Dead Souls From the award winning author of the acclaimed novel Poe comes an edgy and bone chilling new novel When Fiona Dunn is approached in a bar by a man who claims he s the devil she figures it s just some

  • Title: Dead Souls
  • Author: J. Lincoln Fenn
  • ISBN: 9781501110948
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • From the award winning author of the acclaimed novel Poe comes an edgy and bone chilling new novel.When Fiona Dunn is approached in a bar by a man who claims he s the devil, she figures it s just some kind of postmodern slash ironic pickup line But a few drinks in, he offers her a wish in exchange for her immortal soul, and in addition, Fiona must perform a special favorFrom the award winning author of the acclaimed novel Poe comes an edgy and bone chilling new novel.When Fiona Dunn is approached in a bar by a man who claims he s the devil, she figures it s just some kind of postmodern slash ironic pickup line But a few drinks in, he offers her a wish in exchange for her immortal soul, and in addition, Fiona must perform a special favor for him whenever the time comes Fiona finds the entire matter so absurd that she agrees Bad idea Not only does Fiona soon discover that she really was talking to the devil incarnate, but she s now been initiated into a bizarre support group of similar dead souls those who have done the same thing as Fiona on a whim, and who must spend their waking hours in absolute terror of that favor eventually being called ind what exactly is required from each of them in order to give the devil his due.

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    One thought on “Dead Souls”

    1. Only $1.99 on US October 23, 2017. I just read her first book, Poe, and it was awesome too. Great Halloween books!Bump for release day! This is one of my favorite books of the year. Totally worth $8, guys. I highly recommend! The devil walks into a bar Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? Oh it's no joke. He really does go to bars. And he drinks this:Fiona is in marketing management. She works for a company who designs mid to high end backpacks. It's a thing. They even invite people to c [...]

    2. My friend Shelly starts her review off with, the devil walks into a bar :-D Mine is a little different but the same idea ;-)So, an atheist walks into a bar . . . <---I think we all love the chance to use that opening. Well, us nuts at any rate! But she really does, Fiona stumbles into a bar one night in her night clothes and no shoes. She thinks her husband is cheating on her and she just wigs out and wanders off. I bet she wished she stayed home. Fiona meets Scratch and he tells her he is th [...]

    3. Fiona is having a bad night, she suspects her live in boyfriend Justin is cheating on her and her assistant at work is way too eager about pointing out anything Fiona does wrong. So she heads off to the bar. She is approached by a guy named "Scratch".e really can't see his face clearly but he is buying the drinks. Then she wakes up naked the next morning with a card that can't be destroyed. Seems like she made a comment about selling her soul for the chance to be invisible sometimes. There is al [...]

    4. After growing up in a horrible situation Fiona Dunn hasn't let herself become close to too many people in her lifetime. Currently Fiona is in the longest relationship she's ever had but when she sees her boyfriend with another woman Fiona immediately thinks the worst. Feeling miserable Fiona finds herself in a bar drinking away her troubles when she's approached by a mysterious man. The stranger begins buying Fiona's drinks and chatting with her but before the night is over he tells Fiona he is [...]

    5. Now THAT was one HELL OF A BOOK.Thank you, Netgalley, for allowing me to read this nightmare-producer in exchange for an honest review. I just hope I didn't accidentally somehow sell my soul to the devil.Just like that, Fiona finds herself indebted to the Devil, all because of a casual drunken exchange at a bar after seeing her boyfriend get into a cab with a cute woman in pink. At least she can turn invisible at will now, right? She got SOMETHING out of it, right?As you slowly learn more and mo [...]

    6. This book has an interesting premise and had me intrigued from the first page. I thought the narrator was just cynical and snarky enough to be likeable, but still flawed and detestable at times. She sort of reminded me of Jessica Jones, and I kept imagining Krysten Ritter while reading this. However, the second half of the book fell a little flat for me and felt like a different sort of story than the first half. It moved really quickly so I didn't feel like I got to know exactly why things were [...]

    7. “Giving up something you don’t believe in doesn’t cost a thing.”Well, at least that’s what Fiona Dunn thought, as she was selling her soul to a faceless man who called himself Scratch. Yep. That, Scratch. Funny how after several pints of Guinness and a fois gras sandwich what will sound like a good idea. Soul sold and favor owed. Crap.I don’t know what I was expecting from this one, but I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I’ve been meaning to read Fenn’s “Poe” f [...]

    8. An uninhibited thriller with a dash of social commentary where the devil is in the details.I honestly liked this book allot but the ending failed for me. It fell a bit short but I still rated this at about 4.5 because it wasn't that big of a flop. I actually quite enjoyed it.Fiona Dunn is a go-for-the-throat marketer whose suspicions about her boyfriend, Justin, get her into a spot of trouble. She trails Justin and sees him enter a taxi with another woman while supposedly traveling out of town o [...]

