Hamilton and Peggy A Revolutionary Friendship The colonies are in the throes of the Revolutionary War and caught in the midst of spies traitors Loyalists and Patriots is the charming quick witted Peggy Schuyler youngest of the famed Schuyler

  • Title: Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship
  • Author: L.M. Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780062671325
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • The colonies are in the throes of the Revolutionary War and caught in the midst of spies, traitors, Loyalists and Patriots, is the charming, quick witted Peggy Schuyler youngest of the famed Schuyler sisters and daughter of General Philip Schuyler Her eldest sister Angelica, the thief of hearts, is known for her passion and intelligence, while kind, sweet Eliza has a beThe colonies are in the throes of the Revolutionary War and caught in the midst of spies, traitors, Loyalists and Patriots, is the charming, quick witted Peggy Schuyler youngest of the famed Schuyler sisters and daughter of General Philip Schuyler Her eldest sister Angelica, the thief of hearts, is known for her passion and intelligence, while kind, sweet Eliza has a beauty so great, it only outshone by her enormous heart Though often in the shadows of her beloved sisters, Peggy is talented in her own right fluent in French, artistically talented, and brave beyond compare When a flirtatious aide de camp to General Washington named Alexander Hamilton writes an eloquent letter to Peggy asking for her help in wooing the earnest Eliza, Peggy is skeptical but finds herself unable to deny such an impassioned plea Thus begins her own journey into the Revolution Inspired by the cultural phenomenon of the Broadway musical, Hamilton.

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    One thought on “Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship”

    1. 2.5* This wasn’t what I expected so I’m really torn on my rating. It was very well researched and very descriptive in terms of the historical aspect, but I was let down by the Peggy and Hamilton storyline, or lack there of. It was very slow and dull, quite frankly. If you want to learn about the revolution this will be helpful, but it just didn’t deliver in terms of plot beyond that. I guess I just had higher hopes, unfortunately. *I received an ARC from Fierce Reads but that in no way inf [...]

    2. A fun read for historical buffs, fans of Hamilton, and anyone who loves a collection of terrific characters. Peggy is smart and brave--a kick-butt heroine in the style of Jo March or Lizzie Bennett. The cast of characters is rounded out by the people you would expect--Eliza and Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton, George Washington, Lafayette. But there are also hilarious cameos from characters largely forgotten by history. The splashes of romance will tug at your heartstrings, but the main focus of the [...]

    3. I was pretty psyched about starting this book. I'm still in the "all things" Hamilton mindset and reading this in ARC form was just so fun. Peggy Schuyler needs a story of her own, and this one sucked me in at page one. This story is some well researched historical fiction centering in and around the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed reading about both the details of everyday life in America at that time but also the details of war and how living at that time was very different from almost any ot [...]

    4. I don't even know where to start - this book was everything I wanted! As a Musical Theatre nut and a Hamilton fan, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and I'M SO GLAD I DID. L.M. Elliott's novel is filled with beautiful scenic description that was so crystal clear, I could basically see my breath as if I were there in the cold winter opening with Peggy and the entire Schuyler crew! The story of this intelligent, spunky, strong-willed young woman was handled stunningly, as we get to grow [...]

    5. E ARC from Edelweiss PlusYoung Peggy Schulyer must watch her older sister Angelica elope with a dashing young man, and is instrumental in helping her sister Eliza's suitor, Alexander Hamilton, connect with his sweetheart. In the meantime, the Revolutionary War is grinding on, and her father, General Phillip Schuyler, is very involved with aspects of the planning and fighting, although he is not always successful in his military endeavors. Peggy meets many of the luminaries of the time, tries to [...]

    6. L.M. Elliott is known for her well-researched historical fiction and for taking fascinating women off the sidelines of history into the heart of it, and this book is no different! Make no mistake, Peggy Schuyler is the star of the show in this story. The novel looks in on her relationship with her eldest sisters, Angelica and Eliza, and with her parents, and how those relationships were changed by the Revolution (and Hamilton's courtship of Eliza). Peggy was regarded in her time as intelligent a [...]

    7. DNF at 23%. I'm super sad to do this because I was genuinely excited for it but I just really don't think it could deliver. Sadly, while Peggy is the perspective we read from, she barely has her own storyline. It's so disappointing to go into a book, finally expecting a light to shine upon this character, and then still have her be the side character in her own book. Nothing of significance for her life has happened so far. It seems like she is just a bystander.The same goes for her "friendship" [...]

    8. A cute story about the third Schuyler sister. Thoroughly researched, the author does a great job of bringing to life a person forgotten by history. Be warned, the title is kind of misleading, Hamilton is barely in this book. It's all about Peggy (and Eliza and Angelica). A good read for Hamilton fans and students of history.

    9. Another great read by LM Elliott. I have enjoyed & recommended every book that she has written, and I've taught (or supported other teachers to do so) many of her books. As usual, research is impeccable, characters become your friends, and you just feel smarter about history after finishing!!

    10. What a great story! I haven't been on the Hamilton bandwagon, so my recall of him is limited to what I just read in my daughter's AP History text, which was all about politics and nothing about his personal life. It was fun to see him come to life through this story. I used to live in NJ, and with a history buff mother, I have been to Jockey Hollow and Ford's Mansion in Morristown, so I loved reading about the history took place there.The bond between the three sisters was so much fun to see pla [...]

