Rafe When the Hunger strikes Rafe Blackstone has no control over it or his beast Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack he can t deny there s something very wrong When his mother lets him in on the secret he is shock

  • Title: Rafe
  • Author: A.K. Michaels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the Hunger strikes, Rafe Blackstone has no control over it or his beast Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack he can t deny there s something very wrong When his mother lets him in on the secret he is shocked and in denial No longer able to reject her words as mere fantasy, he embarks on the mission the Legends speak of Nothing will stand in his way as the Hunger grows out oWhen the Hunger strikes, Rafe Blackstone has no control over it or his beast Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack he can t deny there s something very wrong When his mother lets him in on the secret he is shocked and in denial No longer able to reject her words as mere fantasy, he embarks on the mission the Legends speak of Nothing will stand in his way as the Hunger grows out of control, leaving Rafe powerless to resist the calling of his soul mate Rogue Wolves, a mystery magical illness that can cripple Shifters, and a Witch with a hidden agenda all stand in his way but he will do whatever it takes to rescue his love Including calling in the dreaded Council A Wolf s Hunger It Can t Be Stopped Book 1 in New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels new Shifter series full of passion, intrigue and Paranormal Romance All are standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers Jam packed full of suspense, romance, thrills and hot Shifters.

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    1. I was in need of a paranormal fix and this was an enjoyable shifter read. Rafe is a novella so is a quicker read, it does mean you don't get the characther depth you do with a full-length book, but the writer makes her characthers likable and relatable.This book is a shifter read, wolfs shifters at that and stars Rafe and Tasha. Rafe is an alpha whose behaviour has gone a little off, he has no idea why until his mother has a word with him. Tasha is on the run, her pack has been decimated, she is [...]

    2. Rafe Blackstone is Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack and has a hunger that just won't stop - nobody and nothing can stop him and his nearest and dearest are really worried about him. Then his Mum tells him of a legend that says that this only happens when a shifter needs to find their mate and so out of desperation he embarks on a journey to find his mate. Tasha is fighting to stay one step ahead of rogue shifters that have destroyed everything that she knows and loves. When they have Tasha cornered ca [...]

    3. Rafe was our lead man and pack leader. But facing a hunger that drives some wolves to madness he and his beta need to come to grips with what him. As only mothers do, mothers know best! She knows the true meaning behind his wolfs endless hunger.Excerpt:He was under no illusions that it would be easy. Rafe could be hard-headed and stubborn but if Ellie was telling the truth, Jacy had no option but to force his Alpha to go in search of the mate that his mother was certain was near.As Rafe begins h [...]

    4. Rafe, the Alpha, is running wild with hunger until he realizes it is the call of his mate that is causing his madness. Tasha’s family and pack have been killed by rogues. She manages to escape, but she is running for her life. The rogues are on her trail. Will Rafe find her in time? This emotional wolf shifter love story is a quick read. The characters are strong and there is a bit of steam to enjoy. You are offered a suspenseful storyline. Note: There are graphic scenes of killing.

    5. Rafe is a wolf alpha who is struggling with an immense hunger. Hunting and eating for days has no affect. Then his mother share the tale about the wolf's hunger. An Alpha wolf will suffer an unquenchable hunger when his destined mate is nearby and in need of help. This hunger will last until he decides to hunt for his mate. Rafe follows the lead of his wolf and runs into Tasha who is being attacked by rogue wolves. He rescues her and brings her back to his home. Tasha's old life has been totally [...]

    6. A Wolf's Hunger is a multiple-author series that takes place in a shared world. Tasha and Rafe's book is the first. This is a relatively dark story. It begins with the slaughter of Tasha's family and entire pack. She's the sole survivor who runs towards the land that belongs to Rafe's pack so she can warn them about the threat to the wolves. Rafe is out patrolling with his beta, Jacy when he comes across a group of men pursuing a lone woman. Rafe and Jacy take care of neutralizing the creeps and [...]

    7. This is a great book; this is the first book in the Wolf’s Hunger series written by A. K. Michaels. Rafe Blackstone is the Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack, he has no idea what is wrong with him and the hunger he is feeling. The hunger has never been like this before. His mother tells him that the hunger he is feeling is because his mate is close and that Nothing will stand in his way as the Hunger grows out of control, leaving Rafe powerless to resist the calling of his soul-mate. Rogue Wolves, a m [...]

    8. Ever wonder what it would be like to be hungry all the time and not understand why? That would be our Alpha Rafe. When he finally admits he has a problem he is told that he needed a mate. You would think every Alpha wanted their mate, not necessarily.Then we have Tasha whom needs saving. Isn't that how it always goes though. But then in all honesty they both need saving in one way or another. Both very strong personalities and know what they want. Makes for the perfect Alpha couple if you ask me [...]

    9. Rafe is the story of a wolf pack alpha finding his mate. It starts with him out hunting and not being able to satisfy his hunger. He has spent days hunting and eating and finally his mother tells him he's having mating fever and his mate is close so he needs to find her and mate with her. He wastes time in denial but when he does accept it, he realizes his wolf is frantic to find his mate because he senses she is in danger. This leads to a mystery of what happened to his mate's pack as they are [...]