    9. I received a free copy of this ebook from Netgalley, the author, and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Fiona Dunn is a businesswoman. When she starts to drink at a bar and sells her souls to the devil known as Scratch, her life is turned upside down. She hangs out with other "Dead Souls" until her favor comes in. Will she be able to give the devil his due? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty creepy and pretty good horror story. I enjoyed checking this out. If you lik [...]

    10. When I was more into writing fiction in my 20s and 30s than the seriously more mundane non-fiction writing that would encompass my chosen career of Clinical Social Worker, I would peruse the writer's market books to see what type of stories were being sought. I mainly looked at the horror. science fiction and fantasy magazines. There was inevitably one sentence that was always added to their "want and don't want" lists. It was "No deals with the devil stories!". There was an unanimous agreement [...]

    11. Imagine witnessing your boyfriend get into a taxi with another woman after he tells you he’s leaving town on a business trip. You head to the bar to get trashed only to end up unintentionally selling your soul to a man named Scratch, who also claims to be the devil, for a single wish. There’s also the matter of the future favor he’ll be calling in when you least expect it. Bad freaking night. Fiona Dunn is an atheist and doesn’t believe it’s at all impossible, but when clear evidence t [...]

    12. Fiona Dunn for all her career success hasn’t had the greatest go with relationships. When she sees her boyfriend get into a taxi with a blonde woman in pink when he is supposed to be on a business trip she falls apart. Feeling dejected she stumbles into a bar and orders a drink before realizing that she forgot her purse and keys to her apartment. She can just add those to the list of things that go wrong because Fiona is about to sell her soul to a faceless man named Scratch.While the premise [...]

    13. I loved this book! Fiona goes into a bar. A man starts buying her drinks. No, it's not a bad jokebut she does end up making a deal with the devil. Doesn't matter that she doesn't believe in him, he wants her soul and a favor.You say the deal story has been before. Well, it's never been done like this. Fenn's writing moves story at a breakneck clip. With twists and turns will it end? Highly unexpected!Great horror, extreme scenes and highly recommended. I received my copy from the publisher.

    14. You've probably heard how evil Foie Gras can be But you'll never realise HOW truly evil it is until you share a Foie Gras sandwich with the devilFiona works in marketing, is brilliant at what she does but struggles with depression. Having spent her childhood with druggie parents, she suffers from ptsd and commitment issues. One miserable drunken night, thinking she's lost the one person that means something to her, Fiona unknowingly strikes a deal with the devil. Atheist that she is, she doesn't [...]

    15. I will admit that I am a huge impulse reader, and I requested this book because the cover looked pretty and it seemed like a fun horror read. After finishing it, I would not use the word "fun" in any way to describe Dead Souls. In fact, the word "fun" probably has a restraining order and Dead Souls is not allowed to be within 100 feet of it.This is a dark, gritty horror novel. The premise seems like a setup for a horror-comedy: a girl gets drunk at a bar and sells her soul to the devil, and then [...]

    16. I am not sure what I was expecting when I saw the blurb for this book but it intrigued me enough to want to read it. All I can say is wow, what a roller coaster ride. This book did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations. I finished the book in one day, it was that good. The premise is simple enough, girl in bar meets guy and has a few drinks. Next thing you know he says he is the devil and will grant her a wish in exchange for her soul and a future favor. Without thinking she blurts out a w [...]

    17. Low end of 3 Star Rating for Story & NarrationThe mostly dry narration did not help making the story more appealing to me. However, I can see how that style would seem to be appropriate to portray. Overall, I felt like the writer was trying too hard to make everything reverent and lost the balance of leaving clues and foundation for hammering every detail into place until the bitter end. My initial response is to leave 2.5 stars but the story is not horrible. It just wasn't very interesting [...]

    18. Making a deal with the devil for materialistic and financial gain is nothing new in literature.In Dead Souls, Ms. Fenn introduces us to Fiona Dunn, a, atheistic marketing executive extraordinaire who makes a deal with said devil during a moment of bleak self pity. Once she realizes what she has done, she embarks on a difficult journey to renegotiate her terms with the Dark Lord, (no, I'm not talking Darth Vader) and comes face to face with her own sad realization regarding her self worth and vie [...]

    19. It has been a long time since an author has surprised me with their macabre imagination. It started with Stephen King when I was twelve, and the older I get the less excited I become about twisty and gory things.J. Lincoln Fenn, a round of applause for you. Not only for creating the best slasher novel of the year, but also for representing Guinness. Guinness was amazing in Ireland, and I am so jealous that Fiona gets to drink the real thing even though she's not in Dublin. She sold her soul for [...]

