Allerleirauh Once Upon a Time In the kingdom of Tranen a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he ll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair In time the king s eyes are turned by his daughter Re

  • Title: Allerleirauh
  • Author: Chantal Gadoury
  • ISBN: 9781537868608
  • Page: 150
  • Format: None
  • Once Upon a Time In the kingdom of Tranen, a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he ll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair In time, the king s eyes are turned by his daughter Realizing her father s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick him by requesting impossible gifts dresses created by the sun, moon and stars, and a coat made of a thousanOnce Upon a Time In the kingdom of Tranen, a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he ll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair In time, the king s eyes are turned by his daughter Realizing her father s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick him by requesting impossible gifts dresses created by the sun, moon and stars, and a coat made of a thousand furs But when he is successful, Aurelia sacrifices her privileged life and flees her kingdom, disguised by the cloak and a new name, Allerleirauh.She enters the safe haven of Saarland der Licht, where the handsome and gentle Prince Klaus takes her under his care Hoping not to be discovered by her father s courtiers, Allerleirauh tries to remain hidden under her new identity when she finds unexpected love with Prince Klaus, even though his arranged marriage to the princess of a neighboring kingdom approaches Risking everything, Allerleirauh must face her troubled past and her fears of the future along her journey to self acceptance in this triumphant retelling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tale.

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    One thought on “Allerleirauh”

    1. I absolutely adore the beautiful cover on this, and is what drew me in first. Then I saw that it was based on a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale. Then I read the blurb and was like, “oh yes!”First, what I liked best about this story was that the girl wasn’t some overly badass who was some magical fighter that seems unreal in most of these fantasy books. Not that I don’t love fantasies with a girl that can kick butt, but sometimes you just want a story where the girl is strong in another way. [...]

    2. Not going to lie, when I first read that the plot revolves around a father trying to marry his daughter I was pretty darn disturbed. I mean, even if he had made a promise to his dieing wife, after vying for other maidens who meet her request, I would never go as far as to court and breed my own daughter for an heir. But then again, this man, as you read is no father, husband or ruler of the year (or ever) period. He's in every definition and sense of the word: a monster.As for the story protagon [...]

    3. This has been on my TBR list since it came out in 2017 and I finally got around to reading it, and I was not disappointed. Aurelia, a princess in the land of Tranen, is kept isolated from her parents and the court as she was the shame of her parents due to not being born a boy. However, when her mum passes away and makes her father promise to marry only someone with hair as golden as the suns rays, her life is fated to change forever.Aurelia takes her father's new affections as an attempt to bui [...]

    4. "Your brokeness does not deem you invaluable"I received a free copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.This book made me remember why I loved fairytales in the first place.Meant as a retelling to the beautiful tale of Brothers Grimm's "All kinds of fur" , Allerleirauh draws an echanting and rather unique story about magic,love,hope,and most of all-the power you find within yourself to overcome everything and become an even better version of yourself. It tells the story of Aurelia,a [...]

    5. This book certainly brought me back to my childhood.Let me explain, one of the earliest movies I can recall watching at the movies was called Peau d'Ane with the famous french actress called Catherine Deneuve.The movie was made in 1970 and I was not even born then, so I watched the movie years later and I think though I could not recall the plot to save my life I remember her wearing the Donkey Skin and let's face it that is the title of the movie.  Never forgot the name of the movie but if you [...]

    6. 4.5 stars! Oh, what a beautiful bitter sweet story. Allerleirauh is a gorgeous retteling of a fairy tale recorded by Brothers Grimm and it translates as All Kinds of Fur. The writing style is extremely beautiful, simple but magical, it just lures you in from start to finish. I must admit that at first I was intrigued by the synopsis and I went into the book expecting the casual fairytale, the one where the princess escapes the bad then she finds her prince and her happy ending, you know the slig [...]

    7. I was stoked to read this book when I first heard about it and it didn't disappoint! ☺ This Grimm retelling had twists and turns to it that made this book so enjoyable. I've always loved fairy tale style retellings and this book was perfect for that kind of book craving. I would definitely recommend this book! 5 stars!

    8. *I was sent an e-book copy by the author in exchange for an honest review*When I was contacted from the author to review her book, I was already sold at the words "fairytale retelling". I love fairytales so this shouldn't come as a surprise. However, as I waited for the ebook copy to arrive, I did some research on the original by the Grimm brothers and what I immediately realized was that this fairytale is certainly not the one that I am used to.Like the original, Allerleirauh is the story of Pr [...]

