Checkmate This is War Travis Viola An enemies to lovers romance Travis King is the worst kind of asshole He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards He s cruel crass and has enough confidence to last two lifetimes

  • Title: Checkmate: This is War (Travis & Viola, #1)
  • Author: Kennedy Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • An enemies to lovers romance Travis King is the worst kind of asshole.He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards He s cruel, crass, and has enough confidence to last two lifetimes And I hate him.It wouldn t matter so much if he were avoidable But considering he s my older brother s best friend and roommate, I see him than I d ever want to.His s An enemies to lovers romance Travis King is the worst kind of asshole.He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards He s cruel, crass, and has enough confidence to last two lifetimes And I hate him.It wouldn t matter so much if he were avoidable But considering he s my older brother s best friend and roommate, I see him than I d ever want to.His sculpted abs and gorgeous eyes are a waste on such an egotistical man, which makes me hate him even .Even though I ve had a crush on him since I was ten, the feelings weren t mutual and he s always made that very clear.He s always loved getting under my skin and one night against my better judgment, I let him in my bed I ve succumbed to his manwhore ways, but that doesn t change a thing.Because the King is about to get played at his own game and lose.Checkmate.

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    1. FREE! (7/31/2017)| AMZ US | AMZ UK | B&N | KOBO |★★★★! Checkmate: This is War, book 1 of 2. Contemptuous sex & fun bantering, but mostly denial & sabotage when Travis & Viola are forced to share a house!“Great, Viola has officially broken my dick.”Books in the Checkmate duet should be read in order:Book 1: Checkmate: This is WarBook 2: Checkmate: This is LoveCheckmate: This is War (book 1) follows college student Viola Annabelle Fisher, Vi, V, Lola and marketing execu [...]

    2. Damn you Cliffhanger, i need book 2 now !!!!!!!!!! That bitch travis better have some fucking explanation to what did i just read. This is war, is one of those "huge MISUNDERSTANDING" stories, if the two main characters just sat down and talked, this book would have ended around 18%. Travis and Viola were friends when they were kids but at her 13th birthday she heard him talking about how pethetic she is, and loner with no friends or life, That's when her attitude towards him changed she hated h [...]

    3. Currently FREE on amzn/2tK4uiXThis is War is the story of Travis King and Viola Fisher, one time friends, now enemies. Viola thinks Travis is nothing more than a manwhore, and he thinks she's a stuck up prude. So you can imagine the craziness that ensues when they're stuck living together for two weeks. Without the supervision of Vi's brother, Travis' roommate, it's hard for these two to calm their urges to cause the other body harm. But when they get their hands on each other it's definitely no [...]

    4. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you says:

      Update. I just found out Kennedy Fox is a writing duo. How bad this book is that even the authors didn't claim credit for it? Whoever authors are behind the name "Kennedy Fox" know this book is bad. I wouldn't read anything by these authors if I knew their real name.UNSAFE BOOK WARNING UNSAFE BOOK WARKINGI don't recommend this book at all! It has almost every trope I hate in "romance" books. MainlyOW(view spoiler)[ Plenty of OW moments and I mean like half the book is H fucking, trying to fuck o [...]

    5. ♜♜♜♜ 4 Stars♜♜♜♜This is what I love when I pick up a book and I have no clue which way the story is going to go. One minute you're thinking, I know how this going to end and you think you're safe. That sense of security you have makes you calm because you THINK you know how everything is going to play out. But when you get to the end and read that last sentence, that calmness you felt? Is no longer there. I'll tell what replaces it though: Shock, anger, and straight up panic!! To [...]

    6. Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh Damn! How is this book end like that? Arghhh I NEED TO READ 2nd BOOK RIGHT NOW!!! Ugh but I don't know when it will come out. :( Why didn't I wait, why? :-/

    7. I love a enemies to lovers set up and I also love it when they're childhood friends all grown up because of all of the extra history we get. Add on the fact that she's his best mate's little sister and I thought I'd love this, but it didn't quite work out for me.My main issue was that the H was a complete pig. He continued to hook up with others even after something started simmering between them, and, as it was told in alternate fp, we got all the dirty deets of those hook ups. It kind of made [...]

