Touchdown The biggest touchdown of your life Alexa I hate him but I want him I hate the emotional blackmail that my mom gives me for not being with Sebastian the guy my mom wanted me to marry I never wanted h

  • Title: Touchdown
  • Author: Roxy Sinclaire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The biggest touchdown of your life Alexa I hate him, but I want him I hate the emotional blackmail that my mom gives me for not being with Sebastian, the guy my mom wanted me to marry I never wanted him But if I don t, my mom will end her relationship with me I am only interested in the quarterback who I cheered for on the sidelines, even though I hate his guts Reg The biggest touchdown of your life Alexa I hate him, but I want him I hate the emotional blackmail that my mom gives me for not being with Sebastian, the guy my mom wanted me to marry I never wanted him But if I don t, my mom will end her relationship with me I am only interested in the quarterback who I cheered for on the sidelines, even though I hate his guts Regardless, I can t deny what my body and heart desired But we are about to graduate and go our separate ways What am I going to do Martin I ve always loved her, but I m poorer than she knows Playing my last year in college as the star quarterback people thought I was, it was bittersweet I hope I get drafted into the NFL to be able to help pay my family back for all they ve done, and get them out of that trailer But that would mean being far from Alexa She was the cheerleader I always wanted by my side But man, she could be so stuck up sometimes That was until our friends locked us up in the dorm and wouldn t let us leave til we sorted things out I have no idea what will happen next This is a full length bad boy sports novel, with NO cliffhanger, NO cheating, and a happily ever after For a limited time, includes the full length novel, Tempting Me A Bad Boy Romance.

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    1. "Touchdown" A Bad Boy Sports romance-garners 4 stars from me.Our two main characters Alexa and Martin are in their senior year at Princeton, but their backrounds could not be any more different.Alexa, is the only hold of a wealthy up crust family and lacks for nothing, well she does lack for her parents attention and support for her choices. Alexa's father who made his money in the tech Industry and was not born into it,is much more supportive of her choices than her mother. Alexa,s mother came [...]

    2. Safety Level: Safe with exceptions. Both hero and heroine have been with other people after they've met.Cliffhanger: NoEnding: HEAThis is my first book from this author. I think. Actually, I've read so many books that I sometimes forget if I've already read an author or not. But, if my memory serves me right this time, I haven't had any book from Ms. Sinclaire before. I chose to read this book because it had a sexy cover, and the premise sounded a bit interesting, so I jumped in.All in all, it w [...]

    3. Such a cute love story!! A very well written book with great character development!!This story begins at Princeton with a college cheerleader, Alexa, and a college quarterback, Martin. Well they have both had eyes for each other but come from way different worlds. Alexa comes from money and when I say she comes from money I mean her freakin mom is trying to arrange a marriage so she marries a rich man whether she likes it or not. Martin he got a glimpse of that life when his father was a Super b [...]

    4. Ugh.Two bad books in a row.DNF'd this one at about 46%.I can't be bothered to care about the rather flat story. Or the annoying heroine. Or the sad excuse for a bad boy.

    5. Touchdown: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Roxy Sinclaire is my first Roxy read and won't be the last. This book was given as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book features Alexa Hall, a rich girl that's used to getting what she wants and Martin, the quaterback with dreams of making it big.He wants her but is afraid she will reject him because he doesn't have much. She wants him but thinks he's nothing but trouble. This was a very quick, clean read. It is definitely a col [...]

    6. I liked this story; it was a sweet YA romance. College is not easy, but when you have the right friends, it makes it that much more tolerable. You’ve got the rich kids and those kids on scholarship (aka poor). I thought it was cute how the main characters were shy but yet loved playing jokes on each other. Just another variation of, “he pulled my hair”! I thought this book was a quick clean read. I would defiantly recommend this book for a quick read on a sunny warm beach day. It is hopefu [...]

