Operation Sunset Alternate cover edition for ASIN B GDLIVKU can be found here Private investigator Alex Hoffmann has a clear mission to identify and eliminate the deadliest terrorist mastermind in history She doesn t

  • Title: Operation Sunset
  • Author: Leslie Wolfe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B01GDLIVKU can be found here Private investigator Alex Hoffmann has a clear mission to identify and eliminate the deadliest terrorist mastermind in history She doesn t know his name She doesn t know what he looks like She only knows he s Russian The moment she learns , it s already too late The timers are counting down.This RussiAlternate cover edition for ASIN B01GDLIVKU can be found here Private investigator Alex Hoffmann has a clear mission to identify and eliminate the deadliest terrorist mastermind in history She doesn t know his name She doesn t know what he looks like She only knows he s Russian The moment she learns , it s already too late The timers are counting down.This Russian s plan doesn t target a building, a person, or a city His plan is targeting the future of the United States and its entire people, for decades to come.She calls it the inconceivable scenario Will she be able to stop him in time Terrorism has a new dimension.We re under an unprecedented attack.There s nowhere to run.Alex Hoffmann returns as the heroine of Operation Sunset Putting her life on the line and risking it all to hunt down the man who is threatening everything she cares about, Alex is uncompromising and resourceful, taking readers on a breathtaking roller coaster ride in this gripping, engrossing nuclear terrorism thriller.

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    One thought on “Operation Sunset”

    1. STORY-LINE OPERATION SUNSET: A THRILLER BY LESLIE WOLFE:A villainous Russian psychopath filled with overwhelming greed for power and money has an unimaginable plan to destroy America; and possibly the world. Alex Hoffman has chased him for years. She has a knack for seeing what no one else can see. However, this time she must succeed in finding and eliminating this evil or the consequences are unthinkable. Failure is not an option. My book review of Sunset Operation: A Thriller followsARACTERS, [...]

    2. I've read several books by Leslie Wolfe in the past few months and have become a fan of her books. Each is well researched, well written, fast paced, filled with great characters, and centers around timely and frightening possibilities in today's world.In Operation Sunset, Alex Hoffman and her Agency team continue the hunt for "V", the enigmatic, deadly Russian terrorist. Although this is the fifth book in the Alex Hoffman series, each can be read as a standalone work. If you haven't read any of [...]

    3. Truly Satisfying.I just finished the most recent book in Leslie Wolfe's excellent Alex Hoffman series and congratulate Ms Wolfe on a beautiful job.Caveat to reader's: these should be read in order for full enjoyment. They can be read and enjoyed as separates but following the sequence adds to the entertainment.Executive, Devil's Move, The Backup Asset, Ghost Pattern and Operation Sunset.Here's hoping Ms Wolfe writes another in the series!

    4. The storyline was excellent, the plot moved at an excellent pace, the tension build-up was very well done. Igniting the Yelowstone caldera was a great plot device. I read some militaryish based thrillers such as those by Dale Brown and the story here is on par, I think the main difference is in the characters. They seem a bit two dimensional, I think that is the only thing standing between it being a best seller title.

    5. A Woman To Be Feared.Wow! I loved this book because it featured a very strong woman with inflexible morals.Alex has been trying to track down a ruthless man, known only as V . There is lots of action and heart stopping suspense, as plans to wipe out most of America, and it's ability to feed itself, are revealed. I was given this copy of the book by the author and agreed to write an unbiased review.

    6. Another great book by Leslie Wolfe!. CIA,FBI,DHS,NEST>> an alphabet soup of people Great people, horrid psychotics. Can't wait to read more by this author. It kept me on my toes and so intruiged that I read the entire book in 2 sittings~I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

    7. Operation Sunset! This book was great. I love the thorough research that goes into these books. I can feel the passion that comes through your work. I would love to read more Alex Hoffman adventures. I was glad that her and her team put an end to the evil mastermind in this book. You couldn't have asked for a better ending.

    8. I received this free e-book from and I am voluntarily writing a review. This book is so good it is scary, it makes you think and question. Alex is trying to track down a nameless, faceless terrorist that has no known objective at first but to take out her and her team. Then Mt. Rainer erupts without warning and kill 20,000 people and injuring thousands more. Why?

