Omega Academy War has taken everything Bryce Tilden loves but he won t let it take away his hope Giving himself body and soul to a man he s never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlist

  • Title: Omega Academy
  • Author: Jules Finley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook
  • War has taken everything Bryce Tilden loves, but he won t let it take away his hope Giving himself, body and soul, to a man he s never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlists in Project Alpha, the military s most secret operation to date After all, Bryce is straight No genetic modification is going to change that.But after a medical procedureWar has taken everything Bryce Tilden loves, but he won t let it take away his hope Giving himself, body and soul, to a man he s never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlists in Project Alpha, the military s most secret operation to date After all, Bryce is straight No genetic modification is going to change that.But after a medical procedure goes wrong and he awakens as an Omega, there isn t any choice but to submit and serve at the side of a powerful Alpha unit At first, Bryce is appalled until Jackson Henley walks into his life and awakens in him an inescapable bond that turns Bryce s whole world upside down.Jackson Henley is looking for an honorable way to die Haunted by his traumatic past and without hope for the future, Jackson sees Project Alpha as the death sentence he craves Trained to be the ultimate warrior, he knows he ll risk it all on the front lines, and with his upcoming match to an Omega unit imminent, he hopes it won t be much longer before that risk turns to ruin until a chance encounter with an Omega he s forbidden to love awakens within him a protector who will do anything and everything to keep safe what belong to him.All it takes is one moment to change two lives forever.Drawn together by fate but kept apart by circumstance, can two souls made for one another overcome the obstacles separating them and turn the tides of war Omega Academy is the first book in the Project Alpha Omega series, and contains strong language, dark themes, MPreg, no cheating, and a definitive HEA Readers sensitive to topics such as attempted sexual assault and violence should exercise caution while reading.

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    One thought on “Omega Academy”

    1. This is a good book. I hadn't expected the twist that we got, but it was a really good one. It gave the book an edge over others in the same category. A great start to a series.It seems that Jackson and Bryce got their characters reversed after they got injected. I mean that Bryce was more of an alpha and Jackson more of an omega before the transition. But this is what made their characters interesting. Bryce fought against his alpha tendencies to convert himself into an omega, and Jackson had t [...]

    2. Note: ARC given in exchange for honest reviewSecret military operations + Shifters + Mpreg + GFY = Omega Academy Omega Academy is the first in a series about a secret military operation known as Project Alpha/Omega where willing recruits are injected with a serum that provides them with advanced capabilities. The world is in ruins after years of war and the government is on their last leg. Project Alpha/Omega is their last ditch effort in order to bring peace and order."The face of the world was [...]

    3. TAGS: GFY, mpreg last 5%.I really enjoyed first 50% of the book, thinking giving it at least 4 stars. However, after Bryce's bathroom window incident it started going downhill. Too much info dumping (pre-war, pre-academy life, constantly whining about wanting to die, then changing mind) and too lovey-dovey bordering saccharine in the very end.Jackson never made an impression on me as a big bad alpha. Omega Oliver had more guts, will and drive than him.A few nice surprises in the second part of t [...]

    4. Meh, this was not the worst shifter-book ever, but it wasn't the best either.Maybe I've read too many shifter-books and are having a hard time finding them new and exciting, but either way this will not be a re-read.I skimmed a few pages here and there and there were a few places where there were mistakes that took away from the story, for example when Bryce called Henley by his first name (Jackson), even though he didn't know it yet. This book really didn't get a lot of reactions from me, I did [...]

    5. I finished this book and immediately felt conflicted over how to rate this. I liked itd I didn't. I enjoyed the charactersd I still felt like I didn't know them. I almost wasn't sure if this was a book for me when there was definitely some dubcon and assault going on, but I am glad I stuck with reading this one. Also, I felt like there was so much plot and explanations for things (seriously, there were some loooonnnggg paragraphs in this story), but at the same time I still didn't know where in [...]

