Inevitable Conclusions Friends Lovers Both For Kora and Tariq those lines have been blurred for a long time Every time clarity seems to be within reach something shifts and in a single moment focus is lost Once again t

  • Title: Inevitable Conclusions
  • Author: Christina C. Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Friends Lovers Both For Kora and Tariq, those lines have been blurred for a long time Every time clarity seems to be within reach, something shifts, and in a single moment, focus is lost Once again, they re in limbo Between them, there is only one secret, with the power to permanently alter their relationship For good or bad, neither of them knows nor are they wilFriends Lovers Both For Kora and Tariq, those lines have been blurred for a long time Every time clarity seems to be within reach, something shifts, and in a single moment, focus is lost Once again, they re in limbo Between them, there is only one secret, with the power to permanently alter their relationship For good or bad, neither of them knows nor are they willing to take that risk Through the pain of past tragedies and the pressure of current dramas, they always find solace in each other s arms Inescapably connected by the interminable bond of friendship, Tariq and Kora navigate family, life, and love, searching for separate answers to a problem that has only has one, unavoidable solution.

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    One thought on “Inevitable Conclusions”

    1. “Inevitable Conclusions” is another wonderful masterpiece penned by Christina C. Jones. The opening was one of the hottest and wittiest I’ve ever read! Tariq intrigued me at first sight. I was able to warm to him immediately and felt connected throughout the read.This particular project by CCJ was more visual to me. I felt as though I was watching the story play out on film. The characters and setting were vibrant and familiar, in a sense of plausibility. She was able to make these celebri [...]

    2. First I need more stars!! I have never been disappointed in a Christina book. Her body of work is exemplar!! I feel in this book I have seen her grown yet another level I feel for me anyway, her pen seems much more relaxed in this novel, like a second skin. I love her intimacy in her other books but the sex factor seemed a bit uncomfortable, however in this book I feel her growth in her own skin, a getting comfortable like with your favorite blanket or favorite shoe. Tariq and Kora aka TAKO my s [...]

    3. YEEESSSS!!! This was a fresh take on a classic story and very worth the read. This novel is why I'm a fan of Christina C Jones. Just FYI--the opening scene is a (fantastic) SCORCHER and it sorta shocked me, so just be aware. :) It was a risky choice, but in the end, this was a solid, layered read. I mean.dysfunctional families, secrets from the past, people trying to come between themeverything. But it's well written and didn't feel too contrived. Also, these characters just could not get their [...]

    4. This was a pretty great story and very easy to keep you into the characters and the storyline. I have to say that I enjoyed it BUT it also made me want to scream at Kora sometimes. Now you know I will explain! These two couldn't have been more perfect for each other then icing on a fresh baked cupcake (Note I really want a cupcake okay okay back to the story) they ran like well oiled machine seriously at one point I was expecting them to finish each other's sentences that's much they were met to [...]

    5. 4.5 Tariq swooning stars! Loved loved love it! Overall Great story. Just the right amount of everything for a stand alone story. Looking forward to the storyline of the next stand alone characters. Why not 5 stars? The grammatical errors. Not enough to take away from story, but enough to be noticed. Still really enjoyed the book, but couldn't give 5

    6. Great friends to lovers story. I love the banter and the steamy parts. Sometimes I wanted to strangle Kora and Tariq for being indecisive. I definitely recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.

    7. Rating: 4.5Another great novel by CCJ. Tariq and Kora are characters that I've read about in Christina's other works, the Connecticut Kings series, The Serendipitous Love novels, and they've always been that OG couple all of the other younger couples looked up to. So it was interesting, entertaining and frustrating as all hell to see how these two came to be #relationshipgoals for so many of the other characters in this world. I love that Tariq and Kora had such an intense and authentic bond. I [...]

    8. Had the pleasure of beta reading this project. This is probably my fave release so far. I hope everyone loves it! I feel as if Christina's writing as well as her ability to twist several story lines together into one beautiful knot improves with each book. Inevitable Conclusions isn't just about two friends who become lovers it is about two people who are interdependent learning to become INdependent and only then are they able to truly lean on and love each other. This book deals in some realis [...]

    9. What is meant to be will be This book made me think of Lauryn Hill's "Everything Is Everything" because I felt like this song summed up the relationship between Kora and Tariq. They both struggled in their youth because of the situations they faced yet they over came them. They persevered through it all because of their unconditional love for one another. I'm really at a lost of how to described what this read did for me because it was so raw and uncut yet real, all while providing you with a wa [...]

    10. Another excellent read from Christina C.Jones! I loved Tariq and Kora, and especially loved that they were grown folks. Tickled to see Dancin Ass Donnie doing too much, as usual. Great characters, story line and excellent dialogue, that's fresh and current and makes you feel like you're listening in on somebody's conversations.Got my fingers crossed that Nubia and Steph's story is coming soon!

    11. Great Read!!I really enjoyed this book. Glad that the characters finally decided to become a Couple!! The only con for me was that it seem to drag out the story line with too many Details on minuscule things. Other than that, I would recommend this bookGreat Read!!

