Resistance How long can you wait on a promise After his first night with Mal Rick broke the habit of a lifetime and invited the sexy radiographer to spend the weekend in the sleepy English village he called hom

  • Title: Resistance
  • Author: Lillian Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How long can you wait on a promise After his first night with Mal, Rick broke the habit of a lifetime and invited the sexy radiographer to spend the weekend in the sleepy English village he called home Rick isn t in denial but he s afraid to reveal his sexuality in the close knit community that has known him since he was a babe in arms The sex is amazing but equally MalHow long can you wait on a promise After his first night with Mal, Rick broke the habit of a lifetime and invited the sexy radiographer to spend the weekend in the sleepy English village he called home Rick isn t in denial but he s afraid to reveal his sexuality in the close knit community that has known him since he was a babe in arms The sex is amazing but equally Mal loves lazy days spent in the garden at Slopy Bottom, and every precious moment he spends with Rick For Mal the village quickly becomes an oasis of peace, far from the noise and grime of life in London, a slice of tranquillity with Rick at the heart But Mal has defied his family and his religion to be true to himself, and there is no way can he join Rick in his self built closet, no matter how comfortable it is Rick is afraid revealing the true nature of his relationship with Mal will change the way his neighbours see him He adores these people, this village, and he can t face the thought of losing everything over who he chooses to sleep with When the alternative is giving up a man who has slotted perfectly into his life a man who he might just love it s no choice at all But, knowing what has to be done isn t always as easy as putting it into practice.

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    One thought on “Resistance”

    1. This is a really sweet, feelgood story. I particularly recommend it to all Anglophiles as the setting is gloriously British. Looking forward to more in this series, but this book definitely works as a standalone.

    2. Resistance is the first book in a new series by Lillian Francis called Village Love. I recommend to read the short prequel Resonance, first, just to better enjoy the story of Mal and Rick and to see how they met in a MRI scan room.I liked this book so much for many reasons. First of all I found in Lillian Francis, once a new to me author, an amazing talent and I soon put her among my favorite authors. I’m pretty sure I’m going to read more of her stories in my next future.Rick and Mal and th [...]

    3. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review via the MMRG Don’t Buy My Love Program. I found the story a little slow in the first half but it picked up in the 2nd. The small English town was beautiful as were the people that lived there, and I could picture it all. The small town and its inhabitants played an important role in this story and several were well fleshed out and will undoubtedly have their own stories in future books. Rick and Mal made a great cou [...]

    4. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher / author for an honest review.)I was so in the mood for this sweet, no angst love story. Malik and Rick are the sort of feel good couple that leave you with a smile on your face. Was there some drama, some resistance to change, resistance to coming out, and some miscommunication in their story? Of course. Isn’t there in any new relationship?When we rejoin the two men, they’ve moved beyond the initial infatuatio [...]

    5. Mal and Rick are a sweet and fun couple that I enjoyed spending time with. The snapshot of their world exposed the blooming romance between these two very different people. I liked reading about their individual nuances from Mal's religion work and London life, to Rick's farming in the sleepy village of Slopy Bottom and his cooky neighbor Edna. Resistance was a very endearing story with charming characters thorough out.

    6. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Resistance by Lillian FrancisThe best was the setting. I felt small-town England seen through a Muslim's eyes. Great. Next best was the character development. Nice to have a practicing Muslim paired up with a Brit.

    7. I want to live in Slopy Bottom!Small town life is not new to me -I'm so far in the Deep South I live in perpetual fear of being battered and deep-fried- yet Lillian Francis manages to make me yearn for a quaint English village of my own to live in with her Village Love series. Mal and Rick are still batting a winning game of love together after their meeting in Resonance; I absolutely treasure the joy I got to share in with them as they fell more and more in sync with one another leading up to b [...]

    8. Enjoyable read!I really enjoyed the small English-town setting, and the dynamic between Rick and Mal was lovely. The relationship did feel like it moved a bit fast, and I felt like the author was spending a little too much time trying to sell me on background characters that I am fairly certain she intends to write as sequels, which I wasn't that interested inBut I did enjoy. :)(Also, this is such a silly, small qualm. But I found it a little annoying that for how much they kept going on about h [...]

    9. *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***Resistance is book 1 in the Village Love series, however, I suggest picking up Resonance, a short story that shows us how Mal and Rick met and is currently free at ARe (until July 31st), because I have to admit I was feeling a tad lost until I did. Rick and Malik met in Resonance when Rick had to go to a different hospital to get an MRI of his shoulder and they hit it off, deciding to start a long-distance relati [...]

    10. *A free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*A little bit of a slow read, but it is deeply intimate. The relationship is very well developed. I accidentally read this first, instead of Resonance. But I didn't feel lost, all that was missing was how they met, not having read it doesn't detract from Resistance. I will say, I feel like it could've been shorter. It dragged in spots for me. I struggled with Rick's reluctance to be public. I struggled with Mal's refusal to [...]

