Dead Man I m Cisco Suarez necromancer shadow charmer black magic outlaw Sounds kinda cool doesn t it It was right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster Did I say half dead Because I meant % dead Full

  • Title: Dead Man
  • Author: Domino Finn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Audiobook
  • I m Cisco Suarez necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw Sounds kinda cool, doesn t it It was, right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster Did I say half dead Because I meant 100% dead Full on I don t do things halfway So here I am, alive for some reason, just another sunny day in Miami It s a perfect paradise, except I m into something bad Wanted by poI m Cisco Suarez necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw Sounds kinda cool, doesn t it It was, right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster Did I say half dead Because I meant 100% dead Full on I don t do things halfway So here I am, alive for some reason, just another sunny day in Miami It s a perfect paradise, except I m into something bad Wanted by police, drenched in the stink of dark magic, nether creatures coming out of the woodwork, and don t get me started on the Haitian voodoo gang Trust me, it s all fun and games until there s a zombie pit bull on your tail I m Cisco Suarez necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw, and totally screwed.

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      223 Domino Finn
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    One thought on “Dead Man”

    1. Dead Man (Black Magic Outlaw #1) by Domino Finn is a pretty good fantasy book. Lots of action, magic, necromancy, suspense, and plenty of twists and turns. I had the audio narration and the narrator was pretty good.

    2. I'm Cisco Suarez: necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw. Sounds kinda cool, doesn't it? It was, right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster.Did I say half dead? Because I meant 100% dead. Full on. I don't do things halfway. I'm not going to lie, I was totally sucked in by the cool sounding blurb of this book. Did the story live up to the promise of the blurb? Probably not, but this still turned out to be an entertaining enough read. It was an action UF with a slightly unique feel. Th [...]

    3. 3.5 Good try. I was mostly entertained. Writing style was good. It had a latino lead and he was crushing on a curvy latino chick. The bad buys were Haitian and Nigerian and there was a reference to an African Vampire. I cringed at the term "black on black" crime. I think the author could have used a racial sensitivity reader, but I have to give him points for trying. Good story over, even if it parts were predictable. I'd read the next one if only to see what happens with the African vampire "as [...]

    4. A fun magic system, great atmosphere and setting, and a heroic yet tarnished protagonist who finds some pretty creative ways to defeat his enemies. There was just enough betrayal, dark humor, and action without making my head spin in circles like with some books. There were some parts where I thought he emotion was drummed up, but otherwise good stuff. I will be checking out the rest of the series.

    5. Dead Man by Domino Finn Cisco Suarez, necromancer and a wee bit of a dumb ass, wakes up in  a dumpster. Wait. Can the dead wake? Cisco is full on dead and he’s none too happy to learn about it, especially since a variety of folks are set on seeing him dead. Again.The Miami heat can be harsh, especially if you’re already prone to giving off body odor. Cisco needs info and the first person he runs into that he knows is Milena, who was his sister Seleste’s BFF. Cisco soon learns what tragedy [...]

    6. I took a chance with this new-to-me author because I always crave for urban fantasy with male protagonist. While it took me quite a whole to finish it but I guess I liked it enough. I wasn't completely invested with the voodoo ritual part of the book -- I mean, I enjoy urban fantasy stories with magic, but voodoo (with their rituals and their gods) is something different altogether. Which was why I was keep being distracted with romance books instead.However, I liked Cisco's 'voice'. I also foun [...]

    7. After devouring the entire Dresden series by Jim Butcher, I've been dabbling with other series here and there, trying to find other urban fantasy that serves up non-stop action, plausible mystery, solid world building, and a hero with a (somewhat) moral core. Imagine my surprise to find it in a black magic outlaw.Our hero wakes up dead--or alive, we're not sure--in a dumpster, and his day goes downhill from there. Miami is painted in vivid prose, from the slang to the pink sidewalks. There are C [...]

    8. I listened to the audiobook and while I loved the narrator, Neil Hellegers, I just couldn't really get into the story. At certain points it would hook me, but then most of the time the plot dragged. I do give props for the big twist, which totally took me by surprise. However, a lot of the little twists in the story were predictable and then never really addressed later on. One in particular really annoyed me because the secret was revealed and then NEVER spoken of again. I wish that there was a [...]

    9. This was a good urban fantasy with an original take on the main character. The title says it all. If I have a quibble it's that the action scenes didn't seem to let up and sometimes they just seemed to be there because, ya know, action. I guess I'm saying that maybe some of them didn't serve the story so much as just provide an excuse to have some violence. But looking back on it, I can't put my finger on one that did this particularly. I just had a continuing sense of it as I read the book. All [...]

    10. My original Dead Man audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Cisco Suarez wakes up in a dumpster after being killed 10 years ago.  He remembers none of the last decade, how he died, or how he got many of the skills and strength he now has.  After tracking down a couple of friends, he is able to piece together enough details to follow a trail toward his killers.  More questions arise as he finds out someone slaughtered his family and a Hattian voodoo gang wants him [...]

    11. I discovered Domino Finn when he released the first book in the Sycamore Moon series. I thought the three books in the trilogy were some of the best supernatural thrillers I'd read in a long time. Recently, Finn sent me the first two books in the Black Magic Outlaw series. Although I was in the middle of reading two other books, I set them aside, and delved into DEAD MAN.I am thankful I did. (If you want the book synopsis, read it on /). Basically, Cisco Suarez has been dead for ten years, that [...]

    12. This is an urban fantasy. No sex, plenty of death, blood and gore. Voodoo ritual, gang violence and black magic. There is a satisfying ending, but it took a lot of blood and tears to get there. Seriously.Cisco is a typical 24 year old kid/man. He thinks he knows everything. Playing with black magic is a game . . . until it isn’t. Someone or someones are trying to kill him. He is at times arrogant, self pitying and cold blooded. He’s an assassin albeit involuntarily.This story has more twists [...]

