In a Far Country Pree Fincastle daughter of impoverished British missionaries in India is left alone and destitute when tragedy strikes She embarks on a journey in search of Kai the son of her mother s ayah and th

  • Title: In a Far Country
  • Author: Linda Holeman
  • ISBN: 9780755331888
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pree Fincastle, daughter of impoverished British missionaries in India, is left alone and destitute when tragedy strikes She embarks on a journey in search of Kai, the son of her mother s ayah, and the only person she can trust But Kai is not the man Pree thought he was, and the secrets he holds will unlock the door to another world, another time and, shockingly, anothPree Fincastle, daughter of impoverished British missionaries in India, is left alone and destitute when tragedy strikes She embarks on a journey in search of Kai, the son of her mother s ayah, and the only person she can trust But Kai is not the man Pree thought he was, and the secrets he holds will unlock the door to another world, another time and, shockingly, another life From the whispering Ravi River to the hidden heart of the Peshawar, this is a story of penury and prostitution, tragedy and bloodshed, secrets and love But ultimately it is a story of hope a story that, once read, will never be forgotten

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    One thought on “In a Far Country”

    1. Linda Holeman really deserves to be better known. Her books seem to be difficult to find outside the UK and Canada which is sad because she's such a good writer. Last year I read The Moonlit Cage and enjoyed it so much I couldn't wait to read another of her historical fiction novels. In a Far Country is part of a trilogy with The Linnet Bird and The Moonlit Cage, but they are all stand-alone books and can be read in any order.In a Far Country is set in British-ruled India in the late 19th centur [...]

    2. In a Far CountryBy Linda HolemanMcArthur & Co 500 pages, $25Following the release of two bestselling historical novels, Winnipeg author Linda Holeman returns with another thick tome filled with secrets, tragedy and strong women who just can't seem to get a break.Holeman calls this the last of the three books in her loosely tied "India Trilogy."The previous title in the series, The Linnet Bird, published in 2004, starts in the early 1800s in Liverpool and chronicles the life of a prostitute, [...]

    3. I've loved Linda Holeman's writing since I first picked up The Linnet Bird at the local half price bookstore when I was in college. Her books are so rich with action, mystery, romance and cultural diversity. It's sometimes hard to believe she is from Canada and not India, Afghanistan or some other far off country. The reader can easily get lost in a world that is vastly unlike anything they have ever known.The vivid, colourful and natural way Linda Holeman writes leaves the reader engrossed in h [...]

    4. I wanted to like this book than I did. I liked the author's writing voice but I felt the story really dragged and some of the descriptions were just overkill bogging the story down without moving the plot along. There's giving the setting flavour and then there's describing every beam in a house ala Charles Dickens style and I felt that with this story. Also, I found the ending a huge disappointment. Pree has all these horrible things happen to her, has brief moments with the man she loves Kai w [...]

    5. A remarkable journey A tale of a young girl who grows up in a Christian missionary during some of the most bloody years of the British Raj in India. She refuses to be the daughter her parents wish her to become. But things are not as they would seem to be to the people who pass by the mission compound. Why is she unable to accept the Christian religion she grows up learning every day? Even she can see her parents are outcasts, but doesn't understand the signs that warn her that a storm is blowin [...]

    6. "Another completely engrossing and very well written novel from Linda Holeman. She has become one of my most favorite authors. With wonderful, fully developed characters and absorbing storyline, the book is set in India in the late 1800's. Ms. Holeman completely emerses the reader in the sights, sounds and smells of the country. Every book written by Ms. Holeman is an adventure, and I'm always sad when I've come to the end of the journey. I can't wait to read her latest, "The Saffron Gate". Very [...]

    7. Linda Holeman is one of my favorite authors. I have read every one of her books I can get my hands on. Her novels are fine pieces of art painted with the vivid colors of the East, wonderful historical details, deftly drawn characters and riveting storylines. Absolutely loved, loved, loved this novel!!

    8. I really enjoyed this bookuntil the end ended so abruptly I reread the last page several times trying to see if I missed something.It feels like an unfinished bookI took one star for the ending, otherwise it was a good read :)

    9. ik werd helemaal meegezogen in de wereld van Pree. ongelofelijk wat sommige mensen meemaken in hun leven en hoe sterk mensen kunnen zijn.

