Oceans Apart Nobody ever cares about second place Nashville native Annie Scott knows second place well She has never been anyone s priority and is sick of being an option In a snap decision she flees her hometo

  • Title: Oceans Apart
  • Author: Emma Fitzgerald
  • ISBN: 9781503072053
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nobody ever cares about second place Nashville native, Annie Scott, knows second place well She has never been anyone s priority and is sick of being an option In a snap decision, she flees her hometown for the unknown shores of Sydney, Australia hoping the enforced solitude will give her back her identity and kick start a new life Fate throws her in the path of Cam HNobody ever cares about second place Nashville native, Annie Scott, knows second place well She has never been anyone s priority and is sick of being an option In a snap decision, she flees her hometown for the unknown shores of Sydney, Australia hoping the enforced solitude will give her back her identity and kick start a new life Fate throws her in the path of Cam Hart The Professional surfer is wallowing in self pity after his recent embarrassing loss The idea of losing himself in between the sheets for some no strings fun definitely has appeal and Cam believes he has found the perfect girl to distract him The two drifting souls soon discover their chemistry and passion is than they bargained for When fate throws Annie and Cam together, both afraid and uncertain, will they be allow themselves to be swept along in the tide of possibility

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    One thought on “Oceans Apart”

    1. **Word of warning, before you start reading Ocean's Apart you've set aside some spare time because once you start you won't be able to stop until the very end!!**If I didn't know for a fact that Ocean's Apart was Emma Fitzgerald debut novel, I would've mistaken it for the book of a well seasoned author.Emma's way with words draws you in from the very first sentence, reeling you in with every passing one until you're hooked, unable to put the book down without finding out what comes next and befo [...]

    2. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*Is this really a debut novel? I was really surprised when I found out (not sure if it was mentioned on the sign-up form — can’t remember) that Oceans Apart is Emma’s first novel. The moment I saw the cover, I was enchanted. It has that certain pull that says “READ ME”. Then I read the synopsis — sexy surfer! oh, a MUST READ!The moment I read the first paragraphs, I was hooked — I couldn’t stop reading the book! (Fact: Since I read i [...]

    3. 3.5 Stars!~ A COPY WAS GIFTED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW~ spoilers.Oceans Apart is the first instalment in the Ocean Dreams series and is about Annie and Cams sweet love story, most definitely a case of insta-love/lust after a meeting on a plane. Being an Aussie myself I had no problems at all with the dialogue and it was a nice change to not have to use my Kindles dictionary! Major plus, though I did cringe at the one G'day comment because I personally don't really hear it in day to day c [...]

    4. Annie is tired of always being second, second to her sister, second in line for promotions but not anymore. She has grown exhausted of being the doormat in her life and is finally ready to make a change in her life and stand up for herself. Annie decides to take a vacation from her life and hops on a plane to Sydney, Australia. When she decides to take a dip in the ocean alone and finds herself in trouble, a sexy surfer god comes to her rescue.Cameron is a hot, swoon-worthy pro surfer. He is on [...]

    5. I read this cover-to-cover today. Yes, it was THAT awesome! I love how Cam and Annie meet. I also like how neither one of them is looking for anything special, but find their forever. Family is pretty much a foreign thing to Annie, while Cam has always been surrounded by his family's love and support. His brother's situation is sad, but I loved his little guy. Cam's parents are great, as is his sister. I like Kirby, too. I'm interested in learning more about his best mate, Matt, and if there is [...]

    6. Oceans Apart by Emma Fitzgerald was one of those books that stole my attention and made me do a double take when I saw the cover. Then I read the synopsis and was utterly captivated by the idea of a woman traveling halfway across the world just to start her life over. Add in the touch of romance and I was completely sold…I couldn’t wait to dive in!“Cause I may not always be around to save you and I’m also not sure I can let anyone else touch you again”After feeling second best at her j [...]

    7. I can remember reading this ages ago but I must of been drunk or suffering from Amnesia to not fully remember how much I was in love with Cameron Hart, god that man is just perfect. Like seriously perfect.I started rereading this today in the laundromat and I must of looked like such a cheesy idiot, sat there giggling at all the things Cam said along with a ridiculous grin on my face The story gripped me from the get go with Annie's escape from the US to the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia. Al [...]

    8. Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenorm3.5 starsOceans Apart is book #1 in the Ocean Dreams series and the first book I have read by this author. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes.I love beach stories, as far as I’m concerned it’s where the best love stories happen, I mean hell what’s sexier than surfer boys and girls in bikinis lol.This is a really sweet love story Cam and Annie really kind of ha [...]

