Murder In A Minute Every small clue timing character love affairs quotes and places were flawlessly described But nothing compares to to the final three twists KILLER WORK Review People are essentially good until

  • Title: Murder In A Minute
  • Author: Shouvik Bhattacharya
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every small clue, timing, character, love affairs, quotes and places were flawlessly described But, nothing compares to to the final three twists KILLER WORK Review People are essentially good, until they are caught When a young woman is found lifeless in a pool of her own blood, everyone is convinced that it is her college sweetheart who murdered her The vEvery small clue, timing, character, love affairs, quotes and places were flawlessly described But, nothing compares to to the final three twists KILLER WORK Review People are essentially good, until they are caught When a young woman is found lifeless in a pool of her own blood, everyone is convinced that it is her college sweetheart who murdered her The victim s step brothers, Rishabh and Arya aren t so convinced They embark on a journey to unearth the truth, a journey riddled with fallacies and conspiracies, planted intentionally to trap them Is there a connection between a missing blue envelope, a misplaced sweater and stray footprints in a room Could those people they thought they knew so well be hiding dark secrets about their past Or did their dead sister have to hide than anyone involved With pressures mounting and suspicions looming, love will lose to ambition, greed will trump responsibility and deception would be common Will the duo succeed in muddling through the convoluted clues on time, or will their first wrong step be their last Find out in the pulse pounding suspense thriller

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      451 Shouvik Bhattacharya
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    One thought on “Murder In A Minute”

    1. “You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.”----Margaret AtwoodShouvik Bhattacharya, an Indian author, has penned his debut thriller called, Murder in a Minute that revolves around the murder of a young and ambitious woman, who is the chairperson of her father's company, inside her own room and in the presence of her step brothers and sisters, along with her colleagues and her college boyfriend. And surprisingly each one in that mountainside co [...]

    2. Deserves all the stars! You don't term books such as this a debut! Stunning is the word that sums it up! If a book has the ability to keep one engaged in the middle of some important experiments, making them lose sleep, forgetting to have a meal,then certainly that would be a fantastic one. There is a reason why this is hitting the bestsellers' list! If you enjoyed and miss Sidney Sheldon's writing, you better read this one. The author does write like Sidney Sheldon/ Agatha Christie. You name it [...]

    3. Now I understand why it is a bestseller.This blood-drenched thriller about a murder of a rich girl under mysterious circumstances is enough to keep you occupied for weeks.As the author slowly reveals Esha Arora's story, we get to know that she was about to sell her company the same day.She was about to run away with the love of her life, unless somebody who knew her plans had motives to silence her.The mind games began when the investigators couldn't locate the exact timings of the murder. Every [...]

    4. Totally loved it. Skipped a few morning meetings to finish this long awaited book. The characters , the dramatization , the sudden twists , the end - unbelievably well planned given Shouvik is a first time author. Great to see his efforts trying to carve a niche in the murder mystery area when most Indian writers are stuck to cheesy romantic teenage drama. Great way to go Murder in a Minute and Shouvik!

    5. I could hardly put it down.Literally explosive beginning that will unsettle, surprise and delight you in equally.The thriller is my favourite genre of novel, and Murder in a minute is as gripping as it is gritty.Your senses will be tantalised, your fancy will be tickled, and I guarantee that ending will get you talking…

    6. This one is probably the first crime fiction I’ve read by an Indian writer. As an ardent crime fiction fan I am, this book had a lot of expectation to meet. And it did. Even though it is a debut book, the writer doesn’t come across as a novice. The plot is well weaved, through the intriguing characters, doing justice to each of the suspect’s motives. The writer keeps you guessing as he opens up a labyrinth of clues and hidden emotions. The more you go deeper in the maze, the more you reali [...]

    7. The fact that he has written a novel, while I even struggle to finish a short story – is a humbling achievement indeed. And while whodunits are fun to read, they are extremely difficult to write. You must keep the readers guessing all the time – the very unexpectedness of the plot is its USP. And Shouvik has done that job quite well – though I had a hunch while reading, that ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ might have some influence on it.So, what are the ingredients of a classic detectiv [...]

