Espero Trouble infiltrated the Harakens capital city of Espero in the form of New Terra criminal gangs who grew wealthy and powerful on the moons of Ganymede hiding behind the cover of an ill conceived min

  • Title: Espero
  • Author: S.H. Jucha
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trouble infiltrated the Harakens capital city of Espero, in the form of New Terra criminal gangs who grew wealthy and powerful on the moons of Ganymede, hiding behind the cover of an ill conceived mining charter The gangs brought stims and addictive hallucinogenic drugs to Espero, distributing them to the young on the planet Christie Racine and her friends visited a hidTrouble infiltrated the Harakens capital city of Espero, in the form of New Terra criminal gangs who grew wealthy and powerful on the moons of Ganymede, hiding behind the cover of an ill conceived mining charter The gangs brought stims and addictive hallucinogenic drugs to Espero, distributing them to the young on the planet Christie Racine and her friends visited a hidden club rud to be a source of the dangerous drugs and have run afoul of the criminals running the illegal establishment Kidnapped and transported out of Hell bore s system aboard a freighter, the girls become desperate to free themselves Alex Racine, Christie s brother and president of the Harakens, races to discover where the girls were taken The trail leads Alex from Espero to the pleasure domes of Jolares, a moon orbiting a gas giant in Oistos, the New Terrans home system Alex s search is complicated by the discovery of not one, but three sets of pleasure domes, each on its own moon and run by its own criminal mastermind It becomes a dangerous game of hide and seek, as the Harakens attempt to recover their girls and locate the biochemist who created the dangerous hallucinogen, without panicking the kidnappers The Harakens efforts are complicated by the duplicitousness of Mr Blue and Sniffer, two gang leaders, who seek to steal the domes of Craze, the third gang leader, in a dangerous double cross Alex and his people thought things couldn t get any complicated until they discover the gangs have gone to war with deadly stunners and plasma rifles in a fight for possession of the Haraken girls, who are caught between the rivals.

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    One thought on “Espero”

    1. I did not find this book as enjoyable as the other books in the series. It is because of the theme of the story. The story is about New Terran criminal gangs, drugs and human trafficking. Alex Racine, the President of Haraken, finds out his sister, Christie, has been kidnapped by the human traffickers and has been taken off world. Alex sets out to get her back and shut down the criminal gangs.This book is well written, but I did not enjoy the story about criminal gangs and corrupt politicians. I [...]

    2. There was an interesting start to the book but then it went downhill quite quickly.The basic plot was fairly boring, especially the machinations of Toyo and Kadmir, which were bizarre and irritating rather than interesting. I found myself skipping pages during their big battle. Unfortunately, even when the Harakens got involved it didn’t get any more enjoyable, in fact it became more ‘Farce’ than SciFi.In the end, I probably enjoyed the final round up, more than the rest of the book.

    3. I did not think that from the description I would enjoy this book as much as I had enjoyed some of the others. However once we got though 2/3 of dealing with the gang issue the political part (which I enjoy) and the philosophical part of colliding cultures and worlds really shines in the last 1/3. This is one series that I hope as long as there are good stories to tell we can continue to tell them. This really reminds me a lot of Star-Trek and how I don't get tried of their adventures (some are [...]

    4. Robert's ReviewI enjoy this universe immensely, the daily lives of the Harakens' is very interesting. The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) constructs attaining sentience is not new too Sci Fy, however as portrayed here is a reflection of possible trends in our own society. The topics discussed in this series in regards to SADEs is possibly the same as we currently view new ideas, groups or technology designed to enhance and assist mankind in our march to the future. I look forward to fu [...]

    5. Really Good Sci-fi!This series has come a long way from the initial Silver Ships. I have thoroughly enjoyed the character and plot development through all of them! One of my all time favorite Sci-Fi series!

    6. Loved this book. Great continuation of what feel like old friend's story. The author really makes you care about the characters.

    7. A fitting end to a new beginningFirst off I have to say this was my least favorite book of the series. That is not to say it is not a good story, for it is, just it did not hit all my high marks I want in a hard core science fiction story. Book 1 grabbed me with human colonies in space and alien space ships and super computers (SADE) and great seeing adventure. Throughout the series these daring adventures grew to a people in a new colony I would be proud to live among, reminiscent of the World [...]

