable reading about Brett Butler's alcoholism and recovery I was still in denial, of course.

    14. Her life was hard, but that's no excuseW, that's just a joke. I have nothing personally against Brett or her book.

    15. such a sad story.An enjoyable read and an interesting story. A great addition to anyone's home bookshelf.

    16. Heard her discuss this on a talk show and found her story to be interesting; although, I hadn't been a fan.

    17. The very talented Brett Butler writes a memoir worth reading. I particularly enjoyed her description of the comedy scene on the east coast.

    18. I liked it a lot more than I thought that I would. It's a little repetitive and long in some parts but it is a good read. She got brownie points for the Shirley Temple reference in there too. :)

    19. Got this one at a dollar store. Another one of the comedian/sitcom star/authors of the 90s. It's a miracle of the human condition, the connection between laughter and tears, heartbreak and humor.

    20. I quite like Brett Butler and her comedic persona. She's funny. If you're looking for a celebrity memoir of alcoholism and sobering up, you could no doubt read something much worse.

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