Groundhog s Runaway Shadow Phil and his shadow used to do everything together But Phil got tired of Shadow shadowing him so Shadow up and left True friends however have a way of finding each other somehow If the groundhog do

  • Title: Groundhog's Runaway Shadow
  • Author: David Biedrzycki
  • ISBN: 9781580897341
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Phil and his shadow used to do everything together But Phil got tired of Shadow shadowing him, so Shadow up and left True friends, however, have a way of finding each other somehow If the groundhog doesn t see its shadow come February 2nd, young readers will have an idea of where it might be, based on this sweet story accompanied by David Biedrzycki s hilarious illustraPhil and his shadow used to do everything together But Phil got tired of Shadow shadowing him, so Shadow up and left True friends, however, have a way of finding each other somehow If the groundhog doesn t see its shadow come February 2nd, young readers will have an idea of where it might be, based on this sweet story accompanied by David Biedrzycki s hilarious illustrations.

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      286 David Biedrzycki
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    One thought on “Groundhog's Runaway Shadow”

    1. Phil Groundhog used to think that having a shadow was cool. Shadow jumped with him, laughed with him, sang with him. But now that Phil grew up, he and Shadow don't seem to have too much in common anymore. Phil likes to eat dandelions, Shadow tacos. Phil like to spend his vacations in a local beach, Shadow wants to see the world. The worst is that sometimes Shadow embarrasses Phil in front of his friends. Why can't Shadow be like any other shadow? Phil has had enough. He is so angry he wished Sha [...]

    2. This is a cute picture book about a shadow that goes renegade, and wants nothing to do with his groundhog. And so, we see the shadow having a good time, while the groundhog stays at home, and really begins to miss his shadow.Cute, silly book.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

    3. Phil the groundhog has a shadow with a mind of its own. When Phil loses his temper with shadow, shadow leaves. How will Phil get his shadow back? A great book for Groundhog's Day!

    4. As a teacher of Grade 2 students, Groundhog Day is something we discuss in our class, but I have to admit – there are very few witty and engaging books about it! Immediately, I thought that the illustrations were well-done and provided rich detail that could be examined during a picture walk. Oral language and learning to observe is so important, especially for young learners. I think that wonderful discussions will come from just viewing the pictures of this book. David Biedrzycki’s storyte [...]

    5. This is a cute book we just got in our recent order. Phil use to love playing with his shadow. However, now that Phil is older, his shadow has a mind of its own and often leaves Phil feeling rather embarrassed by its crazy antics like playing music off key or having rude table manners. Phil gets fed up one day and wishes that his shadow would just go away. So it did. When Shadow starts making local news, Phil realizes how much he misses that part of him and longs to be exploring alongside his a [...]

    6. Having a shadow can be fun, but also annoying. It gets worse when the shadow decides to travel without his owner. The hunt is on to reunite these two. A fun story, even when it's not February.

    7. An interesting book that I would use to finish up a series of books and discussions on Groundhog Day. Phil Groundhog ans his shadow are two very different personalities, which complement each other until Phil grows up. His shadow continues to be like he always was and yearns for adventure and travel. Phil does not. Finally his shadow starts being a little annoying and gross, and Phil announces, "Why can't you be like other shadows. I wish you would just go away." So his shadow decides that he wi [...]

    8. I really liked this book for several reasons. I liked the cartoon style of it which made it really fun to read, and the pictures matched what the story was about. This book also gave a really good plot to it. Basically it talks about best friends needing their space and growing apart for a little while, but at the end of the day they will always find each other. In this case, Phil and his shadow (metaphorically being his best friend.) Children will relate well to them and to this story.

    9. The kids and I found this book to be highly entertaining with Phil's shadow who has a mind of its own. Clever and funny text, expressive illustrations.Good for older preschoolers and elementary students.Can be used to discuss shadows and Groundhog Day.

    10. A groundhog and his shadow grow up to be interested in other things so when they separate they are happy but will it last? Can one exist without the other. Friendship and adventure themes. Preschool for importance on pictures. Funny.

