Ghost of Spirit Bear Alone in the wilderness Cole found peace But he s not alone any Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of changing your perspective After bei

  • Title: Ghost of Spirit Bear
  • Author: Ben Mikaelsen
  • ISBN: 9780060090081
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alone in the wilderness, Cole found peace.But he s not alone any.Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of changing your perspective After being mauled by a Spirit Bear, Cole started to heal He even invited his victim, Peter Driscal, to join him on the island and they became friends.But now their time in exileAlone in the wilderness, Cole found peace.But he s not alone any.Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of changing your perspective After being mauled by a Spirit Bear, Cole started to heal He even invited his victim, Peter Driscal, to join him on the island and they became friends.But now their time in exile is over, and Cole and Peter are heading back to the one place they re not sure they can handle high school Gangs and violence haunt the hallways, and Peter s limp and speech impediment make him a natural target In a school where hate and tension are getting close to the boiling point, the monster of rage hibernating inside Cole begins to stir.Ben Mikaelsen s riveting saga of survival and self awareness continues in the sequel to his gripping Touching Spirit Bear This time, he weaves a tale of urban survival where every day is a struggle to stay sane As the problems in his school grow worse, Cole realizes that it s not enough just to change himself He has to change his world.

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    One thought on “Ghost of Spirit Bear”

    1. I read the first book of this two-book series with my students during the school school year and then I promised that I would read it sometime this summer. I am so glad I did because this book was extremely good! I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it more than the first book. However, it is a YA novel so the ending is very unrealistic, but the rest of the book is very good and has great life lessons."Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of chang [...]

    2. I read the first book in the series, Touching Spirit Bear years ago and the book had impacted me in a way no other books could. I thought it was the best children's book I'd ever read as Cole's story helped me grow by inspiring me to control my anger and find my inner strength. And since reading Touching Spirit Bear, I'd been longing to get hold of it's sequel Ghost of Spirit Bear. Little did I expect that my opportunity to read Ghost of Spirit Bear came this year, about seven years after I read [...]

    3. Ghost Of Spirit Bear By:Ben Mikaelsen This story took place in a boy named Cole Mathews High School. The characters in this story are Cole Mathews, Peter,Garvey,Kieth and the spirit bear.The characters in this story seem real because they are normal kids in high school and, this could really happen. The main character looked like a mean bully at first but then as I read more he became a good person. Cole Mathews said to peter that "lets go sit in the freezer to release all of our anger" This tel [...]

    4. This book is about a boy named Cole who has just gotten back from being isolated on an Alaskin penninsula. This is a sequel to Touching Spirit Bear which was a very good book. I thought this book did a very good job of showing how Cole is trying his best to get away from the bad things that are now in his life. He is in high school and many people are now bullying him and his new friend Peter. It is a very good sequel and you should only read this book if you have read the first one. It is somet [...]

    5. I would recommend this book to plenty of people that are interested in hearing about someone that changed their life, then going back to their normal routine and see how they are treated. The title is almost perfect for this book because the bear lived on an island near Alaska. Cole changed dramatically because when he went to the island it changed his whole personality. A portion of why Matthew changed was because he joined the circle and started to hang out with Cole. The plot was perfect for [...]

    6. I thought Touching Spirit Bear was a great book and I recommend it all the time, so naturally I was excited to see a sequel and couldn't wait to read it. I was totally disappointed. This book was diadatic, judgemental, and telly. Where was the richness of the previous book? Ghost of Spirit Bear reads more like an outline instead of a story. Too predictable and not well-developed, I'm glad I read this one from the library instead of buying my own copy.

    7. So far the book goes on at the island and Cole must tare down his cabin to keep his memories of burning and building a cabin. They (Cole and Peter) thought they will never see the spirit bear but they are waiting for a big suprise.

    8. Cole Matthews used to be a violent child,but a year in exile on a remote island in Alaska, has a way of changing his perspective. After being attacked by a Spirit bear, Cole began to heal, even invited his victim, Peter Driscal, to join him on the island and became friends. The exile is over and they have to return to their real life, high school, and see everything around them is violence. As problems at his school worsen, Cole realizes that it is not enough to change himself, he has to change [...]

