A Fistful of Fig Newtons From the wild and wacky world of a favorite funnyman a dozen truer than life tales of tailgating on the Jersey Tumpike infuriating infants and other everyday catastrophes defeats and humiliations

  • Title: A Fistful of Fig Newtons
  • Author: Jean Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9780385188432
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the wild and wacky world of a favorite funnyman, a dozen truer than life tales of tailgating on the Jersey Tumpike, infuriating infants, and other everyday catastrophes, defeats, and humiliations that are the familiar fate of Americans everywhere.

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    One thought on “A Fistful of Fig Newtons”

    1. I was missing Jean Shepherd's voice, but after having read a huge biography of him last year, and experiencing anew the shock of the late-70's-attitude towards women in the first few stories in this book, I guess I would have been better off renting A Christmas Story. The quality of these stories is somewhat uneven - the childhood stories are better than the army stories, which are better than the college stories, etc. Still, it was nice to read a few tightly written short stories from the wanin [...]

    2. I've read and enjoyed this book for decades. Shepherd's writing is how I wish I could write; it makes me a better writer to see the variety of his word choice and the rich, humorous descriptions that make me LOL for real. One of my favorite books of all time.

    3. Many belly-laughs in this. (Especially the stories of youth.)It brought to mind his funny narration in A Christmas Story.Notes:29 Big Daddy, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: "Mendacity, my boy. Mendacity is what life is all about."31 So much of my best solid contemplation is done in the john. Archimedes hollered out "Eureka!" in his bathtub.48 Camp life I began to feel lean and sinewy.57 mud My shoes had grown 4 sizes by the time I had walked a yard.67 4-hole outhouse The four of us squatted in emba [...]

    4. In my own humble opinion, Jean Shepherd is probably the best story teller in our time, and very high on the list of best ever. In this volume shepherd entertains us with stories of life in the army, what is like to be a person with a name at the end of the alphabet, and life in a mill town in Indiana.While filled with humor, you do not need to get to the jokes to appreciate Shepherd's work. The description of the blast furnace lights reflected on the surface of Lake Michigan is as good as being [...]

    5. "A fist full of fig newtons " Jean Shepherd Good humerus book the writer of the Christmas story. Not his best but was worth 4 stars

    6. Published in the early 1970's this collections of humorous essays shows just how much our reading styles have changed. The print font is ridiculously small and some of the essays are very long. The format of connecting the essays is the author's daily commute through the tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. The traffic is the small snarl, but the lack of air conditioning in the cars and the effect that has on fellow drivers adds additional humor. The essays cover growing up in small town A [...]

    7. I love Jean Shepherd. I love his narrative voice. This book is another collection of short stories, many of them centered around his army days (so a little later than the stories in "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories"). I pick it up often, and just did again, because I just don't get tired of these. He's so funny and always adds just the right details to his stories, so I can totally see the scene he's painting.I have a lesson to prepare, a book club book to read, a library book to read th [...]

    8. redolent of his wit and wisdom, Shepherd delivers with this collection of short stories loosely strung together with story-glue consisting of him traversing the Lincoln Tunnel at rush houro stand-out stories rise to the top, redolent of the maniacal descriptive minutiae with which ol' man Jean infused his midwestern tales of madness, mystery, and mayhem, the title story "A fist full of fig newtons" and another about an ice cream war really took the cake. the rest was still worthy of reading.he d [...]

    9. I have been a big fan of Jean Shepherd since the mid-1960s when I first heard him chat away each night at 10:15 on WOR radio, NY. I even have a signed edition of his second book, and dozens of recordings of his shows, poetry readings, etc. With that in mind, I think this book, Fistful of Fig Newtons, is more for the old-time fan than the person who is looking to be introduced to Shep (including those who know him only from his Christmas story. For newbies, read "In God We Trust, All Others Pay C [...]

    10. A splendidly written collection of tales of remembrance that only Jean Shepard can tell in his satiric wisdom. It was fun reading more about Ralphie as he goes to summer camp, enters High School and gets out of the Army, as well as other great moments. All the way through, I could hear Jean Shepard's voice narrating the stories, just as he did for the movie "A Christmas Story." Really, it was like meeting an old friend.

    11. I'm a big fan of Jean Shepherd and still miss him. I avidly listened to him on WOR 710 AM while in high school. Being a born and raised Jerseyite who commuted to NYC for years, I identified with his unique observations and witty segues into his truly unique short stories. This book is a wonderful collection. I can truly relish life in a simpler time.

    12. I think this was a guy lit, instead of a chick lit. It was interesting but I had a hard time keeping up with where the guy was exactly. It was kinda cool, the guy is stuck in traffic, and thinks about his past and remembers different stories.

    13. I find Shepherd's hyperbolic style endlessly amusing. The quality of the pieces is a bit uneven - the best pieces are the imagined memoirs. I especially liked The Mole People Battle The Forces of Darkness and The Marathon Run of Lonesome Ernie The Arkansas Traveler. The rest was so so.

    14. not nearly as good as "wanda hickey" or "christmas story" but it did have me laughing out loud a few times.

    15. Although I love all of Shepherd's books this is not on par with In God We Trust and Wanda Hickey. There are still great stories to be found, but there are a few duds to be found as well.

    16. Loved these stories my dad was such a product of this generation albeit the tail end but stillwarm fuzzy hilarity!

    17. Humorist Jean Shephard riffs on troop trains, college life on the GI Bill, cars, and even ice cream wars. What's not to love?

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