The Vampire Files Volume Bloodlist introduces Jack Fleming an investigative journalist in Prohibition era Chicago who got bitten by a vampire In Lifeblood and Bloodcircle Jack hunted for the men who killed him and for his l

  • Title: The Vampire Files, Volume 1
  • Author: P.N. Elrod Tiffany Estreicher
  • ISBN: 9780441010905
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bloodlist introduces Jack Fleming, an investigative journalist in Prohibition era Chicago who got bitten by a vampire In Lifeblood and Bloodcircle Jack hunted for the men who killed him, and for his long lost love, Maureen Now, the original vampire noir cult classics by P.N Elrod are together for the first time in one volume easier for fans to sink their teeth into.

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      248 P.N. Elrod Tiffany Estreicher
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    1. Here's the deal: P.N. Elrod outshines every author in the genre. Why? Because the woman can tell a story, that's why. And just in case you're wondering, that's exactly why I read books in the first place - for the story - and The Vampire Files delivers. Don't believe me? Fine. This is my take on the series to date You're a reporter, see? You're cool, you're in love, you're abandoned and you wake up dead. That's right, d-e-a-d dead. You wanna know why, doncha? Of course ya do! Meet Jack Fleming. [...]

    2. Jack Fleming was a journalist, who’s just been killed by a Chicago crime boss who was looking for a list. A list of important people, and the bad things they’ve been doing. A list that Jack Fleming refused to divulge the location of, earning him a few days worth of beatings, and a watery grave at the bottom of a lake.Except Jack’s not dead. Thanks to the actions of his former vampire lover, Maureen, Jack is now newly UNdead. And with a score to settle. Teaming up with ex-thespian-turned-de [...]

    3. Volume 1 contains the first 3 books of the vampire files. The first is finding out who and why was Jack Fleming killed. He gets the help of Charles Escott a PI who is intriqued by Jack who is now a vampire. He's learning how to cope and trying to regain the memories back of what happened leading up to his death. He was head of over heels for Maureen the person who changed him but has been missing the pass five years. Jack was putting an ad in most of the papers trying to get touch with her to le [...]

    4. This book is a much more enjoyable take on the vampire fiction motif than most. Jack Fleming awakens to find that after his death (which he can't remember) he has become a vampire. He knew it was possible.Most of the first book deals with Fleming's attempt to find out who had killed him, and why. The book is set in post-repeal, post-Capone 1930s Chicago. The setting is well realized without becoming the center of attention. Fleming and the major secondary characters are fully fleshed out and bel [...]

    5. A collection of the first three Jack Fleming books. Although a mix of supernatural (my local Borders put it in with horror) and mystery, it leans much more toward the latter than the former. Despite his new status as one of the Un-Dead, Jack Fleming is a pretty good guy, and makes a delightful main character. Along with a Escott, a private agent (*not* "investigator"), he sets out to solve his own murder and then to find out what happened to the woman who made him what he is. Fans of noir and ha [...]

    6. 2016-05-30First book finished. I really enjoyed this detective noir story set in the 1930's. It was all I expected it to be -- adventure, twists, a femme fatale thrown in, lots of mobsters, and a few quirky figures to keep the story interesting. Thrown in the mix of the detective noir theme, was the main character, a journalist what was killed and woke up a vampire. His new skills and abilities sometimes help, sometimes hinder, his investigation into his own murder. I'm looking forward to readin [...]

    7. Written in the 1st person, and decidedly masculine person – Jack Fleming – ex-newspaper writer – new vampire…. Setting is 1936, Chicago…Bloodlist – book 1 – tells about how Jack became & adjusted to being a vampire, and wreaks vengeance on the gang who tortured and killed him…Jack & Maureen were lovers – Maureen was a vampire… and she exchanged blood with Jack many times, with the hope that upon his death, he would live on as a vampire… Sexual pleasure came as much [...]

    8. Set in the 1930s, these books are meant to be reminiscent of the mob, the private eye, etc. They are and that makes them fun, but they are also good mysteries or crime novels. Even though the main character, a former journalist turned vampire private eye, is shot or tortured several times every book, he has the advantage of being able to survive every time. Being a vampire has its advantages because you are already dead. Jack Fleming does end up being scarred emotionally and physically from some [...]

    9. I actually started by reading this series a few years ago with the later books. I liked them enough that I wanted to go back and start over. However, what niggled me back them became a big, whopping punch in the face. This book is simply too pat. How fortunate that a private detective can turn to mist and hide, control the minds of people so they don't remember seeing him and will tell him secrets, and has massive strength. Of course, he's upstanding, honest, and moral, which just makes him bori [...]

