Shadowed Summer Kami Garcia the New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures novels said this of Saundra Mitchell s debut novel Shadowed Summer Beautiful and haunting The best Southern Gothic I ve

  • Title: Shadowed Summer
  • Author: Saundra Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9780440422570
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kami Garcia, the New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures novels said this of Saundra Mitchell s debut novel, Shadowed Summer Beautiful and haunting The best Southern Gothic I ve read in years Iris is ready for another hot, routine summer in her small Louisiana town, hanging around the Red Stripe grocery with her best friend, Collette, and trKami Garcia, the New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures novels said this of Saundra Mitchell s debut novel, Shadowed Summer Beautiful and haunting The best Southern Gothic I ve read in years Iris is ready for another hot, routine summer in her small Louisiana town, hanging around the Red Stripe grocery with her best friend, Collette, and traipsing through the cemetery telling each other spooky stories and pretending to cast spells Except this summer, Iris doesn t have to make up a story This summer, one falls right in her lap.Years ago, before Iris was born, a local boy named Elijah Landry disappeared All that remained of him were whispers and hushed gossip in the church pews Until this summer A ghost begins to haunt Iris, and she s certain it s the ghost of Elijah What really happened to him And why, of all people, has he chosen Iris to come back to Tight, tense, and real this is the best ghost story I ve read in ages Tamora Pierce One of my very favorites of 2009 Aprilynne Pike, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Wings

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    One thought on “Shadowed Summer”

    1. I love books set in the South (The Prince of Tides, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Witching Hour). Unfortunately, most of them are full of tired stereotypes (fried chicken is not the only thing people eat in the South) and take place in towns that feel more like a set of True Blood than actual places in the South.This is NOT the case in Shadowed Summer. Saundra Mitchell has crafted a novel so real, I could feel the sweat dripping down my neck and found myself standing with the frid [...]

    2. If I had seen this book in the bookstore I would probably never have picked it up. A ghost story? A graveyard on the cover? Looks like horror/occult -- so very not my thing.And then I would have missed out on a beautifully written, fantastically characterized, gripping, suspenseful, and touching book.Saundra Mitchell's writing is rich and sensuously evocative, yet so easy and natural to read -- a rare combination. Her dialogue sparkles, and the heroine Iris and her friends are absolutely believa [...]

    3. Wow. Seriously. Wow.I just finished Shadowed Summer and I absolutely loved it! It’s the kind of book where the second I close it, I just want to open it back up and read the whole thing again. It's an amazingly fantastic book---it was SXSW in Austin when I was reading this and even though I'm a music fiend, I actually skipped a concert I’d planned on going to because I HAD to finish reading Shadowed Summer. The characters are so authentic, understandable, and sympathetic that you feel for ea [...]

    4. This is a tight, can't-put-down ghost story in which two girls and the dread Boy who attracts them both go seeking a boy who disappeared from their small town when their parents were teenagers. Mitchell raises echoes of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD as the kids get information from different citizens of the town, painting a portrait of it in their meanderings. Iris is the one who attracts Elijah's ghost, and she spends the book balancing her discoveries with her friendship wither rapidly-maturing Colett [...]

    5. I loved Shadowed Summer, a beautiful confection of deftly handled prose, mystery and extremely lovable characters. The end is shocking and sweet, much like the rest of it.Where y'at, Saundra Mitchell? I hope a bookshop near me, often, for years to come.

    6. This novel will be haunting me for sure! In case you didn’t know, I’m not a big fan of ghost stories, because I am the biggest wuss. I remember when I read Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the third grade (this was long before the tv show, there was actually a movie starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry, the book was by Richie Cusick) anyway, I couldn’t sleep for weeks! And I used to watch that show called Are You Afraid of the Dark? Did anyone else watch that? Sorry, back to the review, this [...]

    7. At first I wasn't totally sure about this book. I don't read much mystery or ghost stories so I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't really expecting to like it, but I still felt compelled to read it for some reason. Turns out that was a good thing. Quick Overview: Iris and her best friend Collete are 14 and live in a tiny and boring Louisianna town. They spend the hot summer days pretending to cast spells in the cemetary, one day though Iris actaully sees the ghost of a boy. He continues to hau [...]