    9. If you have read Touching Spirit Bear, then you'll know that this book is the best sequel this book could've had possible. It not only gives us a recap on the emotional change that Cole went through, but also let's us fully understand that he is not completely healed. He just handles it better. He fully thinks through his actions more and in doing that he changes so much for the people around him and it's just a perfect way to really give us closure and really wrap up this story. I would absolut [...]

    10. Cole Mathews was a troubled child but after spending a year in the Alaskan wilderness he has change and now is friends with the kid he beat up that made him go to Alaska. but now he has to move back to the city and he and peter don't know if they can take all the violence of Minneapolis they need to change there school.

    11. I loved the part when Peter and Cole became friends. Also that they stood up for each other when they were in trouble with some bullies. I cant believe that they had good spirits. The part that I didn't get was the part when Cole's dad was there in the assembly when he did not want to see Cole. Also, what happened to the old homeless man? The book said that he disappeared.

    12. This was a really beautiful read. One thing Mikaelsen does so perfectly is create the feeling of helplessness in a high school setting. Admittedly I find that there are a lot fewer "bullies" in today's high schools and most teens are primarily faced with their own inner demons, but I was pleasantly surprised with the way that Cole eventually learned how to face them.When Garvey kept telling Cole that the way he way dealing with Keith was wrong, I felt as helpless as Cole did trying to figure out [...]

    13. Review/CritiqueMikaelsen, B. (2008). Ghost of Spirit Bear. New York: Harper Collins.Why the book was chosenI chose Ghost of Spirit Bear purposefully it is the sequel to Touching Spirit Bear by BenMikaelsen. The cover of the book is wonderful. It features a mighty bear rising above a building,mouth wide, open fangs visible. I was interested in finding out how Cole Matthews and PeterDriscal were doing since their last experience, which was a healing journey for themselves.Summary/Overview of the b [...]

    14. "Ghost of Spirit Bear" is the sequel to "Touching Spirit Bear and because of that, I had high expectations for this book. I could relate to a lot of this book as much of it talks about school and the relationships that are made with your peers and such. The writing that the author uses is very powerful and makes a good impact. I did enjoy this book quite a lot and it was fairly well put together, but it just wasn't quite as special as its prequel. As you are reading this book, you can tell that [...]

    15. The thing I really liked about this book was that it almost always left you hanging at the end of a chapter. It made you want to read the next chapter so badly. It was really hard for me to put the book down sometimes. The sentence fluency for it was great. I never had to go back and reread a sentence or two to find out what it ment. It just ran smoothly right through. He didn't use too many "big" words. They were all pretty simple for me. I enjoy that challenge of finding out what some words me [...]

    16. This is the sequel to Touching Spirit Bear, which I have not read, but this book gives a good 'catch-up' synopsis at the beginning. I think the setting of a really crummy, violent urban school in Minneapolis is interesting - I would not have chosen Minneapolis for that kind of school, but it needed to have a big Native American connection, and you wouldn't necessarily get that in NYC or Chicago or LA. The school is full of physically violent and speech abusing bullies, jaded teachers, a new prin [...]

    17. After a crazy ending in the Touching Sprit Bear, Cole Matthews is mostly forgiven by Peter Driscal after Cole had assaulted him. The Ghost of Spirit Bear was overall a decent book. It would of a bit better if it was more serious than Touching Sprit Bear. Cole Matthews returns to Minneapolis after one year and he is scared to go back to school after what he had done to Peter over a year ago. After a few days of school starting, Cole and Peter are worried by Keith and his group or known as the bul [...]

    18. BR#4Ghost of Spirit Bear is a heartwarming sequel to Touching Spirit Bear. It is by Ben Mikaelsen. There are so many amazing characters that help Cole and Peter. The main characters that helped Cole and Peter are Garvey, Keith, and Ms. Kennedy. Cole and Peter even helped each other out too. "Hey, Peter, we're Spirit Bears," Cole reminded his friend. "Spirit Bears are strong, gentle, and kind."Peter thought a moment. "You got mauled, so that proves they can get ticked off too.”The setting is am [...]

