Stripped Raw Kenzie I m a yes girl Get your mind out of the gutter I m not talking about sex I m talking about saying yes to whatever comes my way in life So when I had the chance to move to Europe after college

  • Title: Stripped Raw
  • Author: Prescott Lane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kenzie I m a yes girl Get your mind out of the gutter I m not talking about sex I m talking about saying yes to whatever comes my way in life So when I had the chance to move to Europe after college, I said, yes When I had the chance to open my own lingerie line, I said, yes And when my stepsister got diagnosed with cancer and needed me to come home and help her raisKenzie I m a yes girl Get your mind out of the gutter I m not talking about sex I m talking about saying yes to whatever comes my way in life So when I had the chance to move to Europe after college, I said, yes When I had the chance to open my own lingerie line, I said, yes And when my stepsister got diagnosed with cancer and needed me to come home and help her raise her daughter, I said, yes That s me, Kenzie the yes girl In every area of my life but one Love Always the first to leave a relationship Will I be able to say yes to love to Kane to being happy Or will I simply come undone and be stripped raw Kane Don t let Kenzie fool you She s a master at hiding behind a laugh and a smile Being an attorney, I prefer the facts This story isn t as light and happy as my yes girl would have you believe No laugh can sugarcoat what we are facing I ve lost everything I know what it s like to be left raw But sometimes that s the only way to find love To strip yourself down, let the other person see all your sh t, and hope they love you anyway.

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    One thought on “Stripped Raw”

    1. The emotional story not only about love, but about family relationships, illness and coping with loss and trust. It's hard to rating this book clearly. It really should be some 3.5 stars. Very well developed in the course of the book, but also has a weaker moments. "It’s been hard enough to find someone who wants to be with me on my best day. Who would want to be with me on my worst?"About the plot: Kenzie has a lot of problems in her life. She got out from a very bad relationship, moved out o [...]

    2. - Tienes que dejar de pensar que todos los hombres van a dejarte.- Todos lo hacen.- Hasta el que no lo haga - dice Tessa -. No estés tan asustada de perderlo, que te pierdas amarlo.- ¿Pero y si me permito amarlo con todo lo que tengo y aun así se va?- Amar a alguien jamás es un error - dice Tessa -. Una de las partes más hermosas de amar a alguien es cómo te cambia; no cómo los cambias a ellos. ¿COMO PUEDO HACER UNA RESEÑA CUANDO NO VEO A TRAVÉS DE TODAS ESTAS LÁGRIMAS Y MOCOS?Dios no [...]

    3. Originally posted on The Book NymphoKenzie Scott's life changed completely after an interview on a local news station promoting her custom lingerie business takes a disastrous turn. However, the repercussions turn lemons to lemonade when Kane Hunter shows up on her doorstep and her business skyrockets. There's a lot going on in Kenzie's world and what makes her special is her strength of character and loyalty, though it comes at a price. She and Kane offer interesting contrasts as he's learned t [...]

    4. I got a little past the sample. At 19% I'm done. It is a little too instalove for me. They've known eachother 2 seconds and are already feeling strong feelings, and I'm not feeling it at all. Being told about how her laugh makes him hard and his voice makes her wet and not much else to make their "connection" understandable -- I just don't feel it and am kind of bored. Maybe I'll try it again laterybe notybe I'm in a mood ;)

    5. 4.5 StarsReview by Jennifer SkewesI loved this book so much. It is a beautiful story about love, loss, life and family. It is an emotional ride that definitely deals with some heavy topics. But Ms. Lane’s writing is flawless and she tackled those topics with care. This is not just a story about love and second chances but also about two sisters who are the best of friends and mean the world to each other. Kenzie has just moved back to the States to start her own lingerie business and to be the [...]

    6. I’m not exactly sure how I feel after reading this story. On one hand, I liked it a lot. The writing was done well with a good premise. I felt ripped to shreds and became totally involved in all the family-related angst and sorrows. But, on the other hand I had a hard time believing in the relationship between Kane and Kenzie, our protagonists. It felt contrived and exaggeratedly instantaneous without any of the stepping stones leading to a real and lasting happily-ever-after. For the most par [...]

    7. Le doy un 3.75 por eso del Instalove. me pareció muy apresurado lo de los protagonistas, esa es la única pega que le pongo claro el libro no es tan largo y tal vez es por eso que lo sentí así!!Pero me pareció una buena historia, es un libro muy emotivo con temas duros, con personajes tiernos que pasan por luchas internas, tanto Kenzie como Kane me agradaron. a Kenzie la entendí un poco con su forma de ser y el como se comportaba, la chica tenia trauma de abandono y las proyectaba en todos [...]