    7. 3 Stars: Kindle Unlimited Read It has many redeeming qualities. The characters were likable at best neutral at worst. The writing was much better than expected. I developed an interest that withstood to the end. The plot was nice, somewhat original or had its own unique flair. The writing was good, and the pretense wasn’t half bad, the romance was simmering with few exceptions. The male/female lead showed hints of abuse both verbal and/or physical or signs of spot-on or forced chemistry. It wa [...]

    8. Alexa & MartinSuch a sweet story about the college life, goals and rich versus poor. Alexa comes from a wealthy family that still believes in arranged marriages, even though she doesn't. Martin comes from a primarily poor family. Martin's dad was a pro footballer in his younger days but squandered away all his money while becoming an alcoholic. Martin's mother is a nurse who worked long hours to provide for Martin. Martin never thought he had a chance with Alexa but wanted her the whole 4 ye [...]

    9. Alexa hates Martin, but deep down she wants him. When alexas parents force her to date Xavier she declines. When her mother gets mad alexa runs out of the restaurant into Martin crying on his shoulder. When he invites her to a party the next night she agrees. While at the party she gets really drunk. She tries to lure Martin into his room to make out, only to pass out. The next morning she finds her self with only her undergarments on. Thinking Martin has used her they fight. When she tries to l [...]

    10. I really enjoyed Alexa & Martin! They start off rocky, but once they actually sit down & TALK, they realize that they really, really like each other. More than. ; ) The "bad boy" moniker in the title isn't really accurate - Martin is an alpha-y captain of the football team, but he's a sweetheart & not what I would classify as a bad boy. This is a quick read, and the ending chapter/epilogue felt more like a wrap up than part of the actual story (IDK if that will even make sense) but I [...]

    11. TouchdownAlexa graduated high school, grew up with wealthy parents, a mom who planned everything she did. She applied to Princeton just to get away from her demanding mother. Martin going to Princeton on a scholarship, totally a different class financially, a football player, that is banking on getting picked in the draft. He meets Alexa, two total opposites, yet drawn to each other, yet all hinges on the draft, her parents. Great story, challenges, loved it.

    12. Couldn't FinishIt was pretty bad.Their is no "bad boy" even thought it's called a bad boy romance. Alexa's character was a pathetic spoiled brat. Martin was easy to like. Unfortunately it seemed like they were in high school rather than college. The writing was bad. All in all it was just bad.

    13. Martin & Alexae hot rich cheerleader and the hot star quarterback. They aren't the typical stereotypes that are going through your head right now. This was a really sweet story about finally knowing and going after what you want in life.Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I loved it! I definitely want to read more by Roxy Sinclaire!

    14. A story with lots of heartNice story .takes the quarterback 4 years longer to get the head cheerleader but that makes this story that much sweeter! Quick read that has you "cheering" for the quarterback because he packs it all.talent, good sense, heart and perseverance!

    15. Good story So I enjoyed the overall story of Alexa and Martin, but this felt more like it was written in high school, and not by someome billed as a writer of steamy romances.I didn't feel any steam! Heck, there wasn't even much in the way of heat.

    16. Touchdown This was a football sports romance. A romance that started young adult and moved forward. I enjoyed reading this story.

    17. 2.5 StarsIt was enjoyable but in some places a bit disjointed.Like a situation needed to be more in depth, or chapters missing. They got their happy ever after, it just seemed rushed

    18. Good readThe book was full of real characters you can related to and the story was real enough for you to want their happily ever after

    19. This was such a cute story. I love the sports trope and football is a favorite. I did expect maybe a little more sports phenomenon. I hated seeing what happened with her parents and his dad. The story was very well-written but the characters fell a little flat for me.

    20. Talk about two people struggling to get their act together! Alexa is a born and raised rich girl, but she's not what you would expect. She rebels against her controlling country club mother by becoming a cheerleader and going to college! Most stories involving rich girls, cheerleading and college are the norm, but not for Alexa. Her mother doesn't want her to get hurt and ruin her chances of landing a rich husband, but Alexa has never felt more free than she does sharing a tiny apartment with he [...]

