Murder at the Mansion Murder Mayhem A madcap lady vicar Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the charming slightly gauche very tall thirty something vicar of St Mary s Church located in the picturesque village of Upton St Mary i

  • Title: Murder at the Mansion
  • Author: Alison Golden Jamie Vougeot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murder Mayhem A madcap lady vicar Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the charming, slightly gauche, very tall, thirty something vicar of St Mary s Church located in the picturesque village of Upton St Mary in Cornwall, England Recently appointed to her rural church position, Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing good advice and godly wisdom with humor and Murder Mayhem A madcap lady vicar Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the charming, slightly gauche, very tall, thirty something vicar of St Mary s Church located in the picturesque village of Upton St Mary in Cornwall, England Recently appointed to her rural church position, Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing good advice and godly wisdom with humor and charm while zipping her Mini Cooper around the country lanes and attempting to build a relationship with her church cat, Biscuit, who, quite frankly, couldn t care less Trouble arises when Annabelle faithfully welcomes a new resident to her quaint parish Her visit to the latest newcomer, Sir John Cartwright, is two fold to greet him and to dispel rumors of shady doings at the manor This time, however, instead of tea and cakes, Annabelle is served a heaping plate of murder and a fine helping of handsome Inspector Mike Nicholls Filled with laugh out loud moments and cake and pastry recipes, this humorous, cozy mystery is an excellent introduction to the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series Included in this book are recipes for Wicked Walnut Cupcakes with Magnificent Maple Buttercream Frosting Beatific Baklava Chaste Chia Seed and Coconut Macaroons Angelic Almond Cupcakes and Abundant Almond Butter Frosting Interview with the Author of the SeriesQ So, what makes the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series special A Annabelle When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create a series that featured a heart warming, smart, sometimes ditzy, ultimately good protagonist that we all undisputedly adore I love mysteries so there was no question this character was going to be involved in solving them and I set it in the Cornish countryside, right at the end of England, where I have fond memories of vacations as a child But it is Annabelle her humanity, her empathy, her big heart who makes the series so special With her sometimes partner, sometimes antagonist, Inspector Mike Nicholls, they create fun and drama as the small town mysteries unfold with humor and intrigue If you enjoy the TV series, The Vicar of Dibley, Miranda, or Midsomer Murders, I think you will enjoy the Reverend Annabelle cozy mysteries series Q In what order should I read the books A The Reverend Annabelle Dixon cozy mysteries can be read, and enjoyed, in any order The prequel, Death at the Caf is set in London and takes place a few years before the rest in the series All the books are complete mysteries If you do want to read them in order, I d suggest the following sequence Death at the Caf prequel Murder at the Mansion Body in the Woods coming soon Q Why should readers give these books a try A Because the Reverend Annabelle series is a gentle, but colorful romp through the beautiful English countryside in a place that is picturesque and peaceful on the outside but one filled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with all kinds of vices on the inside Annabelle is a fun, uncomplicated character who is soulful, devout, smart and funny with a penchant for cake.

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    One thought on “Murder at the Mansion”

    1. Every once in a while, I feel the need to "unwind," mentally speaking, by reading something that doesn't challenge my brain cells. To be sure, I still prefer that it be in my favorite genre - murder mystery - but I want to be able to breeze through it somewhat mindlessly.I've exhausted several series that filled that bill - such as the late Lilian Jackson Braun's Cat Who books and The Burglar Who/i> series by Lawrence Block. But as I finished up yet another dank, dark thriller - making it thr [...]

    2. Rev. Annabelle Dixon, rector of the village Upton St. Mary in Cornwall may have had a wayward past but she loves administering to the flock of villagers now- just as much as she loves cupcakes. Her secretary and friend Philippa is only happy to keep Annabelle supplied with treats AND local gossip. Philippa is full of news about a newcomer who recently purchased a mansion on the outskirts of the village. Village gossip suggests the man is not a church-goer and he is involved in unsavory business [...]

    3.  E for EffortNo spoilers in this review. I wasn't impressed at all with this book. I found it facile and rather disjointed with the Vicar, the main protagonist somewhat of a caricature. The dialogue didn't ring true and the ending seemed contrived. The 'humour' that I was expecting just wasn't there and it was grossly overpriced for the length (which I should have noted before I bought.) And please, please, American authors, if you are setting your books in Britain, please use English spelling, [...]

    4. Short (under 200 pages) cozy mystery that was readable, but doesn't bear up under much scrutiny. The main character has some unbelievable personality traits & behaviors and the ending was contrived. Even the presence of the cat didn't earn this book a third star. Downloaded first two books for free and I might read the second if I'm really bored, just to see if the cat does something interesting. The writing style was enjoyable and I noticed only a couple editing errors so at least that was [...]