    13. Nice action, decent dialogue, likable protagonist, but a little weak on the plot.There were a few points of eye-rolling drama (view spoiler)[ "e's your daughter!" Really? (hide spoiler)] but I think my biggest issue with the story (and admittedly the most nit-picky thing ever) is the author only seems to introduce the few rules of an otherwise vaguely defined magic system to comment on how someone or other has broken them.Not a bad read but I'm most likely going to pass on the rest of the series [...]

    14. It was a decent start of a series. The beginning had issues but beginnings are usually the hardest. This book did a good job introducing the main character and the world and it set up the major plotline I'm sure will carry on through the series.Lile I mentioned before I had some issues with the book but it drew me in eventually and I'll definitely read the next installment of the series which will hopefully be better.

    15. All-in-all, this was a kick-ass book. The twists kept coming and the action seldom stopped. Cisco's a great character to get behind, and the cast of characters was interesting and diverse. Will definitely be reading the rest of this series!

    16. This was a very fast read, and an interesting concept. I thought the main character, Cisco, was very well developed. I thought a few things were a little rushed, but I liked the overall outcome of the story. I will pickup the next book in the series very soon.

    17. Date le premesse mi sarei aspettato di più da questo libro.La prima parte è, paradossalmente, quella più avvincente, mentre la seconda è più confusionaria e meno appassionante.

    18. I had the pleasure of reading the ebook back in 2016 but with the release of this series in audiobook format, I felt I needed to revisit this book. What follows is an updated review that includes my thoughts on the narration (which is excellent!).Cisco Suarez, necromancer and a wee bit of a dumb ass, wakes up in a dumpster. Wait. Can the dead wake? Cisco is full on dead and he’s none too happy to learn about it, especially since a variety of folks are set on seeing him dead. Again.The Miami he [...]

    19. Recensione a cura di Lucrezia per Feel The BookCisco Suarez è un negromante. Un negromante morto. Quando si risveglia vivo e vegeto (e addirittura in forma migliore di quanto ricordasse) in un cassonetto dell’immondizia non capisce cosa possa essere accaduto e la sua memoria non lo aiuta. L’unica cosa di cui si rende conto immediatamente è che i suoi guai non sono finiti, ma nonostante tutto non è una persona facile da scoraggiare. Animista dotato quanto sbruffone, è del tutto concentrat [...]

    20. Another fun addition to the growing genre I'm learning about called urban fantasy. Cisco wakes up dead and in a dumpster by something unknown at first. He is a necromancer, something I thought only belonged in fantasy, but this new genre and it's authors are finding creative twists on how to apply these types of characters to a more modern universe. The writing is fun and crisp with an emphasis on the action and grit. It reminds me of an film action thriller with magic. It's becoming a staple of [...]

    21. There are a lot of people contending to be "the next Jim Butcher" these days. This guy has a decent chance at it. Cisco is an entertaining character, flawed but attempting to do what's right. The magic system strikes a pretty decent balance between enough structure to feel like things aren't just being pulled out of the writer's nether regions and yet magical enough to inspire some wonder. I have no idea how accurate the depiction of Cuban culture is, but it is nice to have some other cultures r [...]

    22. So many urban fantasies seem to be retelling the same story over and over. This was something different and enjoyable! You figure out the story along with Cisco and go through the emotional rollercoaster of losing 10 years and all that goes with that. He is an immature kid in many ways who is trying to deal with a lot plus stay alive and figure out where he's been for 10 years. Its a great start to a story. BTW if you're like me and hate big cliffhangers at the end of a book, this one doesn't ha [...]

    23. Actually more like 2.5 stars but I didn't like it enough for 3 stars. Interesting concept and magic system as well as a fast paced story but the rambling writing style made it difficult to get into and keep paying attention. And the main character is not especially likable to me either. I don't hate him though or anything. I just don't really care about him. That said it still wasn't terrible to read and maybe I'll give the next part in the series a shot if I run out of other stuff to read.

    24. Wow, Cisco Suarez fate was cruel with him. In Dead Man, Cisco Suarez seeked for answers and when he got them, at the end, Cisco wasn't absolved. His fate was set in stone and his action only cemented that further. All the experiences Cisco went through, after his death were tragic and full of mystery. What happened with Cisco's family was more than tragic, it was horrible. I hope he will find some happiness in his future.

    25. Reads like a rehash of dresden files staring an action film star. Okay, readable. I'll keep on going, but know what you're getting. It's a pacing controlled book with story second. Action, fights, magic, thriller. It's smooth, keeps moving, but it definitely looks like it was designed to give thrillers and a drug-like fix to readers rather than a deep story. Good, not great. But, if you like hardcore action movies and want magic in them, maybe read this?

    26. Decent bookThe beginning was rather slow, and the way the main character talked almost had me ditching the book. I wanted to give it 3 and a half stars, but unfortunately they don't allow that. Which they should, but that's a different story. The book is interesting enough for me to consider getting the next in this series.

    27. This book was recommended to me but I was sold after I read the blurb. Although this is not a genre I normally read, I was not disappointed. Lots of plot twists and turns and action. Interesting characters that continue to evolve. I only put this down when I had finished it because I really enjoyed it.I have book 2 in my reading queue and am acquiring the rest of the series.

    28. Grand theft auto meets Zombies and voodoo priestsi actually enjoyed this more than i thought! From someone who prefers fantasy romance i decided to try something different, this really made me LOL! i really love Suarez he's very likeable but brave, determined and confident, i had a lot of fun following his adventure.

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