Hot Shot I put out fires for a living I m damn good at it too I m known for my bravery courage and daredevil stunts Oh yeah and the way I use my hose Firemen are celebrities in this town My father my brothe

  • Title: Hot Shot
  • Author: JoannaBlake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I put out fires for a living I m damn good at it too I m known for my bravery, courage and daredevil stunts Oh yeah, and the way I use my hose Firemen are celebrities in this town My father, my brothers and all my cousins have put their lives on the line for the people of Brooklyn, NY I ve been in calendars and on TV I have my pick of any woman I want Anytime, any I put out fires for a living I m damn good at it too I m known for my bravery, courage and daredevil stunts Oh yeah, and the way I use my hose.Firemen are celebrities in this town My father, my brothers and all my cousins have put their lives on the line for the people of Brooklyn, NY I ve been in calendars and on TV I have my pick of any woman I want Anytime, anywhere All I have to do is snap my fingers But Kennedy Stewart is the one that got away A shy girl from strict religious family, we had a hotter than hell fling I was auctioned off for charity and her friends won me for her as a joke A shy virgin should ve been easy pickings for me But I was the one who got swept off his feet We had a few weeks of bliss, even if we had to sneak around I even said the L word The next thing I know she s visiting relatives and won t answer my calls I swore off women especially her But she took a little surprise with her My baby Now she s back and the little bundle of joy bears a startling resemblance to yours truly I can t be fooled and I can t be denied I want what s mine Heartfire is a stand alone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating This edition contains bonus materials for a limited time only

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    One thought on “Hot Shot”

    1. RE-READ Review 3 HE NEEDED TO GROW UP STARS After I enjoyed her last book so much I re-read her other book. This one was still pretty good but I must say I found the hero behavior to be extremely insulting and the heroine should have made him suffer more. Yeah she should have told him about the baby but with his history.s were looking really bad for her here. He was an asshole for 50% of the Book and his behavior towards the knowledge of father was GROSS. _______________ORIGNAL REVIEW NOV 2016__ [...]

    2. This book was sooo cute!! I really liked it and will probably reread it later on so because of that it's going in my fav pile. Drew's a NY Firefighter who fell hard for the innocent church goer Kennedy (Neddy) Stewart until one day she just bails on him. This left Drew shattered, confused, and lost, drowning himself in liquor and being absolute reckless at work. Then one day Neddy comes back claiming to have had his kid and he loses it. He doesn't trust her, his fear of her walking out on him ag [...]

    3. I just can't! This hero was an asshole who in no way redeemed himself. The heroine was a doormat who just let him do what ever he wanted. For crying out woman he told you he was "fucking you out of his system!!" Then he used your guilt against you to get blow jobs when he couldn't have sex! Multiple times the hero stated he was going to get what he wanted from herltiple times he made decisions that affected them both but never consulted herltiple time he said and did hurtful things. He may have [...]

    4. I enjoyed this one a lot. A good second chance romance + a secret baby were all I'm living for these days. I just can't see myself touching a fantasy if it's not ACOWAR. Soooo I'll just drown myself in contemporaries until May 2nd (or until my copy arrives).

    5. Triggers: secret pregnancyNo cheating, no OM/OW, both celibate during separation.Given all of the above it was a crap read. I have rarely seen a crude, cold and insensitive hero who claims to be in love with the heroine.He has played the blame game till almost the end. Never manned up to even think his past questionable actions might be the reason why things might have gotten out of hand. She was a jaded single mum. He was hell bent on destroying her further. He even wanted another kid with her, [...]

    6. Story's main pairing is H/H ; Hero & Himself. Yeah. Talk about self absorbed. H was a douche, self centered & cared only about his hurt feelings. h was a doormat & let everybody push her around. Crud. I really am so disappointed by this. I initially wrote like a 4 paragraph rant but deleted my rant is it because I used cuss words? I even made bullets of reasons why i hated this! I DNF'ed this. Man I spent 30 mins typing that rant!Bottom line: H was a DOUCHE , and despite learning h [...]

    7. Just boring. And the plot and drama was kinda ott. Brothers who send the heroine away because she's pregnant. The brothers are written as moron bullies. The hero was so cold-ish when he found out about the kid. It didn't show any warm, cute bonding between father and baby. Even the relationship between h/H was lukewarm.

    8. Kennedy and Drew. Honestly I finished this a couple days ago and am already forgetting the plot. But I did enjoy it. The book lists as over 400 pages but the majority of that is actually cr*p from the publisher for other books. But anyways, Kennedy is a goody two shoes young girl who gets seduced by the hot male slut of the town. It's pretty much insta love, but her older brothers wreck it by kicking her out and telling her lies. She's not the brightest bulb on the planet and believes their lies [...]