    12. I think this is my favorite work of Christina. Kora and Tariq's story was so good. I have read lots of friends turn lovers story but this was on a different level and was done right! Great book and highly recommended

    13. Awesome!!!!This book was absolutely awesome, I love the characters . I can't wait for the next installment in the series. This author is up there with some of my favorite authors Brenda Jackson, Rochelle Allers and Francis Ray definitely will not be disappointed with these books.

    14. Koko and Riqriq were dope. Their dynamic, the backstories, all of it kept me rapt for the entirety of the novel(la?). Ugh. Stop writing so damn well, CCJ. LOL

    15. So I can't give it a 6th one??Everyone knows the "friends turned lovers" trope well. But what about "friends turned lovers turned friends turned back into lovers" trope? Sound complicated? It TOTALLY is. Kora and Tariq wrecked my nerves with their unwavering consideration for what the other was feeling at all times. So much so that it almost ruined them. But their love was SO real and so genuine that there's no way I could stay frustrated with them for long. The title kind of gives it away for u [...]

    16. What can I say about Tariq and kora? What can't I say? Oh, wait. I know what I CAN'T say. I damn sure can’t bring myself to say it was bad because that would be the biggest lie I ever let past my lips. This book was EVERYTHING. Gave me my entire life. Christina wanted to shift the tone of her writing for this one and make it a little more grown up feeling than her other ones and she definitely hit her mark. Best friend love stories have always been my number one book dynamic. Always. Anytime I [...]

    17. Kora and Tariq were best friends figuring out where they stand, or in my opinion, over-analyzing over 30 years of friendship and several situationships! Tariq was a man's man who wanted nothing more than to just be there for Kora. For some reason this book made me think of Sade's song, By Your SideThis was a prime case of: is it worth risking the loss of a best friend to become lovers? I was rooting for these two to get it together and figure it out:One thing that Kora and Tariq weren't low on, [...]

    18. 5 StarsThis was a nice, entertaining read. I was actually hooked from the first paragraph. I really enjoyed the maturity in this author's writing. It's very evident, the author put a great deal of thought into this project as far as character and story development. I enjoyed reading a story where the secondary characters did not overshadow the main characters. I have never understood every character in a story having a voice ( hence stories being told in 4-5 POVs). Well in my opinion, this autho [...]

    19. Inevitable Conclusions was an interesting read for me because of the story concept, in that 'friends with benefits' is an alien concept in my culture. However, as the story progressed I understood how Tariq and Kora were a source of constant strength in each other's lives, kinda like a male and female Rock of Gibraltar scenario.Their getting together was indeed an inevitable and foregone conclusion and their histories so intertwined that they were extensions of each other.Great storyline, well-d [...]

    20. Again and againI am a die hard fan and that will never change.The bond between the characters in this story surpass traditional romance story love. The backstories are solid and realistic and the character stories solid.It was nice to be able to relate to the love and loss and the historical tragedies the characters experienced and still feel good. The passionate moments were vivid enough to transport you i to the story and isn't that what it's all about?Great writing as always!

    21. Inevitable Conclusion I didn't think that another one character would Nix's place in my heart, but Tariq has stepped in and taken over! There are so many things that I loved about Tariq. This was a wonderful friends to lovers stories in which the characters grew up together, got together, broke up(but still remained friends), and now they're slowly trying to find their way back to each other. I loved how Tariq was there for Dawn from the very beginning. Great job Christina! I can't wait to hear [...]

    22. Christina has done it again!Mrs. Jones has not failed me yet when it comes to her books. I stumbled upon her books a few months ago and I have not been disappointed with any of the characters. Of course I have a few that are my favorite and if they were real life individuals I could see myself as being one of their friends. As for Tariq and KoraI won't give the story away but I will say the chemistry was pouring through the pages.

    23. Kora and Tariq are soulmatesubborn soulmates who could've saved themselves and everyone around them a lot of heartache if they'd simply just given in and accepted the love they had for each other was meant to be. I loved the easy going spirit between Kora and Tariq. To me they had the best of everything with each other. Mrs. Jones successfully navigated the friends and lovers situation and made it tastefully and well done. This is another 5 star read.

    24. CCJ has written an amazing story touching on the dynamics of trust and love between not only best friends but lovers that can't seem to be together not stay apart. The semi dysfunction they both share through the hands of their mother's makes for an intriguing story that makes this book a page turner from beginning to end!

    25. Great writingI'm honestly not taking anything away from the author, just can't get into books where the H AND h don't get together officially until the last chapter. Up until the 49% mark HE was with some other broad and she was playing with her ex yet they were in love wi each other. That's too messy for my taste.

    26. Great writing, Great discoveryDon't know why I hadn't read any of her books. Love Belvin has nothing to say but good things about this author so I decided to check her out, enjoyed this book very much, excellent writing, about to purchase another one of her books.I hope it is a great book as well.

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