Nine of Stars Following on the heels of her critically acclaimed prequel novels Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde comes the first installment in Laura Bickle s dark contemporary fantasy series Nine of Stars a W

  • Title: Nine of Stars
  • Author: Laura Bickle
  • ISBN: 9780062437662
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following on the heels of her critically acclaimed prequel novels Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde comes the first installment in Laura Bickle s dark contemporary fantasy series, Nine of Stars, a Wildlands NovelWinter has always been a deadly season in Temperance, but this time, there s to fear than just the cold As the daughter of an alchemist, Petra Dee has facedFollowing on the heels of her critically acclaimed prequel novels Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde comes the first installment in Laura Bickle s dark contemporary fantasy series, Nine of Stars, a Wildlands NovelWinter has always been a deadly season in Temperance, but this time, there s to fear than just the cold As the daughter of an alchemist, Petra Dee has faced all manner of occult horrors especially since her arrival in the small town of Temperance, Wyoming But she can t explain the creature now stalking the backcountry of Yellowstone, butchering wolves and leaving only their skins behind in the snow Rumors surface of the return of Skinflint Jack, a nineteenth century wraith that kills in fulfillment of an ancient bargain.The new sheriff in town, Owen Rutherford, isn t helping matters He s a dangerously haunted man on the trail of both an unsolved case and a fresh kill a bizarre murder leading him right to Petra s partner Gabriel And while Gabe once had little to fear from the mortal world, he s all too human now This time, when violence hits close to home, there are no magical solutions.It s up to Petra and her coyote sidekick Sig to get ahead of both Owen and the unnatural being hunting them all before the trail turns deathly cold.

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    One thought on “Nine of Stars”

    1. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.I wanted to read this book solely because of it's cover. I'm a person that will read the book because of the cover and this time I unfortunately didn't see that this is a series. So this is the third book and I highly recommend to all other readers that they read the first two books first. I had some throuble at the beginning of the story to get the hang of it all, since we have two worlds that the characters tell the story in or it relates to what h [...]

    2. The cover says this is the start of a new series but this book is listed as #3 and it seems like it was not the beginning. Obviously a bunch of story had already happened and I continually wished I'd read it. As to this book, the plot and magic elements were clear and easy to follow, the writing was good and I enjoyed the characters for the most part. There was one character who I thought I was going to like but then I didn't then I did , then I didn't. Then it ended on a MASSIVE cliff hanger. T [...]

    3. Nine of Stars was a good entry into the Dark Alchemy series. I liked it better than the last book, but that ending! Way to leave us all hanging. Apparently the author has decided to make this trilogy a prequel to another series called The Wildlands. At least I think that's what she's doing. I'm a little confused. I'm still enjoying this series though and I'm curious about what direction it is taking in the new series. I do want a couple of things resolved in the next book though (view spoiler)[ [...]

    4. My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars*spoilers from the first two installments*“There was a man, back in 1861. He came to be known as Skinflint Jack, the Jack of Harts.”Petra Dee may be accustomed to the magical happenings in Temperance, Wyoming, but after the re-appearance of a man who was transformed through alchemy into a formidable creature in the 1800s, she knows she’s the only one that would be capable of overcoming him. Destroying an 18th century monster isn’t the only thing troubling Petra t [...]

    5. *Source* Publisher*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Nine of Stars, by author Laura Bickle, is the first installment in her new Wildland series. You maybe asking yourselves, what are you talking about? I think you've lost your mind! There were two books before this Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde! Yes, you are correct my dear brilliant book nerds who know everything. However, they are now being called prequels, which means this is the first book in a new series. *Full Review @ Giz [...]

    6. Ms. Bickle is only getting better and better. Plot flow, character development, attention to detail and research that doesn't slow you down, and a perfect balance of stark reality and deep magic make this book one that you want to sit down and read until the end. Her timelines are not unimaginable, though. Her characters don't get pushed into action that is unbelievably paced, nor do they get injured and bounce back unmarred. Scars run deep and recovery takes time, and this books evokes a tremen [...]

    7. When I apply to giveaways on , I don't filter the books thoroughly. I read the description and if I don't hate or dislike it, I apply for it. However, I usually don't apply for books further along in a series, so I must have missed that this was 3rd in the Dark Alchemy series when I applied for it and won. First off, I really enjoyed Nine of Stars, and it wasn't too hard to follow along even though it IS third in a series. I'd suggest to anyone to read the first two books before reading this, bu [...]

    8. I pre-ordered this pearl as soon as it was available on bookdepository so I would get my trotters on it as soon as it released. Then the awesome Laura Bickle provided me with an Advance Reader Copy so I could even read it sooner! And this is such a great read.This book continues the story lines from the Dark Alchemy books, but is set up in a way that it would work as a first book in a new series for new readers as well. But let me tell you: You want to read all the books in this setting. They're [...]

    9. Petra, geologist at Yellowstone and daughter of an alchemist, finds herself defending wolves against an ancient monster who is terrorizing them. I enjoyed the plot and the characters in this novel, but was unhappy that it had a cliffhanger ending.

    10. This is another good story, the third in the series. There are enough changes afoot to keep things fresh and interesting, yet all of the old characters and situations are revisited and familiar continuity is maintained. The characters are all interesting and continually developing, and the plot is a fast-paced page-turner. One point that I especially enjoyed is that the protagonists find themselves needing to melt some metal in a blizzard, and the solution they find is quite ingenious. I couldn' [...]

