Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion As the peaceful animals at Brer Village quickly discover their new neighbor mean old Boss Lion has a large appetite for fresh meat When he starts feeding on the Brer folk Brer Rabbit steps in and

  • Title: Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion
  • Author: Brad Kessler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
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  • As the peaceful animals at Brer Village quickly discover, their new neighbor, mean old Boss Lion, has a large appetite for fresh meat When he starts feeding on the Brer folk, Brer Rabbit steps in and saves the day, and teaches Boss Lion a lesson he ll never forget Full color book.

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      165 Brad Kessler
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    One thought on “Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion”

    1. Brer Rabbit has remained to be one the most popular folktales in American history. Of all the stories about Brer Rabbit’s escapades that I have heard, “Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion” remains to be one of my most favorite escapades of Brer Rabbit. Rabbit Ears’ version of how Brer Rabbit outsmarts Boss Lion is probably one of the most memorable versions since Danny Glover’s narration and Dr. John’s music greatly enhance this story. Danny Glover’s narration is a hoot as he energetically t [...]

    2. Crafty, wily, big-with-words Brer Rabbit confronts Boss Lion since he has been terrorizing the village animals. He makes a deal with Boss Lion and turns the agreement around to benefit him (the other village animals keep disappearing though). When the other animals figure it all out, they send Brer Rabbit to deliver the daily meals to Lion. Just as Boss Lion is about to devour Brer Rabbit, he tricks him and Boss Lion is a problem no more.

    3. I Grew up listening to stories of Brer Rabbit and love them. My children have found these stories and beginning to read them also. Brad Kessler did a good job keeping with the spirit of Brer Rabbit. Granted the original stories are better.The audio is wonderful for this book also.

    4. This book is about a rabbit who uses his smart thinking skills to out wit a lion who is causing frustration in a small town. This book is comical and made me laugh. This story would make a good read aloud. The pictures are amazing and show lots of detail. There can be discussions about the characters' personalities and how they handle tough situations and I think it would be fun to ask students what they would do in that situation. What else could have been done to stop the lion from eating ever [...]

    5. Boss Lion threatens to eat all the inhabitants of the village, until he is outsmarted by Brer Rabbit.

    6. This book is about the kind friendly animals that live in Brer Village. Until one day Boss Lion came to town. The village had a meeting and decided someone needed to go to talk to Boss Lion. Brer Rabbit stepped up to the plate. Brer rabbit soon got his straw drawn and he was to feed himself to the lion. However he came up with a plan. He was able to trap Boss Lion in his well. He then became the hero of the town.

    7. Southern folktale, mean old Boss Lion threatens the peaceful folk of Brer Village, and Brer Rabbit is forced to teach the carnivorous trouble-maker a lesson he’ll never forget. Brer Rabbit outsmarts the baddest fella in the forest—then saunters back to town as the local hero.

    8. An engaging children's story--a modernized version of Brer Rabbit. The language is lingo that children in the 21st century will understand. I reviewed the book before getting it for our great grandchildren. Brad Kessler is a good novelist and writer of this children's book.

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