Squeeze Play The first in a steamy new series of romances featuring a hunky baseball team and the sirens who challenge the players in the game of love Risk Kincaid and Jacy Grayson have known each other since high

  • Title: Squeeze Play
  • Author: Kate Angell
  • ISBN: 9780505526670
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The first in a steamy new series of romances featuring a hunky baseball team and the sirens who challenge the players in the game of love Risk Kincaid and Jacy Grayson have known each other since high school, when, after seeing her crying because her prom date dumped her, Risk volunteered to be her rebound guy Whenever she broke up with someone, she could call him, andThe first in a steamy new series of romances featuring a hunky baseball team and the sirens who challenge the players in the game of love.Risk Kincaid and Jacy Grayson have known each other since high school, when, after seeing her crying because her prom date dumped her, Risk volunteered to be her rebound guy Whenever she broke up with someone, she could call him, and wherever he was, he d show up for a few days to console her.Years later, Risk, now a team captain of a World Series winning baseball team, returns to their hometown of Frostproof, Florida, for a benefit He has seen eccentric Jacy every six months or so for years, and he now plans on asking her to marry him Jacy has never had anyone in her bed but Risk, her true love All those boyfriends were just a way to keep him in her life But now she is afraid of changing the status quo.No fan of the genre should miss Angell s surefire romance, and all readers who enjoy light fare will like this amusing and sexy tale and its terrific, likable characters.

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    One thought on “Squeeze Play”

    1. After finishing Sliding Home a couple of days ago and loving it, I decided to start from the beginning and read this series in order. I was a little sceptical about how well the first book of the series would pan out, because sometimes it takes an author a couple of books to hit their stride with a series. But not so with Kate Angell--I think she hit a home run with this one right out of the batter's box! I just loved everything (okay, maybe 99%) about this one! Her style is so easy, breezy, and [...]

    2. Grade: D for lot of eye-rolling and some major ::HEADDESK::ing.This started out as a One-Quote Review, and then four hours later I found myself in the throes of a Full Snark Bitchfest.You’re damn right I am. Also, if you give mecake to relax, it better not be made of Ivory Soap.If you read the whole epic rant, you’ll see why. But here's a few teasers as evidence of my very-much-in-the-minority low grade on this.I have two positive things to say about this book:(1) It was only 99 cents.(2) It [...]

    3. 3 ½ stars – Contemporary/Sports RomanceThis is a cute, light, easy, upbeat read with quirky, fun characters, lots of humor, and three spicy, sweet romances going on all at once for a ‘bases are loaded’ treat!

    4. A nice, quirky contemporary romance. Squeeze Play is a good light-readd I don't mean that in a negative way. It's just a good book when you want something that's light-hearted, funny, and romantict something that's an emotionally wrenching and getting-through-tragedy type of deal.I really enjoyed the characters (most of them). Jacy was great. I loved how quirky she was and how she went her own way. She and Risk were a nice match. The supporting cast was great too. I like Stevie and Zen, and the [...]

    5. That's it strike 3! This goes into the DNF dungeon.What have I got myself into?In between serious angst and deep-feels books, picking up light fluff reads was always a welcome thing, but his book begs me to destroy my routine. Let me tell you about the bunch of morons the author has created as an excuse for a cast:Risk- Horny. With his thoughts revolving around his woman all the time, I'm seriously having doubts about his brain's growth, not that she's complainin because he does enough thinking [...]

    6. 4 Very Entertaining Stars I thought this was a cute read. It has great characters and I love a book that can make you laugh. Overly all highly enjoyable.

    7. I almost gave this book 4 stars because I really did enjoy the breezy style and fun characters. I especially appreciated how Ms. Angell got her two lover together without resorting to them being mean to each other first. It seems common among romance writers to have their characters treating each other like crap as a way of providing the conflict in the story. Ms. Angell manages to avoid that trap. Unfortunately, she did fall into the "if they'd only be honest with each other there would be no s [...]

