Reincarnation Blues A magically inspiring tale of a man who is reincarnated through many lifetimes so that he can be with his one true love Death herself What if you could live forever but without your one true love Rein

  • Title: Reincarnation Blues
  • Author: Michael Poore
  • ISBN: 9780399178481
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A magically inspiring tale of a man who is reincarnated through many lifetimes so that he can be with his one true love Death herself.What if you could live forever but without your one true love Reincarnation Blues is the story of a man who has been reincarnated nearly 10,000 times, in search of the secret to immortality so that he can be with his beloved, the incarnatiA magically inspiring tale of a man who is reincarnated through many lifetimes so that he can be with his one true love Death herself.What if you could live forever but without your one true love Reincarnation Blues is the story of a man who has been reincarnated nearly 10,000 times, in search of the secret to immortality so that he can be with his beloved, the incarnation of Death Neil Gaiman meets Kurt Vonnegut in this darkly whimsical, hilariously profound, and wildly imaginative comedy of the secrets of life and love Transporting us from ancient India to outer space to Renaissance Italy to the present day, is a journey through time, space, and the human heart.

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    1. First, the Caveat: I got this book for free, as an ARC. I don't think that affects my opinion of it, but I like to be transparent. I also met the author, who seems to be a very nice fellow!The following is NOT a negative comment. Don't read it that way.This is not the sort of fantasy book I write, nor the kind that I most often read. I could also say that of A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle, or Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Both are books that have well earned their p [...]

    2. Reincarnation Blues is the story of Milo, or rather the many stories of Milo as he reincarnates over and over and over again in an attempt to reach Perfection. In a variety of ways, he's fucked up every single one of the 9,995 lives he's lived thus far & now he only has 5 more tries to get it right before well Also, he's in a long-term relationship with Death (who prefers to be called Suzie.) I enjoyed this book immensely. The concept of reincarnation has always been super interesting to me, [...]

    3. So very wonderful and imaginative and funny and sad and brilliant and beautiful.Milo is an old soul - he has lived 9995 lives so far and has yet to achieve perfection. In fact he isn't even sure he wants to achieve perfection as he is in love with Death (or rather a Death - Suzie). This has to change when he is informed that every soul has in fact only 10000 lives to get it right or it will be erased. This short synopsis doesn't really do the book justice but it will have to suffice because I th [...]

    4. 3.5 starsReview also found at: theparanormalpaladin.wordpresMilo has lived almost 10,000 lives and if he doesn’t achieve an act of “Perfection” pretty soon, he is going to get poofed into nothingness by the universe. I mean, you only get so many tries.Suzie is his girlfriend (who happens to be Death) of 8,000 years. They have an unconventional relationship and only see each other between his lives. But, it’s pretty epic. Even though the story focuses on Milo and his many lives, there are [...]

    5. I'm really not big on reading fantasy books, but I have to say, I really enjoyed Reincarnation Blues. I found the story to be unique, whimsical, funny, touching, and sometimes disturbing. This book was absolutely better than what I was expecting. Definitely worth the read! I'm truly looking forward to reading more books by Michael Poore. *I want to thank Penguin's First to Read Program for the ARC of this book.

    6. This was a unique idea and it was nice to read something very different from what I'm accustomed to. For some reason when I was around 50% finished, I started to lose interest and was not as engaged by the ending as I was at the beginning.This is the love story of Milo and Death, although she prefers to be called Suzie. In the early chapters, I was reminded of the TV show Dead Like Me from 2004. I loved that show and was sorry it only lasted two seasons. The comparison to the book is the dark hu [...]

    7. Are you kidding me? As I read this book these words kept coming to mind. Are you kidding me? He did not just say that.Are you kidding me? There is no way he is going to do that. With each new life there was a new surprise for the reader and a new frustration for Milo. But the biggest 'Are you kidding me', came at the end of the book. I was so irritated; that I kept looking for alternative endings on the acknowledgements pages following the story. I obviously became very invested in the character [...]

