Handel Who Knew What He Liked A droll biography reveals the high notes and the low notes in the life of the world s foremost composer of Baroque music This is not your usual picture book biography Nor was George Frideric Handel yo

  • Title: Handel Who Knew What He Liked
  • Author: M.T. Anderson Kevin Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9780763610463
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A droll biography reveals the high notes and the low notes in the life of the world s foremost composer of Baroque music.This is not your usual picture book biography Nor was George Frideric Handel your everyday eighteenth century composer This witty and yet rigorously researched and accessible biography captures Handel s essential spirit from a child who smuggled a cA droll biography reveals the high notes and the low notes in the life of the world s foremost composer of Baroque music.This is not your usual picture book biography Nor was George Frideric Handel your everyday eighteenth century composer This witty and yet rigorously researched and accessible biography captures Handel s essential spirit from a child who smuggled a clavichord into the attic to play music against his father s orders to a young man who imported forty five pounds of mountain snow to chill wine for a gala as well as his remarkable, enduring musical triumphs But M T Anderson also shows Handel s struggles and chronicles the illness, ill fortune, and despair that led to his greatest achievement, the Messiah With impeccable detail and a wink at the reader, Kevin Hawkes illustrates the singular story of Handel and the music through which he lives on.Back matter includes a time line, discography, author s note, sources, and an index.

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    One thought on “Handel Who Knew What He Liked”

    1. Not much to add to the general synopsis/review above. This was a fun, engaging, thought-provoking and sensitive biography! Recommended to music fans, biography fans and fans of a good story. Children will see that it is not always easy to be true to one's self, that sometimes it can bring about great trials and tribulations, but that there are rewards if one perseveres. I appreciate that Handel is not portrayed as some amazing saint or untouchable genius, but rather a person with foibles like th [...]

    2. This is an engrossing and entertaining biography of Handel, and it’s very sophisticatedly told given that this is a children’s picture book. My favorite parts were learning the background of how and why and under what conditions various musical pieces were composed, music I’ve heard and would recognize. I will say that at the beginning I couldn’t help thinking there is a very fine line between being a brat and being determined and knowing one’s own mind, and how it was a good thing Han [...]

    3. I knew Handel was German, and a British transplant. I didn't know how long he struggled to find HIS genret opera, which he tried. But oratorio. Beautiful voices and instruments but without the drama and sets and costumes. Just people making amazing, moving music.A great look at how to follow your dream, but be willing to adjust and keep looking for new facets OF your dream. Another one that would fit easily into the secondary classroom

    4. M. T. Anderson's title is so descriptive of the sympathetic feel of this book. The story of Handel's life, from his childhood in Germany up until his death in England is 1759 is portrayed with warmth and rich, often humorous details. Kevin Hawkes' illustrations complement this mood to perfection: nearly all of his cosy paintings are double spreads, and he places much emphasis on light and darkness - whether illustrating the theater, light from windows, or the text boxes, some of which appear wit [...]

    5. I read this book because my friend Beckie Weinheimer recommended it as a great example of a picture book biography (which I am working on). I had previously read and loved Anderson's book on Satie. Thanks Beckie, because now that I have read it, I may just forget about writing my book - NOTHING I write can even come close to this magnificent, amazing, heartwarming, beautiful book. I was awestruck. The picture he painted with his words, accompanied by glowing illustrations, is really beyond descr [...]

    6. I love reading the history about this musician/composer. The book is long, but the beautiful illustrations keep kids intersted.

    7. Well, we borrowed this book from the library, renewed it twice (that's the allocation), borrowed it again (under another of the children's cards), renewed it twice, borrowed it again (ditto), and finally finished it. And no, it's not a big book. Not at all. And no, it isn't one of those books that you have to force-feed yourself to finish. On the contrary, we could have enjoyed it together (that's me and the 3 grandchildren) in one sitting. However, we wouldn't have learnt anything lasting if th [...]

    8. Handel, Who Knew What He Liked is one of my favorite picture biographies, and is filled with amazing and hilarious facts about Handel that I have been sharing with my roommate all weekend. The book starts with a more classic portrait of Handel and the narrator's casual and slightly snarky (but not rudely so) tone ("This is George Frideric Handel. He looks very satisfied with things. He's smiling a little, as if he's very sure of himself. You'd have to be sure of yourself to wear a wig that gigan [...]

    9. This biographical picture book is about George Frideric Handel who was born in Germany in 1685. He was one of the most loved composers in the world. This book tells about his life and his journey to becoming a famous musician in a way that is intriguing and understood by children. The book shows his determination to do what he knew he wanted no matter what. Even as a young child Handel knew he loved music. He played and practiced against his father's will. His determination and high spirits made [...]

    10. Oh, how I loved this little chapter-book biography of Handel!!! M.T. Anderson should write more books just like this! I loved the book's liveliness. It was clever and full of personality. I love the touch of humor and wit! Favorite quotes:Right from an early age, George Frideric Handel knew just what he liked. He wanted to study music. His father said he couldn't. His father said nobody ever made any money as a musician. He told the boy to study something that would make him money. Handel's fath [...]