    8. Scene after scene with ow and this pathetic "heroine" still can't control her body around him. This is romance?

    9. 3 starsThis book was so not my usual enemies to lovers kind of book that I like!There were things that I liked and things that I DIDN'T like!So I guess it is a 50-50 for me!Let's start with the thing that I liked in this bookd if there wasn't a turn of event it would have been a amazing book in my opinion!1. Loved the cover!2. This book was intense and H.O.T! There's no denying there! Duhhh3. I loved the crush and friendship Travis and Viola had as kids.4. I really enjoyed their love-hate intera [...]

    10. THREE CHECKMATE STARS."This is war, King." "Game on, princess."From the moment I clapped eyes on the blurb to this story I was sold. Nothing appeals to me more than a 'hate to love you' romance story and this book fills that genre better than most. Kennedy Fox, are a brand new writing duo in the romance writing world and I was impressed by their story telling from the start. This book has plenty of sexual tension, evil arguments and lashings of good old fashioned angst. I couldn't tell you if I' [...]

    11. Checkmate is a true enemies to lovers romance, which seems to be very popular these days. Now let me say, these two are definitely hostile! Travis is THE definition of a manwhore so of course it causes some riffs but the banter/explosive nature of these two is a lot of fun to witness. Then of course the pranks that Travis and Viola pull on each other to push them farther only adds to the situation; you never know what they'll pull next while trying to one up each other. The farther you get thoug [...]

    12. If anyone knows me, they know I love a good love-hate story. So when I saw this book I had to try it. Unfortunately, this one fell flat for me in a number of ways. The reason I love a good enemies-to-lovers is because of the bicker and the tension.While the H and h had banter, it wasn't doing a thing for me. Not to mention, the hero's Pov opens with him receiving a blowjob. I think this trope has been used one too many times and it's just annoying now. And who wants to give a man a random bj in [...]

    13. 3/5 stars This was a little meh for me, I didn't think it was very original and so many of the scenes were hard for me to believe. If this book was set around high school students instead of adults, I think the story would have felt more realistic and less juvenile but alas, another book full of pathetic adult characters with no real responsibility in life. This is a classic love to hate and hate to love kind of story, with Travis being one of the worst man whore characters I've read about in ye [...]

    14. 4 "One Up'd" StarsCheckmate: This is War is an enemies to lovers story for sure. With hatred and lust and lust and hatred, Viola and Travis are mortal enemies that become more than that during a week alone. Viola has been in love with her brother's best friend Travis since she was 10 years old. Not long after she thought they bared their souls to each other, he broke her young and fragile heart. Ever since she's held on to her anger eventually turning into disgust at all his manwhoreing ways. An [...]

    15. This is War is a fun read. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either. I didn't have high expectations anyway. It's an enemies to lovers plot, which is personally one of my favorite type of stories! Was it executed right? Yes and no, I'd say.I had a huge issue with the characters: how immature and childish they were. They're basically adults with Travis being a working man and Viola in her final year at university. But the way they argued with each other screamed teenagers. The plot isn't at [...]

    16. 4 'Game On' Stars!My first book by these duo of authors and I quite enjoyed it! Lots of hate, lots of funny moments and a lots of sex, so I ain't complaining! lol And after that damn cliffhanger I am going straight to reading This is Love. If you want a sexy frenemies love story, check this one out!

    17. It's LIVE a/0oe8G4p4.5 “Game On, Princess” StarsI need to start this attempt to review talking about the ending. That motherfucking of an ending that had me almost throwing my kindle against the wall. A-L-M-O-S-T. The thing that stopped me to do it was the simple fact that I knew I would need it to read the next book. LOL.So you would be thinking what is wrong with the ending? Well, its a CLIFFY!!!! Yes, a bastard of a cliffy. Don't say I didn't warn you! BUT please, don't let this fucker st [...]

    18. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewHot. Sexy. And loads of sexual tension. Checkmate: This Is War by Kennedy Fox was just a fun and entertaining read. I am a sucker when it comes to enemies to lovers and best friends little sister romance trope and so if you can combine the two, then you know you have my full attention. Viola Fisher loathes Travis King. Well to be exact, she hates him with a passion. At first she didn’t hate him that is until he did something to make her up [...]