    8. For a little over the first ten percent of this story, I thought, okay, got it, guy has lived thousand of lives and he's supposed to move on, but he's in love with typical manic pixie dream girl, this iteration of her being Death, who calls herself Suzie. I don't like manic pixie dream girls. Most of the time their main component is their sexual attraction, which makes these Holly Golightlys endlessly fascinating to those responsive to their lure.I found Suzie yet another really boringly quirky [...]

    9. [Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes.]Wow. Just wow. I have had my share of duds from NG lately, and was not prepared to be so blown away by this one.Milo has lived 9,995 lives and only has 5 more left to achieve Perfection or be sent back to nothingness. No more lives, no more existing, just nothing. He's also in love with one of the Death characters, who goes by Suzie. He's determined to achieve Perfection in his last five lives, but doesn't rea [...]

    10. Reincarnation Blues is definitely an ambitious novel, taking on a high-concept premise, zany and scattered style and weighty theme - that being, what is the meaning of a life well-lived? Milo, our slacker-dude protagonist, has lived 9,995 lives, with varying degrees of success, but mostly coasting and spending the interludes between lives with his girlfriend, Death (AKA Suzie). Trouble is, Milo's just found out there's a 10,000 life limit on this reincarnation biz and now he's only got 5 tries r [...]

    11. Anyone who knows me even slightly will tell you I’m all about Zen, if you can’t figure it out for yourself in the first five minutes of conversation. In both my professional and personal social media, I often share quotes, proverbs, teachings, and things I’ve learned that have helped me let go of suffering. And now I can share this beautiful, hilarious, and heartbreaking book.Michael Poore’s Reincarnation Blues is full of cosmicly perfect contradictions: glorious, insane, ridiculous, div [...]

    12. If Douglas Adams wrote a fiction novel on reincarnation, I suspect that it would read a lot like this one. There are bits of dry humor interspersed with gleanings of wisdom from Milo's 10,000 lifetimes, as Milo discovers things about himself, the gray areas between right and wrong, and understanding the human experience. During this journey Milo also discovers the love of his lifetimes, who ironically turns out to be Death (who prefers to be called Suzie). Funny, insightful, and entertaining.Not [...]

    13. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di più da questa lettura. Parlando di reincarnazione, senso della vita e morte ci sono riflessioni interessanti che ho apprezzato, altre che non ho compreso e alcune mi sono sembrate scontate e un po' buttate lì. Non ho poi afferrato la comicità dell'autore. Nel romanzo si parla di alcune delle vite vissute da Milo a volte appena accennate e altre più elaborate, cosa che ho trovato molto stimolante. Soprattutto le storie distopiche così crudeli e agghiaccianti che mi h [...]

    14. I saw a review somewhere that described this book as a "light summer read." In my opinion, that is inaccurate. This book is quite funny at times, quite touching at others, and quite disturbing every once in awhile. That's because it's about the human experience and what it means to live a life (and, hopefully, to live it well.) The reality is people are messy and complicated and sometimes cruel to each other, but they can also be loving, selfless, and wise. Our hero, Milo experiences all of thes [...]

    15. What a curious book. Milo has lived nearly 10,000 lives and is still trying to achieve what is known as Perfection. With each new life Milo is sure that this time he will finally figure out the secret to reaching perfection yet inevitably messes it up again and again. This isn't just a tale of an old soul attempting to learn a lesson. This is a tale of morality, love, loss, pride, meditation, family, depression and basically everything. Poore touches on most topics within this novel. The mistake [...]

    16. I was certainly intrigued when I saw a starred review in Kirkus for a book about reincarnation where Death, one of the main characters, is also known as Suzie. This set the tone for the entire wild ride for me. Milo has 5 lives left out of his limit of 10,000 to reach perfection, and he is in love with Death, a.k.a Suzie who he only meets in-between lives. There is never a dull moment, and while both Milo and Suzie are guilty at times of conversations more likely attributable to teenagers than t [...]

