The Dangers of Truffle Hunting True desires will be unearthed For readers of Zoe Foster Blake Candace Bushnell and Gourmet Traveller a delightful sexy story that spans the Australian wine country the French provinces and hip bar

  • Title: The Dangers of Truffle Hunting
  • Author: Sunni Overend
  • ISBN: 9781460752104
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • True desires will be unearthed For readers of Zoe Foster Blake, Candace Bushnell and Gourmet Traveller, a delightful sexy story that spans the Australian wine country, the French provinces and hip bars of Melbourne.Is life too short to play it safe Kit Gossard s life is neatly mapped out A secure photographic job A partner ready to commit A wedding in the family vineyTrue desires will be unearthed For readers of Zoe Foster Blake, Candace Bushnell and Gourmet Traveller, a delightful sexy story that spans the Australian wine country, the French provinces and hip bars of Melbourne.Is life too short to play it safe Kit Gossard s life is neatly mapped out A secure photographic job A partner ready to commit A wedding in the family vineyard for her mother to preside over So why the apprehension Why a hunger for something Then someone new appears Earthy, reserved, magnetic, this new man brings out feelings she has long suppressed, and suddenly Kit can t contain her simmering discontent Black truffle hunting, illicit pastry lessons, vine fruit on flesh Kit is seduced It feels right Before it all goes wrong.Artful, sexy, sophisticated, The Dangers Of Truffle Hunting explores how a man can be to a woman than a destination.

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      130 Sunni Overend
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    One thought on “The Dangers of Truffle Hunting”

    1. I loved every character, every flaw and every word. Two things I took away from this book is 1. To live your life and 2. Live your passion.This one will make it to my favourites of 2017 list.

    2. I picked this book on a whim when I was at the library.I read many books set in wineries. The Yarra Valley and Melbourne are the main two locations in this book. The protagonist of this novel is Kit Grossard, thirty, a food photographer, about to get married to Scott Baldwin, an up and coming industrial designer. As a keen photographer myself, I enjoyed the bits about photography.When at her parents' estate, she runs into the new employee, Raph. I take it he was handsome, under all that manlines [...]

    3. Sunni Overend has written a fabulous debut novel with The Dangers of Truffle Hunting. Set in the Yarra Valley and taking readers as far as Milan and the French provinces, the various settings provide a rich backdrop for what is an addictive, luxurious read. Kit Gossard lives a seemingly charmed life, and yet as her wedding edges closer, she can't help but question if the path she's chosen is right for her. While ultimately a love story, I enjoyed following Kit on her journey of self exploration [...]

    4. Raw and real. Sunni has a beautiful and unique voice. I haven't read anything else quite like this. I loved the contrast of the down to earth sibling relationship with the stilted mother-daughter relationship, then the romance - swoon. The food. The photography. I felt like I was there, seeing it all, and that's a huge thing for me because I struggle to visualise things.

    5. Kit Gossard's life is neatly mapped out. A secure photographic Job. A partner ready to commit. A wedding in the family vineyard for her mother to preside over. So why the apprehension? Why a hunger for something more? The Dangers of Truffle Hunting is the debut novel from Australian author Sunni Overend. Before you even read a word, you will fall in love with the gorgeous cover, and the words inside are just as beautiful.Sunni Overend has delivered a sensual, seductive novel that will have your [...]

    6. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of THE DANGERS OF TRUFFLE HUNTING from HarperCollins Australia who also publish my books. This did not effect my review. THE DANGERS OF TRUFFLE HUNTING is a moreish treat. Sumptuous, seductive and darkly funny, it pulls you in from page one. Food photographer Kit Gossard - creative, passionate, messy - is preparing to marry her industrial designer fiance Scott Baldwin - precise, focused, orderly - when a trip to her family's winery in the south eastern corner o [...]

    7. This book grabbed my attention from the get-go. Beautifully written: undoubtedly modern yet a through-back to classic Australian authors such as Miles Franklin, with how the landscapes are described. The characters came to life, the story had twists and turns that I didn't anticipate, and the way the book travelled through different settings was fantastic. Will be reading again!

    8. It was staring at me from the coffee table after my wife brought it home. I decided to pick it up and read the blurb. Yarra Valley photography truffles I'll just have a quick flick through. *reads entire book* what just happened?

