The Cupcake Witch JulieButtercream Vanilla Fondant Dark chocolate Brown sugar Molasses Baking has always been my true love but it wasn t until my mother s death and the unexpected inheritance of Serendipity Gardens

  • Title: The Cupcake Witch
  • Author: Poppy Lawless
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • JulieButtercream Vanilla Fondant Dark chocolate Brown sugar Molasses Baking has always been my true love, but it wasn t until my mother s death, and the unexpected inheritance of Serendipity Gardens, that my bliss called me Bittersweet But Serendipity Gardens has to offer than just a potential shopfront An unusual recipe box left to me by a distant relative mJulieButtercream Vanilla Fondant Dark chocolate Brown sugar Molasses Baking has always been my true love, but it wasn t until my mother s death, and the unexpected inheritance of Serendipity Gardens, that my bliss called me Bittersweet But Serendipity Gardens has to offer than just a potential shopfront An unusual recipe box left to me by a distant relative might be the key to unlocking my dreams.Too bad the most powerful family in Chancellor has plans that could turn those dreams to ruins literally.Too bad the son of that powerful family is just the kind of guy I ve been looking for.HoratioI suppose being heir to the Hunter family s Blushing Grape Winery should make me happy, but nothing could be further from the truth With my mother gone, my father has taken me under his wing, and I despise everything about the way he does business Sour grapes, indeed Instead of raising money for charitable causes, my true passion, I m chasing my father s manifest destiny.Too bad his dream includes paving paradise.Too bad the property owner is the sweetest woman I ve ever met.They say the course of true love never runs smooth.But that s nothing a magical cupcake can t solve.

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    One thought on “The Cupcake Witch”

    1. Really how some books have just huge reviews and they are so meh? Why? Or I'm getting to picky?Original post on Reading AddictThis review is going to be very short, because apparently the book is also very short and I wasn't expecting that, it's more of a novella type story, as I wasn't expecting to be a bit disappointed.As you can see the cover is very pretty and the synopsis sounds girly and sweet and cute and very yummy. But I think that this book was too childish for me or it is more for you [...]

    2. "The possibilities were limitless, but the one thing that needed to be there was me. My heart felt it with more certainty that anything I’d felt since Mom had died. I needed that neglected place as much as it needed me. What we would do together, I wasn’t sure quite yet, but that was nothing a pumpkin spice latte couldn’t remedy. Still cradling the antique recipe box, I snatched up the key and headed toward the door."A cool wind swept across the garden, kicking up with it the sweet smell o [...]

    3. Actual rating- 3.5 The Cupcake Witch sounded extremely intriguing because how could food- desserts, at that- and magic not make for a good combination? This book is actually the second in a series of novellas, but each of the stories can be read as a standalone. An extremely enjoyable read, The Cupcake Witch was a short, sweet and superb read. Julie lost her mother to cancer and so did Horatio. While on the one hand, Julie's dad is extremely supportive of her wish to start her own dessert and te [...]

    4. Oh, how I missed Chancellor! This adorable little town is getting right under my skin, in a good (not infectious disease) sort of way. Julie is exactly the kind of character I love. She's bold, independent and has an unconventional style. Horatio has to be pretty amazing to deserve a girl like her. ;)I do have to say that this novella isn't near long enough for my liking. I feel like there's still so much story that could be told! (This is just me being greedy) I was glad for the very brief glim [...]

    5. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsisters*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*This was cute and I've got to say the little baker in me was drooling over the pages! Everything Julie baked sounded so good, that I was craving to go into the kitchen to bake the goodies myself! I absolutely love stories that have bakers in them, it calls to my sweet tooth and it brings a joy to my heart! That aspect pulled me in and then add onto the fact she can cast sp [...]

    6. From the moment I started reading this book I was transported into this beautiful and magickal tale. I felt such a closeness to Julie, like she was an actual friend; maybe even a sister. I loved how strong Julie'scharacter was and the author's story line was breath taking and full of vivid charactersl with their own strengths and weaknesses. I even found myself becoming attached to the characters. Poppy Lawless is an extremely gifted author as she knows how to truly weave a world building web t [...]

    7. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **Julie finds her Aunts little lost shop and falls in love with itter losing her mom, she decides she really does not want to go back to schoole wants to open her own bakery and tea shopher Aunts place inspires her and she comes across a recipe box, a special box with not only recipes but incantations to go along with these sweet recipesd all falls in to place! GREAT STORYI LOVED ITHAD TO BUY BOOK 1 IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    8. Sweet and heart warming. A lovely little novel that allows you to see how two people find themselves again and that allows them to find each other. A pinch of magic and some twinkling stars and you have a short story to enjoy with your morning coffee and leave you smiling and in a happy place. The romance between Julie and Horatio is simple and sweet and clean enough I can let my ten year old read this story with no qualms. I greatly enjoyed this short story.

