Winter Winter Rise of the Pride Book Winter Blue Guardian of the Shaw Pride has sworn to protect the beautiful and stubborn Nova Raines His panther knows that she is his mate but Winter s refusal to to

  • Title: Winter
  • Author: Theresa Hissong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter Rise of the Pride, Book 2 Winter Blue, Guardian of the Shaw Pride, has sworn to protect the beautiful and stubborn Nova Raines His panther knows that she is his mate, but Winter s refusal to touch her causes him to almost destroy their fragile relationship when she is attacked by a human male and left for dead behind the bar that she owns The wolves are still on tWinter Rise of the Pride, Book 2 Winter Blue, Guardian of the Shaw Pride, has sworn to protect the beautiful and stubborn Nova Raines His panther knows that she is his mate, but Winter s refusal to touch her causes him to almost destroy their fragile relationship when she is attacked by a human male and left for dead behind the bar that she owns The wolves are still on the loose, and when a rogue panther comes forward with information, the pride soon realizes that the male who assaulted Nova is a wolf and will stop at nothing until he kills her The panthers assemble with a plan, ensuring that the pack of wolves are destroyed so that the pride can live in peace When Nova s ability to protect herself is questioned, Winter has to make the decision to change her into what he is to save her life or leave her vulnerable to his enemies His reasoning for keeping her human could also be the one thing that takes her life for good when the last remaining wolf returns to finish off the job.

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    One thought on “Winter”

    1. Reviewed at Shifter HavenIn the lore for Rise of the Pride, shifters know and discover their mate by touch. One touch can give all the answers ever asked. When one person is human, it’s a bit different but the human usually feels a strong attraction to the shifter. Once that touch is made, any other male who touches the female will cause her unbearable pain that only their mate can ease.Winter was a made panther, not born. His panther knows instinctively that Nova is his mate. Yet he refuses t [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I always read reviews before I move onto my next book and after reading Talon, I read the reviews for this book and one of the things I saw in multiple reviews was Nova's actions were childish. Well I disagree, I look into account her age (21), and I didn't think her actions were childish at all, not after reading the book. I kept waiting for this big stupid thing that she was going to do, and it never came, quite frankly, I believe that Liberty's [...]

    3. I lost sleep over this one. I really liked the first book in this series, and the best part of starting a series that already has a few books published is that I can just keep reading. Granted I should have put it down last night and finish reading it today, but I just couldn't. Winter and Nova are a great couple, both a little hard headed and on edge, with the new dangers they are facing. The story was well woven and kept the suspense up until the end and left me wanting for more! I love the fa [...]

    4. Book 2 in rise of the pride.Was really looking forward to winter and nova's book after reading the second book and it didn't disappoint. Lots of action and really fast paced. Loved the build up between the charachters of winter and nova. Pheweamy!!I'm enjoying reading the sub story that runs alongside the main story ( involving the alphas younger brother and girlfriend interested to see what that's going to lead to ) Great book great read.Arc given in exchange for an honest review

    5. Winter and NovaThe second book in Rise Of a the Pride series. This book is a standalone novel and can be read as such but a part of the series. The reader is introduced to characters from the first book and continues the theme of the books. The setting is great and the characters are well written and well developed. Winter and Nova do get their HEA but there are new developments and answers revealed. A great addition to the series.

    6. Someone is having a cubWinter refused to touch Nova even though he knew his panther was calling. The wolves show back up and Perry vows to get Nova.good read, lots of action and rimance

    7. Loving This Series Of Books!!!I am loving this series. Winter and Nova's story was just as good as Talon and Liberty's story. I kept waiting for Winter to touch Nova. Can't wait to read the rest of the series sometime soon. Thank you for a terrific series of shifter stories.

    8. Awesome book!This is the second book in the Rise of the Pride series, and I enjoyed the story. Winter was being an protective jerk in the beginning but I understand why. Nova is awesome and more then a match for him. Can't wait to read more from this series.

    9. Cat's and Dog'sI read the first two in this series and could't stop reading long enough to write a review, that's how good I found these stories and characters that were portrayed by the writer,thanks for a good read!!!