    9. Kit has the "perfect" job and fiancé on paper. She's silenced her true creative and passionate identity in order to fit in with other people's expectations - namely her critical mother, but learns to be true to her self. I loved the setting, characters and message in this book. The coincidence surrounding Raph's mother worked out a little too neatly in the story to feel realistic, but I can forgive the book that because it was enchanting and lovely. I loved her character, her dad, brother & [...]

    10. This book made me HUNGRY! I wanted to drink good wine, eat amazing food and make sweet love to my hubby. It will take you from wine country in Australia all the way to a France and provide the perfect escape you need. Sunni is an excellent writer and will keep you glued! I also loved the mother - daughter relationship as well as the main character's issues with marriage. This is an honest and empowering book! Total must read.

    11. Could not put it down! The perfect book to escape from reality with characters that i feel like i now know and love! Can't wait for this author to give me my next indulgence

    12. Hooked from start to finish! Great characters. And great setting (Yarra valley, Victoria australia everyone should visit!) I'll be keeping an eye on this author!

    13. I love the food channel and watching people cook and I also love reading books that feature food or revolve around it in some way. In this novel, Kit’s parents own vineyards and her father is planning on purchasing the land next door where he has been cultivating crops for a new venture. Kit is a food photographer but she seems to have been pushed into this sort of work by her fiance Scott, who is seen as very “steady” and “stable”. He designs/creates furniture and doesn’t give Kit t [...]

    14. The Dangers of Truffle Hunting didn't disappoint. While the story sometimes required the suspension of disbelief (this is fiction after all); the desires, needs and emotions of the characters were true blue. I found Kit's journey of self discovery and awakening inspiring. The Dangers of Truffle Hunting isn't Mills and Boon. Phah. I loved this book.

    15. don't know why I even finished this booksome good characters - I enjoyed the cooking school partbut too much angst and mixed emotions repeated over and over and over. again!

    16. 3.5 starsKit Gossard seems to have it all. A successful freelance photographer with the offer to be permanent staff on the high end 'Hamper' food magazine, a stable relationship with up and coming industrial designer Scott Baldwin and her family owns successful vineyards in the Yarra and Barossa Valley. So why is it that when she meets the new vineyard worker Raph, her world is turned upside down? It's Raph that awakens her senses to new things even though there is no relationship, just being in [...]

    17. This would make for a great summer read for most, but the story didn't grab me. A great shame because I liked how modern everything felt from the food styling to Kit listening to TED Talks in her car. I'd imagine every character would have an awesome Instagram feed. To put it simply: a very contemporary take on chick-lit full of wine and good food that unfortunately falls short of a decent story.

    18. Sexy and escapist as well as well written and real. If you’re looking for by-the-numbers “chick lit” this isn’t for you but if you’re after a fun, foodie, millennial tale that’s full of design and great banter, you’ll love The Dangers.

    19. This is a bit like the book form of an Epicurean feast. The main theme is that life is too short for self-denial, when it comes to those sensual things that make it worth living - and that obeying social cues isn't always as sensible as it may sound.Kit Gossard's pressure to conform comes from all areas of her life, work, family and romantic. She's a food photographer who works for an elegant, minimalist magazine, and hides her desire to take more decadent, elemental photos. Her mother always cr [...]

    20. Melbourne? Food? Wine? Count me in! This book was right up my alley and I did think it was well-written and really interesting. However, I wasn't invested in the main characters. Other characters? Sure, Marc, Piper and Kit's parents were interesting, well-rounded people. Even Scott (the pretentious wanker) was someone who I could imagine existing. However Kit and Raph were like shadows of people. I can't even find the words to describe Kit as I found her so bland and lacking a personality. She w [...]

    21. I absoloutley LOVED this book! It had me feeling all sorts This book made me laugh, frown, smile and even tear up a bit. From reading others' reviews - a few people have said there is too much swearing & that the swearing gets too much aand overloaded throughout the book I however, feel that the swearing in this wonderful book was placed perfectly. Each 'fuck' was exactly where it needed to be. For me it made it easier for me to relate with the book in a way. I dont swear often, but in most [...]

    22. Consume with a nice bottle of red and delicious food! This is a feast for the senses! Divine, quirky and loving

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