    8. Morality and intelligence work to solve crime and human greedOur heroes continue to prove that teamwork and truth are powerful tools to defeat drug lords and cheating politicians. I wish they could help America. Great adventure continues.

    9. DesolationI loved the first book and the second, the third all of them, but this one. An effort wasted, it is not a scifi novella, pur and simple kidnapping story, boring, with some twists I skipped most of the book. The solid characters of the series didnt deserve that. I will wait for the upcoming one, out of respect but, without the same enthusiasm. I sincerely hope that it will return to glorious storytelling. If you like the series, you may skip this one, no harm done. I wish somebody told [...]

    10. I read every new book in the series as soon as it becomes available. Love this author's style and story. I've never been disappointed.

    11. Once again, Mr. Jucha has written a wonderfully great book. If you have not started from the beginning with “The Silver Ships (Book 1)” then you’ve missed a lot of wonderful science fiction. And I say wonderful because, these are the nicest, warmest and friendliest books in the genre that I’ve have ever read. {SPOILER ALERT! ] Even when Admiral Tachenko uses a bad guys own deadly knife thrust towards her, to shove that knife up through his jaw and into his brain, it just felt like that w [...]

    12. I really liked this book. It started off for me rather confusing because it had been a while since I read it's predecessor. So I was a bit confused by all of the names of planets and people and SADE's. I just could not remember who came from which planet and what attributes that gave them. A good part of the book was like a mystery rather than a sci fi story. But that was OK with me. Near the end of the book things got really exciting not knowing who would come out on top. The end of the book wa [...]

    13. Loved itI've enjoyed this series from the very beginning, and I recommend it to any who enjoys space adventures. Although it was a bit more difficult for me to get into Espero, that was probably more a problem with me than with the book. Once I broke past that "readers block " I was totally hooked and couldn't put it down. One of the finer points of being retired was I didn't have to put it aside for any reason! I will be looking forward to more adventures with Alex, the SADES, and the rest of t [...]

    14. Alex Racine is again involved in an intergalactic crisis. This time, however, it is not an alien invasion, but drug dealers from New Terra that pose the problem, and one of them has kidnapped Racine's younger sister. What happens next is predictable, but how it happens is not. The Haraken SADE's (Self Aware Digital Entity, think Cdr. Data from STNG) display more and more human tendencies as the battle against the drug dealers is distilled down to hand to hand combat. Even with minimal space acti [...]

    15. I think this was one too many in the series. It lacked the verve and intensity of the previous novels in the Silver Ships series. While the story was engaging in ways, it didn't have the movement of the prior novels. I got tired of the longer recollections and musings of the characters. It seemed as if the entire book was simply setting up the finale and preparing for a segue into another series.Kinda wish I hadn't taken the edge off the series by reading this one.

    16. Once more into the breach dear friendsSince I adopted Thomas Deprimas galaxy unknown series as a constant source of wonder. I find this series to equally enthralling and worthy of my patronage. I await the next offering with a certain sadness and joy. Philosophies mingle like the stars and fade at the calling of the energy applied. Awaiting the next entanglement in infinite complexities, then sort themselves out for the next dance to begin.

    17. Black and WhiteWe welcome Alex and the group back again into our hearts and minds. Here you will discover the grey area that the Harkens have tried to live with out. As it comes sneaking into their lives. This causes more than little trouble for them , but they do finally get their ideas out there to correct a world's problems.

    18. Fantastic seriesFantastic series each book is fascinating the SADE 's are wonderful creations. I am so glad that the series is continuing. May you write fast and prosper. Thank you I enjoy your books greatly.

    19. Slowing downTh silver ship stories have always been OK reads but the story line really slowed down with this installment. I have as already purchased the next. If it isn't any better than this I will not continue with book 8

    20. OptimalThis is not only worth waiting for, it is impressive because, like all the rest of the Silver Ships series, the plot, characters, and the drama come together like two magnets attaching themselves together. Keep'em coming, Mr. Much a!

    21. Looking forward to the next one, because I think he's going to take it a new direction. Looking forward to it.

    22. Fun adventureVery imaginative series. Great characters. Every book in the series shows a new aspect of social interactions i didn't select.

    23. okJust ok. Just a step between the side of ok and fair, this was not science fiction. Readable though,just ok.

    24. Great seriesA well deserved four star rating. The characters and world development are intriguing and well thought out. I really enjoy this authors writing and imagination.

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