    19. Several years ago, I read Touching Spirit Bear. I was teaching at risk students at the time, and I immediately turned it into a read aloud. When I realized that Mikaelsen had written a sequel, I wasted no time picking it up. This book follows Cole Matthews (a juvenile delinquent who has been rehabilitated in a wilderness program) as he re-enters his former life in a high school rife with bullies and gangs. While some of the situations may seem a tiny bit contrived, the emotions that Cole and his [...]

    20. An interesting but not quite as powerful follow up to "Touching Spirit Bear." This book realistically and touchingly answers the question, "What does Cole do with the knowledge he gains from the Spirit Bear?" Cole Matthews was a troubled teen, but now that he's well on his way to healing, what legacy will he leave? Cole and his once-victim, now-friend Peter must return to their high school to once again navigate halls packed with gangs, drugs, bullies, and fear. Will Cole be able to control hims [...]

    21. This book is one of the best books I've ever read in a very long time, but you have to read the first book of this series. Cole and Peter had to get use to not being on the island that they were on in book one. Peter and Cole did survive with stuff like sitting in a freezer in a store. Which is just like the pond in book one. You have to read both books of this series. Just read it please. It's a good book to read if you like everything that involves the law and other stuff like that. Just read [...]

    22. This book is very heartwarming. After all he's done to make up for what he did to peter even though he wasnt trusted at first, the readereventually feels bad for cole and wants him to be successful. I also thought the homeless man wwas an interesting connection to the bear because of their similar mysterious but "hopeful" behaviors.

    23. This book is a fairly decent sequel to Touching Spirit Bear. It was an enjoyable read but didn't have the sharpness and impact of the first book. I did like how the author wanted to convey what happened to the boys once they left the island and how they adapted to their home life in the city. I thought this was smart, as the first book left with the question, "Ok, they did great here on the island by themselves, but how will they survive and incorporate their newfound knowledge and maturity in t [...]

    24. Well. What to say about this piece of crap. And even then that's too nice of a word for this book. This book is a piece of s**t. Which is a term i don't use often for a book as there are not too many books that go into that category. But still i bet you will be wondering "if i hated the last book why did i read this?" Well i was just interested. You see i thought this book might be a little better. Well this one is way worse. This book is one of the slowest books i've ever read. The book just go [...]

    25. This book is about a kid named cole who gets back from a camp. When he gets back he has to go to school and it is very difficult. Him and peter end up finding an old abandon house and they keep seeing an old guy who reminds them of spirit bear. After they see him they keep trying to find him again. A problem in this book is when they keep trying to find the old guy. They solve this problem by sitting down and concentrating on nothing. Then when they open there eyes they see him. This worked on t [...]

    26. Mikaelsen, Ben Ghost of Spirit Bear, 160 p. Harper, 2008. Cole and Peter’s year on the island is over and now the two, who overcame so many challenges on the island, are thrust back into the wilds of the American high school. Scorn, ridicule and abuse are heaped upon the both of them and Cole has to make difficult choices in order to keep himself out of prison. Cole’s biggest challenge awaits him. Touching Spirit Bear was a huge hit and my school uses it as one of its teaching novels. My tea [...]

    27. While this could be read as a stand alone, I think it is much better read after Touching Spirit Bear so the reader knows what Cole and Peter are referring to throughout the story. Although parts of it are a bit simplistic, I really liked that not everything was easy for the characters and the changes they wanted to make they had to work for. I think that kids will be able to relate to the things that the characters go through and make connections in their own lives. I hope they will be inspired [...]

    28. This is an excellent sequel. My students loved the first one and now I am excited to use this one in my class for reluctant readers. Mikaelsen used just the right amount of follow-up for Cole and Peter. We aren't given a rosy happy ending, rather we are given a smattering of hope for the boys and their world.

    29. The perfect sequel to a wonderful book. Cole Mathews learned how to survive on an island, but surviving high school turns out to be more of a challenge. I like how this book deals with issues that many high schools are facing right now. Cole searches for healing and realizes the power of fighting with you heart and also the power of forgiveness.

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