Riding with Brighton In the small town of Spring Valley molds weren t made to be broken and high school senior Jay Hall s been living comfortably in his popular jock one since adolescence If it weren t for the colorful

  • Title: Riding with Brighton
  • Author: Haven Francis
  • ISBN: 9781635334210
  • Page: 122
  • Format: ebook
  • In the small town of Spring Valley, molds weren t made to be broken, and high school senior Jay Hall s been living comfortably in his popular jock one since adolescence If it weren t for the colorful, outspoken artistic anomaly Brighton Bello Adler, he might have been willing to remain there Unnaturally drawn to Brighton, Jay knows he needs something from him, but is heIn the small town of Spring Valley, molds weren t made to be broken, and high school senior Jay Hall s been living comfortably in his popular jock one since adolescence If it weren t for the colorful, outspoken artistic anomaly Brighton Bello Adler, he might have been willing to remain there Unnaturally drawn to Brighton, Jay knows he needs something from him, but is he ready to find out what that something is Temporarily ditching his old life, Jay climbs into Brighton s Bronco and finds himself on a whirlwind road trip through parts of his small town he didn t know existed When the excursion takes an unexpected turn, Jay is cracked wide open, and the person who s revealed does strange things to Brighton s heart.But just when it appears they could be headed toward their own shared piece of paradise, the road takes a sharp right turn into Jay s life where the real trip is about to begin In an unconventional love story that defies labels, two young men embark on a journey toward growing up, coming out, and finding their place in the world It s a trip that ranges from heartbreaking to uplifting, funny to sweet, but always unique and personal.

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    1. Update: It's available NOW!! amazon/Riding-BrightoRiding with Brighton will be released through Harmony Ink Press on June 27th!

    2. If you can't even talk about the things you want to do, how are you gonna actually do them?¿Qué puedo decir? Pues me gustó, si, no puedo negarlo, me tuvo super atrapado y no podía dejar de leer para saber que iba a pasar, además de que el libro es super corto también y se lee muy rápido, la historia es muy simple y se trata de la vida de Jay y Brighton, más que nada Jay, como va pasando esa etapa tan difícil de su vida, un libro sobre aceptación y descubrirse uno mismo, es muy tierno.P [...]

    3. Jay Hall has had an epiphany. He wakes on Friday morning in the midst of a life-changing moment of clarity, and decides he needs to change his path. The kids he has always considered his friends are, with one or two exceptions, not the people he wants to be spending time with, nor is he the person he wants to be. The only thing he knows for sure is that in history class he’ll see Brighton, something he looks forward to every day, and suddenly, desperately needs. Thus begins the crazy, awesome, [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Jay is a jock and pretty much most popular guy in school. He wakes up on Friday morning and has an epiphany. He is not happy with his life and he wants to make changes. He realises his highlight of his week is the class he shares with Brighton, the school's only openly gay student.The story follows Jay through and most amazing and transformative weekend of life. In class on Friday, Jay gets Brighton's number after a flirty, [...]

    5. A life-changing journeyJay has spent 18 years in the closet. That’s about to change one Saturday spent with the kid he idolizes. Brighton shares an American History class with Jay. Brighton likes Jay, but since Jay is straightt going to go there. The two find themselves in a park at the start of the weekend. Brighton has some errands to run and so the two spend the day together. Jay finds the courage to shed his shell and starts to open up to Brighton. I loved this book from page one. Even tho [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsIt’s hard to encapsulate all the really good and honest things about this story in a short review such as this. The several pages of encouragement/exhortation near the end of the novel are key to understanding what this author wanted to convey to her readers, I think. To paraphrase the author, the idea is to live your life fully right now, speak your mind, change what needs to be change, and find your happiness or you will regret it. The beauty of those sentiments [...]

    7. Worth way more than five stars."Someone who I totally understand yet manages to surprise me every single day. Someone who opens my eyes and makes me think. Someone who can make me feel excited and inspired every day of my life simply by saying words. And then today happened."WOW! Normal cognitive function has officially left me and that's all I got - wow! Have you ever read a book and before you even get to the end of the first paragraph, you already know that you're going to love it. There's so [...]