    11. It is now 4:25 am and I just finished this amazing novel. This is my first historical fiction ever, and honestly, I'll be catching up on L.M. Elliot books because I loved every single part of Peggy's journey. She is witty, she is fierce and courageous and everything I love for in a main character. Although I can't really say whether it's accurate in its depiction of all of the characters and historical events, I am led to believe the author did her fair share of investigation on the matter, and [...]

    12. Ugh I want to see Hamilton on broadway so much! Lol, but that aside I'm really looking forward to this book and it's take on Peggy and Alexander.

    13. In "Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship," L.M. Elliott illuminates the spaces that other stories of the Hamilton cohort leave dark. It is a lively, extremely well-researched, impassioned portrayal of a young woman who lovers of all things Hamilton and plucky heroines ahead of their time will find rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Lovers of the Revolutionary War will gobble it up!While this novel is perfect for existing Hamilton fans, I'm not sure I would recommend it to those not a [...]

    14. Let me start this off by saying I really wanted to love this book. I tried so hard while reading it to make myself love this but unfortunately I really didn't. Now I am going to recognize that L.M. Elliot did a ton of research. She worked very hard researching this book and I seriously appreciate that. Research is the key to historical fiction and I liked that. But that was about where the likes ended. First off, the writing was not for me. It was a case of super info dump. There would be someth [...]

    15. I wanted to say I loved this book. It's well researched and gives an in-depth look at a lot of things from a woman's perspective from the revolutionary war. There are different reviews saying that Peggy isn't even at the forefront of her own novel, that's not true. It's a coming of age story more than a romance one. While there is the romance between Hamilton and Eliza, it's not the main aspect of the novel.The back can be a little misleading, as the title as well, but it's still a fantastic rea [...]

    16. I was provided with a digital ARC via EdelweissEver since I listened to the musical Hamilton and entered its wonderful fandom I was intrigued by that sister left for last —AND PEGGY!. So when I saw this book I had to make a request. And it didn't disappoint. According to this book (and probably reality since it's written after thorough investigation) Peggy might have been the best of the three famous Schuyler sisters. Of course the other two are the most famous but this book shows how the thre [...]

    17. I received this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This novel discusses Peggy Schuyler's role during the American Revolution and the events surrounding the Hamilton play. It attempts to show her saucy side and ability to be a strong character in her own right. It presents her feelings about Alexander Hamilton and the romantic relationships she had during the time. I found this novel to be dry. I felt that there was less plot and more factoids about the revolution. Hamilton was n [...]

    18. As a Hamilton fan and a lover of strong women, this book was right up my alley! I had been hoping for someone to write more in depth about the Schuyler Sisters and this book had what I wanted. Their relationships, both romantic and platonic, were so well written. I especially enjoyed reading the development of Eliza and Alexander- for real. And Peggy! Her story is so inspiring and in a lot of ways relatable. A must read for fans of strong female characters, charming, complex men and historical a [...]

    19. well, the title suggests that the book is about Hamilton and Peggy. I think the title should just be: and Peggy. Hamilton doesn't even make a decent entrance unroll a little over half way through the book. there was too much battle strategy and play by play for my taste but it was done pretty well. I was more looking for the drama than the setting. I did greatly enjoy the epilogue with the promise of a romance for Peggy. I can relate to her as someone often forgotten in the light of other, more [...]

    20. I feel that this book had a lot of potential but it kind of just flopped. It was definitely well researched but it wasn’t what it was advertised to be. I expected to see a lot of Hamilton and Peggy’s friendship but there was almost none of it at all. It also felt like the story focused more on the other Schuyler Sisters instead of Peggy. I just expected more from this, but it was an enjoyable story. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was advertised differently.

    21. For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=Q7K1P1.5 Rating: This book promised to be an interesting historical fiction about the friendship between Peggy Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton instead it was a very dry historical fiction book that felt generic and slow. We received an eARC of this book through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

    22. My kids are crazy for "Hamilton" the musical so of course I had to give them this book -- well what a surprise! The musical is just the tip of Peggy's unbelievable life. I've enjoyed this author's books in the pastways amazingly well researched and full of interesting historical facts. Love, love, love!

    23. For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=Q7K1PDuring the Revolutionary War, Peggy Schuyler tries to break free from her older sister's shadows and find her own way. I will admit I read this book because I am a huge "Hamilton" fan which may have been one of the reasons I found this so very disappointing. The story moves very slowly with the narrative promised on the book jacket does not beginning for over 100 pages. The characters are never truly developed relying on what the reader know [...]

    24. *Actually 2.5 stars*This was okay. It was entertaining in parts, but overall felt like it was trying to cash in on the phenomenon that is Hamilton, but with a "different" take.

    25. I guess I had super high expectations for this book. I thought this would focus more on Hamilton and Peggy’s friendship, but it focused almost solely on Peggy. While Peggy is a great character, this story was lacking depth. We get to see a bit of what makes Peggy a great character, but the writing was a bit dry and I felt like we were just going through the motions. I would have been interested to read about Peggy after she was married and what her relationship with Hamilton was like after tha [...]

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