The Cowboy and the Kid Having a father is a big responsibility And finding him a wife is a challenge eight year old Becky Jones takes seriously Ex rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant No marriage Been there Done that Not e

  • Title: The Cowboy and the Kid
  • Author: Anne McAllister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Having a father is a big responsibility And finding him a wife is a challenge eight year old Becky Jones takes seriously Ex rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant No marriage Been there Done that Not even if Becky s dream candidate is her beautiful, blonde teacher, Felicity Albright, who knows about barrettes, patching up scrapes, and hates carrots as much as his daugHaving a father is a big responsibility And finding him a wife is a challenge eight year old Becky Jones takes seriously Ex rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant No marriage Been there Done that Not even if Becky s dream candidate is her beautiful, blonde teacher, Felicity Albright, who knows about barrettes, patching up scrapes, and hates carrots as much as his daughter Taggart s still not interested Much What s a daughter to do Becky s nothing if not ingenious, and she s determined to convince a stubborn Taggart and a bemused Felicity that they really have met their match The Tanner Brother series Book 1 Cowboys Don t Cry Book 2 Cowboys Don t Quit Book 3 Cowboys Don t Stay Book 4 The Cowboy and the Kid Book 5 Cowboy Pride

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    1. Being an only parent Taggart Jones gave up his career as a bull rider to be there for his daughter Becky. Now at eight years old Becky is determined that her father needs a lady in his life but she's decided that it needs to be someone she approves of and wants to be with too. Becky and her best friend come up with a plan to get Taggart to meet Becky's pretty new teacher, Felicity Albright. Becky stops doing her homework, she wears spurs to school and she and her friend follow Felicity around to [...]

    2. This is a delightfully different story with a precocious eight year old, Becky, deciding to act as matchmaker for her father, Taggart Jones, and the lady she thinks would be a great mother for her - her school teacher, Felicity Albright. Taggart was a rodeo star and became a single father after his wife decided it just wasn’t the life she wanted. Taggart was determined he would bring up his daughter and even took her on the tours with him until she was old enough to start school. A serious roa [...]

    3. I like to read good cowboy stories. Most follow the same line. This time Anne took me in a total way that I wouldn't think of. Taggert and his friend Noah retired from rodeos. Now Taggert teaches bull riding and Noah teaches bronc riding. Taggert is divorced and has a 7 year old girl to raise. Becky sees that her Dad is lonely and goes on a mission to get him a wife. Big Spoiler. She brings her friend Susannah to help. They put their sights on their new teacher. Felicity is a widow and when she [...]

    4. This heartwarming story has a unique touch as part of it is told by Becky Jones's point of view. The kid has a lot to say, she is wild and free, yet respectful and loyal. She knows what she wants and her friend is teaching her how to get it. The shenanigans are on and her father of her teacher have no mercy as they try to find out what it is that they themselves want from each other.Taggart Jones is not only a world champion bull rider, he is an excellent dad who has a warm, loving relationship [...]

    5. The Cowboy and the Kid, The Tanner Brother - Book 4,  Anne McAllisterReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:   Romance, General FictionI’d not read any of Anne’s novels and as she’s got so many I was really, really hoping to like this. Nothings like finding a new-to-you author with loads of lovely novels you haven’t read ;-) Sadly though this was just an OK read for me, a sweet story but one that didn’t really do much for me. Its a small town romance, and I like those but I do [...]

    6. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfBest friends Becky and Susannah were stalking their prey with stealth, intensity… and giggles.Becky was, quite frankly, exhausted taking care of her dad. She needed a mom to ride herd on her dad. She loved him to pieces, but he needed a wife. And Becky had the perfect choice all picked out – her teacher, Felicity. After all anyone who knows that carrots are the most disgusting thing in the world just has to become her mom… really.Taggart’s done the marriage th [...]

    7. It is a sure fire for sure. That the minute you tell yourself over and over again, “I’m not going to ever…,” you end up doing just that. Just ask poor old Taggart Jones. A single, thirty-two-year-old, father of an eight-year old daughter. Who by the way he has been raising her since his ex-left them which Becky was two months old. Then, he started taking her down the road, as they say, with him and his best friend, Noah Tanner. The two guys were a tag team when it came to her. Two years [...]