    10. Am deep deep into weird paranormal urban noir mysteries. Started with Chatlie Huston, zigged over to jim butcher, then zagged to mike carey. Now have fetched up in the land of p.n. elrod. The woman writes a great story. Set in the 1930's this series features jack fleming, a vampire with a non beating heart of gold, and a slight (repetitive) death wish. He is more like his hero, the shadow, then like dracula. But he is plausible. Along with his english icy sidekick, charles escott (think david ni [...]

    11. It's 1936. Jack Flemming wakes up and is shocked to find that he's become a vampire. Only days ago, he was a journalist, recently moved from NY to Chicago. Unexpectedly thrown into a different life with a different set of rules, he goes about trying to uncover what happened to him sometime in the recent (and forgotten) past. A private investigator takes an interest & the two team up to the benefit of both.This is a bundle of the first three stories. I thought they were a fun read & am ch [...]

    12. I love the era of this book. It reminds me of Bogart and the times of gangsters. It is also set in Chicago. The stories are first person told by the vampire. He is new to being a vampire so the first three books resolve the mystery of how it happened and what became of his sire. There is laugh out loud humor. The romance is thin, very thin but it really does not need it. It takes a really good writer to make you love a vampire that says 'ouch' when he gets shot. His sidekick is also fun. Paranor [...]

    13. I really like fleming and Escott's relationship although if this was a TV series I would want Escott to have his own spin-off series. It was hard not listening to the audio version every chance I got. The story was intriguing, suspenseful, at times funny and well told. My only issue was at the end trying to believe a vampire felt he wasnt strong enough or fast enough to save Escott especially when he easily put two people to sleep at once earlier in the story. Nonetheless, it was a fun book and [...]

    14. I LOVE this series. It's a vampire in 1930's gangster (old school gangsters) and he's a detective. Jack is endearing and has morals, making him sympathetic and easy to love. His human friend Escott is great tooHelpful, smart, witty and a great sidekick(though technically he's really the detective).My only complaint is how many people are finding out about Jack's conditionTrue a lot of them are dead now but still:)

    15. listened to this audiobook; amazed to enjoy it! Very 50s noir style. The "reader" is perfect, the writing style and characters are stereotypical but refreshing to emerse in this "era" with a supernatural twist. immediately listened to the volume 2, not sure if I would go right into volume 3 if it were available; probably had enuf of it for a while. would like to read some of her other character series.

    16. I can't remember where I found out about these books, they were highly recommended. They are combination of nice guy vampire and a hard boiled detective novel. Not too hard-boiled though and not too noir, in other words not so dark that you can't enjoy the characters or the plot. They're funny as well.

    17. This was the perfect book for me mystery and vampires! I love the era of this book (30's) and Jack's character is quite likable. The character who I really find interesting is Jack's partner Charles Escott - such a quirky but cool old dude. Not scary gory vampire books, a totally different take on the vampire genre and enjoyable reads.

    18. Well, it's been a million years since I've been on and this was the book I left on. I did finish it and I did like it. First it felt refreshing that the main character was a male (vampire). Second, I I don't remember much. I'll have to reread it. Especially since I have Volume 2 waiting.

    19. Takes place in the 30's. Guy wakes up on a beach and finds out he's a vampire because of an old girlfriend. Not your typical gore fest because he does not feel any different than before, just can't eat normal food and can't go out during the day and the thought of feeding off of humans is just wrong to him. It was o.k.

    20. Good combination of a mystery and the supernatural. The first three in the series (all in this volume) are more about the main character figuring out what happened to him and resolving things from his past. But I'm hoping the next one will be more like a real mystery. I love mysteries and vampire books, so I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

    21. Finished the first book, Bloodlist, on 12-12-08. I'm not really liking Jack Fleming. He's a little weak for a vampire. I'm going to attempt to finish the second and third book after the new year.

    22. I am new to this series. About a newly minted vampire and his learning to cope with his new "life". He's also working as a detective of sorts so that is a new twist. It's a more lighthearted story about a vampire and an easy read. I liked it.

    23. It was good but not what I was in the mood for. The stories are set during the depression and are basically noir mysteries that happen to have a vampire protagonist. No romance to speak of, very little humor, solid mysteries but just not my style these days.

    24. One of the best vampire stories I've read. There's a little romance (it's really hard to find a vampire story that doesn't), but it is 90% very entertaining story line. If you like this genre, I would not pass these novels up.

    25. BloodlistSlower pace than what I prefer and yet it kept me reading. Not quite enough patience to finish the other two parts: Lifeblood and Bloodcircle. May come back to finish those later.

    26. Entertaining for those that enjoy 30's PI mysteries, but the characters aren't well developed. At all. But it's an easy read. Doritos for your mind. Nothing of substance, but still occasionally yummy anyway.

    27. Neat! Great blend of the supernatural with an old-fashioned detective story. The twists and turns keep it from getting stale. Definitely need to read the next stories!

    28. Noir Vampires how could it be boring? Slow pacing, too much detail about things that do not add to atmosphere which is required for both noir and vampire.

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