    9. I was sent an ebook copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. When I was contacted by the author to review this book, she lost me at "fairy tale retelling" because Ilove them , so of course I said a very enthusiastic yes. But here comes my confession: I had never heard of Allerleirauh before. A quick research on Google tells me everything I need to know about the original fairytale written by the Grimm brothers and I gaped at my computer screen in shock: a father wants to [...]

    10. I was sent an eARC copy of this book from the author, Chantal Gadoury, and Parliament House publishing company in exchange for my honest review. I waited to read this book until December because it seemed like good 'wintery' type read to get me in the winter spirit.I loved some many things about this book but there were a few things that I didn't like.My full review is a little long so head on over to my blog to check it out >>> poeticbutterflyreview

    11. I will start that I received this book for free for a review.The first 30% (kindle, thanks for the percentage lol) wasn't drawing me in as much, there was a HUGE plot point and its detailing I was just disturbed by. I knew it was coming since this is a retelling of a Grimm classic, but still it was rough to read. I did finish the last 63% in one sitting, things finally drew me really in! The main character really has a rough go but things look up of course, if you're familiar with the original t [...]

    12. This was a beautifully written fairy tale, of love and tragedy. At first, I was disturbed of the telling of a father obsessed with his daughter in a romantic fashion. Some scenes were difficult for me to read, but I find those in any book or movie I watch. The inner me finds scenes like those too disturbing for me to acknowledge it. But that's just me. But later in the story, despite all the horrific things this poor girl went through, she found herself. She didn't allow her past actions do defi [...]

    13. *** I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Chantal Gadoury offers us a great escape from our daily lives by sending us in a land where the princess meets her noble prince, where a mad king is trying to have his way. All the while she is keeping the line between a children's book and one for YA. I loved the mix of fairytale elements like dresses made out of stardust or sunbeams and also the mature characters. Both Klaus and Aurelia faced with maturit [...]

    14. Fairy tales have a way of staying with us. There is something about their magic and mystery that draws you in again and again. Chantal Gadoury has taken that timeless infatuation, and filled in the blanks left by the brother's Grimm. Her version of Allerleirauh has all the fairy tale morsels that we know and love: distressed maidens, wicked fathers, trustworthy servants, and an innocent bit of trickery that leads to a happy ending.

    15. Rating: 3.5 Stars, fairly close to 4 but I do have a few suggestions outlined below.Allerleirauh is a story of a princess that was dealt a very difficult hand and did not let it define her. With the help of her friends, she broke from her one remaining family member in hopes of a better life. Thankfully, Aurelia found that better life. So happy to have read this book!Part 2 of the book was delightful, I loved seeing how Aurelia and Klaus got to know each other and came to find love. His acceptan [...]

    16. *Updated full review*If you know me you know that I absolutely adore fairy tales and a good fairy tale retelling. Allerleirauh is no exception. This is a retelling of a Grimm Brother's fairy tale that I actually have not heard of or read. Because of that I can't really compare if one is better or if this does the original justice. From an outside view I can tell you that this book was beautiful and in my opinion very well done.This book does deal with some darker subjects like abuse, rape, and i [...]

    17. I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author for free to give an honest review.I have to admit this was a really hard book to read, at least the first half of the book as it is divided into 2 parts. I almost gave up and didn't continue reading the book after part one because it honestly left me shocked to the core and not in a good way. This book touches base on incest and rape, a fair warning would have been much appreciated. I've read on the topic before but I never in my wildest im [...]

    18. Man, I think I'm in love with Chantal Gadoury. I managed to devour this book in a matter of few hours. I've never read a retelling of this specific story so this seemed pretty new to me. I'll be completely honest though, the synopsis really grossed me out and I was feeling pretty disturbed right after the first chapter because of the incestuous insinuations . But then again, I'm a Game of Thrones fan, I really shouldn't be disturbed by these things lol. Aurelia is the princess of Tranen but she [...]

    19. “This book was provided to me by the author for an honest review” NO SPOILERS!PLEASE NOTE: This book contains topics such as sexual abuse, rape, incest & abuse. If any of these topics trigger you then this may not be the book for you. Allerleirauh is a captivating tale about love, hopes, dreams and magic letting way to discover you have the power contained within to overcome your circumstance and be greater than who you are. This book is a nod to the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale “All Kind [...]