    11. Imaginative, dark and yet somehow hopeful, Nine of Stars was a fantasy novel that kept me wrapped up in the legends it explored and with the lives of the characters we followed through to the cliffhanger ending.First off, Nine of Stars is part of the Dark Alchemy series, with the first two books being considered prequels by author Laura Bickle. It would probably be best to read the other two installments first before diving into this story. I didn’t, so I went in rather blind here. I’ll admi [...]

    12. I wasn't aware that there were previous books in this series so I felt like I was missing backstory to some of the characters but overall I liked the characters and would love to see more about some of them particularly Nine and Sig the Coyote.

    13. This new title from Laura Bickle, scheduled for a December release, is given the description as "the first in a new series" (The Wildlands) on , though it is actually the continuation of the Dark Alchemy series, which includes Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde. I do think a reader would have to be somewhat familiar with the first two books to get the most out of Nine of Stars. What I love about this series is that it's not quite definable, genre-wise. Is it Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, [...]

    14. Nine of Stars by Laura Bickle Reviewed by AngiI am becoming a Laura Bickle fangirl. This is the second book I've read and she has a wonderful way of making a story come to life. Both books I read are totally different stories. There are few authors I have found that can do multiple storylines and do them all well. But Laura does it. I picked up Nine if Stars in anticipation of if the new release Witchcreek coming out soon. It sounded so good I had to read the 1st to get started. I got sucked in [...]

    15. 3 stars from Jana, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer: just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersNine of Stars (2016), Laura Bickle‘s dark and fantastical tale of an alchemist’s daughter in Wyoming, is attempting to cast a wide net as far as its readership goes. It is billed as both the third instalment of the DARK ALCHEMY trilogy, as well as the first book in the WILDLANDS series, which readers can jump straight into. What’s more, it [...]

    16. The writing was good and the characters memorable. The use of alchemy was fascinating and I enjoyed reading something set in Yellowstone. The subplot about the bats was such a great touch. However, I had three major problems.First, the book is advertised as the first of a series. It says that on the book and on the author's website. However, and both have it as a third in a series. I didn't know the latter part until I started reading the book and realized there was all this backstory I had mi [...]

    17. Not realizing this was book 3 of a series when I picked it up, I still could follow along and really enjoyed the story. Skinwalkers, shamanistic magic, alchemy -- all blended into a page-turning read. Petra Dee is a geologist working near Yellowstone. Her side kick is a coyote that somehow decided to become her pet. Together, they hunt a creature that is slaughtering wolves and leaving the skins behind in gruesome displays. On top of that, Petra's lover is the main person of interest in a slew o [...]

    18. This is not a standalone book. Missed the beginning of this story, but liked it anyway. Is about monsters, shape shifting. and wolves. Takes place in Wyoming as a geologist in Yellowstone is working and discovers wolves being killed in a torturous way. Her life partner, Gabriel, who was once a raven are set to find the killer. Petra has a coyote for a pet who is loyal to a fault. All these characters have paranormal abilities and work together to find the killer monster. Of course, there is a sh [...]

    19. Loved them! Will be looking for more.I just happened on Dark Alchemy the other day any WOW, it was great. As soon as I finished I went looking to see what other books Laura Bickle had written. Great luck finding Nine of Stars. The words send you to another world full of heart pounding good and bad like you have never dreamed of. You want be beyond the limits of earth and deep into what you never could have believed but just maybe you may start to think more of what could be.

    20. This was a tough start but stick with it! An original premis combining alchemy, tarot, myth and legend I really enjoyed the world, the characters and the mystery. I also liked the geologist as our unlikely hero. This book is jam backed with details of geology, forestry, extreme weather survival and of course Alchemy.

    21. Bickle never disappoints Magic and science - the chemical marriage of alchemy illuminates NINE OF STARS. Thank the gods, Laura Bickle has returned to geologist Petra Dee's magic-infused life in Yellowstone. Join the inhabitants of the town of Temperance, and be elevated. Can't wait for the sequel!

    22. ConfusingMagic and folklore are like hugh treasure boxes for authors to dip into for both structure and ornament. But not everything from such sources fits together smoothly and, as in this story, the result just doesnt quite mesh. Given the end of the book, there will be additional novels in the series where, no doubt, a great deal more will happen and be explained.

    23. I didn't know before starting it that this wasn't a stand alone novel. It was obvious in the book that there was some backstory missing, but I still enjoyed the book. I'll have to back read the earlier ones.

    24. Started a little slow, but grew on me. Looking forward to reading others.Well-written, but the plot initially seemed a little transparent. Thankfully, it deepened as I read. The characters are what really pulled me in. Ready for more.

    25. Liking this series and hoping that it will continue as the ending suggests there will be at least one more book.

    26. Although it was clear that I was starting in the middle of the series, this was fine as a standalone novel. The characters were well-done and the book was surprisingly compelling.

    27. The very short version:-writing: 4 stars-story: 3.5 stars-characters: 4.5 stars-accessibility: 3 stars-setting: 3.5 stars-metaphysics/magic: 4.5 stars

    28. Imaginative, dark and yet somehow hopeful, Nine of Stars, a fantasy novel that kept me wrapped up in the legends explored and the lives of the characters I followed through to the cliffhanger ending. I could not put the book down. Well done Laura Bickle

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