    6. Note : Received this ARC in exchanged for honest opinion3 starsMan, I am struggling to write my opinion on this arc. Well, everybody have their own opinion.This book has so much potentials that I feel bad it is just all over the place. This is my first time seeing a book that has a lot of words (it doesn’t make sense, but that is just what I feel and I can’t help it but to skipped the pages most of the time). It was brilliant, how the author came up with the idea of pairing up an alpha and o [...]

    7. Objectively speaking, I am aware that the book was pretty good. The writing was lively, the story interesting and the chracters with a lot of depth.However, throughout the whole middle part I was annoyed and bored out of my mind. The characters just behaved so stupid, the story was dragging, etc.But as this is really just a pesonal quirk of mine (I hate characters making dumb mistakes or being helpless because of an overbearing and powerful system) I'm still giving 3 stars. They are set together [...]

    8. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book, the characters Bryce and Jackson were great. I loved how even though Bryce is an omega he thinks outside the box like a alpha. The plot is steady in pace with a few twists that keep you on your toes. I look forward to more books in this series.

    9. *Received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.*So, I really enjoyed the idea of this book. A newly developed Alpha/Omega military fighting unit sent out to turn the tide of war. I was thoroughly intrigued by the start - twin brothers signing up for the program, both for financial reasons and to avenge the death of their parents. It got even more interesting when, after the serum was administered, the more dominant twin presented as an Omega, and the more submissive twin an Alpha. I was lik [...]

    10. 3.5 stars, solid book, some freshness to the genre but also some room for improvement. The first book was to me more solid and interesting in the second, though the second has reveals that readers of this book will want to see. The characters have good chemistry and I love how Bryce struggles to get to Henley, he works so hard to reach him, just to finally be with him! Henley doesn't do as much, he sort of accepts what he's told a lot, though he knows something is missing and he feels the omega [...]

    11. Note: I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.From the moment I started this novel I was hooked. Jules Finley wrote and incredible story very well. Her characters are well developed so you understand their personalities, what makes them tick and what doesn't, you can identify with them.Finley developed the two main characters, Bryce and Jackson to the point that you feel their emotions, whether their frustrated, in agony, in fear or in extreme h [...]

    12. I love this book! It is a great start of a series.Bryce and his twin Liam are in need of money after the war killed their parents. So they both enlists in Project Alpha. However everything is not what it seems and when thever the Tilden twins were injected with the genetic modification they both reacted differently. While Liam becomes an Alpha poor Bryce becomes an Omega. So they both go to different Academy to prepare for war and Bryce that he has to be intimate with the Alpha he is going to be [...]

    13. War has ravaged the US and poverty and despair run rampant, so when Bryce finds an ad for “The Alpha Project” offering a huge bonus and salary he convinces his twin Liam to check it out with him. Things get weird from the start, first being gassed and waking up strapped to a table and things get even more interesting from there. Bryce finds himself in the previously not mentioned “Omega Academy” where he flounders, especially since Liam was sent to the “Alpha Academy” with little hop [...]

    14. 4 Stars for Omega Academy. Ah, this book reminded me why I have such a weakness for shifter romances. I absolutely loved the characters. Bryce didn't have typical omega characteristics and he was an interesting MC to follow because he had so much internal conflict to work through. Jackson was 100% alpha with a side serving of hot damn. The book followed a pretty smooth plot right up until the end and then everything changed a little abruptly, hence only 4 stars. Definitely recommend.Full review [...]

    15. ProjectsThis was a very interesting story. The story is based in a time when war has destroyed the land and in an effortlessly to win the Alpha/Omega project was created. Twin brothers signed up to be a part of the Alpha project -they knew nothing of the Omega part. The brothers joined to do their part in the war. Things go south for Bryce who became an Omega not an Alpha. Alphas arrive at the Omega academy to be paired with an Omega to head to the war zone and things take a significant turn for [...]

    16. This is the first time I have read a book by this author and was very pleasantly surprised at how well the book was written, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is one of the few books that I have read about paranormal shape-shifting that offers drama, suspense, intrigue, action, some twists, a lot of surprises and with hot M/M erotic scenes in. The story-line and plot is well thought out and written. The characters have personalities that entwine well with each other depending on the situat [...]

