Death In The Caucasus A FATHER S FRANTIC SEARCH FOR HIS MISSING DAUGHTER A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK A DESPERATE STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL A young British woman goes missing whilst trekking in the Caucasus Mountains Her prolonged

  • Title: Death In The Caucasus
  • Author: J.A. Kalis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A FATHER S FRANTIC SEARCH FOR HIS MISSING DAUGHTER.A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK A DESPERATE STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL.A young British woman goes missing whilst trekking in the Caucasus Mountains Her prolonged silence and the lack of news about her whereabouts plunge her family in London into emotional turmoil Before long, her father and sister unable to endure the waiting anyA FATHER S FRANTIC SEARCH FOR HIS MISSING DAUGHTER.A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK A DESPERATE STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL.A young British woman goes missing whilst trekking in the Caucasus Mountains Her prolonged silence and the lack of news about her whereabouts plunge her family in London into emotional turmoil Before long, her father and sister unable to endure the waiting any longer decide to take action What follows is a frantic search, a wild journey through Georgia and the South West of France that soon turns into a desperate life and death struggle as they cross paths with a ruthless killer.

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    One thought on “Death In The Caucasus”

    1. Sandy disappears whilst on a trekking holiday in the Caucasus mountains. Patrick, Sandy's father, is determined to find out what happened to his daughter and travels to Georgia. Carol, Sandy's sister, wants to find out more about Sandy's two travelling companions, Lucien and Corinne. She travels to France to question them. This is an engrossing, fast-moving story with plenty of twists and turns. I particularly enjoyed the cat and mouse games played by Lucien and Corinne as they lure the unsuspec [...]

    2. This book was captivating and very well-written, and I loved the way in which it built up tension. It caught a hold of me right from the first chapter and I was sucked into the world. The author has a very clear style of writing and was able to ramp up the tension slowly as they try to find a missing daughter/sister, and especially the ending was very vivid and had me on the edge of my seat. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more by this author!

    3. A tense thriller that has the pages turning from the start. As the story evolved I became very sympathetic to the main character Patrick, a father that starts looking for one daughter, only to realise he needs to be searching for other too. As he races across from one country to another, little does Patrick know he is on the tail of a madman.The tension in the latter half of the book, and the uncertainty of exactly how everything would play out, kept me glued to the last page.

    4. CharactersPatrick and Carol, father and sister of the young woman who goes "missing," are the main characters. They are main characters along side the 'bad' characters. It was nice to get in to the head of the killer. A big problem with this book was it didn't stay in each person's POV well. I would get confused on who exactly the chapter was for because the narrator (Patrick/Carol/etc) would know things that only the other character would know. PlotThe book is intense! It was nail biting and f [...]

    5. A spellbinding tale from the very first chapter.Patrick's daughter, Sandy, is missing. Last seen on a mountain climbing excursion with a young French couple. It wasn't like her to stop texting her family so Patrick sets out to find her. Was she somewhere in the mountains in need of help? How can he accept the fact that his daughter has seemed to disappear from the face of the earth? Things become even more complicated as his other daughter decides to investigate for herself.The characters reveal [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book! The story opens as a hapless hostage is being marched to her kill site in the Georgian Caucasus Mountains, and the action doesn't let up from there. Pacing is whiplash fast, with just enough emotional backstory to add depth without bogging down. Characters are deftly sketched in confident, convincing strokes. And Kalis is adept at using natural settings as an additional, uncaring adversary, whether that setting is a rugged mountain range, remote abandoned village, or [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book. It was really fast-paced and highly entertaining. Actually, I read it in one day, two sittings. I was pretty gripped the whole time. It was that kind of read - where you just have to find out what's going to happen. There was one point at about a third of the way in where I was surprised because one element of the story resolved itself and I thought, huh, maybe this won't be so good after all. But then the action picked up a fresh thread and the pace kept hammering on. I won [...]

    8. Death In The Caucasus is a taut thriller which doesn't meander far from the central story of a father trying to track down a missing daughter, whilst his other daughter tries to fight for her life against those responsible. It's generally well written, with little fluff or digressions, as you would expect of a modern thriller. So it's easy to read, but the writing is maybe not as inspired as it could be.However, the sparse descriptions work best towards the end when things start getting claustro [...]

    9. The story begins with a pair of sociopath villains and their innocent victim. I was immediately transported into a chilling nightmare and so begins this thriller. A woman goes missing and her concerned father sets out to find her. We are pulled into the emotional agony he suffers not knowing the fate of his daughter, and moved quickly along by the smooth narrative and well-written descriptions. The dialogue was the only area that didn't always keep pace with the rest of the story, requiring some [...]

    10. A top-notch thriller about a father searching for his missing daughter. And in his search, he learns his other daughter has also gone missing. As he gets closer to solving the mystery, he gets involved in dangerous struggle across France and Georgia. There is a sense that this has all been done before, but not as well as this. Fast paced, and full of twists and turns, to comes to a very satisfying conclusion. The book is an easy read, loved the character of the ruthless killer, but was glad when [...]

    11. Death in the Caucasus indeed. The reader is taken on a family's desperate search for British tourist, Sandy Morton, hiking in the beautiful Georgian Mountains, and then to an isolated cave region in France. They find that Sandy is not just missing but murdered. Sandy's sister, Carol, becomes captured by Sandy's killer and his accomplice, and held in a cave for his sick and twisted needs.The ending has a surprise twist and, while harsh justice is served after a fashion, a last terrible price has [...]

    12. Kept me on edgeJust when I thought the tension eased it began again all the way through the last page. A must read.

    13. Death in the Caucasus is a thriller set in France, Georgia, and the U.S. Sandy, a young American woman seeking adventure, meets Lucien and Corinne on a traveler buddy board. However, once they reach the Caucasus, Lucien steals her money. When she confronts them, Lucien stabs her and pushes her off a ledge.Alarmed at not hearing from Sandy, her father, Patrick, enlists the help of the police, who tell him Sandy is dead. In the meantime, Sandy’s sister, Carol, sets out for France, trying to trac [...]

    14. I always evaluate a book on the first chapter. If it doesn't captivate me straight away, then I find it hard to settle into the rest of the book. But there was no need to worry with this book. The story got you interested within the first few pages. The author did very well to portray the emotions of the characters particularly Patrick, Sandy's father, who you really felt for. Carol her sister was very courageous and a worthy heroine. My only criticism is that it was quite descriptive at times. [...]

    15. A well-written, edge of your seat thriller full of twists I didn't see coming. Thrown into a world and ruthless people they know nothing about, Peter goes in search of his missing daughter at about the same time that his other daughter Carol also gets involved. It becomes a race against time for Peter when Carol makes contact with just the kind of person no one wants to get to know.

    16. I loved the first book "When The Jaguar Sleeps: A jungle adventure", thus when only her second book appeared I bought it immediately. I wanted to check whether she'll be able to keep up the form. After reading the book, I can honestly say - she delivered again. The location is different, the characters are different - and yet as in the previous book, the story gripped me from the very start. The story is fast-paced, quickly changing between locations and persons and yet one needs to pay attentio [...]

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