    20. I was given an e-arc of this novel by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.My initial reaction when I read the synopsis and learned that this book is about a father wanting to marry his own daughter, I was turned off. However, since this isn’t the whole story, I decided to give this novel a chance, and I am honestly glad I did.The plot is rather simple, it follows a princess who runs away when her father starts showing sexual interest in her, then she meets her ‘prince charming’ a [...]

    21. I need another book from this series like now!! I love the characters you created. The king of Tranen makes a promise to his dying wife that he will only remarry someone with golden hair like hers. After many woman the king notices that only his daughter possesses such hair. When Aurelia realizes that her father plans to make her his wife she runs away. Get your copy today on to find out what happens?!? Does Aurelia get her happy ending? *spoilers******👇 I can't get over how amazing this boo [...]

    22. I've been waiting for a year (maybe longer?) to read this and I was charmed by every page. This is a difficult tale to read at times - the author makes it clear what the heroine is going through, and it isn't pretty - but so very real and emotionally honest. The writing is sharp and allows the story to shine through as Aurelia refuses to give in or give up, leaving readers inspired as well as entertained. I can't wait to read more from this author!

    23. this is an amazing book, retelling one of the lesser known Grim's Fairy Tales of the same name. The tale of Aurelia is a special one, cause it touches on themes like sexual child abuse by a parent, a very real issue, this is not you standart princess-falls-for-prince romance. Aurelia has to face the truth and learn to protect and save herself. Her prince can only lend her hand in her helping herself. This is an inspiring an empowering tale!

    24. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. 'If you ever decide to remarry, you must marry someone who is as beautiful as I and has my golden hair.'This, relatively short, story is the re-telling of a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm. I have no problem with reading a re-telling if only it's original and catching. Since this story was based on another it is hard to be all that original but Gadoury managed to create a full story, filling the blanks that were le [...]

    25. Allerleirauh is a retelling of the lesser known Brothers Grimm fairytale, “Donkeyskin.” When Princess Aurelia’s mother dies, her only request is for the king to marry a woman as beautiful as she with golden hair. Princess Aurelia’s father has been looking for brides that resembled his late wife, when finally he gives up looking and settles on marrying his daughter. Desperate to escape the marriage to her father, Aurelia tries to stall the wedding by making impossible requests. When the r [...]

    26. A very interesting take on the fairy tale world. At first when I presented with the notion of paternal rape I was blown back, in a fairy tale? The I really thought about it and let's be honest parent's are awful to their children in most fairy tales so whose to say it is outrageous in this type of world. That being said I love a good fairy tale and this book falls perfectly into the genre. I got the Disney princess feel but with a more mature feel and target audience. A love a heroic prince and [...]

    27. Allerleirauh is the story of a princess who endured ordeals that no one should have to, and who, with the help of a few friends, realizes that what has been done to her does not define her. This book was a quick read that at times was disturbing, at times soul-wrenching, and other times heartwarming.**Spoilers ahead**The Princess Aurelia was never cherished by her parents due to her gender, so she feels very little when the distant and cruel woman who was her mother passes away, but little does [...]

    28. I wasn't familiar with this fairy tale, so I didn't know what to expect. But I was intrigued with the promotion of this book and was given free copy in exchange for a review. But when I love a book that I am given a copy of for free, I buy a copy to support the author. I will be buying a copy of this. I was intrigued with the beginning of the story. Chantal did a great job at starting off the book at the right point that allowed us to see the death of her mother and the start of her father's des [...]

    29. I bloody love fairy tale retellings.It hardly matters what the fairy tale is, whether its one I’ve heard of or not. Whether it has dragons, talking animals, a beautiful princess or Prince Charming. Regardless of anything, I will read it and probably love it.So naturally, I was pretty excited when the author of Allerleirauh, Chantal Gadoury, messaged me asking if I would like a copy of it in exchange for an honest review. I said yes, and I’m glad I did, because it was a really enjoyable read! [...]

    30. Rating: 4/5 stars I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Chantal for sending me an ebook. So I had this whole day planned. I would study all day and then hit the gym. I started the morning by finishing an exercise of Maths and was so proud, I decided to treat myself by reading a chapter. I don’t remember much of yesterday except that I was completely engrossed in it. I got dressed and went to the gym but sat and read instead. Allerleirauh is a abo [...]

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