A Stitch In Time Always since she was quite small Maria had been extremely confused between what she had imagined and what was real so much so that she had learned to keep quiet about a good many things in case the

  • Title: A Stitch In Time
  • Author: Penelope Lively
  • ISBN: 9780749707897
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Always, since she was quite small, Maria had been extremely confused between what she had imagined and what was real, so much so that she had learned to keep quiet about a good many things in case they turned out to be part of the imaginings Perhaps this is why she doesn t tell anyone about the mysterious noises she hears in the old, rented holiday house, the shrillAlways, since she was quite small, Maria had been extremely confused between what she had imagined and what was real, so much so that she had learned to keep quiet about a good many things in case they turned out to be part of the imaginings Perhaps this is why she doesn t tell anyone about the mysterious noises she hears in the old, rented holiday house, the shrill barking of an invisible dog, the non existent swing which creaks in the garden But then she discovers a sampler, stitched by a girl who lived in the house over a hundred years ago, and Maria finds herself increasingly drawn into the life of the Victorian girl as past and present merge in a dramatic climax.

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    One thought on “A Stitch In Time”

    1. This is a very fine book that adults will enjoy as much as young readers. It most certainly deserved being given the Whitbread award and is reminiscent of her earlier Carnegie Medal winner "The Ghost of Thomas Kempe". As in the latter we have a child who is intensely imaginative, thinks about the problem of time and tends to be misunderstood by parents. But Maria in "A Stitch In Time" is more quietly sensitive and introspective than James. She thinks more deeply about life and is more aware of t [...]

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    3. “Ma il problema, con le persone, è che si aspettano che tu dica certe cose in particolare e tu finisci per dire quello che si aspettano, quello che vogliono. E loro finiscono per dire quello che tu ti aspetti”.Maria Foster ha undici anni e vive in un mondo tutto suo. Figlia unica, quieta e sensibile, parla con le cose e gli animali, peculiarità di quasi tutti i bambini, e così continuerà a fare anche nella casa sul mare, nel Dorset, che i suoi hanno affittato quell’estate.Case, antiche [...]

    4. A lovely little book for middle readers that I probably would have loved at that age, about a girl spending the summer with her parents at the seaside in England. She befriends a boy about her age and they spend a lot of time in the beach finding fossils.I was a little disappointed because I thought this was a time travel book, à la Charlotte Sometimes. Nope. Instead, it was just a nice story about an imaginative girl who has a few auditory hallucinations that seem to reveal moments from the pa [...]

    5. Beautiful, brilliant book! Couldn't stop highlighting passages! Can't wait to read more Penelope Lively books!

    6. I really enjoyed this book even though it is written for children. Maria is an only child and is fond of being on her own so that she can think her own thoughts. She talks to animals and to inanimate objects and is always being told off for muttering to herself. She and her parents travel to Lyme Regis for a summer holiday and stay in a house which hasn't changed much since the Victorian era. Maria can here a swing creaking in the garden even though there isn't one and she gets the feeling that [...]

    7. I loved this book. It was charming, imaginative, and written in a way that was fun for me as an adult. The Lyme Regis setting, with its history of fossil hunting, reminded me a bit of Tracy Chevalier's "Remarkable Creatures," which I also enjoyed. I'm a fan of Lively's adult books. I think I liked this even more than her adult books! Sian Phillips does a wonderful job of narrating the audiobook. Highly recommended.

    8. Ho trovato questo libro per caso in biblioteca e devo dire che è davvero carino! La protagonista, Maria, è una bambina taciturna e timida, che ha l'abitudine di parlare con animali e oggetti. Ho apprezzato molto alcuni passaggi (tra l'altro, a mio parere, saggi oer una bambina della sua età) e come, alla fine del libro, Maria sia uscita dal suo guscio di solitudine e timidezza. Lo consiglio, è stata una lettura piacevole!

    9. Though I haven’t yet read it Penelope Lively’s 2013 memoir, Ammonites and Leaping Fish: a Life in Time, picks up some up the themes that permeate her 1976 Whitbread Children’s Book Award winner: growing old, books, her cat, ammonites of course, all what has been described as “her identifying cargo of possessions”. Ostensibly a ghost story this is more about what it’s like to be a solitary bookish child on the cusp of maturity, all told with sensitivity and poetry, so much so that it [...]

    10. A pleasant, if perhaps slightly dated, story of the summer holiday at the English seashore of an only child of older parents, with few friends it seems. Maria strikes up conversations with not just animals, but inanimate objects as well; at first I had thought she had special abilities, though later I wasn't so sure. Too bad Lively didn't make her into a series as she and her new pal Martin made an engaging pair. Audiobook definitely recommended for the terrific narration by actress Sian Phillip [...]

    11. A perfect little novel, a small treasure about a rather lonely little girl with an over-active imagination. Superb characterisation.

