An Unexpected Home After a traumatic few years Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville Ohio Ready to finally find herself possibly for the first time she joins her friends and together they open a

  • Title: An Unexpected Home
  • Author: Bree Kraemer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: ebook
  • After a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville Ohio Ready to finally find herself possibly for the first time she joins her friends and together they open a new business in town She never expected to love Cedarville so much nor did she expect her heart to fall for the HOT AS SIN police chief, Brandon But when someone from hAfter a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville Ohio Ready to finally find herself possibly for the first time she joins her friends and together they open a new business in town She never expected to love Cedarville so much nor did she expect her heart to fall for the HOT AS SIN police chief, Brandon But when someone from her past starts causing problems for her in her new home, she has no choice but to put her trust, and her heart, in Brandon s hands to keep her and her friends safe.

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    1. An Unexpected Home (A Cedarville Novel) by Bree Kraemer is a four star read for me. This is the first book I have read by this author and I have really enjoyed it. Even though at first I found it hard to connect with the book I soon found I was getting along better with it. A really nice and easy storyline with a hard hitting subject. This book reduced me to tears. The storyline was done really well. I went through so many emotions whilst reading about Leah and Brandons story together. I'm reall [...]

    2. An Unexpected Home: A Cedarville Novel (Book 1) by Bree Kraemer 5 starsLeah’s best friend Carly has invited her to town after Leah has had a bad couple of years. Cedarville is an idyllic small town where everyone is welcome and “everyone knows everyone else and people were nice, like really nice. Almost nauseatingly so.” (Sounds like a great place to live). Brandon is the acting police chief and is Carly’s cousin and he is the first person to greet Leah when she comes to town. “How com [...]

    3. Meet Leah, a 28-year-old woman who has been handed a crappy hand in life and just wants to escape. After her father and uncle are put in prison, her college roommate convinces her to move to her small town to live with her and her new roommate. Now, this is where the stereotypical happens. Who answers the door at her friend's house? None other than her smoking hot cousin, Brandon. "I know this is fast, but I can't help how you make me feel." "I feel the same way. It's like we were meant to find [...]

    4. WOW! 5+++++ stars! This is a one of a kind read. Spectacular!! This story really did a number on me. I love it so much. It has a little bit of everything all rolled into one of the sweetest edge of your seat storylines I have ever read. The author did an incredible job developing each character and their story. It's so well written that you can very easilly see it in your mind's eye as it progresses along. There's some betryal, awkwardness, a good bit of humor, steamy, lots of love to go around [...]

    5. This is the start a series of stand alone books. Each book about different characters in then town of Cedarville, Ohio. I really enjoyed reading this book, that I couldn't put in down and read it in less than a day. Leah's life has been turned upside down and leaves New York City to go help her college friend run her business. She's not looking for love but finds it when she meets for friend's cousin. I was given an ARC for an honest review. Bree is a new is a new author to me and I can't wait t [...]

    6. Good Plot – Graphic SexThis story has an exceptionally good plot. Unfortunately, there is a lot of graphic sex that caused me to skip about a third of the book. This writer is skilled at her craft and did not need to resort to smut to fill the pages. For that reason alone, I will not be buying anymore of her books. Unless, of course, she starts releasing clean and smutty versions of the same book. Hint, Hint.

    7. A great small town romance. Small towns are awesome because everyone is always in your business and it makes for funny times. In this case the hunky Chief makes it worth it as Brandon and the new chic in town Leah who just happens to be his cousins room mate. Even though I am not a big fan of insta love I do enjoy one that at least comes with a good story and this story is pretty good, with loads of hot steamy scenes since these two can't keep their hands to themselves. But this isn't just about [...]

    8. I voluntarily read an arc of this book. Wow. Very good book with amazing characters and storyline that sucks you in. I read this quickly because I just couldn't put it down. I found myself carrying my Kindle everywhere just so I could continue on. Can't wait to read the rest in the series. I think I've myself another new author to follow.

    9. another awesome book you wrote! this one is about a young woma who leaves the big city life to get away from her problems. she meets a hot cop who owns her heart right away. can these two build a relationship together or will her past destroy there future? thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!

    10. This one was just okay for me. I liked the small town feel it had & I thought the characters were charming but it was just missing something. A little more excitement & descriptive sex/longer sex scenes would've rocked my socks off. *hint hint for future installments* I'm interested in seeing how things will unfold for both Logan & Melanie and Tony & Carly but they won't be "gotta-have it-right-now" one-clicks for me.

    11. Heartwarming love story with a twist!!!This was the first book that I've read by this author. Also, the first book in the series. I loved Brandon and Leah's story, they were so meant to be together. It was so fun getting to know them and I felt like I was part of their journey. This was a heartwarming love story with a twist of mystery and suspense. I can't wait to read what is next. This is a must read.