    10. As the daughter of poor medical missionaries in India, Pri Fincastle's life is far from glamorous or easy. There's much to do and she spends her time tending the gardens, learning the languages of the area and helping her parents look after the needs of the villagers who come to the mission for medical relief. There is little occasion for fun or frivolity in her austere upbringing.As well, the atmosphere at the mission is not a happy one and there is much about her family's strange situation she [...]

    11. This book was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad I read it! I don't know a lot about Indian culture, so that by itself made this book really interesting to me. The first 300 pages or so are just introducing the story. Normally, I can't stand that, but the story was so engaging, I couldn't put it down. Pree was a really interesting heroine. The things she does, whether they be right or wrong, totally make sense with her personality. Sometimes, I felt like screaming at the book, "Nooo [...]

    12. This is a pretty dramatic tale - the life of a young woman born in India under British colonial rule. Pree is the daughter of English missionaries who falls on hard time when disaster strikes the family. Her dearest friend is a young man named Kai who is involved in insurgent activities against British rule. But Kai deserts Pree who must resort to desperate means to make a new life for herself. While the premise sounds like the novel is a pot-boiler of epic proportions, this is a book you can ha [...]

    13. From the opening paragraph this books just draws you into a journey bringing the sights, smells and horrors of 19th century India vividly to life. Linda Holeman is a master story teller weaving an intricate tale from stunning backgrounds. She has written several other books, some for young adults, but it is her adult fiction that grips me, and keeps me waiting eagerly for her next offering. If you haven't yet discovered her writing ,you are in for a treat.She doesn't pull any punches and her des [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book, and Linda Holeman has a way of drawing her reader into the setting of her novel and into her character's mind. Her descriptions of her main character's surroundings makes you envision the setting and the first person narrative is written thoughtfully, which gives great depth to Pree(the main character) and her emotions. She is a great storyteller that weaves a slow tale at first, which then takes on a dramatic intensity. Overall, a great read from an author who is alw [...]

    15. Ah I am sad it is finished.This book started a bit slow, but then it really started to gain pace and I enjoyed it.I was a bit annoyed by her constantly following Kai.One thing I am very curious about, what kind of genre the books of Lina Holeman are? Are they historical Fiction? or are they more romance books?I want to know cause I like these kind of books a lot. Cannot wait for her next book,which has the working title of Majorelle Blue. Great canadian author.

    16. I sort of enjoyed two other books by this author. But this one was just a romance, and I don't like romance books. If you like romance, you would probably enjoy it. I kept wondering why I was finishing it -- well, it's because I most always finish books that I start. Unfortunately, I own one more book by this author, and I will have to read it just because I have to read books that I own. I hope it is better than this one.

    17. Pree is a young girl who was raised on an isolated and poor Christian mission in India during the late 1800’s. She has learned extensive medical knowledge from her parents and enjoys helping the patients. Suddenly, there are some catastrophic events which plunge her into a world of hardship. She must use her courage and her wits to survive as she searches for a better life. It is an exciting and riveting story which held my attention throughout.

    18. Jane Eyre goes to India? This novel is part romance, part gothic, part historical, hard to pinpoint by genre, but very readable. Unputdownable is a coined word, but this book is! Pree Fincastle's life is part The Secret Garden, part Jane Eyre, part Gone With the Wind, part The African Queen. Even though the writing is sometimes less than perfect, the book soars above it. GREAT story!

    19. Made me a bit nauseous. Couldn't get past page 194. Although I enjoyed reading other books about India, somehow this one never reached past the basic level of the crude living into heart warming humanness.

    20. I really enjoyed this book and loved the never ending twists and turns of the plot. Although set in India don't expect some deep and thought provoking commentary on the Raj - it's not. Instead enjoy it as a tale of a young woman's coming of age.

    21. Holeman writes unusual books. Just when I think I know where it is going, it takes another turn. Definitely a powerful author, who has the ability to draw you wholly into another country and culture. I look forward to reading more of her books.

    22. Sehr langatmig und teilweise passiert nichts. Das Ende empfand ich als sehr aprupt. Hunderte von Seiten wird darauf hingearbeitet und dann ist es auf einmal vorbei. Es war ok, aber zog sich streckenweise sehr.

    23. I would recommend all of Linda Holeman's book and I've read most of them. Not a bad one in the lot. Maybe I'm a tad biased, she's from my home town (Winnipeg, Canada) :).

    24. Another great book by Linda Holeman. I just love how she weaves characters from other stories into her book. Definitely enjoyed this.

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