    10. NowNow this is the way to start a new series!Rafe is hungry. hungry than he has ever been. He is the pack alpha, and has spent too much time away, hunting and eating in days what would normally take weeks. Yet, for some reason he is never satisfied! Tasha is on the run from rogue shifters who murdered her family and decimated her entire pack. She is tired, hungry, and terrifiedybe she should just give up?Marvelous, enthralling, and exciting story, which will keep you turning the pages until the [...]

    11. Tasha is the sole survivor of her pack. Rafe is her mate and the alpha of his own wolf pack. He vows to find the person responsible for the death of Tasha's pack. Tasha wants to take the mating slow, at least until she buries her mom and dad. Only than will she agree to the mating. Can Rafe and Tasha find the person who killed her wolf pack? Will Rafe be able to control his wolf-side until the mating?This book is an easy, fast read. The banter between characters is funny. The dialogue is great. [...]

    12. We join Rafe while he has an insatiable hunger he has no explanation for, until his very wise mother tells him his inner wolf needs a mate. Which brings us to Tasha, who is on the run from some really evil rogue wolves that want her dead!! That is just the beginning and the very entertaining and gut wrenching story goes on from there!! I really liked this book which kept me enthralled and engaged from start to finish!! Rafe is Alpha all the way, but sweet and tender with Tasha, the best of both [...]

    13. 4.5 starsAnother great story from AK Michaels, it had me totally hooked from the start and looking forward to the rest of the series.Rafe has the hunger which means he must find his mate before it drives him insane. Tasha has watched her pack being killed and her parents along with them, she must escape in order to uncover the truth. As Tasha runs for her life, she runs straight into Rafes arms as their destiny is to be together. They begin to discover the truth surrounding the killing and the r [...]

    14. Can a hungry wolf find fulfilment in the arms of his mate?You bet he can. But first he must kill for her, protect her from the rouge wolf that's chasing her through the forest. The story she tells him chills his blood and raises his anger to heights he has never felt before. A whole pack gone, destroyed by rouge wolves!! How could this happen? Can he revenge her family and pack? He must! To find the answers read this, the 1st book in a brand-new series A Wolf's Hunger by best selling and absolut [...]

    15. RafeThe 1st book of a new series by A K Michaels. Have enjoyed her other books and was just as impressed with this book as the others. If you haven't read any of her books you should definitely give them a try. She will become one of your favorite authors. She writes with style, interest, intrigue and hot romance. She builds up to the hot stuff but spices things up along the way. You'll thoroughly enjoy her books.

    16. While this story takes on a twist in story line with the Shifter Rafe going into an extreme hungry instead of seeing that his mate is in danger. It is well written, keeps you on your toes and just entertains you as you read on. You will lose sleep as you start this book so dont start it before bed or if you have to work the next day as you will want to finish the story before moving on.

    17. Loved It! If you haven't read AK Michaels before you're in for a treat. This is the third series from this author I've read and I loved it. She builds a world that plays like a movie in your mind. From Las Vegas to the wilds of different states you can picture the surroundings. She sets up the reader so you become invested in her tales. Enjoy!

    18. AmazingThis book had me laughing and crying at the same time. Good humor. Tasha is a strong person and has a great loss to over come. The loss of her pack. Rafe is compassionate and all Alfa. Just the perfect mate match for each other. Read this and find out why Tasha lost her pack.

    19. MehThe writing quality was lacking. Nothing is shown to the reader but told to them. Very basic. Not a lot of description and character growth. The synopsis was ok but I won't be going further in to series.

    20. Ava Michaels is amazing5 stars once again. Every plot and storyline I've had the pleasure of reading by AK Michaels has captivated me from the first chapter. These stories will make you laugh, cry and swoon.

    21. Yeah A K MichaelsWow ok that was good! Yet another great story and series I'm sure is too follow. A K Michaels always captivates my interest at the very beginning of a story. So if you like 👍 this shifters and romance then you will definitely enjoy any of a K Michaels books

    22. Good shifter dramaBook 1 of a new series.Rafe and Tasha are having uncontroledl hunger ,and they don't understand why.Good shifter drama,action and romance.Enjoyed reading.Voluntarily reviewed.

    23. A tragedy into a love story.I liked the plot and supporting characters. Such a terrible massacre, that was very well written. The conclusion was great and the love was everything.

    24. Big bad wolf on the prowlA wolf's hunger no's no bounds or limits at finding his mate or protecting her from harm till the end of time.a good read for anyone liking a fast read with a few twists and turns!!!

    25. Awesome start to this seriesRafe is the perfect alpha , but like most men won't listen , when his woman comes up and he does what every alpha does and takes care of everything he needs to

    26. Well Ava has done it again another awesome book wow can't wait for more in the series. All Ava's books keep you hooked from the first page till the last page, I love all her Alphas and their mates, well done Ava another awesome one xxxx

    27. Quick easy read without surprises. Very predictable however which made it kind of boring. Though I will say I’m anxious to see if there is a story on the mysterious Zohar from the council maybe he’ll finally be part of a pack, Levi, Myrtle and Jacy. It was ok hence 3 stars.

    28. Not a good example of paranormal romance. Full of cursing and violence. Yes, I read it, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Certainly do not spend $$$ on it, not unless you like cursing and violence. At times, it gets gory and gross, and the violence is quite graphic.

    29. So-soA very short love story that you have read a dozen times, with a little different twist. Could have been a lot longer, if developed properly.

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