    8. The Cowboy and the Kid by Anne McAllister is book number four in the Tanner Brothers series. This is ex-rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones and school teacher Felicity Albright's story.Taggart's wife left him to raise their daughter alone. He has sworn off of marriage. But, his daughter Becky has other ideas. This is where Felicity, Becky's teacher, comes in. Felicity's husband was killed in an accident. When Felicity's Uncle Fred died he left her his house in Elmer, Montana. Felicity thought this was th [...]

    9. Entertaining story with some comedic moments. Eight year old Becky has noticed a change in her ex Bull Rider father, Taggart and decided that what he needs is a wife. However there are very few single women in Elmer, Montana and those that are she wouldn't want as a mother, so she decides to pray and lo and behold, there is a new teacher at school! With the help of her best friend Susannah, Becky puts in play an elaborate plan for her father and new teacher to meet. Felicity lost the love of her [...]

    10. So, this was one those ‘just for fun’ reads. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the review invite arrived but the fact it featured a short about Charlie Hunnam had me saying ‘yes, please!’. Seriously, the guy is just yummy and I’ll take him anyway I can get him! The just of this one is that the stories are told in second person and each one features ‘you’ and a different celebrity. I didn’t read all the stories, Norman Reedus, Matt Damon, and Tom Hardy just don’t thrill my sou [...]

    11. This was a fun story.Felicity is the new teacher in town, and a widow. Taggart is a divorced single dad and a former bull rider who is afraid of loving again. And Becky is Taggart's meddling daughter who, with the help of her friend Susannah, is trying to pick a new mother for herself, no matter what her father wants.I loved all of the characters in this book. Becky and Susannah really were quite methodical in their attempts to push Felicity and Taggart together. But I think even without the med [...]

    12. This is fun, heartwarming and sweet story of a little girl wanting a mom and a woman to make her dad happy. Taggert is an ex-championship bull rider turned bull riding teacher and single father to six year old. Becky, Taggert's daughter, and her best friend Susannah decide to play matchmaker for her dad with her teacher Felicity. Taggert doesn't want to be set up because he's been hurt in the past and doesn't want to open his heart again. Felicity is a strong woman who holds her own and is bound [...]

    13. If you watched Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap and loved that movie then you're in for a treat. The Cowboy And The Kid is a truly delightful take on that theme. I've laughed myself silly through the pages of this story! Eight year old Becky is just priceless in her efforts to match Taggart, her father, with Felicity, her teacher. Taggart isn't keen on a relationship after the disaster of his marriage and Felicity has also avoided one as she's been mourning her dead husband. While Taggart and Fel [...]

    14. This is a short novella that is book four in an ongoing Tanner Brother’s series, but it can be read as a standalone. In it Ms. McAllister treats her readers to a cast of characters that are so life like you almost expect to see them at the local diner. She has a way of making them very real especially when it comes to portraying their emotions. This is a nice quick read that will have you smiling and laughing at two little girls the entire way through.

    15. Becky is looking for a wife for her dad but Taggart is not buying it. Her best candidate is her teacher, Felicity. Enjoyed the small town environment and like this author's characters. Good story to kick back and enjoy . Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks.

    16. "Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review" It’s always a pleasure to read Anne McAllister’s books, because she is such a good and talented writer and she knows what she writes about. In this case Montana and the ranching world – and delivery is so good that you get immersed in this fictional universe that seems real in a beautiful Montana setting, with solid flesh-and-blood characters that are three-dimensional.There are some elements that I really like in romance such [...]

    17. I’ve read Anne McAllister before and she writes some nice and charming love stories no doubt. The Cowboy And The Kid is actually one of her better works than others. Written from the point of view of a 7 year old, interwoven between Taggert Jones and Felicity Albright, “The Cowboy And The Kid” is really a charming love story as Becky Jones tries to set her rodeo cowboy Dad with her teacher. Becky wants a mother and who better than her favorite and pretty teacher. Taggert and Felicity try t [...]