    12. First book of a series. I want to read more. Plot was interesting and well organized. Characters were enjoyable.

    13. 5 stars is not enough for this story - absolutely loved it! This one is Leah's story and boy what a story she has to share. It is one of those stories you just can't put down and sucks you in from the very beginning. You will find yourself totally immersed and living the story along with her and her friends. Bree Kraemer definitely knows how to tell a story and make it so realistic. Loved the drama, suspense, romance, friendships, community/town unity, etc. - an awesome story all around. Looking [...]

    14. Wow. This story has it all. Friends that stick together, a crazy stalker, a new home, and most of all a sweet and sometimes hot love. Highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a wonderful story

    15. HeartwarmingLeah is running to start a new life, thanks to her Dad and Uncle. She ends up in a small town where she thinks she will be safe. She meets Brandon her best friend cousin and gives him an offer he refuses. He wants her but he wants to also date her. Her Dad's trouble follows her and Brandon has to find who wants her.

    16. I received an ARC of this book for a fair review. I gave this book 3 stars because I felt the relationship between Brandon and Leah went from 0-90 in half a chapter. How her personality was explained I found it kind of hard to believe how she approached Brandon, it sounded out of character for her. Especially due to the circumstances she moved to Cedarville, changed her name and to start over. Yes, her past caught up with her, which was predictable, maybe a little too predictable. I did like the [...]

    17. Loved this story. The small town and close knit friends made a wonderful backdrop for this love story. The pace is fast and leaves you wanting to race to see how it ends. Well done!!

    18. This was a good, quick read that left the reader satisfied and happy. This was my first book by this author, but it won't be the last! I enjoyed the characters, the writing style and the plot. It was a bit predictable at times, but it holds the readers attention and keeps them hooked until the end. There was a bit of fluff to the story that causes the reader to get a bit bored and skim over some stuff as well as the timeline is jumpy, but overall a good read! It is one of those reads for after a [...]

    19. Thriller with LoveI love the characters, their conversations and interactions. I like the mystery included in the story making the story feel real.

    20. Beautiful Story!This was my first book by Bree and I fell in love with this book and town. I loved Brandon and Leah. The friendships in this book are amazing and I can't wait to read all of the secondary characters stories. It was well written and kept me pulled in the story. The chemistry between Brandon and Leah was awesome. I can't wait to read more by this author!

    21. An Unexpected Home by Bree Kraemer takes you through the eyes of Brandon and Leah. While Leah is trying to forget about her past and start a new life in Cedarville, Brandon is trying to be the Chief officer he’s expected to be.Leah grew up in New York, with her mother and father. She attended college and there she met Carly, her best friend. Carly then becomes her lifesaver. After enduring the embarrassment, shame and ugly looks her dad and uncle’s trial brought she was willing to move. She [...]

    22. An Unexpected Home is the first book in the Cedarville series by Bree Kraemer. Written in third person, each chapter alternates between the story’s main characters, Leah and Brandon, giving the reader a well-developed and in-depth novel.The story follows Leah as she moves in with her best friends, Carly and Melanie, to start her new life in Cedarville. Leaving behind her traumatic past is what Leah hopes to do, after her father and uncle’s lies destroyed her life in New York.; trying to conv [...]

    23. It was an easy read and the introductions were pretty short and simple, in a good way. It got right to the point and to all the romance we all know and love however, I felt like there was a lot of story building and all the issues were resolved fast and somewhat easily. I sort of wish there were more tragic moments, making it more dramatic. Overall, it was a fun read.

    24. An Unexpected Home by Bree Kraemer is a Cedarville Novel that tales place in Cedarville Ohio. A small town where to get to Cedarville you have to drive through Main Street to get in or out. Cedarville is known for Dragonfly Lake which the lake is surrounding Cedarville, the other side is acres of woods. Leah is twenty seven years old and when her world is turned upside down from her father and Uncle, she gets an offer from her college roommate ad her two best friends Carly and Melanie Carly and [...]

    25. This is the first book I have read from the author and now it will not be the last. This is the first book in the A Cedarville series. I am now hooked on this series. I was in love on the first page. I finished this book in a day and a half. This is the story about Leah and her journey into love. Leah moves to Cedarville to start a new life. She moved because something traumatic happens to her and now she wants to run away. Her friends Mel and Carly tell her that she can move in with them. Leah [...]

    26. An Unexpected Home by Bree Kraemer is book one in this series and what a start it was. I really enjoyed seeing both main characters POV. Leah's family was thrown through media for the wrongdoings her father and uncle did. She she loses her job because of it, her college best friend Carly invites her to live with her in Cedarville,Ohio. When she arrives in the middle of the night and meets the "Greek god" Brandon, Carly's cousin, Leah feels something for the first time maybe ever. When break ins [...]

    27. An Unexpected Home (A Cedarville Novel)By: Bree Kraemer5 out of 5 stars The story An Unexpected Home (A Cedarville Novel) by Bree Kraemer is a contemporary romance. Leah has come to Cedarville, Ohio to pick up the pieces of her life and to possibly find herself again. She never expected to begin her stay falling in love with the police chief. Then when someone from her past turns up in the same town, Leah wonders what she is going to do. Can she put her trust and her heart in Brandon’s hand t [...]

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