    8. Anyone who has grown up in a small town will understand the frustrations and limitations that Iris and her friend Collette feel. For a teen its not fun to see the same people do the same things day after day. And a graveyard is a strong temptation (one that I found irresistible at their age and in their situation). I could, despite being a decade older then either Iris or Collette, easily identify with them. Mitchell writes their reactions believably and with honesty--who hasn’t gotten tired o [...]

    9. I read Shadowed Summer in one sitting is a fantastic story and sets a standard for modern ghost stories that will be hard to match. I adored Irisher relationships with her friends and family are perfectly executed, her emotional turmoil is thoroughly compelling, and I just wished she'd never end. Congrats to Saundra Mitchell for taking this romance novel-obsessed reader and making me care deeply for a ghost story.

    10. I was interested in this book dispite the main characters age being a few years younger than me. She seems like a regular 14 year old, except for the fact that she still played pretend. Usually by 14 your done playing pretend, and that is one thing that bothered me. The other was that I couldn't really like any of the characters, not even the ghost. The main character easily jumps to conclusions, especially about her father. A positive point is that I really liked the writing in this book. The a [...]

    11. mitchell drew me with her first sentence in shadowed summer, and i was sucked in all the way until the end. this debut is a story like nothing i have read before in young adult, with voice spot on, incredible dialogue (not surprised mitchell also happens to be a screenwriter) and interesting yet complicated relationships. iris is the perfect heroine, and i was with her all the way. the mystery of eli's murder held me to the very end, to a conclusion that stunned, was heartbreaking, yet made so m [...]

    12. Shadowed Summer was a fast read that was direct and to the point. It's a brilliant mystery surrounding a girl named Iris who doesn't need to make up ghost stories anymore.She's got her own ghost to worry about.Vividly written, Intriguing plot and likable characters. My only complaint was the page count, I could have used a couple more hundred pages of this creepy, fun and imaginative world.A chill-worthy read!

    13. I am leaning more towards 4 1/2 stars on this book because some of the pot points actually surprised me in a good way. I can predict things with crazy scary accuracy when I read books and this one caught me off guard. It was a great read right before Halloween. So fun!

    14. L’Estate dei fantasmi è un romanzo un po’ speciale. Sicuramente evocativo, possiamo dire che si piazza, in bilico, fra le ghost story e i romanzi mystery.Certamente diretto ad un pubblico piuttosto giovane (12/14 anni), L’estate dei Fantasmi è il classico romanzo che “appartiene a ciascuno di noi” sotto molti aspetti. Quanti di noi hanno giocato alle streghe da bambini? Chi di noi non ha provato, almeno una volta, a fare un incantesimo? Quanti si sono ritrovati a crescere in un ambie [...]

    15. Iris and Colette are bored of small-town Louisiana. They're too old to be happy hanging out at the Dairy Queen and too young to drive anywhere more interesting. So they hang about places with atmosphere like the cemetary and cast "spells." It's just play-acting fun until Iris actually encounters a ghost - a breeze and a male voice asking "Where y'at, Iris?"Logically, Iris wants to know who the voice belongs to and what he wants, especially as his attempts to get her attention become more petulan [...]

    16. I expected a lot more from Shadowed Summer. I thought there would be more action and mystery. Instead, there were very few scenes where it had mystery and intrigue.What I liked best about Shadowed Summer was the idea of a ghost story. When I first read the first chapter, I thought it’ll be scary like The Devouring or Deadly Little Secrets because the first chapter was scary. Especially that last line. However, as I progressed into the novel, I realized that the plot and writing didn’t rivet [...]

    17. Iris (very pretty name) and her best friend Collette, both around 14 years old, like to cast spells at a cemetery in their boring town in Louisiana to pass the time during the summer.One day at the cemetery, a ghost appears in front of Iris saying "Where ya at Iris?" Since then he begins to haunt her and bother her causing her to wonder who this guy is and how he ended up dead.Iris, Collette and a cute boy, Ben, try to solve this mystery all the while coming across some problems arising from the [...]