    11. There are not many 8-12 year olds who would willing pick up a biography of Handel or any other musician from "ancient" history. However, M.T.Anderson's and Kevin Hawkes' witty yet factful story with illustrations that would appeal to the younger and not repel the older reader is engaging and will capture their attention. So the reader that needs to learn to read biographies yet would find the typical versions unappealing has a great choice in this biography.The author brings out that as a child [...]

    12. Plot SummaryHandle was a man who knew exactly what he wanted to do. When he was young, he sneaked a piano up in his room after his parents said he was not allowed to. He taught himself how to play. He would travel throughout Europe playing songs and writing scripts for people to sing and perform. His fame grew larger but that brought problems for him. As he would write songs for singers they would get into fights because they felt he was writing better songs for the other singers. Sometimes they [...]

    13. A book about an 18th century composer could be dry and dull, but not this one. It is vivacious and funny, with plenty of action to keep children interested. It shows Handel to be quite the character, with equal parts whimsy and genius. Handel's life begins--as it does for many great artists--with a parent who wants the child to be something else, something practical like a doctor or lawyer. But Handel is a determined little boy who sneaks a clavichord into his home. When he chases down his fathe [...]

    14. This book really captures the time period of when music was starting to come alive. George Frideric Handel was a composer in the 1700s. This book gives a glimpse into his life. It starts out describing how he snuck a clavichord out of his house. A clavichord is an early version of a piano. The duke heard Handel playing the organ one day and instantly fell in love with his music. The duke was convinced he was make Handel into a musician but Handel's father did not approve. The duke convinced Hand [...]

    15. Handel Who Knew What He LikedBy M.T. Anderson Illustrations by Kevin HawkesDon’t judge a book by its cover, is one of those sayings we have all heard at one point or another in our lives, this is very true of this book as well. When I was handed this book I was not impressed the cover artwork didn’t grab my attention as much as I like. However, once I opened the book and started reading I was engulfed! The more I read and the more I looked at the artwork the more I started to enjoy and appre [...]

    16. Boston Globe Horn book award winner for non fiction!Author tells us in book flap front cover that Handel always knew what He liked and He was never afraid to do what he liked.Lively illustrations that capture the time period.Notes along the way to define what may be unfamiliar terms.Some notes are tidbits of trivia: Orchestra led by the person playing the harpsichord instead of by a conductor with a baton.Example of humor from author’s own words: Handle was an unusual boy. Not everyone has the [...]

    17. This is a wonderful biography of George Frideric Handel. The narrative is engaging and filled with interesting anecdotes and information about his life and the author consistently tied the story to the title, how he always managed to stay true to what he liked. The illustrations are terrific as well, with an impressionistic style and several comic touches. The story is a bit long, so I would recommend reading it with older children who will be able to sit still long enough and enjoy the story. A [...]

    18. This wonderfully informational picture book, portrays Handel in all stages of his life. The book includes humor, biographical information, and beautiful illustrations to keep many readers interested. The book is a bit long and filled with plenty of information, so I would suggest reading this book to students over a span of time. Reading it all at once may take up to an hour! However, for a biography,you wouldn't know you were reading a biography. Anderson does a wonderful job at including tidbi [...]

    19. This story combines two things I love--good creative non-fiction and music! Handel's life is brought to life with interesting details and fun writing. Hawkes also does a great (and sometimes humorous) job illustrating what I imagine would have been a tricky visual undertaking. The conclusion of the book is especially moving as it deals with Handel's masterpiece, the monumental Messiah! I couldn't help but think about the time that my fourth son sang the Hallelujah with his junior high choir--one [...]

    20. This is a cute book about Handel a famous composer and musician. This book would be perfect for any student who is in love with classical music, or a student who is required to write about a famous composer. It would be a great book to get kids interested in the arts possibly. It would be great read in a music classroom as a way to introduce him to the students. The artwork of this book is also spot on, the expressions are slightly comical.

    21. The story of Handel who persisted with his love of music and accomplished marvelous things because of it. The thread running through this non-fiction book is that Handel "knew what he liked." It connects all the parts of the story and makes for a satisfying read. The author's humor comes through, too.

    22. Biography of German/English composer G.F. Handel, composer of Water Music, the Messiah, and other works. I really liked this one. Anderson did a great job of making a remote figure an accessible and sympathetic person, and the story of the Messiah's composition is very touching. With lovely illustrations and some small explanatory asides about classical music.

    23. Not only does this writer get his facts wrong (about why we stand during the Hallelujah Chorus), but it seems like he's encouraging kids to "courageously" disobey their parents. I was very disappointed with this book.

    24. This is a wonderful informational picture book! It's very detailed and explains Handels background very clearly. I would definitely use this for younger students when talking about History because it'd be an easy way to incorporate music as well.

    25. Fun illustrations and very interesting biography of Handel. I learned quite a bit about his life from reading this.

    26. I never knew who Handel was and the night before I read this book we went to see the Westminster Abbey Choir and the first song was written by Handel.

    27. Simply one of the best (and most humorous) pictorial biographies out there. Great for young and old historical buffs and classical music enthusiasts.

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