    17. 4.5 stars on the blog.This beautifully odd story is a smorgasbord of elements: Science Fiction, Historical, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Dystopian. It is one of those titles so packed with intricately woven details you want to instantly flip to the first page and re-read to find all the things you may have missed the first time around. It was a very satisfying read for me. This title was recommended to me by Jolene from Jo's Book Blog.The .5 deduction was for a "second ending" that seemed to be ta [...]

    18. A Fantastic Journey of Imagination Reincarnation Blues is a fantastic journey of imagination, carrying the reader through space and time to all kinds of world and visions. Yes, there is a new age pop Zen Buddhism in it and such, but it’s a wonderful story. Like Dr. Who’s TARDIS, you never know where in space or time you’ll pop up as you read this. It is the story of Milo, the world’s oldest soul who has lived nearly all of his 1,000 lifetimes and has yet to achieve perfection. It is also [...]

    19. This was pretty good, right up until the final quarter. He really, really fumbled the ball. I want to give this two stars, but it's probably a little better than that.

    20. While Reincarnation Blues is different from what I usually read I found it rather interesting. Story by story - life by life - we are introduced to Milo's reincarnation and follow his way towards perfection. The concept is unique, the writing is beautiful and I found the characters - Suzie in particular - quite lovely. Although a bit dragging at times, this book would give you something to think about.

    21. There are very few books out there that make me stop and say “I have never read anything like this in my entire life.” Reincarnation Blues, congratulations, you did that for me. Reincarnation Blues is a book that is a bit difficult to describe to those who have never read it because it’s just THAT creative, weird, magical, and ahead of its time. The story follows a man/spirit/soul named Milo who, through various reincarnations, lives many lives that are each as breathtakingly unique as the [...]

    22. I mostly liked the experience of reading it it was funny and full of good observationsbut there was a definite feeling of “straight white guy wrote this”. I mean, not even one of the main lives was female? And the big magical insight at the end wasetty naïve at best, and actually kind of offensive. I think you can do better.

    23. First off: look at that cover. That is a nice cover. I'm a little bit obsessed with it to be honest, and I was elated when it arrived in the mail. It's a clever novel that is successfully ambitious. In it, everyone gets 10,000 lives to live to try and achieve the highest level possible. We follow one man as he becomes various different people and lives various different lives. In particular, we get his last few lives before he hits 10,000 along with some occasional flashback lives to fill us in [...]

    24. Adventurous and border-line silly. I'd certainly recommend to anyone who is the in the market for 100% 24-karat escapism.

    25. This review is of the ARC of Reincarnation Blues.After a bit of a tumultuous reading experience, I am giving this book 3.25 stars. I was immediately reminded of stories by Richard Bach like Johnathan Livingston Seagull, and One. Reincarnation Blues attacks many of the same concepts and themes throughout, which I loved! I really enjoyed the messages of the book in the end, and I think most people could find something to enjoy in this story. Most of my issues with it are in the structure and forma [...]

    26. 1.5. Points for creativity, and a cute meaningful message here and there. Nothing groundbreaking, just ok. But man this book it's wtf and slow.

    27. DNF @ 19%.Este libro es muy WTF.Pero principalmente es MUY aburrido. Solo pensar leer una página más hace que me den ganas de salir corriendo.

    28. I am stunned. It's 2 am and I just finished this book. I am crying and laughing and holding my husband, cat, and dogs all at the same time. This book made me feel simultaneously so small and so expansive and connected to the Universe. I loved this book.

    29. I snagged this book at BookCon last week. It was one of many free books being given out that day, but unlike most of the books I passed at BookCon, this is one I actually really wanted. Reincarnation is one of my absolute favorite fantasy concepts, and I've had a reincarnation story on the back burner for nearly five years now. (I can never seem to figure out how to get it right.) So at BookCon, I was stoked to not only receive this ARC copy of Reincarnation Blues, but to meet the author (who is [...]

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