    18. After about five days of flipping through books trying to find one to get lost in, I finally openned up Saundra Mitchell's SHADOWED SUMMER. Why hadn't I just gone to the book first? It had come to me highly recommended, so why didn't I just start there? Regardless, I did start it and it was amazing. SHADOWED SUMMER is a southern gothic ghost story. From the first pages, Mitchell drew me into her world and kept me reading. Her setting - A small Louisanna town in the summer where you can almost fe [...]

    19. I am not a huge fan of ghost stories. Mostly because I am a wuss. When I was younger, say, in grades five through seven, I LOVED ghost stories and curling up with a good mystery. But since I got older? No. Give me the romance and the fluff and the fantasy.But SHADOWED SUMMER took me back to those days I really, really loved a good ghost story. And this one is SO much more than a ghost story. It reminded me why I liked some more than others. The ones I loved taught me something, showed me somethi [...]

    20. I hate ghost stories and scary stories and suspenseful stories as a rule. Which makes Mitchell's book an exception for me, because I didn't hate it. The writing was so good that I could forgive it for being scary. This one is difficult to review in a spoiler-free manner, as there's so much going on throughout. Beneath the scary, this book is about relationships and secrets and growing up and trying to negotiate through all the currents of a small town. The characters are so finely drawn, so beli [...]

    21. Shadowed Summer drew me right back to early teen/childhood, that bizarre and beautiful time of life where nothing and everything makes sense all at once. A chilling mystery and coming of age story so uniquely written, you will have to dig deep to find a cliche in Saundra Mitchell's lyrical prose. The narrator Iris is tough and flawed and funny. I rooted for her from start to finish and admired the scratches and cuts on her knees---this is a kid, like Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn before her, that just [...]

    22. Let's look at the plot, shall we? Girl sees Ghost Boy. Ghost Boy begins to haunt Girl, sometimes wrecking her things. Girl seeks closure for Ghost Boyd find his body.All Iris wants to do is turn 16 and get out of her podunk town with her best friend Collette. When they're messing around, they accidentally raise the ghost of Elijah, the boy who disappeared twenty years ago. Iris goes on a mission to find out what happened to him.It's a mystery and a ghost story, but mostly it's the story of Iris. [...]

    23. I was enthralled by Saundra Mitchell’s debut novel, Shadowed Summer. Over and over again I found myself pausing to re-read descriptions and roll the words around on my tongue, amazed at her clarity, at her ability to find the perfect way to encapsulate this world. I was unable to put it down, not only because Iris captured me so fully, but because I was too afraid to turn out the light!This is more than a ghost story, it is about a girl on the edge of growing up and learning how to re-define h [...]

    24. I was tempted to put this on my "children" shelves, but it deals with some topics that some parents may not want to explain to young children, and besides it is sort of scary ~ not from my adult point of view. But I can see how some kids may be frightened. It's a good book for middle school kids ~ maybe younger, depending on the maturity level of the reader. Anyhow, a great book and very creepy in parts. I regret that this book wasn't around 25 years ago! It is filled with a lot supernatural hap [...]

    25. This book just didn't do it for me. I love YA paranormal fiction but it just seemed really juvenile to me. I only kept reading it because I thought maybe my 12 year old granddaughter would like it, but it may be too scary in parts for that age. The constant wrangling between Iris and her supposedly best friend Collette got on my nerves. The whole thing just didn't go together right, and for a short read I kept wishing it was over. It's the first book I have read in awhile that I just didn't care [...]

    26. Sarah Rees Brennan called it a supernatural To Kill a Mockingbird - coming of age in a sleepy Southern town. I'd give it a 4.5 if I could, and I'd rather round up than down in this case. The atmosphere was incredible, the characterization just about perfect, the writing beautiful and haunting. It was genuinely scary in places and completely heartbreaking in others. There were some great twists and this is about as solid a ghost story as you can get. Creepy and wonderful and more than it seems.

    27. Oh, my goodness! For pretty much the whole book, I was thinking that this was a good-not-great standard suspense; excellent atmosphere and regional voice, with a lot of well-done angst. Then very close to the end something is revealed which totally makes sense and yet also throws the entire book into a different, more important light.

    28. I loved Shadowed Summer, a beautiful confection of deftly handled prose, mystery and extremely lovable characters. The end is shocking and sweet, much like the rest of it.Where y'at, Saundra Mitchell? I hope a bookshop near me, often, for years to come.

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