    8. 4.5/5"It sucks to look in the mirror and realize you don't even know the person staring back at you. That all the years you should have spent figuring out who you are were spent creating a person who's not even real, and you hate the kid in the mirror, and you hate the kid inside of you too."This book was a ray of sunshine.I've never read a book that made me smile so much. I swear, I was smiling at every single page, my cheeks were hurting. I really enjoyed every moment spent reading.Jay Hall is [...]

    9. Change your life now.Find your happiness now. Be yourself now.Speak your mind now.If not, your gonna have regret. And regret totally sucks.Wow! Haven Francis I adore you and your writing always speaks too me. This was a eye opening book about life. It's about being true to yourself and finding what makes you happy. This story follows Jay and Brighton on their journey together The characters were a joy to read. BrightonI want a friend like him. He was a special character in my eyes. He lived for [...]

    10. I loved this story so much. I didn't even mind that it took place mostly all in one day. This was story was the catalyst day, the day that changed everything. Jay was dealing with so much fear and pain stuffed way down deep. It was slowly killing him. His obsession with Brighton was believable in that he saw in Brighton everything he wished he could be. Open and free. I loved watching the two enlighten each other. They both brought a different perspective and really gave the other something new [...]

    11. This book is charming and beautiful, has sweetness and laughter, is encouraging, and has so much love. And this isn't just about the two MC's, it's the whole book. Although the MC's are beyond amazing. So many good feels with Jay and Brighton. The way the story and Jay unfolded was perfection. Brighton~ he is soo, soo fantastic. I just fell for him. Brighton's family and Jay's dad, gah! You will adore them so freaking much. This is the kind of book you won't put down until you finish. I promise [...]

    12. This wouldnt mormally be my type of books - Young Adult.The book takes place over a couple of days in the MCs lives.Brighton is out and has been for a long time. Jay has a girlfriend but has felt he was gay for a long time. This book follows Jay coming out. The reaction of his friends and family and that of Brighton's family.I loved Jay coming to the realization of who he was. The journey that Brighton takes him on.When Jay's family is told he is gay, the outcome isnt what you would expect and s [...]

    13. Speechless! Absolutely wonderfully written, emotional, funny. You sometimes wonder if kids 18 years old can connect and love each other. Comments are often made "it's puppy love" or "you're too young to be in real love." That's not true. I recently read The Locker Room and the connection between Chris and Xander made me a believer. Brighton and Jay know each other from history class. Jay is a popular high school jock and has realized that he's been living a lie all his life and decides to do som [...]

    14. LOVED! I loved this book. Brighton is absolutely fantastic. Jay is awesome. There were so, so many things to love. Full review coming to thenovelapproachreviews !!

    15. Superb. It's rare I enjoy M/M with teenage MCs, yet I added this book to Kindle Favorites even before completing the read.

    16. Riding with Brighton was an absolute pleasure to read and I wanted to savior this story as long as possible but it was so great that I finished it in one go. I just couldn't put it down. Jay is an eighteen senior in high school who wakes up on a Friday morning with an epiphany. He's going to change the course of his path and live the life that he wants to live not the one he thinks he should. He starts off by deciding to become friends with Brighton. His classmate. The only openly gay kid in tow [...]

    17. I started this book thinking it was just about two boys taking a road trip and finding themselves. Boy was I wrong! This was so much more. It was a beautifully written and emotional, epic journey of self discovery, self acceptance and finding love. Both Jay and Brighton were such amazing characters. Jay’s POV was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved how he fought for his happiness and Brighton never gave up on him. I would love to read more about these characters.

    18. Wow! And Double Wow!This is probably the best gay YA coming-out book I have read, and believe me, I go back a while. The fact that it takes place basically over the course of one day, and that the two characters--Brighton and Jay--are developed so deeply in alternating third-person chapters during that short time span, and that so much happens, should have exhausted me.Nope. What exhausted me was the constant thrill of watching Jay come to terms with his sexuality and Brighton standing by and us [...]

    19. I loved most of this story. But do high schoolers really talk that way, with such full-formed explorations and explanations of what they did/are doing and why? Even really, really smart 18 year-olds? I loved it anyway, loved Brighton's family and friends (even the challenging one), loved how Jay's dad and some of his friend's reacted/acted, but found the back-story and reaction of another character (view spoiler)[his mom (hide spoiler)] jarring. It both explained too much and too little. (view s [...]