    8. "Love without Regrets"I absolutely loved Stripped Raw. A beautifully woven tale of love, loss, life and shoes. Kenzie has started a new life, a new business while helping to care for her sister and niece. She is the strong one. Kane knows from her first laugh, his first fleeting glimpse, that Kenzie is someone special and he is out to prove to her that she can trust him. “Loving someone is never wrong,” Tessa says. “One of the most beautiful parts of loving someone is how it changes you— [...]

    9. Fue muy dulce. Fue como si la chica común, se enamora de un protagonista de un libro. Pero luego te das cuenta que es tan normal como ella con sus problemas y experiencias. Llore un poco debo confesar pero en mi defensa tengo esos días hormonales del mes, que es por lo cual estuve leyendo este libro. Espero que disfruten el libro como lo hice yo.

    10. ** I was given an ARC for an honest review . **How can I not love a man who can show his emotions???This story was just amazing! I loved it!Review to come.Stripped Raw is nothing I expected, and I was addicted.It was beautifully written, sincere with an overwhelming range of emotions. I felt a lot, mesmerized by Prescott Lane’s story, by second chances at love, honest feelings, and sexy endearing males who aren’t afraid to show their feelings Oh my I think I have a crush on Kane Hunter!!The [...]

    11. * A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *~ 4.5 Love Without Regrets Stars ~ Prescott Lane has grown into such a beautiful writer. I have loved and enjoyed each of her books that I have read. They continue to get better with each new release she has!!! In every book I read by her, my emotions are put through the wringer. I love that she can create stories and characters who feel like a part of me and I am immersed into their story.Stripped Raw is so much more than just a love [...]

    12. 4.5*"One of the most beautiful parts of loving someone is how it changes you - not how it changes them."I'm not sure if there's a more perfect quote to sum up this book.Stripped Raw is a beautiful story that is so heartfelt, so heartwrenching, so full of feelings, it really packs an emotional punch. Kenzie Scott has so much on her plate when Kane Hunter takes a wrong turn (ha!) into her life. A wrong turn that ends up being the best thing that ever happened to her, and to him. I completely adore [...]

    13. Minor spoilers alert!!!Writing style: Dual POVs Cover design: The cover really caught my eye and I pre-ordered it mainly because of that. I love it! ‘That’s the thing about love. Anyone can love you when you’re young, beautiful, and life is perfect. But true love is loving someone in their shit.’ ~Kenzie It took a while for Kenzie to come to the above realization, but Kane’s sad past and his knowledge that love and time were precious motivated him to help her reach this conclusion. The [...]

    14. *2.5/5*Una historia que peca un poco de cursi aunque podría haberlo soportado si no fuera por las continuas inseguridades de Kenzie, eso fue lo que me arruinó un libro que en un principio tenía todos los ingredientes para encantarme.Una verdadera lástima.

    15. Review 4.5 StarsI have a new book husband and his name is Kane Hunter, but before I get to him and all his perfectness (yeah that’s a word), I will tell you a little about Kenzie Scott. Kenzie is a “yes” girl. When the opportunity to go to Europe and design lingerie, she said yes, when she hooked up with her ex-douche Charles, she said yes, when her step sister, Tessa, asked her to come back to Texas because she’s dying of cancer, she said yes. Kenzie is now working back in Dallas Texas [...]

    16. Stripped Raw by Prescott Lane3.5 stars!!“True love isn’t a man who can handle your piss. It’s a man who can handle your shit.”Stripped Raw is a book about life and love, sacrifices, loss, second chances and shoes!! But this is not just your typical romance, the strongest, most intense love connection in this book is that between step-sisters and it was inspiring and beautiful to read about.Kenzie is fiercely independent, self-sufficient, sassy and headstrong but she has the hugest of the [...]

    17. If you are bored off with the swaggering, dirty talking, alpha, look no further than Stripped Raw. Kane Hunter is a man who shows emotion, is soooooo romantic, swooony with babies and - if I knew how to do bold on I would use it now - HE HAS GREAT TASTE IN SHOES! Kenzie Scott hides her emotions. She wants to be strong. She is independent. She will not allow a man to hurt her again, because she won't let them in. Her life is about her best friend Tessa who also happens to be her sister, her beau [...]

    18. ​"It's you I want - the real you."Stripped Raw is the newest standalone novel by Author Prescott Lane. Is it a friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance novel."That's the thing about regret. It never dies. It swallows you whole and makes guilt your best friend."Kenzie has a unique and rather fascinating business. She designs the apparel that makes women feel sexy and supported. Behind the confident business woman is someone complex and caring. She's got curves that she is desperately trying to l [...]

