The Night Parade I thought you might sleep through it The creature smiled Saki s voice was little than a whisper Sleep through what It leaned over She stared into its will o the wisp eyes The Night Parade of course T

  • Title: The Night Parade
  • Author: Kathryn Tanquary
  • ISBN: 9781492623274
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • I thought you might sleep through it The creature smiled Saki s voice was little than a whisper Sleep through what It leaned over She stared into its will o the wisp eyes The Night Parade, of course The last thing Saki Yamamoto wants to do for her summer vacation is trade in exciting Tokyo for the antiquated rituals and bad cell reception of her grandmothe I thought you might sleep through it The creature smiled Saki s voice was little than a whisper Sleep through what It leaned over She stared into its will o the wisp eyes The Night Parade, of course The last thing Saki Yamamoto wants to do for her summer vacation is trade in exciting Tokyo for the antiquated rituals and bad cell reception of her grandmother s village Preparing for the Obon ceremony is boring Then the local kids take interest in Saki and she sees an opportunity for some fun, even if it means disrespecting her family s ancestral shrine on a malicious dare.But as Saki rings the sacred bell, the darkness shifts A death curse has been invokedd Saki has three nights to undo it With the help of three spirit guides and some unexpected friends, Saki must prove her worth or say goodbye to the world of the living forever

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    One thought on “The Night Parade”

    1. I received an ARC copy of this book via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book so much! I loved the plot and the writing was awesome. I loved how much Japanese culture was in this book as well. I learned so much and I think that's really great, especially in a Middle Grade book.I love all the creatures and the mythology.I liked the characters and I really loved following Saki on her adventure. I do like the concept of this book more than the actual execution. Saki was bo [...]

    2. I received an ebook copy of this book via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.3.5/3.75The night parade was a delightful read. It's smart, funny and such a well-plotted middle grade book that I couldn't help but like it a lot, in spite of it not being my favourite genre anymore. I really liked that the book showed that the author knows what she is talking about. Not only the book itself is really cute, but the elements that were taken from japanese mythology were interesting. It's the mai [...]

    3. I'm having a very hard time reviewing this book. While it certainly wasn't bad, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would. I found the main character, Saki, slightly annoying. Later on I realised, it might've been her age (13 years old). When starting the book I didn't realise it was a middle grade book but it makes sense.I enjoyed the Japanese mythology and culture mentions. Some words had me a bit confused but luckily my Kindle was able to explain most of them to me.Another thing I [...]

    4. Being totally obsessed with all things Japanese I hoped that The Night Parade would be a book I loved and you know what it did not disappoint at all.Saki travels with her family to her see her grandmother, a journey that she really doesn't want to take. As a teen she wants a mobile phone signal, wifi and Starbucks not traditional ceremonies and horrible local kids.The family are their to take part in the Obon ceremony to honour their departed ancestors, during the festivities Saki meets the loca [...]

    5. Cute, imaginative story. I really disliked the main character at first but as her character grew up and learned some lessons, I liked her more. For me the book became more enjoyable when the Night Parade started and she began interacting with all the different spirits. The object spirits were my favorite! Even though this is juvenile lit, I think the story is dark and interesting enough to please young adults and adults.

    6. I picked this up as an ARC at the 2015 ALA convention and read the whole thing on the flights home. It knocked my socks off and made me immediately want to rewatch all my Hayao Miyazaki DVDs. That's a good thing.Saki is a typical girl in middle-school obsessed with fitting in with her cohort and making sure she has enough bars on her cell phone. The last thing she wants to do for her summer vacation is travel out to her grandmother's place in the country for the ancient, traditional Obon festivi [...]

    7. Brilliant! The Imagery was stellar and the story was relatable. This would make a wonderful anime. What a spectacular way to finish up my year in reading! I was approved for this eARC , via Netgalley, in return for an honest review. I will be reviewing this title on both my MG blog, Paper Dragons, and my main blog. I will add the link when it is posted.

    8. DNFJust not for meI really couldn't stand SakiShe was just way to self involved - I tried several time restarted the book on 3 occasions but I just can't get further than 20%

    9. 3.5 starsI don't know why I wasn't pulled into this book. It has so much that I like-- Japanese culture, Japanese folklore, fantasy elements, character development, etc. I guess I just wasn't feeling it? Let's talk first about the characters-- or rather character. Saki is our main character who is going on this journey. We see what kind of person she is and she isn't the most likeable, although I really do pity her knowing what her alternatives to her given situation are. Finding a friend group [...]

