Santino the Eternal Santino the Eternal has never craved the forbidden until now As a blood thirsty serial killer hunts the glitzy streets of Las Vegas Santino collides with a young college student can she make it out a

  • Title: Santino the Eternal
  • Author: Sam J.D. Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Santino the Eternal has never craved the forbidden until now As a blood thirsty serial killer hunts the glitzy streets of Las Vegas, Santino collides with a young college student can she make it out alive Clara Denton s life is flung into chaos when she discovers a drained corpse in a posh hotel room on the Strip And as if her life wasn t already spiraling out of coSantino the Eternal has never craved the forbidden until now As a blood thirsty serial killer hunts the glitzy streets of Las Vegas, Santino collides with a young college student can she make it out alive Clara Denton s life is flung into chaos when she discovers a drained corpse in a posh hotel room on the Strip And as if her life wasn t already spiraling out of control, her reclusive boss has taken a disconcerting interest in her Unable to resist the dark pull, she is drawn further and further into the murky world of the undead as well as just the dead, too When the handsome Matthew Hunter arrives with his sights set on Clara, she is thrown into one final eternal struggle of good versus evil Can love truly be eternal

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    One thought on “Santino the Eternal”

    1. This cover is pretty awesome. Great representation of the story. Great composition. The typography is very cool and eye-catching.This book caught my eye on NetGalley and since I love vampires, especially hot rich vampires, I thought I would give it a go. And I am certainly glad that I did. I pretty much loved every minute of this one. It was well written. It was nicely paced. It had a great cast of characters (both secondary and primary.) It had some good sex scenes (not of the overly steamy var [...]

    2. Title: SantinoAuthor: Sam JD Hunt 5 amazing starsFor Sam JD Hunt's first attempt at PNR, she did an amazing job. She created a whole new race of vampires that have captivated me to the point where I want to know more about them. Santino is a prince, or rather, he used to be one, when he wa stunned into an eternal, vowing to stay apart from humans and sticking to his own kind. That is, of course, until a maid from one of his hotels, discovers a body in one of the rooms she's to clean and brings h [...]

    3. I was beyond excited to hear that Sam JD Hunt was diving into paranormal romance with a vampire tale set on the Las Vegas Strip, and I am very happy to say that Santino the Eternal did not disappoint!Clara Denton is a struggling college student trying to make ends meet by working as a maid while finishing school. Little did she know how quickly her life could change until she showed up to the Roman Hotel for work and found a bloodless corpse in the room she was supposed to clean. A whirlwind of [...]

    4. Do you ever excited about by an author, that when you finally read it, you’re like wow love this book? Yes, that was me from the first page till last page. I can say that, I loved everything about Santino the Eternal and author Sam JD Hunt, is a very talented author.“No matter what happens, I want you to know he’s a good guy. He’s saved me, more than once. Just always remember that, Clara.”This is about Santino the HOT alpha male and Clara whose chemistry is off the charts between thes [...]

    5. Reviewing on behalf of Relentless Book Chics Ramblings and ReviewsMy PNR cherry has been popped, I loved this story!I have to admit that until I read Santino I’d never read a book in this genre but from the second I saw the cover I was drawn to this story. If you like PNR, you’ll love Santino and if you don’t like PNR, you’ll still love Santino.I’ve read every book this author has written and although I was surprised she was stepping out of her usual genre, I’m glad she did because S [...]

    6. "You would be shocked at what walks among us, disguised as humans"Add the title of multi genera author to the list of achievements for the FABULOUSLY TALENTED Sam JD Hunt!! If you haven't read her work, you are DEFINITELY missing out! Whether your a fan of the D/s, adventure, pirates, M/M/F love trio, and now PNR; she has a novel out there for you to find an escape! In this latest release, you'll find drama, lust, love, and mystery (of the unknown)! In true Hunt fashion, Santino The Eternal also [...]

    7. Loved it! Santino and Clara story was amazing! I enjoyed how some of the myths about vampire's were told in this story and it wasn't the same as others. I highly recommend!

    8. First, let me say I’m not a typical paranormal romance fan. Before this book, I’ve only read two other PNR series. Last year for my birthday on a plane to California, I was reading Taken By Two, my first book of Sam’s, and I immediately fell in love with her writing. So, it’s fitting that as another birthday rolls around, I have a new book of hers to read.Santino isn’t your typical vampire—I’m sorry, eternal. That’s what he and his family call themselves. He’s old school, a wel [...]