    8. 3 1/2 stars. This was a fun, light, easy read that whet my appetite for more. I love romances set in the sports world, so this series is right up my alley. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    9. Well the best things I can say is that there were some truly funny moments and the secondary couple was interesting enough that I wanted to finish the book just for them. But finishing the book was a near thing. I almost 'DNF' after a particularly gross scene of sex on a public buffet table (a buffet where the food was already set out complete with ice sculptures where a party full of poor unsuspecting people were going to be eating at momentarily). Justick.So I did finish it, but there are some [...]

    10. I was hoping for something closer to the Chicago Stars series, but the writing was awful, the chemistry forced, and the plot nonexistent. Would not recommend.

    11. Even though it has some weaknesses, I found it a pleasant, enjoyable and fun baseball romanceORY BRIEF:This is the first of several books about the Richmond Rogues baseball team. This book includes three interspersed short stories about three baseball players and the women they end up with.Risk, Jacy, Stevie and Aaron grew up in Frostproof, Florida. When Jacy was a junior in high school, her boyfriend broke up with her shortly before the prom. Risk (a senior) saw her crying on the bleachers. He [...]

    12. Originally posted on my blog: feministfairytalereviewss Let me begin by saying that I am a huge sports fan: basketball, baseball, football, soccer, you name it. If it is broadcast on ESPN or part of the Olympics, I will probably watch it and try to learn everything I can about it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I absolutely adore sports romances. I have enjoyed the escapades of Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Chicago Stars and Rachel Gibson's Seattle Chinooks so I was excited to ventur [...]

    13. 4/5 (B)My first impression: I enjoyed this book. Of course, it wasn't perfect, but it was quick and fun. My only problem with this book is there were three storylines: 1) Risk and Jacy, 2) Zen (another baseball player) and Stevie and 3) Aaron and Natalie, and we get to follow all three in the same book. In this one, it does work because all three players are here for the same reason and the book spans a short period of time however, I'd rather follow only the main characters and their sex scenes [...]

    14. The book was disappointing. The story of the main couple was boring. They loved each other and could have been more than just casual lovers years ago if they just talked to each other. No conflict there whatsoever. The second love story wasn't much better. Stevie was insecure and had little character. I never got why she was so hung up about her ex, since he is a complete wimp. She is supposed to have been in love with him since she was twelve or so, but she manages to forget him over the course [...]

    15. Quick thought: It was a light, fun-fluffy read. Overall 3.5 stars (maybe rounding up a little more because I liked the t-ball team so much)Small rant: I had a hard time with the 12 years of hooking up. I mean, come one… after about two I would be pulling out my hair and jumping the dude. But ok, I’ll go with it. I’ll get behind the fact that they’ve both been pining away for each other… been hooking up throughout it… and that he’s a fine-ass, rich baseball player but has barely loo [...]

    16. Didn't like the story. 1.5 stars. Sorry.I just didn't connect with either of the main characters. Furthermore, half this story was kind of mixed up with the love lives of 2 side characters. Just whose story is being told here?I didn't like the main female character because she didn't feel authentic. The quirkiness of re-dying your hair almost daily just felt like the author was trying too hard to make her seem unique, and interesting. To me it felt false.The next character that put me off was th [...]

    17. This was a cute, contemporary sports romance. Actually it was like 3 romances in one. Jacy & Risk are ostensibly the main couple, but their story didn't really grab me. I liked them both and sometimes they were fun together but they were a little frustrating too as they really only needed to have one conversation to move on with their relationship. Aaron and Natalie are the third couple, you don't really get much depth from them and their relationship quite frankly, strikes me as a little un [...]

