Born to be Broken Claire has a score to settle Unwilling mate to the brute who viciously conquered her city she has once again escaped from her Alpha Hardened by betrayal cold as the ice outside the Dome Claire beco

  • Title: Born to be Broken
  • Author: Addison Cain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Claire has a score to settle.Unwilling mate to the brute who viciously conquered her city, she has once again escaped from her Alpha Hardened by betrayal, cold as the ice outside the Dome, Claire becomes the mission The Omegas must be freed, no matter the cost.The price on her head will not deter her after all, mated and subjugated her life no longer retains value SheClaire has a score to settle.Unwilling mate to the brute who viciously conquered her city, she has once again escaped from her Alpha Hardened by betrayal, cold as the ice outside the Dome, Claire becomes the mission The Omegas must be freed, no matter the cost.The price on her head will not deter her after all, mated and subjugated her life no longer retains value She can t eat, she can t sleep, and she s running out of time before the inevitable end.For once, Shepherd finds himself facing an adversary he cannot simply crush, the situation far out of his depth Desperate to draw his mate back, racked and restless, he is forced to acknowledge that his pregnant Omega is willing to sacrifice her life for her false notion of a greater good.He holds the key to her compliance and his dying mate s survival all he must do is give her exactly what she wants.Born to be Broken is the second book in Addison Cain s bestselling Alpha s Claim trilogy, an unabashedly dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange If you enjoy gritty fiction and suspense that sticks long after you ve finished reading, this series is not to be missed.

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    One thought on “Born to be Broken”

    1. 3.5 to 4*After the cliffhanger ending on the previous book I was so glad I’d waited until these were all out and I could move straight onto this one.That said I have to be honest and say I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the last one mainly because for most of this book Shepherd and Claire are apart.I was fully with Claire for the first part of this book, she’s been destroyed by what happened but she’s pulled herself together enough to do what she believes in.This wore thin after a whil [...]

    2. ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★ CharactersClaire & Shepherd are seriously one fcked up couple. Damaged and complicated doesn't even begin to cover it. I love how vehemently and passionately Claire fights for what she believes in. I also hate her, just a little, for plans she made with Corday (side character). Something about it just feels worse than anything Shepherd has done. Although, it is unknown at this time if those plans will come to fruition. Shepherd is still the same sexy g [...]

    3. Claire's hero complex had me like At first I was team Claire , she saved many lives, but then it got too much. Shepherd started to make more sense than she did, and that's saying something. Like the whole plan to kill herself.What would she change by killing herself? The suicide thing just go on my last nerve. What would that change? ugh.Open your eyes woman, the world is shit. She ignored everything Shepherd said, like WOMAN YOU AND HIM HAVE THE SAME GOAL. Shepherd was also hard headed. They ju [...]

    4. 5 emotional stars!! I admit that when I started this series, I expected, at best, a dark and smutty romp, and at worst, something written just for shock value. I couldn't have been more off on both counts. I was impressed after book 1, but now I realize just how much I underestimated this author's work. I loved this installment of Alpha's Claim. It had such an air of sadness to it. That may sound depressing but it was actually . . . poignant. Claire's anguish and quiet resolve drip off the pages [...]

    5. Amazing.I was so proud of our heroine throughout this book. She impressed the fuck out of me.Stepping into this world has been like being strapped in to a tilt-a-whirl ride that takes you into a world beneath a bleak and dreary hungry place rife with pain, down through dirt and decay, into absolute filth and . beyond. And you're tilting and whirling and you can't get un-strapped because the author won't release her grip on you until the tale is told.Forget work and housework and sleep and life b [...]

    6. I only read this book to find out why Shepherd cheated. Then come to read that he cheats again in this book! Facts:-Beginning of book, he fucks his mistress AGAIN and "realizes" she is bad/EVIL and doesn't want her anymore. (oh goodie now you can be a real man and stop cheating on your mate.)- Also told his mistress that he planned on ruling with her while he keeps his mate locked up. lol Are you kidding me right now? And I'm supposed to like this guy after he still calls his mistress his belove [...]

    7. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review."Well, I failed at playing the hero." In a voice that was hard and assertive, Shepherd snarled, "But you didn't, and you know it. Forty-three people are alive because you had the nerve to stand up to me. You won, Claire. No single adversary has ever beaten me before. Ever. Take your victory." Oh my god, I enjoyed this book so much more than the first one.Mainly because:1. We saw such a badass side of Claire. She was already feisty but s [...]

    8. TW: RAPE, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, DEATH, DOMESTIC VIOLENCEI hope Shepherd dies in the next one and (I know this is a terrible thing to say) that Claire doesn't have to have that baby.I love her so much, she is so strong and unwilling to fall for all the sick manipulation, she deserves better.

    9. After the monster of a cliffhanger in book 1, I was anxious to start Born to be Broken. Because this didn't have very much of Claire and Shepherd together, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one, but I still tore through it in just hours. Claire finds her purpose and shows true strength in standing up for what she believes in and fighting against Shepherd Her martyrdom gets a bit tiresome, though, and by the end, I kept thinking she should be smarter than that. Still, it was enough for me to [...]