    9. Some SpoilersOverall, this was a cute read there were certain things that bugged me thought. The Hero was clearly very in love/lust with the heroine and she feels the same way as its mentioned many many times how turned on she gets, however, when heroine tells him that she had his baby when she disappeared, at first he asks if its his, which I get was out of anger but throughout the book I did not feel this incredible love for his child. The Hero was alot more interested in getting in the heroin [...]

    10. Drew tends to have some very convincing arguments, "well, it's our tradition. Anyway, I like carrying you. It makes me feel strong and manly." I really loved this book, Drew was caring and sweet, and persistent once he got over his ***holey phase.

    11. Great bookThis book was a great read a hot fireman and his second chance with his girl. Also comes with free books making it a bargin

    12. HEARTFIRE is a beautiful romance love story and I hated when it was over. Drew is a firefighter who is the sweetest guy out there and yes, he is somewhat of a ladies man. He meets Kennedy Stewart and falls for her. She has had a hard life due to her rough and mean brothers. When he sees Kennedy, he changes. They connect and their chemistry is off the wall insane; but Kennedy disappeared he didn’t know what to think and he did stay true to her. When Kennedy comes back with a baby, then Drew cha [...]

    13. No he conectado para nada con los personajes, al menos con el de Drew. Pese a que al principio me gusta, me parece excesivo el comportamiento que tiene cuando vuelve Kennedy. Entiendo que pueda estar dolido, pero se convierte en una persona horrible, que lo único que quiere es humillarla, y en ningún momento me hace sentir lo contrario.

    14. Wow!!! What a fireman. This book was so good. I had a hard time putting it down. It had my emotions all over the place but I loved it

    15. OMGI abolutely loved this book.I was pulled in from chapter one and if it was for taking such strong pain killers I probably would of finished it last night.This book it a wonderful read and light hearted book if you know what I mean. There is a lot of content and the emotions you can feel them dripping from the pages. I laughed at this book, I cried and I got frustrated and I cried a bit more. The main couple in this book go through a lot and the nice thing about it is the fact that I knew exac [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this book and I couldn't put it down.HOT SHOT is a beautifully written story about second chances and how to rebuild your life after massive misunderstandings and heartache.If you like Joanna Blake books you really need to one click this book straight away and enjoy getting wrapped up in Drew and Kennedy.This book is set in Brooklyn NY and revolves around the beautiful shy Kennedy Stewart who has had a hard life thanks to her brutish brothers.Drew Callaway is a fire fighter wh [...]

    17. A Second Chance to Rekindle the Fire4.5 ✨From the moment he saw Kennedy he knew she was something special. The night of the charity auction he got his chance. What led from there was a steamy secret love affair that ended when Kennedy became pregnant. Drew never what happened just that girl he lived up and disappeared. But, now she’s back and this this Drew refuses to lose her again. This story was emotion, frustrating, sweet, funny, and most definitely hot!

    18. I absolutely couldn't put this down & loved it!! I love second chances too. Second chances reminds me that we all have hearts. I just didn't like the timeline & how it was interpreted in my head. It kept screwing with me. I also don't like Kennedy's brothers too much. I do know that even with everything that was going on Drew & Neddy never gave up & wished they had communicated better. To save each other's heartache, but that's life.Thank-You!!

    19. I loved it! It was a bit different from what I normally expect from Joanna Blake but that is definitely a good thing. Actually if I didn't know any better, I'd say it was written by someone else. The voice just seemed so completely different from her other books.I liked the slow burn between the two main characters and I'd LOVE it if Kennedy's cousin Jamie and Drew's friend Lowe got their own story (hint hint!).

    20. Who doesn't love a hot firefighter?I loved Drew! He may have been a player before Kennedy but he fell head over heels; then her hateful brothers talked her into thinking that he was just using her. Even after Kennedy's return, she was still skittish and mistrustful of Drew. Glad that they finally worked their $h!t out.

    21. Such a heart warming second chance romance "Hot Shot" by Joanna Blake. The review is up at desireforlit/2018/02/07/hoMyn

    22. Good storyThe story was engaging and the characters were likable. Kennedy started out as a wuss but grew into a woman.

    23. Great book! I really like second chance romances and this is a good one. I highly recommend this book as a great read. SQ

    24. Well after a reading slump, at least I can say this book held my attention. Kennedy grew up in a very strict and religious family. Then she falls for the town hottie who ends up getting g her pregnant. Her brothers force her to leave. When she later turns up with a baby in toe , town hottie/ sexy fireman, Drew is pissed as he's been nursing a broken heart since her departure. Now the two are trying to pick up the pieces, and learn to trust each other while they battle their sexual needs for one [...]

    25. Good readGood book I enjoyed the characters. I wish there was just a little more to the story line. Worth the time to read and enjoy.

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