    9. I have been hesitant to read this story because I am not much for paranormal books. I regret not reading it sooner as its not your typical paranormal book. I was sucked into this book right away and read it in only a couple of hours. I have to say I love this cover. It is perfect. Johnny Kane makes the perfect Santino! I love how Sam brought in Vegas into the story. The connection/ chemistry between Santino and Clara is off the charts.I loved that the characters have a bit of mystery about them. [...]

    10. Nothing like a good Vamp story. Santino is the head of his family and now lives and owns a hotel in Vegas. When a maid at his hotel, Clara, finds a body, drained of blood, in one of his hotel rooms, suspicions begin. Is the body another victim of the Vegas Blood Lust Killer? For poor Clara nothing is as it seems. No one believes her yet she doesn't believe the story they are feeding her about the body. Who is killing these women? Does it have anything to do with her reclusive millionaire boss Sa [...]

    11. Sam dips her toes into the paranormal genre! Reading Santino the eternal you couldn’t tell she hadn’t been writing in the PNR theme before. The writer put her own spin on an age old concept and it worked. The story starts out with a young maid seeing too much and a owner trying to do damage control. Carla the financially challenged maid/student that reads way too much true crime books. Where as I liked her she did tend to get on my nerves a bit her naivety. But she is also young so that make [...]

    12. Left me wanting more good!Really enjoyed the story line. Eternals, romance and murder mystery all within the pages of this fast action page turning book. Love how the author kept throwing twists in throughout the story. If your love paranormal romances you'll enjoy this one.

    13. Faced paced plot. Intriguing characters. An ITALIAN vampire -- YUM! Captivating suspense. A new spin on a old theme. Electric chemistry. Sexy, sultry, seductive and deliciously salacious! A quick read I couldn't seem to put down. A winner!*I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

    14. You are the mix of Las VegasI love the way Sam writes. She makes you feel like you're a part of the story. Giving you real locations so you feel like you sitting next to the characters. She pulls you in to the story with strong and funny characters. This book has it all and i loved it!

    15. A new direction for this author as she doesn't usually write PNR, but she should, to say she is good at it is an understatement. It was different from the 'run of the mill' vamp books and I was hooked from the first page. It had everything - hot sex, mystery, intrigue and humour - with characters to fall in love with. Set in Las Vegas, the very mysterious and reclusive hotel owner Santino Marchetti seemingly falls for broke college student and hotel housemaid Clara Denton. But this sort of thing [...]

    16. 5 Stars!!!I was given this book in turn for an honest review. A blood thirsty killer is on the rampage in Vegas. Is Clara Denton's boss, Santino, the cold-hearted killer? Or is he hiding something much darker? Can Clara resist the urge to discover more? Sam JD Hunt has delivered an intriguing and, captivating story. Already being a lover of paranormal romances, I couldn’t wait to devour this new adventure from Sam and she did not disappoint; she had me complete hooked and absorbed in Clara and [...]

    17. All i can say is for this being her first PNR book it was amazing. She did not make the vampires weak or boring. As well as adding into the mix other types of paranormal characters. As I am a Las Vegas local the references to various locations and how they are worded fit perfect. I look forward to reading the next book in this series ( I hope that this is series). Oh and read all the way to the end even after the last chapter.

    18. Woohoo!!! Sam JD Hunt has written her 1st paranormal romance. Santino is sexy perfection.Santino is a handsome, rich and powerful "Eternal". Vampire is not a term he embraces. He is drawn to a human woman, Clara. Clara works as a maid at his hotel, the hotel he owns. When innocence and love come together in the package that is Clara, canSantino risk loving her? Can Clara's love for him in return conquer all?Love this new series and can't wait for Nicco's book!!!!

    19. Santino the Eternal is such a steamy book! This book is very well written with a very interesting storyline surrounding a family of vampires that call themselves eternal's. Santino himself owns a hotel and blends in very well to the Las Vegas night scene. Clara is/was/is an employee of Santino's, who stumbles upon a dead body working in Mr. Santino hotel. Clara is a bright college student, fighting to find her place in the world. Her situation, although hard, is always conveyed as humorous and C [...]

    20. I am always a hard critic. Well, I think so. This read was just ok for me. It was paced well. It had some " who done it" moments, but I just could not get over not knowing much about him. Her story was ok. She would get paid even if she did not work. She wants to make her own way, but then doesn't complain when money magically appears. He doesn't answer any of her questions and seems okay after everything is revealed to her even though he still remains cryptic. Not sure really what to think. I j [...]

    21. Brilliantly writtenOh my Santiago I love you Clara you lucky b$%tch anyway as far as paranormal romance goes this is a must read I loved it this is a first for me by this author and I'm truly thankful for the author for this book amazing I'm not into spoilers so don't ask just read the book its worth more than 5 stars I can't wait to see what's next

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