    9. I really liked this one. It was so cute, light, and fluffy. Julie's mother passed away the previous summer, and Julie was going to (view spoiler)[dental school because that was her mother's dream. But Julie really wanted to be a baker. Her mother had left an inheritance called Serendipity Gardens, and Julie had a brainstorm: she could turn it into a bakery, if her father would agree to it and he did.(hide spoiler)]Horatio is a very wealthy man's son who happens to practically own the entire town [...]

    10. Review originally posted on my blog: I Heart Fictional PeopleINITIAL THOUGHTSI absolutely loved the title and the cover. It sounded and looked like a cute fantasy that I just had to read. And of course, reading the blurb and seeing that a guy was involved made me want to read it even more.WHAT I LIKEDThe message. Both Julie and Horatio have never really followed their own dreams because of their parents. Their parents wanted different things for them, so they have always chosen to please them in [...]

    11. This was sweet. I love how Julie comes into town on a feeling that the house left to her was meant to be and be her future and helps a family heal from a death and a dad finally see what he is doing and get forgiveness from his children. I also love Horatio.The book is not meant to have deep meaning but be a sweet fun flirty entertaining book and it gives us just that as we watch Julie and Horatio find each other and get her business up and running.Julie at first seems a little airy but what is [...]

    12. After reading The Cupcake Witch, another magical novella by Poppy Lawless, I am ready to pack up everything and move to Chancellor. In this town lives a mermaid and now we meet a hearth witch, who is the sweetest, loveliest witch to grace the streets of Chancellor. We meet Rayne in this novella, but in 2016, we will learn more about him in The Bee Charmer, the third installment of The Chancellor Fairy Tales and why his eyes have that special sparkle. Gah, I can't wait!Julie is brave, independent [...]

    13. Julie and Horatio meet by chance (or fate?) when Julie arrives to inspect the cottage she's just inherited from a distant relative. Horatio's father wants the property to demolish it--and build a parking lot for his nearby restaurant. It's a bad beginning, but things soon turn around. Is it because it's kismet, or because of the magic imbued in Julie's new cottage? She's a college junior, ready to strike out on her own and build the life she always dreamed of, as a baker, not the dental career h [...]

    14. For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews"REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 2 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:This books as wonderful! It was a great story about a woman who follows her dreams. She becomes a baker/witch who has many new friends. My favorite part is the ending because Julie is going to try some match making with her boyfriend's sister and best friend. I like how well the author portrays the characters.

    15. The Cupcake Witch was such a feel good novella that even though the romance was fast it didn;t bother me. It was a rather sweet romance with good-natured characters and some wonderfully delicious dessert imagery. I loved the concept of a cupcake witch or really a hearth witch. I'd love to see what else Poppy Lawless has in store. The only thing was - there wasn't any recipes!Full review to come

    16. I listened to the audiobook version this is the second book in the chancellor series and I am in love!poppy lawless makes you fall in love with the characters and never want to let them goe cupcake witch is no exception. another wonderful book by this author!I will be sharing with my audiobook group! starting book 3 now! my favorite quote : "Nothing a magical cupcake couldn't solve "

    17. I received an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewI NEED TO READ THE ENTIRE SERIES NOW. Check out my full review on the blog

    18. Ok. So, honestly, this was an awesome premise with an amazing cover. I was drawn in by that beautiful cover and hooked by the idea of a cupcake witch.However, this story did not live up to my expectations or hopes. The writing was lacking for me, specifically in the very basic sentence structure, and I found it difficult to focus because it was so distracting. Besides the writing, the pacing was off. I know it's a shorter story (novella?), but it moved through things too fast, especially the rom [...]

    19. This is a sweet, safe, and bewitching story. It is the story of a woman who inherits a store from her great aunt and in the process finds her purpose. There is a very light sprinkling of supernatural in this story, but it is done is a soft/light way. The story is about the woman: her journey, finding home, love, friendship, and passion. The magic is secondary, plays a supportive roll. I loved the use of cupcakes as the vehicle for her magic, it adds whimsy and sweetness. I will be reading the ot [...]

    20. Cover/Title: The title is what drew me into this book. I love the idea of a cupcake witch. Characters: I love this little town that Julie has found. The characters, for the most part, are so friendly. Plot: I love the idea of using cupcakes to spread joy. The whole town just seems delightful. Overall: This is a lovely story that will put a smile on your face. It is perfect for those days when you need something sweet and happy. I will be looking into more of this series.

    21. The story was captivating and I absolutely loved the recipes & cupcakes!! The cottage makes me want to live there or find one just like it! Written in a way that keeps the pages turning! A really sweet book I will read again!!

    22. The Cupcake Witch is a sweet, short story which pulls you into it's world. The town, the characters are all so interesting that i didn't want to let go. Cupcakes, magic, eccentric people, and a happening town i look forward to more books in this series.

    23. Received a copy of The Cupcake Witch for a review. I loved this story. A cute, clean romance that leaves a smile on your lips & a song in your heart. Such a sweet, sweet story. Poppy Lawless has become one of my favorite authors.

    24. SweetThis was another one I picked up for free. It's a sweet little romance without all the heavy sweating and petting.

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