Sophie s World When future film director Sophie LaCroix visits Williamsburg Virginia her imagination sends her straight into the eighteenth century An unlikely heroine Sophie s forced to use her new found war tac

  • Title: Sophie's World
  • Author: Nancy N. Rue
  • ISBN: 0025986707569
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • When future film director Sophie LaCroix visits Williamsburg, Virginia, her imagination sends her straight into the eighteenth century An unlikely heroine, Sophie s forced to use her new found war tactics to foil a heinous plot and save a friend from impending humiliation by the popular girls.

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    One thought on “Sophie's World”

    1. As a little girl, I absolutely LOVED the Sophie Series! I was about 11 or 12 when I read my first one, and I was hooked! I could absolutely relate with Sophie's character and the way she got a little bit too caught up in her imagination. The adventures she went on, and discoveries she made in her relationship with God are just precious and had a big impact on my mind at that age! I would absolutely recommend this to any young girls who are looking for a fun, yet encouraging read! (Just make sure [...]

    2. Welcome to Pre-Teen Week! Every quarter we’re going to try to do a full week dedicated to finding great Christian books for girls ages 8/9-12 every week day! This is Day Four of this quarters’! Day 1 Here! Day 2 Here! Day 3 Here! About this book:“When future film director Sophie LaCroix visits Williamsburg, Virginia, her imagination sends her straight into the eighteenth century. An unlikely heroine, Sophie s forced to use her new-found war tactics to foil a heinous plot and save a [...]

    3. I have a seven year old niece who is a voracious reader. I read this book to help me determine whether or not it was something that I could get for her. As far as the reading level goes, I am sure that she could have, and probably would have, read it six or seven times at least in the time that it took me to read it once. As far as the content goes though, I think that this one may be a year or two too mature for her. There is a glossary at the end of the book that helps with vocabulary that may [...]

    4. This book is about a girl who daydreams about characters she makes up in her headHer grades start to slip because of her daydreaming and her dad tells her if she doesn't get a C on her report card then she can keep the cameraIf not well you can guess what happensI like it because she is alot like me and I can relate to her. She likes to make up stuff and I do too.

    5. Looking for tween books for the church library, so I picked up this first in a series of books. Just couldn't get into this seriest my cup of tea and not my girls' cup of tea either. We've all checked this series outd just not interested.

    6. This is a great book for girls because Sophie has problems real girls sometimes have. It's not like she has a perfect life. You should read these books in order because each one leads to the next.

    7. Sophie’s on a class trip to Colonial Williamsburg, and she’s in the loser group, which is sad, because she’s a highly imaginative girl with an eagerness to learn and an attention to detail that puts all her class-mates to shame. Sophie knows there were French people in Williamsburg. Sophie imagines she is French. Then she gets lost and prays to find a friend.Sophie’s World is a place where imagination is imagined and reality is all too often boring. But there’s nothing wrong with Sophi [...]

    8. Typical Sophie: "Sophie closed her eyes and listened to the clip-clop of the horses' hooves. Antoinette LaCroix peeked from inside the carriage, her face half hidden by the hood of her cloak. All around her colonists hurried to and fro" A trip to Williamsburg sends Sophie's already very active imagination even further. She needs to help the colonists! But her delightful fantasies only land her in trouble. And now her dad thinks she needs to see a counselor. No way! He'll just say the same thing [...]

    9. A story about an eleven-year-old girl going through the ordinary struggles of school, parents, bullies, getting good grades, and fitting in. One day she does find a friend–Fiona Bunting, the one person who doesn't think she is weird. They have to overcome bullies and the possibility of having their camera confiscated, which would mean that they cannot film the movies that they plan to make. They name the CORNy POPular girls the Corn Pops, and when one of the Corn Pops name them "flakes" they b [...]

    10. I picked this up after reading an interview with the author about the importance of Christian literature for tweens. I remember that time in my life well and know that what I read (which was a LOT as I, like many tweens, devoured books) impacted my worldview in the teen years. My own children are still very young (4 and under), but I have a niece in this age group. I would recommend this book to her (in fact, I'm considering getting the whole series for her as a gift), as I know she will be able [...]

    11. I loved this book as far as imagination goes. Veryinspiring, and it shows you the true meaning of relationshipwith Jesus Christ. About a girl named Sophie LaCroix who is always caught daydreaming of an imaginary "Antoinette" from Francewho moves to Williamsburg in the 17th century. She is dreaming of being a film director with her friend Fiona pretending to be "Henriette" After she finds out all about the revolutionary war in a social studies book, she uses those skills to save a friend from bei [...]

    12. I love Sophie! She has a whole imaginative world that sometimes gets her into trouble in the real world. (In the real world, out of the book, she might be considered to have maladaptive daydreaming). Her dad wants her to stop daydreaming. Sophie hates the idea, but remarkably respects her dad enough to risk the possibility of having to stop by committing to abiding by a new therapist's directions. Fortunately, everything turns out alright for Sophie, and she learns how to apply her imagination i [...]

    13. I read Sophie's World because it was recommended at a writers' conference I attended. It is a well-written book and it was easy to quickly come to care about Sophie. She's a very imaginative and creative young lady whose father doesn't understand her at all and neither do most of her classmates. She is one of the new kids in her current school and wonders if she'll ever have any friends. It's a quick, easy read for adults, but is truly geared toward tween girls. I highly recommend it to tween gi [...]

    14. Solid lessons on trusting and waiting on God for answers. Daydreaming even during class was causing big problems for Sophie. People were calling her weird. Until she meets Fiona, Sophie was on her own in her make-believe world. Her father didn't understand her yet he played make-believe right along with her little brother and that was okay? He even wants her to see a psychologist? Now that's weird! I wasn't crazy about the make-believe dialogue throughout. Other than that, this is a good clean y [...]

    15. This was a fun book in a new series (for me, at least). I loved the fun fonts in the book and how easy it was to hold. I would have loved this book when I was in elementary or middle school. I like that it teaches the importance of being yourself but also of being a good student, even when it's hard. And that parents and teachers are not perfect. It's a good reminder for kids.

    16. A nice new series for young girls. It is a Christian based book, but honestly, you would never know it. I think some parents may want to see more Christianity represented, however, it was still a very good read and I think it would appeal to most girls in it's target age group.

    17. Sophie has a big imagination which interferes with her ability to concentrate in school. A new girl comes to school, she too likes to use her imagination, and helps Sophie learn to focus at school. This is Christian fiction.

    18. A childrens book which makes attempts to tackle the issue of a young girl not fitting in. This is delicately done however it is a Christianity-promoting book - there is nothing wrong with that, just not perhaps everyone's cup of tea

    19. My 11 year old daughter has read the whole series and has been totally taken by the books. She finds that she can relate tot the characters and is growing in her understanding of how to live as a christian. She has been really encouraged by the books. Great read!

    20. Found this book really irritating. A dumbed down style and simplistic statements. The sort of book someone condescending would give to someone they thought needed 'educating'. Sorry about that!

    21. This was one of my favourite book series as a kid. Excellent characters and fun storylines. I really connected with Sophie, since we both liked to make up stories and be creative.

    22. I got this book for my niece and decided to go ahead and read it. It was a cute little story about a young girl who spends a lot of time imagining another world. My niece will probably like it.

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