    20. Full review at: optimummblog.wordpress/20This book was just… EVERYTHING! I’m absolutely certain there are not enough words in the English language that could convey how much I adored this amazing story. I’ve never read a book that has been more perfect or relevant for Pride month, and I don’t think I ever will again. Everything about the book and story was on point, there’s simply nothing about it that I can fault or criticize because it was flawless. These characters have found their [...]

    21. 2.5/5 - This review has spoilers, but nothing too serious.First off, it was the cover that drew me to this book. I found it to be beautiful and simple and I would love to have it has a poster. Kudos to the artist, you're amazing. Not only that, but the plot summary for the book was amazing, and immediately drew me in. A popular, young jock questioning his sexuality embarks on a road trip with a fellow, openly gay student, discovering themselves along the way. I went into this expecting a road tr [...]

    22. 5 fucking stars!To say that I was surprised by my love for this book would be a massive understatement. My expectations were so low, in fact, that I almost didn't bother to pick it up at all. Boy would that have been a mistake. How Haven Francis, a by all accounts straight woman, managed to accurately depict what it's like to be a gay teen living in small town suburban America is beyond me. But she did. So. Amazingly. Well.Jay and Brighton are polar opposites on a lot of things except for one. T [...]

    23. Quite frankly, for the first few pages I did not like the foul-mouthed, self-absorbed Jay Hall I was meeting. . . and then third period History happens. . . and I can't really say I'm in love with Brighton Bello-Aldo, the teacher's pet who comes in late for class everyday and charmingly gets away with it. But it just so happens that self-absorbed Jay is sitting in the seat next to privileged Brighton, and one of them forgot a pen, and the most realistic, humorous subliminal flirtatious dialogue [...]

    24. A delightful coming of age story about two 18 year olds, one gay seemingly happy with the life he has been dealt, and one fairly sure he is gay but who has been trying to hide it from both himself and his family/friends resulting in a very unhappy, confused life. These two are classmates and over the course of the book "close" friends. The whole story takes place over the course of only a few days.The not yet gay boy is a big man on campus and baseball jock. It is a huge deal for him to tell eve [...]

    25. This was actually a very good book. It held my attention and I wanted to get back to it when I put it down. There were parts that were too wordy, but the author got us through that part. I really enjoyed the portion of the book where the author allowed us to see the book from Jay's point of view. It is not often that we the reader gets to view a gay athlete. It was refreshing, that although it was centered on High School seniors, it did not focus on that aspect. It could have easily been a colle [...]

    26. Riding with Brighton is a Young Adult book with some Big Adult content. :)This whole story takes place within four days. Four really stressful, secret revealing, lovely days. Jay Hall who is ready to stop living a lie and ready to live as himself confides in Brighton. The only gay kid he knows. While Brighton is at first skeptical they end up spending a day together with walls down. They quickly go from classmates to friends. Then friends to lovers. So much happens within this time span. All of [...]

    27. I can't say enough great things about this book-- from the great-looking cover to the gorgeous descriptions to the insightful writing, this is definitely one of my top reads for the year. Jay and Brighton come across as very well-developed, believable characters, and the way they both react to the actions of the single day the book encompasses (well, it's a little more than that, but the bulk of it takes place on one day) is very understandable.Even the minor characters are distinct, from their [...]

    28. I started reading the book for review but would pay to read it. It was a great coming out book and I mean that in more ways than one. It was very sentimental and emotional. I really enjoyed the book and want to read more about Brighton and Jay. Both characters are incredible in their own way. I love that the epilogue was able to answer many questions. I hope to read a small sequel of what happens ten years later. I would recommend this book to those emotional M/M lovers out there.

    29. I haven't read a gay coming-of-age coming-out novel in a few years. If the category is not familiar to you, but you like male-male romance (occasionally a bit erotic), Haven Francis's novel is perfect. It's meant for young adults I imagine, but any age will enjoy aspects of it. It is humorous. It is insightful at times about being a high school senior looking forward to college where someone gay can finally be themselves. Finally, it's simple fun.

    30. Apologies for ruining the average -- this book wasn't really for me. The coming out somehow didn't 'feel right' and although I guess it could be possible, I couldn't relate to it. The second part of the book especially dragged on for me; aside from the very good start I didn't quite like the rest. I really really liked Brighton though - he's super cool!

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