    10. It keeps comingThis is very interesting and dramatic series. In the first book I really didn't know what to think. Some of the scenes are steamy, but not in the usual way a sex scene is like. The future world is very dark which adds to the story

    11. This book could have been really good, but it's really essentially a chapter or outline and not a full book. My reason for saying this is because the world in which this book takes place is not developed. Any information you have about it is incidental, as opposed to being written for the sole purpose of world-building. So we have a Dome called Tholos, which is where this story takes place. But what's a Dome? Is it a planet or just one of several contained biospheres within a planet? And why doe [...]

    12. January 2017 -- ***CLIFFHANGER***So, this is a 1 Star rating because it ends in a cliffhanger. But, that's not all a series that was supposed to end at book 3 [so you think you can read the series because it's complete], is now being extended.I don't play that game, so at 50% through this one, I put it down and refuse to read more. I returned the book noting the reason as "other >> series incomplete"I'm taking this author off my list and marking other books as "not interested."You have be [...]

    13. This book was even better than the first, it completely took me by surprise the way these characters developed further. This book gives better insight into Claire and Shepherd, and a few others. Seriously this series is amazing, and are definitely worth the time and money. I cannot wait for the next book!

    14. Not really that redeemable. Shepards feeling for his beloved and him sleeping with her again were just gross and disappointing

    15. Since this book is the second of a trilogy, I'm just going to repeat my review here since it really covers the entire series.This one is not for the faint of heart but if you like your sci fi romance gritty, if say you enjoyed The Last Hour of Gann, you would probably like this one. The hero is not a nice guy and he treats the heroine poorly. She is not a doormat or a pushover however. I'm not going to kid you. Bad things happen. But if you don't need your sci fi romance to be all sunshine and r [...]

    16. Title: Born to be BrokenAuthor: Addison CainSeries: Alpha's Claim #2Genre: sci-fi, dystopiaCover: 3/5Heat: 2/5Rating: 4/5If you're planning on reading this second instalment of the stunningly good Alpha's Claim series by Addison Cain, make sure you do it soon after the first. I left it too long and it made me struggle through the first few chapters, unsure of the intricacies of this universe—which is absolutely one of my favourite fictional universes to date.However, once I was fully immersed [...]

    17. Wow this series has gripped me and won't let go The plot, secrets, waging wars, the pain and despair All Of It have kept me up all nightSheperd is the ALPHA possessive, controlling, unreasonable, demanding and a complete asshole!! There is nothing Claire can do that will penetrate his walls She's stronger and has come to many sobering realities but has so much further to goTotally hooked on to the next

    18. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.4 “Alpha-Omega” Stars!The Review:After the huge cliffy the first book leaves off on, I was anxious to start reading book two. I wasn’t disappointed either. Gritty, profound and almost dismal, but so so good! Claire was inspirational. Even when she feels she has nothing left, she’s courageous and martyr-like. I loved her in this book!Story/CharactersClaire is on the run. Having escaped the prison Shepherd forced her in, she’s hiding out in [...]

    19. Excited, happy and a bit upsetIt isn't necessary to say how much I was waiting for this new book to come out.The first instalment "born to be bound" was a surprise and a discovery, about this new author and this story.I felt very touched and excited by Claire's fate and desired to changed it, but also her strong mindset and will to fight this destiny forced on her by the imposing, cruel and enthralling alpha "shepherd".In the same time i follow what is happening to her, Claire is my champion and [...]

    20. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.The next few months are going to be tough while waiting for the last installment of this gripping story. I thought Born to be Bound was engaging, it certainly kept my interest throughout, but Born to be Broken was impossible to put down until I reached the end. The character development is particularly strong in my opinion, as the author gradually, and deftly increases the complexity and depth of her protagonists.The world created f [...]

    21. Shepard is a terrorist and a dictator turned psychopath from his early childhood growing up in the worst environment—a prison with a social order to kill or be killed—somehow managing to care about only one person and that being Claire. I mean he is a possessive megalomaniac despot to top it off which is a complete turn off to anyone that isn't 100% submissive, lacking character or personality of their own nature. Claire is a virtuous idealist that wants equality and freedom for all even if [...]

    22. Well Damn. Moving this up to 5* being that I went into skim & ended up ReReading it and time & staying up til 2AM!

    23. Really interesting world-building and I do love the character(s) and plot. Can't wait for book 3 and if that one will ever redeem oneself.

    24. Not continuing on with the third book. All the angst would be worth it if the was a somewhat happy ending m.

    25. Rating: 4.5 stars This book picks up right where the first one ended after Claire made her daring escape. The first half of this book focused on the resistance and Claire's struggle to find a way to make a difference within the Dome. It's a refreshing and much needed diversion from the first book that mainly focused on the relationship between Claire and Shepherd. It's only this way that we can learn even more about Claire and how strong of a need there must have been in her for her to take such [...]

    26. I HAVE BEEN DEFILED, MANIPULATED, BETRAYED AND BROKEN. I AM WAY PAST ANGRY.The saga continues with book two. Claire will do her best to help the Omegas, and she is resilient in freeing them, but even freedom has a price and is it actually freedom they have if they must stay in hiding. How far will Claire go with her act of martyrdom? She is willing to give up her freedom and continue living underground with Shepherd for the lives of forty-three others. No matter what she gathered from reading Th [...]

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