    9. OPERATION SUNSET by Leslie Wolfe book 5 in Alex HoffmanriesA winner once again for Leslie, this is an intriguing plot tracking nuclear weapons. With Russian for their part in the scheme. The suspense of how Alex and her team work together Is great, you feel like you are with them on their mission. I enjoy all of them in this series, and they can be read separately.

    10. This is a heart stopping story of pure evil. Alex stops at nothing to stop a Russian's plan to destroy the United States. The deadline to stop him is fast approaching as the clock is ticking. I heartily recommend this suspenseful tale of Russia against the US. You won't be able to stop reading until you finish the book.

    11. My first reading of a Leslie Wolfe novel.I did enjoy it and went on to read another in the Alex Hoffman series.I do recommend trying to read the books in order, which I didn't do. I think this will enhance your enjoyment of the series.I did enjoy the creative plot.

    12. Great booksI just finished all 5 books . If you like suspense , character interaction and some great action , you'll like these novels . Thank you for some adventurous reading .

    13. Great Exciting BookThis continues the story from Ghost and I couldn't wait to read it. It is a very exciting book. I enjoyed the author's style.

    14. Alex Hoffman is flying home with her team after outing a major Russian terrorist. She works for the Agency, founded by her boss, Tom Issac, specializing in undercover corporate investigations. She works at a leadership level and her undercover investigation led her to a global conspiracy of epic proportions. Alex identified everyone but the leader, a Russian only known as V. Alex learned about V from Mossad intelligence. Most members of the terrorist group were wealthy, of different nationalitie [...]

    15. Alex Hoffman is after a global terrorist she only knows as V. and he is Russian in Operation Sunset. She works for a private group called 'The Agency' that tracks threats to clients. The past two years she has worked several cases where V. as behind the threat she and her team eliminated.The mystery of what V. is planning keeps the pace of the book flying from one revelation to another. Each chapter gives a look into the thinking of both the Russian and Alex's thinking, so it keeps the suspense [...]

    16. Operation Sunset is the fifth book in the Alex Hoffmann series and is based on the storyline from previous novels. It is possible to read this book without having read the other novels first, but your reading experience will be much more enjoyable is you read the others books in order first.The strength from the book is a, character driven, continuous build-up of tension based on the two main antagonists. Alex Hoffmann follows her instincts in analysing people and situations to solve the crisis [...]

    17. An absolute must read!! Leslie Wolfe is a master story teller who has managed to combine an action hero and an intuitive psychologist who can not only understand the psyche of the antagonist but also correctly predict his next move. Alex is a very real person, a normal woman with doubts, personal emotional issues, confidence, and the courage to step out of the box. This is my first Leslie Wolfe book, and i look forward to reading all her other books.

    18. I received this book free inexchange for an honest opinion.Operation Sunset is a fantastic suspense/thriller novel. It has an intriguing plot that kept me very interested. I wanted the plot solved but didn't want the story to end as the main characters came alive to me and I wanted to know more about them. Leslie Wolfe wrote an excellent book with a great plot. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    19. Another good story that draws you into the world of Alex Hoffman and her team. It includes her recovery from her last mission and what happens in her next. The plot was action packed with complicated characters and more intriguing scenarios. Alex is definitely becoming a favorite. It had action with a few dastardly characters that make the situation interesting or more difficult than necessary. Really good, fast pace read so if you get a chance, check it out.

    20. Fast paced, intriguing storyline, and interesting characters come together to weave a story of monumental terrorism. Many of the US agencies are represented, along with a corporate investigative company tracking nuclear weapons being deployed for a staggering purpose. This tale has it all, it's not to be missed. I look forward to more by this talented author!

    21. What a great story! I have been on pins and needles all the time I was devouring this book. This entire series has kept me riveted. One of the best I have ever read . great writing!

    22. Unbelievable, suspense, scary at times. Could be realistic. The heroine is amazing. The book just keeps you reading, not wanting the book to end, but at the same time wanting to find out what happened

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