    11. Winter break bookaday #9. Cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for/grass is always greener on the other side.

    12. Now that I have mentally accepted that the groundhog books are not about the groundhog really coming out and seeing his shadow the books are a little better.

    13. Funny story about the groundhog’s shadow deciding to run away and have a life of its own. Kids will like it. The illustrations are whimsical and colorful. Recommended for Grades K-2.

    14. I fun read aloud! Students enjoyed the antics of the groundhog's shadow throughout the story.I perfect story to share around Groundhog's Day!

    15. Good read aloud for Groundhog Day in First grade. It is illustrated in the currently popular busy, multi-image style that my students really enjoy. Lots of action and humor.

    16. Ellie picked this book from the library because it reminded her of Robert Louis Stevensons poem "Shadow"b 6/25/17

    17. Have you ever had a friend who did everything with you? Isn't it fun to have a friend like that? Well, it is at first, but sometimes you can get a little tired of never having any alone time. And what about when that friend does things that really annoy you or embarrass you? (It doesn't have to be a friend, it could be a brother or sister.)Groundhog has his shadow and it is always with him. They laugh and cry and run and jump and eventually grow up. But Phil thinks his shadow is not acting the w [...]

    18. It's really hard to find decent seasonal picture books - this one is really cute. And the story would be fun any time, no need to wait for groundhog's day.

    19. Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this adorable book about a little groundhog whose shadow is always there for him until one day they have a disagreement and his shadow runs away!I found myself really into the story as well as my children. We all really enjoyed reading about the adventures this little groundhog went on with and without his shadow. There is a little lesson in there about controlling your anger and how to handle a situation where you feel fr [...]

    20. Phil is tired of his shadow embarrassing him, so he tells the shadow to go away. So Shadow does and begins to have the time of his life. Phil misses his Shadow and Shadow realizes it's a lot more fun to have someone to share his adventures with.Cute idea.

    21. As a child, Phil, who happens to live in Punxsutawney, loves his shadow. It follows him everywhere. If Phil feels small, Shadow makes him feel big. But groundhogs and their shadows grow up. Phil takes on adult responsibilities and an adult life. Shadow, not so much, often annoying Phil with his behavior. The two begin falling apart, their likes and dislikes changing instead of resembling one another. Phil asks, “Why can’t you be like other shadows?” adding, “I wish you would just go away [...]

    22. * About the art:Lovely artwork in a detailed cartoony style. It reminds me a little of 3D animated movie / Pixar style art. 5/5 for artwork.* About the story:It follows the adventure of the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, whose shadow has a mind of its own: Critter and shadow each like doing entirely different things! "Split personality" came to mind when reading this.* About what it teaches:I'm not really sure it teaches anything apart from introducing little ones to the famous groundhog, Phil al [...]

    23. Phil and his shadow do everything together. As they grow up, his shadow starts to try new things. He wants to travel and be silly, it seems he does not grow up the same as Phil. Phil gets tired of his shadow always being there so in an upset moment, tells him to get lost. That night Shadow slips away and travels the world having adventures without his pal to share them with. Meanwhile, Phil misses his shadow and sets off to look for him. Of course, the shadow is a metaphor for a best friend. The [...]

    24. A great, imaginative tale about a shadow that decides to leave its groundhog. Phil took his shadow for granted although at times he did act a little pesky, in the heat of some annoyance, Phil wishes shadow would just go away. Shadow has always wanted to travel the world and take in wonderful sights so that night, he decides to leave. Shadow goes off to explore the world. Despite Phil and Shadows newly found independence, they realize life just isn't quite the same without each other to share adv [...]

    25. Groundhog loved to play with his friends. One of his friends also happens to be his shadow. Shadow isn't like other shadows. This shadow plays with the friends, eat with them and sometimes annoys Groundhog. Finally groundhog has had enough and tells shadow that he should go away. Shadow has always wanted to travel, so he decides to set off on to his own. Groundhog begins to miss his friend shadow and begins to search for him.

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