    5. A very light, yet well put together tale. I liked Annabelle, the cupcake loving vicar, who is great at sleuthing. I couldn't figure out who killed the victim and the recipes for goodies at the end were a bonus.

    6. Fantastical Story The plot is very good. I didn't get it a 5-star because I noticed in the same paragraph a convoy of police cars set of into the dark night yet they arrived where they were going just as it was getting dark. I could understand this if they were going very far away but they did go far."Crikey!" "Golly gosh!" "dilly-dallied" Just some words I loved in the story :0) I myself use dilly-dallied oftenlol My grandmother uses golly gosh often and well I don't know anyone that says Crike [...]

    7. This was a great cozy mystery. The Vicar, Annabelle stumbles across a murder and she is unable to stop herself from trying to solve it. She spends so much time at the crime scene looking for that one elusive bit of evidence that will solve this murder. A good read, the Vicar is wonderful and a very lovable character. The inspector is a nice addition, and one that catches Annabelle's attention. All in all this was a fun mystery that I read at one sitting. I joined the readers group so that I coul [...]

    8. I downloaded this freebie as I was anxious to perhaps start a new cozy mystery. It turned out that it didn't do it for me. It was like reading a soap opera. It is slim reading and what there is in the novel was almost comical at times, even though I don't think the author meant it to be. The setting for this series was awesome, though. I just wish there was more depth to the mystery. It is solved way too quickly. Not worth my time.

    9. A very light cozy mystery set in the rural Cornwall countryside. The main character is realistic and very likeable. If you prefer your murder mysteries with very little gore this is a story you will enjoy. It can be read on a lazy afternoon with ease.I have rated this book 3 3/4 stars.I obtained this book from in Kindle format.(We do not do just 1\2 we do 3\4 too)

    10. This is the 2nd book. I read the prequel to this series Another quick witty read great character s loved the story. I would def read the rest of this series. Murder. Mayhem. A madcap lady vicar. Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the charming, slightly gauche, very tall, thirty-something vicar of St. Mary’s Church located in the picturesque village of Upton St. Mary in Cornwall, England. Recently appointed to her rural church position, Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing good advi [...]

    11. #1 in the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series. This slim debut to a series about the tall female rector of a parish in the Cornwell countryside is enjoyable. What there is of the characters is likeable but they could all use some development, and at barely more than a novella in length there is certainly room to spare.Reverend Annabelle Dixon - Three years into her rural church position, Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing good advice and godly wisdom with humor and charm while z [...]

    12. Annabelle is an interesting woman. She is a vicar in a small village in Cornwall, a bee keeper, a gardener and an avid lover of cake and cupcakes. She is tall and her knees get weak when a certain policeman is in her vicinity.When she visits a new resident in the area because the rumor running through the village is that the man is going to open a high end brothel. When he is murdered, Annabelle automatically feels the need to investigate. After all, she was there when he died.This is a quick re [...]

    13. Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the well liked vicar of St. Mary's Church. She understands the villagers and knows when things don't seem right. When she pays a visit to a new resident, she discovers his body. The Reverend Annabelle is determined to find who committed the Murder At The Mansion. Annabelle is charming. Her wit and humor make me smile. She's intelligent and uses her instincts to help Inspector Mike Nicholls track down the killer. The hint of attraction between these two added a little [...]

    14. A cozy mystery -- not bad, but not great. I found it fairly simplistic. The amateur investigator is likeable enough but the police inspector seemed a little too willing to let her 'help' with the case. At one point she found a cigarette butt in a place that made it likely important evidence, and she picked it up and put it in her pocket. It was mentioned later that they got some guy's DNA off it, so it's definitely contemporary, and I feel like she should have either known better than to use her [...]

    15. I really like the characters in this Cozy Mystery series. This is a wonderful story with twists and turns, with humor and dramabut not too much drama, ha! No really, Alison Golden has got myself and my mother who is 87, really enjoying these mysteries with the characters being so real. The genre, Cozy Mysteries or Christian Cozy Mysteries,are something to be enjoyed, without bad language, other unneccesary language or sex. Goodness is a great virtue that many may appreciate. Thank you Alison Gol [...]

    16. Meditation and murder I loved the Vicar of Dibley. This was just as good. You have a Lady Reverend in a small town in England, a mysterious newcomer and a death. What more could you want? Ms. Golden has a way with a description that makes you feel like you were right there. Her descriptions are wonderful and the story is fast paced. Plus you get some wonderful recipes at the end. As I said, what more could you want? I want to read the prequel and the next books. Enjoy!