    8. The Aroras are an esteemed family in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. When the eldest daughter and head of the company, Esha Arora is found murdered in their house, the very foundation of trust in one another starts crumbling as many of them had an ax to grind with the deceased. Shouvik Bhattacharya's debut novel, Murder in a Minute reflects the extremely sensitive nature of the human psyche and how even the smallest of actions can have unfortunate consequences. I haven't come across any murder-my [...]

    9. Eesha Arora lies dead in a pool of her own blood. Who would want to kill her? Eesha, was well, perfect. Caring and accomplished, all wrapped in a pretty package.Murder in Minute follows the investigation into the murder and is told from several points of view. This is a very good way to tell this particular story since it allows the author to introduce characters and let us get into their heads. The story is structured as a mix between flashbacks, the present day and reflections all of which hel [...]

    10. Wow! I loved this book. Filled with mysteries and clues, this book is the perfect thriller to take any reader by surprise. I admire the fact that the author creates a clean picture of the scene for the readers without focussing too much on descriptions. I personally am not a fan of too many in depth descriptions, for I think they drift me away from the plot and give me this 'drag effect.' But this narration was perfect for me, not too much, not too less. I was hooked to the plot from the beginni [...]

    11. "EVERY TALE IS A CONSEQUENCE OF A PAST AND IT RESULTS INTO A CERTAIN FUTURE"This is fantastic piece of writing! A very good engaging thriller. I liked his writing style.Except 1 or 2 chapters (some romance portion which drags the rapidity a bit), its a great work by author and cant believe its his debut novel. Kudos to Shouvik :) Don't believe them, no matter how good they are

    12. What a magnificent story! Very Agatha Christie.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the wide arc of emotions the characters are taken through.Sometimes Indian terminology is used, however, the author does a great job of translating efficiently for non-Indians.Agatha Christie is quoted as saying: "If one sticks too rigidly to one's principles, one would hardly see anybody."I would re-interpret AG's quote in this context as meaning that if I stick too rigidly to my principles of how I think a book s [...]

    13. One of the most courageous things anyone can do, is to write the story which is in their mind as depicted through their lens.When an author allows us permission to become aware of his/her story, regardless of the label ‘Fiction/Non-Fiction’…. it’s a privilege.This author has the Art of Mystery nailed. All the clues within this story trickled perfectly. Characters were deep and heavily burdened by their ego, some more than others.As we all know when reading a mystery, it is imperative to [...]

    14. Okay! let me gather my thoughts. I don't even know where to begin. I ain't sure if I can express even half of what I experienced throughout the book in my attempt to write the review. Do I sound extremely dramatic? Well, can't really help it. Am being really honest here. Before I go further into blabbering about my take on the book let me describe the story-line a bit.
The story revolves around the death of a young, hard working woman, adopted, unwelcomed child of the family, who through her e [...]

    15. Esha Arora, a dynamic, driven and ambitious girl is found dead in her cottage side apartment, lying in a pool of her own blood. Present at the time of the murder are people she calls family including her boyfriend and a few colleagues. Each of them have an alibi. Yet the killer is mysteriously lurking around the house in broad daylight, deceiving everyone. It’s clear that this murder is an inside job. The question then arises; who killed Esha? And more importantly, WHY?Murder in a Minute is Sh [...]

    16. Murder in a minute is the most engaging story I have ever read. I stretched my timings to finish it. It was indeed a nail-biting read figuring who would be a Murderer.The story is about Esha Arora, the CEO of Arora cement, There is no involvement of outsider in the case and the suspects were the one present for board meeting inside the home. Esha was like a mother to her brothers Rishabh and Arya, and enemy to Rashmi and Pranav. Anubhav- love of her life, was also under suspicion, along with Jyo [...]

    17. Life is like a short never know when you would reach the full stop. Very rarely do I come across some crime thrillers that have an excellent plot line with a perfectly timed ending. Murder In A Minute was once such read and hands down it is the best mystery read of 2017 for me.The story begins in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh , where Esha Arora , the CEO of Arora Cements is found dead in her own farmhouse. The word is out that her lover , Anubhav , who was staying in the house is behin [...]