    21. Alexa comes from a privileged background. She is head cheer leader and a senior at Princeton University. She is going to be a teacher, much to the horror of her overbearing mother who wants her to marry money, have children, and live life her way. In fact she has a husband all picked out for her. Alexa is not ready to marry. She knows who she'd like to date but it would most likely get her disowned. She's always been close to her father, but even he can't, or won't go up against his wife. Alexa [...]

    22. Touchdown - Abad boy Sports Romance - Roxy Sinclaire (3 Stars )* Gifted a copy through instafreebie for an Honest Review . Alexa is a cheerleader in college who has hopes of being a teacher someday. She's had many boyfriends , but the one she wants doesn't show her the time of day . Her Wealthy parents wouldn't approve at all. Especially when her mother reminds her mother reminds her every chance she gets that they are funding her college education and can easily rip away her inheritance if she [...]

    23. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Alexa and Martian. In this book we find that Alexa is the preverbale rich girl and Martian he comes from more humble upbringings. They have not gotten along since they meet freshman year. They are now both seniors and getting ready to take the next step in their lives. But what happens when life throws a curve-ball in the way?Alexa is sure Martian hates her and she knows that he has all rights to but she can't ever seem to [...]

    24. Alexa Hall came from Money and never wanted for anything, well accept maybe take part in sports but her Mother wouldn't ever let her. Her Mother treated her like a trophy daughter. She entered in pageants when growing up and wanted her to marry into money so she wouldn't ever have to work. Alexa was supposed to follow her mothers wishes and marry Sebastian a son of a family friend. (Pretty much like an arranged marriage) but Alexa had other idea's she had always wanted to play sports growing up [...]

    25. The voice of the characters sounded young, naive, and a bit immature. These characters are in the process of finishing up their final months of college and getting ready to go into the real world. At that stage in life, I expect a higher level of maturity than what was displayed here. The plot was very bland with nothing attention-grabbing or making it worth while to invest in the story or characters. There was a disconnect from the characters and all the sudden “requirements” of a romance [...]

    26. I really enjoyed Martin and Alexa's story. They met at Princeton and spent 4 years liking each other but never getting to know each other. He's the star quarterback and she's the head cheerleader. She's from old money and he's a middle-class guy at Princeton on a football scholarship. Her mom arranges for her to marry a family friend son but Alexa turns him down because she wants her own life as a teacher and in a relationship with someone she actually loves.At first glance it would seem their b [...]

    27. Touchdown was a quick light read with no big drama (even though it had the potential for it).Alexa came from a very well off family who had ideals that she should only date and marry within her family's social status. She's in college and partying like any other college student might do but she is scared to date anyone since she knew her parents would not allow. Alexa does not have the rich snobby girl personality you would expect but she does like to spend her family's money.Martin came from no [...]

    28. 3.5 stars This is a Very good contemporary young adult romance. Alexa has what it takes to be a student at Princeton. Her parents are very wealthy but she works to maintain her grades. She shares her belongings with her friends and room mates. It won't be long until graduation. She wants to become a teacher. Cheerleading has helped her get through school as her mother refuses to allow her in any other sport. Unfortunately her mother has handpicked her husband. Martin is also a Senior and he's ha [...]

    29. I received this for my honest review. Martin and Alexa are seniors at Princeton University. She is head of the cheerleader squad and he is the quarterback of the football team. They have known each other since they were freshman. Alexa comes from an old money, a privileged background and she had to fight her mother just to get to go to college because her mother wanted her to just be a society wife and didn't see any need for college. While Martin is from a middle class family and is on a full s [...]

    30. This is my first book by Roxy Sinclaire, I wasn't disappointed.I have to admit I spent the first half of the book not like the main characters, but I'm not sure I was supposed to. It made their changes more noticeable to me. I was able to actually see them grow in a short period of time. Alexa is a spoiled rich girl with a mother you just can't help but dislike and a father who seems detached. Martin is the star quarterback, a poor kid from Colorado.I think it was the differences in their upbrin [...]

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