Fall Far from the Tree Terror Callousness Denial Rebellion How the four teenage children of leaders in the duchy and the neighboring empire of Hanaobi choose to adapt to their nefarious parents whims is a matter of survival

  • Title: Fall Far from the Tree
  • Author: Amy McNulty
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Terror Callousness Denial Rebellion How the four teenage children of leaders in the duchy and the neighboring empire of Hanaobi choose to adapt to their nefarious parents whims is a matter of survival.Rohesia, daughter of the duke, spends her days hunting outsiders, fugitives who ve snuck onto her father s island duchy That she lives when even children who resembleTerror Callousness Denial Rebellion How the four teenage children of leaders in the duchy and the neighboring empire of Hanaobi choose to adapt to their nefarious parents whims is a matter of survival.Rohesia, daughter of the duke, spends her days hunting outsiders, fugitives who ve snuck onto her father s island duchy That she lives when even children who resemble her are subject to death hardens her heart to tackle the task.Fastello is the son of the king of the raiders who steal from the rich and share with the poor When aristocrats die in the raids, Fastello questions what his peoples increasingly wicked methods of survival have cost them.An orphan raised by a convent of mothers, Cateline can think of no higher aim in life than to serve her religion, even if it means turning a blind eye to the suffering of other orphans under the mothers care.Kojiro, new heir to the Hanaobi empire, must avenge his people against the barbarians who live in the duchy, terrified the empress, his own mother, might rather see him die than succeed.When the paths of these four young adults cross, they must rely on one another for survival but the love of even a malevolent guardian is hard to leave behind.

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    One thought on “Fall Far from the Tree”

    1. This story is split into four perspectives.Rohesia Daughter of the Duke & thus protected from the consequences of her "outsider" lineage, she is her father's most trusted blade. FastelloA young man whose father leads a gypsy-like vigilante group that primarily fight to give back to the poor farmers of the land, for a price of course.CatelineA young Mother-in-Guidance & steadfast Stargazer, she belongs to a religious group who worship the goddess of the stars, Ytoile, and condemn the dayl [...]

    2. An ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This book surprised me. The synopsis was interesting, but I did not expect to get so caught up in the story. I haven't read anything else by this author, so I dived in not knowing what I was getting myself at. This is the story of four young people - there are four different POVs - and what is interesting is, all of the narrators were easily distinguishable from each other. Normally, when you have each chapter from a different POV [...]

    3. I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY FROM THE "RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON Time for a little family reunion.So I wasn't sure about this book when I got it. I felt the blurb was a bit vague and it took me quite a while to get into it. However, I soon found that I really enjoyed it.The story follows four people; Rohesia, Fastello, Cateline and Kojiro. Rohesia is the daughter of a duke, tasked with finding "outsiders" - something that troubles her from time to time as she is half "outsider". Fastello [...]

    4. Don't go crying to your mama, 'cause you're on your own in the real world. —ParamoreIf you're fond of teen angst and political intrigue, then you should definitely pick up this novel. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get over that blasted ending. I humbly demand a sequel!Fall Far from the Tree is a very unique exploration of the parent-child relationship. In fact, its title alone may be interpreted as a command to children to be different from their parents. Pursuing that line of thinking, thi [...]

    5. I received an ARC of this book from the author and I am convinced it is her goal to ruin my life with her books. This book is a reminder. A reminder that not everything ends peachy-keen. This book is not easy, it's unfair, and it's not clean. But it is just and strong and so emotionally ensnaring that I will be dreaming about it. This isn't a book I will be able to easily let go of.One page in and it was the darkest book I have ever read. After finishing this book I don't think I can read anythi [...]

    6. Thank god for Netgalley cause if it wasn't for them providing me with a copy I would have never stumbled upon this amazing book! Wow I am very surprised by this hidden gem, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did, but I was intrigued right from the first chapter.I don't want to give to much of the story away because I think you should go into this book blind like I did,but here's a quick summary. It is told by four different points of view by young teens who all come from royal or powerful f [...]