    20. You had better have nerves of steel and a strong stomach if you are going to finish this book. Was that a challenge? Oh! I think so :) This author is good at producing images that will continue to haunt you long after the book is finished and especially with this book. Religion, marketing and deals with the devil will not only keep you turning pages, but horrified and delighted simultaneously as you do. From a crumbling relationship to new and dangerous alliances, this book has a little bit of e [...]

    21. Nah. I can't complain about the way it was written, and I'm sure some of my friends would like it, but speaking for myself, I just don't enjoy books about assholes. I would have enjoyed it better if I'd found Fiona likable and had an outcome to root for, but by the time I got far enough in to truly dislike her, I decided to carry on, to satisfy my curiosity and maybe see her not succeed.This book is a horror book. While other classifications may apply, do expect the devil to be devil-ish, not ju [...]

    22. This was a VERY creepy book. These people have given their soul to the devil in exchange for a favor. They don't know that the favor is or when that favor will be asked for. They form a group and have regular meetings. Their main topic - what and when will the favor be? When the first member of their group doesn't show up and they read about a mass shooting at a child's school play, they realize that was the member of their group that did not show up for the meeting.This is when it all becomes r [...]

    23. Watch out who you're making deals withOkay, to start with, I believe there is a Heaven and because of that I believe there is also a Hell. So this story was just about as creepy as any I've read.Fiona Quinn considers herself to be an atheist so when a guy (named Scratch BTW) starts talking to her in a bar after she's had a few drinks and offers to grant her a wish in exchange for her soul, she thinks why not, can't hurt.She very quickly finds out that she did actually make a deal with the devil [...]

    24. Actually 3.5 stars.***review to come."He said his name was Scratch"I have mixed feelings about this book. It started out great. Then it seems after her meeting Scratch ska The Devil it kinda fell off. I skimmed thru some of the paragraphs. The plot is fantastic. It has so much potential. Dead Souls is nothing like I have read before. I didn't care too much for Fiona Dunn the main herione. She was whiney and bitchy. When I don't care to much for the main character it throws the book off. The endi [...]

    25. So. Dead Souls. This is the story to warn you off talking to strangers, no matter how tall, dark and handsome or slight, blonde and dashing [or whatever else you consider your ideal] they are.Fiona Dunn has just discovered that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She's been suspecting it for a while - he's got a new hairstyle and he's been acting strange, evasive - but today she saw him with The Other Woman. Not only has her two own eyes just provided her with undeniable proof that the man she lov [...]

    26. "The first rule of marketing is desire."I just need to start out with saying that this is definitely the most disgusting book I've ever read. No joke, this book had me feeling literally ill on multiple occasions. So a huge trigger warning for that if you can't deal with blood or gore or other things that will make your skin crawl.But 'Dead Souls' was still such a good book, for so many weird and fucked up reasons.Fiona Dunn hasn't had an easy life. Growing up with addicts for parents, she has al [...]

    27. I listened to the audible version of this book and I really enjoyed it. There were a couple places where I thought it was just a tad bit slow for my tastes these days but the characters are interesting. I also never really guessed what was going to happen next. Along those lines at the end I put together a couple bits and pieces but I never suspected the story would end the way it did. This was a good listen.

    28. I was really enjoying reading this book until I got to the final 100 pages and the favours for “Scratch” started rolling in. The concept of the protagonist selling her soul to the Devil is a typical theme that I’ve read about quite a bit, but that didn’t detract from the story until the author made it clear that any and all of the favours being called in were of an extremely gruesome and violent nature. Maybe I’m just too attracted to the idea of Satan as a misunderstood anti-hero to a [...]

    29. ARC provided by NetGalley and review posted on ModernHorrorsAllegories about making deals with the devil have been around for so long that they’ve pretty much grown stale. There’s really only two ways the story could end, right? Either the bargainer regains their soul by outwitting the devil, or the devil collects the promised soul, usually by way of trickery. While these stories always retain some sort of fascination, over time they’ve lost their sense of horror. Thanks to various televis [...]

    30. "The First Rule of marketing is desire."I haven't read a horror book in a while. I wasn't sure what to expect with Dead Souls. The first few chapters tell you the story of Fiona Dunn. Fiona is successful in her marketing career. She also has a boyfriend she cares for. One night after locking herself out of her apartment she decides to walk to her boyfriend's building. To her surprise, he's with another woman. They get into a taxi and leave together. Fiona is devastated and what better way to dro [...]

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