    9. 5 Star ReviewI was given this book for an honest reviewAnother new author for me and what a find. I could not put this book down. I loved the story line, the characters and the way Emma described the places was perfect. I can't believe this is a debut novel Annie has come to Sydney from the US trying to get away from her sister and work her life out.Cam is a sexy Aussie pro surfer who is home for a break following a surfing accident.Annie gets caught in a dangerous rip in the surf and its Cam wh [...]

    10. 4.5 Star ReviewI truly can't believe this is a debut book for Author Emma Fitzgerald. Her writing style and characters dragged me into the story from the very beginning.Cam is so what every woman wants her man to be like. And as Annie says he is a KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR - or should we say board shorts or wetsuit :P The pull of the characters towards each other is undeniable, can they manage the hurdles put in front of them? I started to read this book without knowing too much about it other th [...]

    11. Emma Fitzgerald did a great job with this book. It has emotional aspects in the story. It is a love story that has its bouts of heartache, tears, laughter. I truly enjoyed reading about Cam and Annie. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

    12. Ocean's Apart is a book about Annie who has always been second choice her whole life. Her family always chose her older sister and never made her feel wanted or loved. She is currently living in Nashville working a job in PR where she is constantly being overlooked for promotions that she totally deserves. Until she decides to quit and start doing things for herself.So Annie packs her suit cases and heads for the airport not sure of where she is going. She ends up in Beverly Hills and listens in [...]

    13. When Emma Fitzgerald asked me to beta read her debut novel I was excited, being an Aussie girl I'm always excited to read a story set in my own country, what I wasn't prepared for was how swept away I would be by the world Emma had created. Annie Scott has been mistreated by everyone close to her, the people who should have loved her unconditionally have never particularly cared where she was or what she did, as long as she stayed in the background and didn't steal the spotlight for her sister. [...]

    14. Another new author for me and another pleasant surprise. I was looking for something easy to read and enjoyable and this book certainly met my expectations.When I read the synopsis I knew I had to read this book. I mean a surfer (tick), an Aussie hunk (tick) and fun and games in the form of sun, sea, sand and sizzling Sydney sexiness thanks to Cam.Cam is a pro surfer and after having a head injury is taking a break back in Australia when he comes across Annie, for the second time but this time f [...]

    15. Annie is from Nashville Tennessee and has lived her life always coming second. With her parent focus always on her sister she was neglected and always told that she was the kids that they should have never had,Till her parent got killed in a plane crash and she quit her job she didn’t know where she was going but she ended up in Sydney Australia. Cam is a Pro Surfer and is bit of a ladies Man his Hot as hell and has never had to work at getting the ladies attention. Not looking for Love cause [...]

    16. The utmost endearment of heart and love is nothing greater than defying that oceans, family, insecurities and your deepest fears can not break you. In the stunning debut Oceans Apart by Emma Fitzgerald the sonic breath of fresh air connecting two hearts, two souls and one love courses an ever-lasting impression of a brilliant piece of work.Oceans Apart follows Annie, who on a whim boards buys a ticket to Sydney Australia, looking for a break after having to many hits to the heart, only to find a [...]

    17. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a great debut novel and written extremely well. It was a writing style that flowed for me as a reader and it's a reason I'll look out for more of Emma's work in the future.This book is about Annie and starts with her doing something I bet at some point something we've all wished we could do and that's to quit her job, pack her things, pick a random flight out of town to relax before deciding to fly off to sunny Australia. S [...]

    18. What a great debut book. Meet Annie Scott from Nashville. She's always been second best and was never anyone's priority. One day she finally gets fed up and quits her job. She then leaves her hometown on a one way ticket to Sydney, Australia. She's hoping this will kick start her life and force her to stop putting up with being second best. Meet Cam Hart Professional Surfer and ladies man. He recently had an embarrassing loss and is on hiatus. These two drifters have a chance meeting and there's [...]

    19. An amazing debut from Emma Fitzgerald.Book 1 in a series that is a stand alone.We meet Cam and Annie in Sydney, Australia after Annie finally starts living her life for herself and not others and my goodness this chick is feisty and a really lovely character I would want her as my BFF!Cam, the sexy and sweet surfer, the epitome of HOT! I think we all need a Cam in our lives, he’s a little messed up though.The story is mostly set in beautiful Sydney but Emma has managed to cross over to US lang [...]