    17. A slight mix of UK and USA terms in this light mystery about a female vicar. I keep imagining Dawn French reprising her famous role as the vicar of Dibley. Especially as the lady eats cupcakes. Yes, it's somewhat unlikely that the police would bring the vicar along to interviews with suspects. We do not see her doing much of the parish work or parish services for which vicars are kept in relative ease. But it's an early book in the series about the village, and later ones may improve. I think it [...]

    18. Some Kindle Unlimited, some freebies some freebies for signing up, With the Diana Hunter ones too short and no resolution at ends, Reverend Annabelle major plausibility issues etc, Inspector Graham is not the usual British mystery of at least some clues here and there and his attitude is rather unlikeable overall.Diana Hunter Mystery - Hunted 1 - Snatched 2 - Stolen 3Reverend Annabelle Dixon Cozy Mystery - Death at the Café 1 - Murder at the Mansion 2 - Body in the Woods 3 - Grave in the Garage [...]

    19. It was ok to pass the time while I was traveling and didn't want anything complicated. But I still can't deal with a vicar that is an amateur detective. Maybe I could if the plot was a little more elaborated, or if the secondary characters were more interesting, or even if the interaction between the vicar and the inspector had a little more development? I was curious to know what happens next (and this is one of the things I hate about series), but not enough to lead me to buy another 'ok' book [...]

    20. When Annibelle goes to welcome a new resident to the small village just after the door is answered by a young woman they both hear a scream and find the new owner dead. Shot with an arrow through the heart. Annabelle works with Inspector Nichols to find out who did it. There are rumors around the village about the new owner opening a brothel. This book really developed the characters of the series more. I really enjoyed this book and the series so far.

    21. Murder at the Mansion (A Reverend Annabelle Dixon Cozy Mystery Book 2)I was introduced to Alison Gold’s Cozy Mysteries through another Cozy Mystery author, Hope Callaghan. Well, people who appreciate a good Mystery, with not one bad word or sexual content, these are the books/Mysteries for you. Just goes to show that goodness can be a wonderful virtue in writing wonderful stories. Thank you Ms. Gold. Really like your work! (My 87yr. Old mama does too! 😊). God bless!

    22. Annabelle Dixon MysteryI got the first book for free from the author and this book from a discounted book site. This is the story of a man who moves to Upton St. Mary where the vicar is Annabelle Dixon. Annabelle works with Inspector Nichols to from and out who killed Sir John Cartwright. A delightful mystery with a surprising ending. Highly recommend this book and the series.

    23. A fun light readA good cozy mystery. The vicar Annabelle helps inspector Nichols solve the murder of Sir John Cartwright. I thought that the author did disservice to her character Annabelle by having Annabelle being so flustered at the beginning when she encountered the constable and the inspector. Once Annabelle got past that she became a credible investigator and help solve the case.

    24. Love these books! Rev. Annabelle is very relatable as a woman and a member of the clergy, and she is supported by a great group of village characters. Her ability to relate to others is what often helps her obtain the information she needs to help solve the crimes that occur in her small Cornish villlage. This mystery is no less engaging than any in which Annabelle finds her herself involved.

    25. Another great Annabelle Dixon mysteryReverend Annabelle has a gift for getting involved in the mysteries of her village and helping to solve the case. I love her spunky attitude and kind manner. This story is another hit by Alison Golden, a very talented writer. I don't have the next book in this series yet but hope be able to get it soon. Don't miss this series.

    26. This is the first in the series. The main character is Rev. Annabella. she is checking out a new neighbor in the town when she discovers the new neighbor is dead. MURDERED. She helps the Inspector with the investigation and between them figure out the who and the why. Looking forward to maore of her adventures.

    27. It is like Murder She Wrote, in this case, the Vicar solves the murder cases because she's smarter than the police! LOL! It is a lighthearted series, too, which is a nice break from the serious tones of books I tend to read!

    28. Author Alison Golden has hit gold with her Reverend Annabelle Dixon series! Golden's writing style and creative crime plots are reminiscent of the great Agatha Christie's mysteries that I read in my late teens and onwards.

    29. The Vicar of Dibley meets Miss Marple, with help from a ginger cat. Annabelle is the vicar of a charming village in Cornwall where the townsfolk are shocked when a wealthy newcomer is murdered. Cute cozy mystery, and it's currently available free from for Kindle.

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