    19. DNF!He should be disinfected with bleach.I was sick of his sex scenes with other women. That's disgusting!And she should have self-respect.Yuck:"After coming at me like a starved animal, still smelling like another girl’s perfume, I should’ve pushed him away. He was with a girl seconds before finding me in the mudroom, yet I couldn’t find the strength to leave."

    20. ****4 STARS****It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but I enjoyed it.Review to come

    21. ⭐️3.5 Stars ⭐️I love enemies to friends stories. After all it was Jane Austen who said:"Is not general incivility the very essence of love?"When written well, these kinds of stories cannot be beaten. Even though these storylines are my faves, they are often the hardest books for me to like. I really liked this story by KF and I loved the secondary plot about Travis' job. What I didn't care for was the constant back and forth jabbingbut I can't complain because the title clearly says it a [...]

    22. This was an ok read. The MCs came across as two bratty immature teenagers with their OTT attitude towards each other.

    23. UPDATE:Just finished listening to the audiobook version of this book and holy moly, it just keeps getting better and better! I still wanted to slap Alyssa ten ways to Sunday and wring her neck, throat punch Travis on more than one occasion and just give Viola tons of bear hugs. Lia Langola, the narrator for the book, did such an incredible job. I loved listening to this! ❤️______________________________________________________OH MOTHERTRUCKER!!! That was one mean and crazy cliffhanger! I wan [...]

    24. **NOW FREE ON ALL PLATFORMS!**THE CHECKMATE DUETAn enemies to lovers romanceNow available on all platforms!!◆iTunes: apple/2chSTQz◆ US: amzn/2d9Y9Uh◆ UK: amzn/2d0KbaK◆B&N: bit/2cUR9fp◆Kobo: bit/2dc05Rmkennedyfoxbooksfacebook/kennedyfoxbooksinstagram/kennedyfoxbooks

    25. ARC kindly provided by the Hype PR in exchange for an honest review4.5 Hate-the-cliffy-but-I'll-read-the-sequel-soon-so-it's-okay stars Holy guacamole, wasn't this book hot!!! Wow, I was in dire need of a fan during certain scenes.In two words this books was sexy and entertaining.The banter between the two character was priceless and I loved how the whole story revolved around them, with a bare minimum of side characters. 70% of the book is set in their apartment and still the story didn't come [...]

    26. Viola has known Travis since he became her older brother's best buddy when she was 10.Now, twelve years later he's the most sexy man she's ever seenBut she hates him. Loathes him. He's a (horribly sexy) manwhore!And she has to see him and his one-night stands/affairs/victims all the time at the place he shares with her brother.And now she's staying at her brother's place for those two weeks of spring break! All alone with Travis because dear brother is visiting his girlfriend!!!GAME ON!!Let's ho [...]

    27. Viola & Travis are mortal verbal enemies. They grew up together across the street from each other since late adolescences. Viola is the nerdy book kid loving school & family. Travis is the cocky jock keeping himself at arms lengths from everyone. Voila spews hateful insults in Travis' direction every chance she gets because of his womanizing ways. The hate is just a cover for hurt that was felt from over hearing Travis say something to her brother on her thirteenth birthday. Travis' woma [...]

    28. I really liked this book, I love the characters separately and together they are the bomb! But there were aspects in this book that didn't amuse me. I suppose they serve a purpose, but I still wasn't impressed when i had to read (view spoiler)[ detailed sex scenes of the hero with another woman, especially after he had a make out session with the heroine. Maybe it's not cheating, since they weren't dating, but in my mind I couldn't stomach reading him getting it on with Alyssa. Personally, I had [...]

    29. 4 Princess starsOH MY FREAKING CLIFFY!!!! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK ASAP! I was reluctant whether to read it now, even though, I knew that there was a cliffhangerBUTI was too impatien, plus my bestie loved it soooo yeah, I did not stand a chance thereLOL . So here I am, finished a new book, from a new author, new characters -with whom I fell in love with- and an upcoming book for which I want to scream because IWANT ITso bad! One of the bestfriends-to-enemies-to-loversstory. I am not a big fan of tho [...]

    30. 5 hate-to-love stars! Holy shit! I heard this book would end with a bang of a cliffhanger but I was so NOT expecting this. I'm going to download book 2 now and dive in immediately!

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