    10. (I received an ARC copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)Although I didn’t find this novel exceptional as far as I am concerned as an adult (simple writing style and predictable character development), I think it would nonetheless make a good read for its intended middle-grade audience.The story is easy enough to follow. A middle school girl (Saki) forced to spend a few days for a traditional ritual at her grandmother’s, far from her city friends, cell phone and usual act [...]

    11. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe Night Parade was a fun and enjoyable story. The first few chapters were a bit slow and made it a bit hard to get into the story as most of those take place in the real world and the main character Saki isn't too likeable, especially at first. But once the curse is set and Saki enters the night parade I really enjoyed this book.Saki is a young girl who has to visit her grandma during summer vacation. Saki is not happy and would much rather be [...]

    12. I enjoyed the descriptions in The Night Parade and how Kathryn Tanquary built the world for the reader. Some of the spirits, such as the fox, were familiar but most of them I didn’t know.In part The Night Parade reminded me of Spirited Away, with a young girl on an otherworldly adventure in the spirit world. Extraordinary and magical creatures around her and nothing quite as it seems.I wasn’t quite as gripped by the book as I expected. Certainly there were moments that I loved but I didn’t [...]

    13. I loved the dive into Japanese myths and magical creatures and Saki's growth from a spoiled brat to a hero. The pacing is wonderful and gets into the adventure right away. Things end fairly predictably, but lots of fun.

    14. Original Blog Review: myescapebookscoffeetea.wordprMy Blog: myescapebookscoffeetea.wordpre My Instagram: instagram/blogescape/Buy/Pre-Order this book from The Book Depository: bookdepository/The-Nig* I received an ARC copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *So this was one of those books that was not available for request on Netgalley, you could just “wish” for it and they would [...]

    15. One summer, thirteen years old Saki was looking forward to hanging out with her friends in Tokyo and have fun, but her parents dragged her to the mountains to visit her grandmother. Stuck with her family, she had no choice but to do her boring chores and participate in the Obon festival. At the night of the festival dance, she met a group of village kids who dared her to join them for a game at the graveyard. Wanting to prove herself as part of the "cool gang", Saki sneaked away from her family [...]

    16. Diverse and beautifully written, The Night Parade offers something wonderful to children's literature. When I first saw the cover for The Night Parade, I fell in love with it. After reading it,I had all those warm satisfied feelings you get of a story well told. A story filled with odd and strange creatures straight from Japanese folklore. Beautiful family traditions blended with dark enchantments, and young heroine, one that is a bit spoiled and self-centred, who ends up on a quest to right a c [...]

    17. Initial Thoughts: This book probably sold on concept more than execution. The idea of a book set in Japan laden with Japanese folklore will appeal to a YA market on the lookout for more diversity. However, the mythical creatures Saki meets and must defeat are a pretty random of amalgamation. Creatures, curses, rules of magic--everything is invented when it's needed and there's no apparent logic or consistent overarching system of magic. I wouldn't accept this in any other fantasy novel, so I can [...]

    18. This book took me to the times that I use to watch Japanese anime. I am sorry to say that that this days I rarely do it anymore. It is based on a very rich spiritual world that is so different from the western one and it remind me the first time that I encountered this world - It was in Inuyasha. But first let talk a little about the plot - the heroin is Saki - 13 years old that grow up in the big city - Tokyo. Every year her parents are taking her and her younger brother to the country to visit [...]

    19. Saki Yamamoto is a normal girl from Tokyo, Japan who lives a busy life and tries to fit in at her school. When she goes to her grandma's over the weekend. Then, everything changes. When she unfortunately meets the village's delinquents, she is forced into a malicious dare and awakens a death curse she needs to reverse in 3 days with the help of 3 spirit guides.This book reminded me of Spirited Away (which I love watching) so decided to get it. Although not as great as I thought it was, its good. [...]

    20. Even though this is considered a kids book, I loved the storyline. At first it was a little rough to read but that changed as the story continued. So many trials and things to overcome. Change was made for the better. If the author turned this book into a series, I think that would be amazing!

