Soldier Boy The true story of Jim Martin the youngest Anzac On th June young James Martin sailed from Melbourne on the troopship Berrima bound ultimately for Gallipoli He was just years old This is J

  • Title: Soldier Boy
  • Author: Anthony Hill
  • ISBN: 9780141003306
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • The true story of Jim Martin, the youngest Anzac On 28th June 1915, young James Martin sailed from Melbourne on the troopship Berrima, bound ultimately for Gallipoli He was just 14 years old This is Jim s extraordinary story of how an inexperienced enthusiastic school boy became Australia s youngest Anzac.

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    One thought on “Soldier Boy”

    1. James Martin was just 14 years old. How 102 years later can we understand what they were thinking at that time?

    2. Soldier Boy provides us with a well researched and historically accurate picture of Australia at war that is easy to read and makes for an excellent introduction to Anzac.I still cannot understand the minds of young Australian men who were desperate to go off to war - to be killed and maimed but it seems most chomping at the bit to become soldiers and serve overseas in WWI. Those young men had the courage and the gumption to do something I could not contemplate doing. Some of them were not men, [...]

    3. This text is about the life of the youngest ANZAC soldier, Jim Martin, who was only 14 when he went into battle and sadly died. I chose to read this text because I wanted to learn about what it was like on the battlefield and what life was like back during the time of World War 1.I’m very passionate about the history of war and to find out that this book is a true story piqued my interest. Even though the author of this book would have no clue what exactly happened to this young soldier, he ca [...]

    4. 'Soldier Boy' is the true story of Jim Martin,the youngest ANZAC. When he enlists, with the reluctant consent of his parents, he is only 14 years and 9 months old. So very young! I can only imagine how his parents must have felt.But like the thousands of other young Australian men at that time, Jim wanted to fight for his country and nobody was going to stop him. And if his parents had refused, he would have found some other way.Jim is almost drowned on the way to Turkey when the ship he is trav [...]

    5. I had to read this book for yr 8, BORING! I reccon this book needs to be read more than twise for you to even get the story! I thought this book was so cinfusing, and not to meantion really boring! Sorry to those people who enjoy these sorta books dont worry it just MY opinion of the book :p

    6. This is not the first time I have read this book, but it always wants to make me cry.The world and attitudes of 1914 are ones I can't possibly understand, and the attitude of a 14 year old boy in Australia is further outside my experience.Many thousands of men across the then British Empire joined the Armed Forces when the Great War broke out in 1914 after years of political unrest and sabre rattling between the Balkan States with the loudest rattling coming out of the Kaiser in Germany. Austral [...]

    7. I Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!This novel, Soldier Boy, written by Anthony Hill is a well written book that takes hold of you and pulls you inside, showing exactly what the Australians went through in the World War 1. This novel, is a true story about a young boy, Jim Martin, the youngest ANZAC. Jim was only 14 years old, although his papers said he was already18, there was no proof of this.Jim Martin was a normal boy at school in the senior cadets; he was full of adventure and wanted to [...]

    8. This is a very well researched story. My hat is off to the author, Anthony Hill. This book gives great insight to the life of young Jim Martin, Australia's youngest ever soldier, and his family. It also gives a clear and accurate picture of life and conditions in Gallipoli. Why young lads wanted to run off to enlist to be a part of the "fun" is beyond me. War is not for boys. Jim conducted himself well, way beyond his years. I would recommend this book to people interested in the people involved [...]

    9. This book is interesting, let's put it that way. I went into this book expecting to read a biography of a young boy, thrust into the cold abyss that is war.Instead I got a bunch of legal documents about a young boy, thrust into the cold abyss that is war, stuffed between two covers.When I read a book I want to really embrace the character, but their was really nothing here to embrace.This unfortunately, made me disrespect a book that really needs some respect.In the saddest parts of the book I e [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book. I thought it be a great insight into what it was like and what went through the minds of young men when WW1 broke out. this book should be read by all young australians so they have some sort of idea what boys who were close to their age endured and died far from home.

    11. Soldier boy brought me to tears, it really just comes to show that war does terrible but amazing things to our world and people. The bravery and strength shown by Jim Marrin was inspiring and proves that no matter what age you are that you can make a difference.

    12. i strongly disliked this book. very boring and nothing happens. it only has about 12 pages of him actually in turkey on the shores of anzac cove

    13. another book i had to read for english, it was okay. i found the story skipped around too much for my liking.

    14. it was kinda boring and I didn't really get the book. because of how he dies at the start then it goes back to when he was a kid and then back to when he died it was just confusing.

    15. 2nd WORST BOOK ever read it was so boring maybe people of an older age than 13 may be interested. but 13 year olds think it is terrible. :D

    16. The story in itself is sad, but quite good, but the writing style was, to me, really disjointed, and very poor. It didn't enjoy reading this book because of that.

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