    18. This was an engaging story. Kept my interest throughout. It begins with Game 7 of the World Series. Two outs in the bottom of the 9th and Risk Kincaid is at bat. He indicates where he is going to hit it in center field and, of course, it goes there. Straight for his high school friend and lover, Jacy. After the victory, most of the team heads for his hometown in Florida for a fundraiser. This is where the story takes place.Jacy and Risk had always been just rebound lovers. Or so he thinks. She c [...]

    19. Sports romance split between friends to lovers Jacy and Risk, as well as secondary couple Stevie and Zen. Baseball player Risk always comes back to town when Jacy gets dumped by her latest lover….except there’s something she’s not telling Risk - she’s not getting dumped, that’s just her excuse to get him back in her bed. Stevie has had a long time boyfriend who inadvertently dumps her in an all too public way, and she connects with Zen, Risk’s teammate, who shows her that she’s sti [...]

    20. The Main Story of Risk and Jacy was a breath of fresh air for me, it wasn't the typical "had always been friends and were perfect for each other" story for me. I loved they thought of not themselves but each other first. The second story line between Stevie and Zen however stole the glory from Rick and Jacy. Zen it for me, I mean I loved that guy. I mean he had everything going for me and them some. Stevie was a girl who won my heart over as well because I could relate so well with issues and be [...]

    21. Okay, this book was awesome. Risk has always been Jacy's rebound lover, but now he wants a more permanent position in her life. With plans to make that happen he kidnaps his teammate Zen and heads back home to Frostproof, FL. Some speedbumps occur, that put his plans on hold. Until, jealously makes the words fly out of his mouth. Jacy lost her virginity to Risk prom night, and there has been no man since. Clinging to the lies of other men she decides that's how to keep Risk in her life, as a reb [...]

    22. Funny, sexy with a huge serve of crazy.National league baseballers hit town for a weekend fundraiser. One good naturedly kidnapped, one there to propose, another newly engaged to a nimphomaniac exhibitionist hung up on someone else and then three more to cause havoc.With devastating news at the auction, injury at a softball game, a series of near misses, inability to man up, miscommunication ensues.Delightful, touching, at times heartbreaking, often hilarious. The bond of the players & woman [...]

    23. This was actually pretty well done. While there are some things I don't like (like many contemporary authors, Angell's characters are incapable of feeling love without a distracting surge of lust) there were many things that I did like about this. Number 1) The hero's in this are baseball players (personal fantasy, love baseball). Number 2) The secondary romance was so strong - almost more so than the first, that you kind of get that feeling you got twice as much bang for your buck. She also jug [...]

    24. This is my first book by Kate. I gotta tell ya I think I like her. Although, it was kinda hard to read, I'm not sure why everything ran together, where i thought it should start a new paragraph it didn't. But I just reread it, figured it was probably a flaw of the book I bought on my fire! I think I will continue the series tho, I loved "the Bat Pack". I want to see who and if anyone can tame Psycho. I just love the sayings of the shirt wears!! Great story!!

    25. Lots of fun to read, engaging characters and plot. Forget the unrealistic actions and events, pretend that the famous ball players are always this laid-back and accessible, and especially pretend that baseball stars prefer the hometown girls versus the big city blonde and you'll really enjoy Squeeze Play by Kate Angell. I'm putting her on my to-read list for chick-lit lite with bad boy athletes.

    26. hmmm enjoyable. I am finding a really love these sports related books. Jaci Burtons books are great, and I feel these ones will be just as good.It was nice having the two couples being the feature of the book, although I have to say I was more interested int he secondary couple. Loved Zen, what a cool name!! Looking forward to reading about the BAT Pack.Sexy and full of lovely romance, tension and some protective men. Just great.

    27. I stumbled across this book and decided to give it a try. So glad because I LOVED it!! It was funny and sweet and I can't wait to read the rest in this series! I will definitely be looking into this author's other works.

    28. i think i was expecting more, after reading slow heat and all that I had high hopes for this baseball book, but nope it failed!

    29. Super cute baseball romance! Loved that there were three different couples to follow. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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