    18. The Cowboy and the Kid by Anne McAllisterHaving a father is a big responsibility.And finding him a wife is a challenge eight-year-old Becky Jones takes seriously. Ex-rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant. No marriage. Been there. Done that.Not even if Becky’s dream candidate is her beautiful, blonde teacher, Felicity Albright, who knows about barrettes, patching up scrapes, and hates carrots as much as his daughter. Taggart’s still not interested. Much.What’s a daughter to do? Becky’s no [...]

    19. I fell in love with Taggart Jones, when he took Becky on the road with him and was raising her with the help of his rodeo buddies. He showed his devotion and responsibility to his baby daughter.Than Becky's mischief in making Taggart aware of Felicity was totally hysterical and the way he kept putting his foot in his mouth, whileFelicity's strength and courage at the end to show up Orrin and prove her point about teaching styles. WOW!!Taggert is my favorite cowboy in the Tanner series. I volunta [...]

    20. 3.5 stars.Considering that it's twenty years old, this book stands up pretty well in this re-release. Taggart is a hands on single dad who has always tried to do what’s best for his daughter, while Felicity is a woman still in mourning for her deceased husband. She’s not looking for a relationship; he would like one but isn’t willing to trust again after the disaster of his marriage. It’s all fairly cute and standard stuff.Then along comes Becky. Taggart’s daughter is quite a character [...]

    21. The Cowboy and the Kid was an enjoyable, romantic book. This is the first book by Anne McAllister that I have read but it will not be the last. Taggart Jones is a world champion bull rider who has a ten year old daughter, Becky, who he is raising by himself. Becky's mother left them when she was an infant. Becky has been on the road with Taggart as he has traveled and their relationship is very close. Becky decides her dad needs a wife. The new teacher, Felicity Albright, is beautiful and is the [...]

    22. I voluntarily read a advanced readers copy of this bookThe Cowboy and the Kid by Anne McAllister, book 4 in the Tanner Brothers series. A sweet, heart-warming story that pulled me in front the first page. This author knows how to you give a great characters with a great storyline. I'm looking forward to reading more with these characters and more books by this author.

    23. suspense, little girl and dads in troubleits an easy read filled with a few twists thanks to one determined daughter playing matchmaker. i planned to take this book slow and ended up not putting it down.

    24. The Cowboy and the Kid by Anne McAllister was such a 5 star read. I have read the 4 books in The Tanner Brother series and love them all. What I also love about this series is, that the books works as stand-alone type of books, so you don´t have to read more than one. You get a full story in each and everyone. This is a story about a girl that needs a mom, and she sets out on a mission, or more likely an adventure, to find her dad a wife, and herself a mom. So it´s about spurs, cowboys, bulls, [...]

    25. Taggart Jones is a champion bull rider with the buckle to prove it and he is teaching a bull riding class. He is also raising his daughter Becky by himself and is haunted by memories of his ex wife and all the things about his marriage that didn't work.Little Becky is wanting a mom, but just knows her Dad will pick someone she doesn't like, so she and her best friend start deciding all the ways they can nudge him in the right direction. This little pair are so cute and even funny in their antics [...]

    26. Taggart retired from bull riding to raise his daughter after his wife left them. Felicity came to town to move on from the death of her husband. Both of them are afraid to love again. His eight year old daughter, Becky, plays matchmaker despite Felicity being her teacher. Felicity is surprised by her feeling toward Taggart having lost her husband only two years earlier. She falls for him fast. Taggart is not ready to take that risk. Can two damaged hearts help each other to heal and love again? [...]

    27. This was a fun read with a retired bull fighting single dad, a matchmaking daughter, and a teacher that would make the perfect new mom! Taggert was happy with the way his life was going. His daughter Becky didn't agree. She thinks they need a woman in their life and her antics to get her father and her teacher, Felicity Albright, together was completely entertaining. I highly recommend this one.

    28. Taggart Jones is a champion rodeo bull rider, retired and raising his daughter, Becky. Becky is determined to find herself a mom and sets her eyes on her teacher, Felicity Albright. She’s smart, beautiful and single. Becky and her friend, Susannah, scheme together to bring her dad and Miss Albright together with funny and ingenious ideas. This is a super cute read.

    29. Becky is determined to find a match for her dad. She decides her school teacher would be the perfect candidate to be her new mom. This is a great series to read if you love cowboys.

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