    11. Sweet but not sappy. Great British setting in a small village. Believable, mild conflict, although Rick’s fear of coming out in the village seems a bit exaggerate. I like the fact that one MCs is of Pakistani origin and also Muslim: IMO the racism issue is dealt with sensitivity.Event though this is a standalone, I suggest that you read first Resonance, about Rick meeting Mal. For ex. you can buy it for $0.99 USD at SmashwordsBoth books have gorgeous matching cover illustrations.

    12. This was a great book where Rick wants Mal but doesn't want his little village knowing he is gay. What transpires is a great story where love can conquer all and it doesn't matter what others think as they already know.Lillian has written a great story where other people's perceptions are not what you think but can be refreshing when it is all out in the open. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review -Naughty Book Eden

    13. I enjoyed very much reading this sweet, angst-free story. I particularly liked the setting, the English village and its people. I'd love to read about the other gay people in the village, hopefully the author is working non-stop in order to have their stories soon!

    14. I'll admit my bias here and tell you that I was one of the beta readers for this story. I loved it then and I love it now. :)

    15. Loved it. Nice to catch up with the characters from the first story & to see the progression to Rick's coming out. Looking forward to more stories about the people in this village.

    16. A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.This was miles better than the prequel in terms of writing style - switching from first to third person narration was a good decision. There were still a few bits of dialogue that I couldn't believe someone would actually say, but overall this is a pretty well-written book.This book also didn't make me nearly so uncomfortable in the way it addressed Mal being Pakistani. I appreciated seeing a character who was bo [...]

    17. A copy of Resistance by Lillian Francis was given to me in return for an honest review.I read this book this morning and I loved it. Resistance is not a long story but everything that needs to happen and needs to be said is covered.The book is a romance and echoes the slow village in which it is set. I loved the atmosphere created here by Lillian. All characters are well defined and very believable. I could understand Rick's nervousness as he and Mal begin their relationship and I could understa [...]

    18. NTS:1) First read Read .05 Resonance (I own) before I read this book #1.2) Good for a challenge as this story takes place in an English village.

    19. Well written, m/m romance cum coming-out novel for those anglophiles among us. Rick is small village born and bred and he can't imaging wanting to live anyplace else. However, he's gay and comfortable with it personally, but has remained in the closet because he fears losing the acceptance and respect of his neighbors. But when he meets and falls for Malik, a Pakistani radiologist, Rick must confront his fears of coming out. Mal loves Rick's small village and from all signs, the people in the vi [...]

    20. I've read a few of Lillian Francis books and I must say that each and everyone of them have been good and now I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this great story too. Lillian Francis has given us a story that is easy going with just one or two moments of tension. The characters Mal and Rick are just sweet loving and are just all around good guy's , and the secondary characters each have different personalities that make this story flow smoothy . Mal and Rick meets up in (Resonance ,Village Lov [...]

    21. Book provided by Signal Boost Promotion and read on behalf of Thorns & InkThis was interesting in the modern sensibility. It takes a lot of balls to bring casual racism front and center and force the characters to deal with their ignorance. I give Ms. Francis props for that. She handles this subject matter well. There were funny moments and poignant moments that are satisfying.The village of Sloppy Bottom reminds of the many sleepy Midwestern towns I have been too. Sweet, enduring, and just [...]

    22. Despite the title, there's nothing particularly challenging about this story of Mal and Rick falling in love in a sleepy English village. It's pure romance stuff: hot sex, family issues, internalized homophobia. But while the story feels familiar, it doesn't feel old fashioned. Rick and Mal inhabit a modern world. Francis shows us that world with tenderness and depth.She didn't have to make Mal "Malik," a gay Muslim trying to get along in a world that doesn't quite know what to do with him. She [...]

    23. 2.5 starsThis was a first read for me by this author. I hadn't read the novella, and I don't really think I missed much but their initial meeting and getting together. I definitely think you can read this as a standalone. I think the story had alot of potential and certain areas I enjoyed tremendously. But the overall feeling of the story was that it was so slow. I'm all for a slow burn, but for it to be such a novella, I still felt everything was dragged on and on. I get the not coming out beca [...]

    24. There's a short ficlet catch up with the boys herelillianfrancisThe sequel to Resonance. /book/show/2

    25. Rick and Mal are a very down to earth couple (who met in the previous story, Resonance) who have been seeing each other mostly in London, where Mal lives and works. Rick is devoted to his very small village, Slopy Bottom, and he lives in fear that coming out of the closet will change the way the villagers see him. His insecurities apparently run very deep. I loved the feel of the story. It’s sweet and soft, with the slow village pace taken into account. We start out with Rick immediately tryin [...]

    26. Books set in small English villages are among my top comfort reads, probably because I'm an English village gal myself. I love reading them. They're the housecoat and slippers of the reading world as far as I'm concerned, so when the chance to read and review the first in the new series by Lillian Francis came by, I jumped at the chance.And I loved it!It was everything I wanted in this genre. Sweet, witty, comforting - and utterly English. This could have been set in my village - a shop, a pub, [...]

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