    18. ‘Murder in a Minute’ is a thriller set in the picturesque town of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. Needless to say, the action kick starts with a murder. The victim is Esha Arora, a beautiful young woman who is also the director of the Arora Cements. She is found dead in her own room in her house.To be honest, I was not much aroused by the blurb. It is only after reading a review of this book that I got excited enough to finally pick it up. And it turned out to be a very engrossing thriller. It [...]

    19. wp/p8IuG5-aS⭐⭐⭐.5Esha Arora, the CEO of Arora Cements has been found murdered in her own house and the nine people who were in the house at that time are the suspects.The thing is that, when you watch all those murder mystery shows, they just make you feel as if you are a detective and that often makes you cocky. You come across a mystery and you start deriving all the possible outcomes even without knowing all the details. That’s what happened with me too. I’d made some of my own pre- [...]

    20. You can read the full review on my blog.Rich and young Esha Arora, director of Arora Cements is brutally murdered in her family home which she shares with her step-brothers and sister. All the family members and servants were inside the home at the time of her murder. Her ex-boyfriend, CEO of a rival company and few of her employees were also present there to attend a board meeting. After the initial investigation, police suspects that it’s an inside job which means one of them is the killer. [...]

    21. I think this book is the best kind of murder mystery written by an Indian Author. The book completely deserves credits. Disclaimer: This review is SPOILER FREE. Esha Arora, a girl who was adopted by Vishal Arora as a child grows up to become the owner of Arora Cements. However, one evening is she found murdered in her room at around 5' o clock. Inspector Rashid along with Esha's two step brothers Rishabh and Arya are working on finding out who the murderer is. They are very sure that one of them [...]

    22. Murder in a minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya revolves around Isha Arora, the young and ambitious woman who is chairperson of her father's company is found brutally death in her bedroom at her mountainside Mansion that she shared with her step brothers and sister, office colleague, her clients and her boyfriend. Initial reports and investigation by local cops lead to report that someone present in the Mansion is a murderer. In order to give justice to elder sister that two brothers Rishabh and Arya [...]

    23. A work that can keep the readers hooked on from the very beginning(prologue)till the endThe character descriptions and the quotes placed at various instances are a delightA murder plot well planned!!MIAM definitely justifies the title!The author has plotted the murder plot in such a way that the clues are places strategically in plain sighte place where usually none tends to look!!!Even a deeply engrossed reader may have troubles deciphering the cluesEvery character has his/her own version of th [...]

    24. To start with this book can be a perfect material for a Bollywood thriller. The author has ensured that the readers are hooked to book from start to end. Well written plot, smooth flow, clearly defined character, with special emphasis on emotions, psychology, behaviors of character. The book starts playing with your mind as you turn pages. Every moment there is a sense of achievement that you know the plot but that is exactly where the book takes a U-turn and you are back to square one. There ar [...]

    25. Amazing book. Kept me on the edge till the end with back to back twist. I thought the suspense is revealed and there were 10 more twist waiting ahead. Couldn't keep it down till the last page. Beautiful simple poems which very well captures a state of mind and the thoughts in the consiousness in situations. Open ended situations left loose for readers to delve upon. In a word I would say 'Amazing'. Waiting for your next book

    26. If I say I am still gathering my thoughts about this novel then I wouldn't be lying. Shouvik Bhattacharya's Murder In A Minute, published by Bloomsbury India is gripping tale. No wonder it became a bestseller in less span of time. The novel revolves around the murder of a famous industrialist, Esha Arora in her house, Arora Mansion. There hasn't been any burglary or involvement of an outsider. The murderer walks freely among the family members. Rishab, Arya, Pranav, Rashmi are half siblings wher [...]

    27. One of the few novels by an Indian author which manages to hold your attention till the very end. This murder mystery is worth everyone's time and does a great job at weaving the intricate workings of the human mind into the story. The plot and the narrative make it a compelling read.

    28. My Rating: 5/5!Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime Thriller.It deserves all the stars in the world! Murder in a minute is undoubtedly a golden sparkling mystery! It is a spectacular read which hooks you till the very end. It is a Who-has-done-it? novel. GO READ IT NOW!A pulsating novel set in the small town of Palampur, when everybody’s favorite, beauty with brains – Esha Arora,director of Arora cements, is gruesomely murdered. Killer is lurking among the 9 suspects in the same house. Searching [...]

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