    7. Basic thoughts:This book was my chance to read more of Amy McNulty's books (because I really like the Never Veil series) and I was told that this would be something new and different than her other work. Reading this surprised me (pleasantly) because I really liked it. Even with 4 POV's , it flowed so naturally. I was caught up in the angle of emotions, the premise and the uniqueness of each character.Characters:The first chapter is from Rohesia's POV, daughter of the duke and badass females wit [...]

    8. Fall Far from the Tree by Amy McNultyThe story of four very different teens living under strict rules in the Duchy and Hanaobi. Rohesia is the daughter of the Duke, (she) is a hunter of "outsiders". Fastello is the son of The King, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Cateline is an orphan raised by a convent of Mothers, she lives to serve her religion. And Kojiro is the heir to Hanaobi, he is set on avenging his people.The four of them unexpectedly meet and together they must work wit [...]

    9. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Honestly, this was my bad. I don't enjoy young adult fiction, and despite that, decided to give this a go. I made it a quarter of the way through, and just couldn't get past the trite language and limping story lines. Also, "I reached forward to tap that temptingly plump bulge that was her ass" I honestly can't believe I managed to keep reading after that line. Perhaps the world is an interesting one, but not in the way they ar [...]

    10. "I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY FROM THE "RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON ." Rohesia, the daughter of the Duke, spends her days hunting down "outsiders" who have managed to sneak onto her father's island duchy. The fact that she lives when even children who resemble her far more than the people around her do, hardens her heart to the task at hand.Fastello, son of the "king" of the raiders who steal from the rich and give to the poor. But when aristocrats begin to die during their raids, he begin [...]

    11. I was given the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of Fall Far from the Tree (F³T²) in exchange for an honest review and this in no way influenced by opinion. Okay so…I don't actually know where to start…LOOK I REALLY LIKED IT! F³T² was just such an entertaining read! It was fast-paced and action-packed and so much fun that I just flew through it! I didn't know how it was going to all end… and I didn't know how I wanted it all to end… but it was intense and brutal an [...]

    12. I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE "RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB" ON .I won't give a star rating as I didn't finish this book. DNF at 48%I'm not really sure why I couldn't finish the book. It was well written enough, and the characters seemed to have enough depth.Maybe it was that there were a lot of POV. Maybe it was that the characters seemed predictable and cliche. I know that one character referring to his father as 'dad' really grated on me as this is supposedly written in [...]

    13. I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY FROM THE "RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON .I don't have much to say about this story because frankly I don't really remember what happened. I had a really hard time reading this book because it just didn't hold my interest. And before I realized it I had read a majority of it and couldn't remember a single thing. I can say though that the only character I really cared for was Rohesia. I loved her no nonsense attitude. But that's really the only good thing I remembe [...]

    14. Fall Far From The Tree is a YA novel based around 4 teenagers living in the Duchy and Hanaobi. Each teenager is related to (or in one case, under the guardianship) of influential people. Rohesia is the daughter of the Duke, ruler of the Duchy (a European style nation). She is a hunter of 'outsiders' and is mean with a sword. Fastello is the son of the 'king' of the nomads - those who live outside the duchy walls, who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Cateline is an orphan raised by a con [...]

    15. Rohesia is the daughter of the duke and the rightful empress of Hanaobi who has always followed her father’s increasingly evil plans for the extermination of any outsiders found in his duchy. Fastello is the son of the King of the Nomads and one of the exiled wives of the duke who does not agree with his father’s increasingly violent raids on the rich of the duchy. Kojiro is the last prince of Hanaob whose father and older brother were killed trying to enter the duchy to assassinate the Duke [...]

    16. There are four characters introduced, and at after they all had their chapters, I realized two things: I didn't like any of the characters and had no idea what the plot of this story was. There was no sign of how these characters could team up later. I couldn't tell how they were related to each other in the context of their world, and none of them were interesting enough to save this story for me.