    12. A delightful, slow, thoughtful, atmospheric book, as well written as all the others I've read by Penelope Lively. I wondered if the Penelopes (Lively and Farmer) ever changed places like the girls in this book and Penelope Farmer's 'Charlotte Sometimes, as they are such similar kinds of books; story-wise and writing? It's funny, in a dry, noticing-things way too."She went out into the garden and lay on her stomach on the grass for a bit in the warming rays of the sun. (The cat, purring with unct [...]

    13. This book had great potential and then Nothing. If anyone ever asks you what an anticlimax is show them this book.

    14. A Stitch In Time, which won the Whitbread Children’s Book Award in 1976, is a short children’s novel about an impressionable eleven year old called Maria who goes on holiday with her parents to Lyme Regis, on Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast. Here she becomes greatly affected by a minor tragedy that happened a hundred years earlier in which a land slip on the coastal path resulted in death. Maria feels these past events impinging upon her present, to such an extent that she begins to identif [...]

    15. My third children's classic by Penelope Lively left me expecting a great deal. I was not disappointed as this is the best book I have read from her yet! What a great story from the first to the last page. The characters were brought to life in her pages and I could see the house, sea, rockface with its ghostly fossils embedded in it and the eroding cliff lines. Maria feels an outsider being an only child but more being lost in her own world. But she is brought out of her world by her friendship [...]

    16. It's odd how the children in books are quite often techno-geeks, or science geeks, or sports mad, or even, in a few cases, artistic. They're hardly ever history geeks and books are hardly ever written for history geek kids. This book might well be the exception. Maria has a natural talent for historical investigation: she's got empathy AND as a taste for research. It's all a bit uncontrolled at this stage especially when her hypotheses about what happened in the past get out of hand. And yet, ev [...]

    17. This novel holds a rich tapestry of words and the descriptive details of Lyme regis, the country side, the seaside, the house, the rooms and the furniture are quite beautiful, as is the quirky personality of the main character. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read but for the style it is written in and not for the plot. By chapter 10 I was left wondering whether anything wasdeed going to happen at all. It was more of a case study of an introverted little girl coming slightly out of her shell but t [...]

    18. Maria, the protagonist, was changing from kid to juvenile, so we'll see what's in her mind throughout the story. We'll see how she slowly came out from her shell. New things, new people she met when she had vacation with her family helped her much in this state.But there was another plot about things she found in the house she stayed, things that connected to the story in the past. Maria tried to find out what really happened.I think it's quite a good book. It's just that I don't like it that mu [...]

    19. This novel was pleasantly nostalgic in many ways. I remember reading this novel as a young teenager and, even then, I was entranced by the visions of ocean and sky, of history discovered among the layered sediments of the Lyme Regis cliffs, of unexpected friendships that can only develop while on holiday. The novel, too, nostalgically links the past and the present, and events over one hundred years gone by begin to exert an influence on Maria who hears voices and see visions of the young girl w [...]

    20. Although the summary may make this sound like a fantasy, it is really a very sophisticated coming-of-age novel, although the question of whether she imagined everything remains unanswered. Mainly because it does not matter. Maria's musings about time and place and change are not only philosophical, they are metaphysical. This is an excellent book to give to a thoughtful, imaginative, precocious child. It will not, however, please literal-minded people who cannot identify with the main character. [...]

    21. I was attracted to this by a seeming similarity to Tom's Midnight Garden, one of my favourite children's books of all time. Lively writes beautifully, with many humorous touches (I love Maria's imagined conversations with the cat), but her books move at a glacial pace; it took some time before the plot emerged. Though I'd have preferred it to be more fanciful, it is an enjoyable, thoughtful coming of age story, and Maria and Martin were terrific creations, convincing despite their precocity.

    22. An enchanting and atmospheric story of a young lonely girl, Maria, who goes on holiday to Lyme Regis one summer. She becomes fascinated by the history of the house her family stays in, especially of the two young girls who stitched the Victorian sampler that hangs on the wall. Slowly but surely, she begins to feel like she is slipping back to their time

    23. A Stitch In Time by Penelope Lively. A lovely, classic story of an introverted but imaginative little girl. On holiday at the seashore, Maria discovers that she has a mysterious connection to a girl who lived over a hundred years ago. However, the friendship she develops with the boy next door turns out to be even more life-changing.

    24. Although not my favorite of her novels, this does not disappoint. Lively plays with the idea of time in a masterful, suspenseful plot that takes place over a one month summer holiday. The way she is able to capture the young narrator's point of view is masterful! Her language is poetic. She makes great word art!

    25. An exquisite book, rich in descriptive detail. Set in the beautiful Lyme Regis, with a back drop of the sea, The Cobb, the cliffs, and all the fossils! What a gem of a book. One to definitely revisit.

    26. Maria is vacationing with her parents in an old Victorian house along the English Channel. I quickly became concerned for Maria’s over-active imagination until I began to see the whole picture as her tale was stitched together, revealing the history behind Harriet’s beautiful sampler.

    27. This was an odd book. Talking to cats is one thing but petrol pumps? This makes me wonder what is up with her mental state, especially with her obsession with what happened to Harriet. Speaking of Harriet why didn't she just ask the old woman in the first place rather than brooding over it all?

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