    17. I thought that this book was excellent! I loved that Bryce didn't fit the expected omega mold, yet he definitely was wholly an omega. Throughout the book I honestly couldn't tell if most of the authority figures were sincere, or if they were being unethical which added a delicious uncertainty in trying to guess who should be trusted. I definitely want to be reading more of this, and any other works that Jules Finley publishes.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    18. I really enjoyed the second half of this book and because of that I'm giving it 3.5 stars. The first half was okay but it was too slow and it took forever for the two main characters to meet. After the Bryce and Jackson meet is when the book takes off and you can't wait to see what happens next. I would have loved to learn more about what happened between Jamie and Liam but was glad things worked out for them. Although it started slow the ending was really good and I will be reading the next boo [...]

    19. I was immersed into the book straight away. Bryce & Jackson were drawn to each other & I found myself eager to see how it went for both of them. The suspense was high the whole way through. I found myself on the edge of my seat, the suspense making me want to read faster to find out what happens next but not skimming so I didn't miss anything. There were lots of Ohh No's & are you sure that's wise moments Overall an interesting, enjoyable story & I look forward to the next book. [...]

    20. Omega Academy is a very interesting read. Though I had a bit of a time getting into the story, I can say that it kept me interested and entertained throughout the book. Jackson and Bryce are both very determined to be together against all odds and it is incredible what Bryce does to be with Jackson. Because sneaking into the alpha compound is not all roses for Bryce. When he and Jackson finally get together you can see the chemistry between them is very strong. I received an arc for honest revie [...]

    21. I like the spot and the story.I liked Bryce and Jackson together, although in my honest opinion the roles should be reversed. Bryce is more and alpha than omega and Jackson is more an omega than an Alpha. In this book you can follow the change they go through.

    22. I'm voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received.Bryce and his brother Liam join the war efforts in a top secret project. They have never been separated before, but that soon changes. Both men are injected with who knows what to make them a super human military fighter, but Bryce turns into an Omega rather than the Alpha. Bryce isn't too happy with the idea, and he is truly more in the middle--he doesn't have the Alpha strength, but he has the Alpha personality, and he doesn't sha [...]

    23. Different strokes This book was a bit different from the other Mpreg books I've been reading. I enjoyed the story however, the author did go off a little with rehashing things that had been said. For that reason I couldn't give the fifth star. Also there was no real explanation as to what was going on. I'll read book two and hope there is a better explanation. Otherwise good book.

    24. Title: Omega AcademyAuthor: Jules FinleyPublisher:  Lovelight Press ISBN: B01J6SA3FI Buy Link: lovelightpress/book/omReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:Project Alpha/Omega 1War has taken everything Bryce Tilden loves, but he won't let it take away his hope. Giving himself, body and soul, to a man he's never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlists in Project Alpha, the military's most secret operation to date. After all, Bryce is straight. No genetic modification is g [...]

    25. 4.5 stars (Cliffhanger) This is my first story by this author. I was asked to be a ARC Reader in exchange for an honest review. I made sure as always not to do more than make a cursory glance at the book's storyline. So when I began to read it, all I knew was that this was a story with Twins as the main characters. Well actually it was mostly about one twin, Bryce Tilden and another man named Jackson Henley.There has been a great War. The Army has been losing. Parts of the United States were war [...]

    26. It's always fascinating to experience not just a new-to-me author, but the author's very first published work. I was drawn to 'Omega Academy' because I love mpreg but also because the description sounded intriguing. Changing the genetic code of individuals to create super soldiers to help win the war is such a science fiction type concept, except here, the author has brought it into the paranormal genre which is a huge favorite of mine. I was looking forward to reading this new voice in the indu [...]

    27. Omega Academy by Jules Finley5 StarsThis was a book that I had trouble putting down. The alternate USA where this takes place is a place where the USA needs every benefit they can get to fight their war and win. It is never stated but it appears to be after 9-11 except in this US more than just the Twin Towers were bombed.A scientist creates a serum that makes supersoldiers, alphas. Extreme poverty leads many young men to sign up to be given the serum for the monetary payout plus what guy doesn' [...]

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