    10. It was a enjoyable read, but Winter taking forever to touch Nova was longer then I liked, it just seemed a little drawn out and then out of nowhere he decided it was time to touch Nova and it did not feel it was even during a time it should of been done, but over all I still enjoyed the book

    11. Love it!This is Winter's and Nova's story. I'm glad this book I'd a stand alone but also love how the people from the first book cross over in this book. Can't wait for the next book.

    12. Hot 🔥hot 🔥Omg 😁!! This story was incredible,outstanding,exciting and just awesome!! This storyline was so heartwarming 😂and touching. Theresa is an amazing writer and fantastic storyteller 😄!!!

    13. I first met Winter in Talon and fell in love with his character instantly! Theresa Hissong didn't let me down either. Although there were time I wanted to smack him upside the head he is still my favorite leading man in Rise of the Pride.

    14. Good readWinter's story was a pretty good nice quick paced read. He matches up with Nova really well. Addicting series onto Savages story.

    15. I absolutely love this series. Any reader who likes shifter novels and big cats would totally enjoy reading it. I honestly could not put it down and finished it in 2 days.

    16. WinterI can't wait for the next book. I have to see what happens between Savage and Mary. I'm glad they finally rescued the young cats.

    17. I am now thoroughly addicted! I want a panther shifter. This book was great! The sexual tension was almost too much! Your ready to scream now! Do it now! And your not the only one!

    18. As the story moves to the little sister Nova, you will find out more about the shifters. This is a good fast read.

    19. Good readI love this series. The characters are awesome. The story line is action packed. There is lots of romance and intrigue

    20. WinterWinter is one hardheaded panther shifter. Nova is a calm sweetie who thinks about everyone else first. Makes for an entertaining story of love discovered in the middle of a war they weren't aware they were in. One physical and one mental. The flow is just right for the tale. You get to know the newest characters while still being involved with the ones from the first book.

    21. Winter is here but you don’t have to worry about being cold because Winter Blue is one hot panther! Winter is a made panther and not a born panther. He wants to love his mate and not just have Fate tell him who his mate is. He gets around Fate by refusing to touch any woman. Nova Raines is very attracted to him and thinks she’s his mate but she doesn’t know how to break through to him since he refuses to touch her. There’s a lot of action in this book between the panthers and the wolves [...]

    22. Love, love, love!Ok, let me just start with this; shifters are HOT!! Ok that being said lets talk about Winter!! Omg, what a man!! So sexy and so concerned about Nova and doing right by her!! I think not being born a shifter gave him a little more insight, but as with all shifters once you know you know!!Nova is a little firecracker!! She isn't taking crap from anyone, but if she needs something, or some one, she's not afraid to go for it except Winter. There's total confusion there until they g [...]

    23. Winter and NovaI love this series, loved the first book of Talon and Liberty (Nova's big sister) which i came by it by accident. Loved Winter but Nova was seriously starting to get on my nerves, jumping into trouble without thinking for her safety and all Winter wanted to do was keep her safe but because of her stubborn streak she nearly dies! I can't wait for Savage and Mary's book though.

    24. I need a panther in my life!I can't say I love this series enough! It's so different from other paranormal romances that I have read. I loved that Winter want to fall in love with Nova without the mating pull being an influence. It was also heartwarming that Nova didn't want to force Winter into anything. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I'm super excited what will happen with the pride in the future!

    25. Speechless, just speechless. This book was WOW for me, it had my emotions all over the place. I cried, laugh, got mad, giggles. I had to many time walk away and take a break. It was breaking my heart. I loved Winter, he was so in love and not wanting to hurt the one he loved. AWWWW Reviewed by GypsyBelle* I own a personal copy of this books*

    26. GreatThis book was as good as the first if not better. Those sisters are something else and the stubborn panthers too. This h knows wat she wants, but instead of taking it she patiently (well somewhat patient) wait for the H to figure it out. These alphas aren't brain dead cavemen. No They love fiercely but love even more so.

    27. Love this series.I thought this book was better than Talon. Picks up where first book left off . Lots of hot shifter males,great writing,a few twists mixed in. Hope there will be more in this series.

    28. LovedAmazing book my Theresa Hissong It is a must readI could not put the book downI'm loving her panthers

    29. Review Loved the series can't wait for book 3. I love the world of the Panthers. You are a weaver of exciting storytelling. I have enjoyed reading your books.

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