    21. The worst thing that could happen to Saki Yamamoto, 13, is having to spend three days at her grandmother's remote house. It is the festival of Obon when families return to their homes, visit and clean the graves of their ancestors, and leave offerings so that their spirits may return and visit their relatives for one night.But all Saki wants is to be in Tokyo with her friends, instead of no where with no cell service to keep in touch with them. On her first evening, Saki, her parents, brother an [...]

    22. I got a duplicate in return for a legitimate audit The Night Parade was a fun and pleasant story. The initial couple of parts were a touch moderate and made it a touch hard to get into the story as the greater part of those occur in this present reality and the primary character Saki isn't excessively agreeable, particularly at first. In any case, once the condemnation is situated and Saki enters the night parade I truly appreciated this book. Saki is a young lady who needs to visit her grandmot [...]

    23. My original review was posted to my blog at: literaryfeline/2016/01The Night Parade by Kathryn TanquarySourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2016Fantasy (Middle Grade); 320 pgsSource: NetGalleyI do not often read books that fall into the Middle Grade category, but this one intrigued me--and it came recommended by my friend and fellow blogger, Caspette of Narrative Causality. It was the setting (Japan) and the mention of Japanese mythology that convinced me to give it a try.Saki is not happy about having to l [...]

    24. I got this as an ARC from Netgalley and I’ve been sitting on this for a while, meaning to finish it, but I think I’m going to have to DNF this at about 20% in. It’s not that the novel is bad, it’s just that I don’t really read or enjoy middle grade as much as I did when I was the target readership, and the writing style didn’t really speak to me.I’m not Japanese, so I can’t speak for the cultural accuracy of the novel, though Kirkus Reviews notes that Tanquary uses very inconsist [...]

    25. You can find this review on Astronomical BooksAn ebook copy of this book was provided to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.When Saki Yamamoto is dragged off to her grandmother's village for the Obon ceremony she expects to be bored out of her mind. But when she rings the sacred bell a death curse awakens, one that she has three nights to undo. Each night Saki is whisked away to the Night Parade, and with the help of some new spirit friends she must break the curse before it is to [...]

    26. Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC to me in exchange for an honest review. The Night Parade by Kathryn Tanquary is a fun book for young readers in the middle grades. Our main character, Saki, is a typical teen who does not appreciate nature or traditions and is used to the big city life of Taiwan. When her family drives into the mountains to visit her grandmother in a small village, her life shifts into a new and different reality as she discovers, first hand, the world of the spirits a [...]

    27. The Night Parade was such an unique story! I was worried it was going to be a bit slow, but it really ended up being fascinating. It reminded me a bit of A Christmas Carol, with the three visiting spirits, but don't think it's a retelling. It's not. Saki is your typical bratty, self-absorbed teenager. She does bratty teenager things until she accidentally summons a spirit and evokes a death curse.Participating in the Night Parade is her way to save herself. But then something happens. Each night [...]

    28. In the beginning, it was hard to enjoy Saki as a character for both Laila, and I. She starts as quite the brat. This made it very hard to get into. However, as the story progresses, she turns into a more enjoyable character, and even displays responsibility, which is what I am assuming, is part of the moral of this story.Once the night parade actually begins in the book, you’ll begin to meet fantastical and imaginative creatures; each one bringing something new to the table, each one offering [...]

    29. Overall rating: 5/5 stars The Night Parade can be counted in one of those rare instances in which my habit of reading books for their cover has actually paid off. I really, really enjoyed this book. It was a cute, feel good kind of story. Even though it's definitely geared toward a more middle-grade audience and it was sort of strange to be reading a story from a thirteen year olds point of view, the magic and fantasy/spirit world aspect definitely made The Night Parade worth reading for me. I e [...]

    30. HmmmI'd say 4 stars for concept and 3 stars for execution. There's a lot of good here - solid thematic elements, suspenseful moments and the Japanese mythology is pretty fantastic. There just felt like a bit of a disconnect and lack of fluidity in the writing itself causing the story to either drag at times or feel choppy and disjointed. Still, this was a fun and unique middle grade read and while Saki can be horribly unlikable at moments, as a character, she still felt authentic making her expe [...]

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