    19. 6 STARS, Yep 6 !This book is one of the most beautiful book I've ever read.I don’t even know how I will be able to do this book justice.I want to say that I am in love with Prescott Lane’s writing but it would be too small of a word.I want to say that I fell in love with the characters right away, but I fell in love with the cover first.I want to say that this book met my expectations but it is so wrong. This book was so beautiful, so powerful it exceeded my expectations.Real love is when yo [...]

    20. 4.5 raw stars!! I found this book under Kindle Unlimited and the description grabbed my attention. This is definitely a love story, but not just between Kane and Kenzie. There's also Kane and Lily (his ex), Kenzie and Tessa (her sister), Tessa and Brandon (her husband), and everyone and little Zoe. Cancer is a mothersucka and whenever I read about it, I know my heart's going to be crushed. And it was. Tessa was such a spunky piece of work and it was difficult to read about her wasting away, to t [...]

    21. KENZIEShe’s a very strong character and very stubborn. She deals with life head-on and she never says no to whatever life has thrown at her. It has not been easy, but she’s moving forward and taking one day at a time. She had no room for any man, much more for romance. She has a new business, she’s living with her sister Tessa, and her adorable niece, Zoe.She’s not perfect. She has curves and she’s proud of it. She makes lingerie for other women that make them more confident with thems [...]

    22. This story about tore me apart inside and then rebuilt me. I cried so much yet laughed at the same time. This is the mark of a great story. This story really Stripped Raw everything—you have to read to understand and OMG, the hero , Kane Hunter, is one alpha male that I would love having- he is kind, romantic, determined to do right, stands by family and boy he is so sexy- #1bookboyfriend material. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about this beautiful yet emotionally evocative st [...]

    23. This story does exactly what the title says. It strips you raw.Kenzie has been left by her father, mother, her exboyfriend, and now Tessa, her stepsister, is going to leave her also. She has made herself stronger by not getting upset, not loosing control, not showing any emotion that could break her.The story is of a girl, Kenzie, who designs Lingere and has started her own business. Her sister helps her when she is able but, with a baby, breast cancer and a diagnosis of a few months to live, it [...]

    24. Please do not ask me to explain it but when reading Stripped Raw by Prescott Lane I had the constant feeling that I stepped into “Rich Man – Poor Man” reloaded. In case you do not know what I am talking about – which would be understandable since it is a very old Series – I would say that this Series is the one I am always thinking of as the Grandmother of TV novellas – loooooong before Desperate Housewives was invented. I think it was the relationship between the brothers – or may [...]

    25. 5 starThis was the first story I have read by this author and it will not be the last. The story has laughs and heartbreak. This is Kenzie and Kane’s story. Kenzie is taking care of her sister and her niece. She is broken and does not need more pain in her life. Kane is a lawyer and barrels into Kenzie’s life. He also broken but determined not to let that keep him down. He wants Kenzie and will do everything in his power to have her. Can he convince her he is the one for her and he will help [...]

    26. This is the first book I have read from this author, but it won't be the last. This book was fantastic!! I instantly fell in love with both Kenzie and Kane. I was rooting for them almost from the first page. I will say this book will emotionally drain you. A few times I had to take a break just to catch my breath. Kane is the guy who knows what he wants is not going to give up until he gets it and what he wants is Kenzie. Kenzie on the other hand has some emotional baggage that she just can't se [...]

    27. Prescott Lane has my heart in a vice grip again!!I'll start at the beginning-stripped Raw started off with laughter, one liners from characters I fell in love with fast-I mean I even ended up loving Deacon!!!As you continue on with the book the story that is woven so well by Prescott Lane really pulls you under, really plays with your emotions until you are at one with each character & emotionally raw.I think Stripped Raw is a story that will effect anyone that reads it, yes there are some v [...]

    28. This story packs quite the emotional punch - not from the H/h - but from the heroine's sister Tessa. Her story was both poignant and heartwarming - kudos to Ms Lane for achieving that delicate balance of emotion for the reader.Kane is a fantastic guy - what's not to love!! Not going to lie, a couple times I wanted to shake Kenzie and shout "this guy is the best, let go of your past!" And little Zoeghways a joy to read a book where children are so well written. Perfect epilogue!!! Ms Lanewhat abo [...]

    29. This book surprised me, it was not a typical book of love. Just beautiful and wrapped up in life and how things can happen so quickly to make us realize we must put ourselves first above others to fully fall for the our loves.She is just so giving to everyone and puts herself last until he walks in one day and makes her look at herself and she lets herself go to find him.He is just such a wonderful man.Loved it!!Received ARC for review

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