    17. *I received a copy of this ebook through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*Fall Far from the Tree sounded interesting, but failed to capture my attention. I never found myself caring about any of the characters, which is saying something since there are four: Fastello (16), Cateline (16), Rohesia (17), and Kojiro (17). The two characters who prompted the most emotional responses in me were Fastello's father (Davazanto?) and Rohesia's guardian (Sherrod). The first inspired hatred and di [...]

    18. I received an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I seriously need a physical copy of this now, because this series just became a new favorite. This is a powerfully compelling story of 4 very different teens struggling to overcome the dubious legacies of their parents. I was first intrigued by this book because the cover features an Asian character, and I love seeing diversity in fantasy and YA lit. What really drew me in though, was this gut punch of an opening line, “I’d l [...]

    19. "I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY FROM RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON "Amy McNulty is one talented author that shouldn't be ignored! Here portrayal of each character was interesting and unique! I have read many YA fantasy books but this has been one of the darker ones but the dark storyline made it all the better. One of the best moments was when all of the main characters met each other and it was perfect the way they were linked.This book of betrayal, action, adventure and suspense hooked me th [...]

    20. This is the first in the Fall Far From The Tree series. In the beginning I was completely lost because of all the main characters being introduced and the chapters going back and forth between them. Cateline, Fastello, Kojiro (Jiro), and Rohesia were the main four. The true action did not start until after midway and the characters started to get together as well as their story lines. Throughout the book we jumped from place to place but it did narrow down a bit as the story went along. It was h [...]

    21. If you're looking for another love story, this isn't it. If you're looking for rebellion, spycraft, betrayal, adventure, growth, heartbreaking emotional distress, NOW you've got the book you're looking for!! This book has death, destruction, animosity, betrayal, it DOES have love but it's not what your heart is or would hope for. It has fanaticism and cult-like religion. This book shows the perspective of four different characters. A lot of people may not like that, but I feel like it's importan [...]

    22. A huge thank you to the author for allowing me to review her series! This story has 4 different points of view. It took me a bit to get into it for that reason, I rarely ever read a multi-character POV. Each character however, remained unique and distinguishable from the others. There was no messy, complicated storyline.

Definitely not a fan of the narrators parents, but I'm pretty sure that's the point. They're all a bit crude and rash. They main characters are extremely likable though. Pl [...]

    23. I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY FROM THE "RACHEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON .I loved the synopsis of the book and was super excited to read it. However I got extremely confused. Very very confused. The book just somehow lost my interested about halfway and I am not sure how but details about the book just kept slipping my mind. I guess I would say while the premise is interesting, the story itself could use a little more jolt. Overall I did enjoy the characters, just needed some more spice.

    24. "I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE RACHAEL E. CARTER YA BOOK CLUB ON " Let me just start off and say this book was very well written. It fallows 4 teen POVs. I just couldn't get into it and even forced myself not to dnf. Even though I finished I really dont recall every thing that happened I was easily distracted. Not for me.

    25. I really like Amy's writing, and I'm a huge fan. However, I do like this book and I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't my favorite, but I still would recommend people to pick it up. Easy read.

    26. 2.75/5 starsI'm quite fond of a good dose of 'grimdark' fantasy so I was really interested to read what seemed to be a young adult version of my favourite adult fantasy trope. 'Fell Far from the Tree' is written from the POVs of four teenage characters struggling to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Rohesia is the daughter of a brutal duke who has been raised to hate and destroy her own people. Fastello is a nomad prince, raised to steal from the rich to feed the poor, but increasingly a [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I am so glad I requested this book! The synopsis sounded interesting enough, but lately books that I read have not been living up to their potential.This book was an unexpected treasure. Full review to come later.

    28. I'm torn about this book, because I think it was a pretty decent effort with complex world building and thought provoking themes. The problem is: it's short. And because it's short, it's pretty heavy handed and lacks the nuance that gives readers the time to think. It's also a little hard to follow because there's a rush to get all the exposition out before the story could get started. Even a third into the book, I still wasn't quite sure how the political system worked, even though there was a [...]

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