    20. Sensational SurferThis was a delightful but refreshing read and I devoured it. Annie was tired of feeling as if she didn't matter,as if she wasn't good enough so she hops on a plane for an adventure. While on the plane she see's a passenger who catches her attention. One day on the beach she decides to go swimming but gets caught in a riptide and is rescued by non other then the passenger from the plane who we find out is the delicious Cam. From their we're taking on a roller coaster of emotions [...]

    21. I am surprised that this is her debut novel. This book was amazing.Emma Fitzgerald took us to beautiful Australia and brought a fun bunch of people.Annie Scott is just a lovable character that you just want to bring her into your family to make her feel loved and special.Cameron John Hart is a the sexy surfer who has a heart of gold. He didn't know anything was missing in his life until he met Annie.This is such a great love story. They saw each other on a plane. He saved her life. They had a wh [...]

    22. WOW. This was a truly wonderful book. The characters you can so relate to. The story is so beautiful you won't want to put it down.Cam is just divine & yummy that you will want to swap places with Annie, to get you some of that. Everyone will also want to have Cams family as your own. You can so relate to his family as they are so very 'Real'.Annie has experience some truly horrible things in life, that no one should ever have to deal with, so you will find that you will be rooting for her t [...]

    23. Wooooowwyy Freaking loved this one Thanks so much Emma for gifting me a copy of this!! Great chemistry, plot and perfect ending!! I love a story about starting over and reclaiming your life and that is totally this book. Annie had a hard life and always felt like she didn't fit in with her family. When she's reached her limit with work and the shock of losing her parents she decides to grab a bag and travel. With no plan she bounces around until she finally ends up in Australia. Coming from the [...]

    24. Oceans Apart is a solid debut by the author with a fantastic storyline that grabs you and holds on until the very end.Annie is on holidays from the US after quitting her job on a whim and taking off with an unknown destination in mind, ending up in Sydney, Australia.Cam is a sexy Aussie surfer who is taking a break in Sydney after suffering a serious head injury.While out surfing late one afternoon, Cam rescues Annie from a dangerous rip in the surf and they both instantly feel an attraction and [...]

    25. WOW the best debut book I have ever read so far this year!!! Beautiful, sweet, loving, passion, hurt but gorgeous.Annie quits her job and ends up in Sydney Australia where on her third day there is resuced from being caught in a rip, by hot yummy Cam Holt.Who is he hmmm, there is heat from first they meet they have fun and just as things turn serious things turn into crap.Can there love get them through or will it pull them apart? Will they both get there happy ever after?One way to find out GO [...]

    26. In oceans apart we meet Annie, who has had enough of coming second best to her family and in her life, when she is overshadowed again for a promotion at work she decides to quit and walks out then hops then hops on a plane to Australia. Cue meeting Cam. He is a pro surfer who is on a break and a bit of a ladies man, that is until he meets Annie on the beach after coming to her rescue when she gets into trouble in the water. Annie may come across as bit immature for her age sometimes -  she had [...]

    27. Oceans Apart was a refreshingly sweet read. Being Emma Fitzgerald's debut novel I wasn't sure what to expect for her writing style, but I enjoyed the emotionally charged and extremely well developed story-line.Annie has had it with her circumstances. Her family has always been down on her and her job sucks. She is tired of feeling like she is second best, so she decides to take things into her own hands and make some changes. What better place to start again than on the other side of the globe, [...]

    28. I truly did go #CamCrazy. Not only did he steal my heart with the way he opened up his battered heart but also the way he was helping Annie to know how it feels to be loved.Annie had a lot of demons to fight because of a past growing up without knowing love and being an equal from her parents, boyfriends, and work. When the going got tough she ran but not out of selfishness but out of finding herself and her worth. What she didn't count on was the support from across the ocean that would lead he [...]

    29. Amazing Debut!!!What an amazing beautiful love story, Loneliness, Heartbreak, tears, laughter and Love.I was hooked on this story from the first chapter. two lost souls to find so much love in such a touching way. Cam the hot surfer from Australia and Annie the one who never fitin and felt to always be second best, find their way to one another.Lana Evil witch i want to punch in the throat. I was gutted for a few chapters truely cried my eyes out, I felt all the pain deep in my heart for both Ca [...]

    30. This is Emma Fitzgerald's first novel and she has nailed it you would think when reading she has been writing for years I love the story of Cam and Annie of course it helps that Cam is a sexy hunky male cheeky at times I loved his winks !!! Annie is a shy girl who has had no life at allThe chemistry between them is hot as is their love makingHer sister I wanted to put up against a wall and smack her senseless I wanted to scream every time she popped up in the story I loved that Cam's family took [...]

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